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Bleach Chapter 643: Baby, Hold your Hand 6

Chapter 643: Baby, Hold your hand 6: Waiting for Love
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Hello again. Those here that still read Bleach probably enjoyed the little insight into Nemu’s past. Or better Nemuri Nanagou. Mayuri does seem to posess (sort off) fatherly feelings for Nemu. Not wanting to see his most prestigious work destroyed. Yes.. that is still on the forefront of his mind.

Though his mind did start to wonder a little in the past chapter when Nemu jumped to the rescue and blasted a proper sized hole in Pernida.


Just like last time however. Pernida can regenerate himself. The left arm possessing superior regeneration abilities. He doesnt waste time with his retaliation piercing her body (so to speak) with his nerves before ripping her to shreds. Her blood raining down on her creator looking down in shock down below.


Then this guy suddenly shows up in his mind going off on a rant. which.. doesnt really make any kind of sense whatsoever. It makes this whole look like Mayuri absorded his essence. Which, if I am not mistaken, he didnt. he did hoewever, infected the fellow scientist with a substance that slowed down time to a crawl leaving him waiting an eternity for death.

It’s a pretty good speech, don’t get me wrong, but it still feels out of place a little bit. In the meantime during this entire inner-monologue speech thingy, Pernida continues to heal. Mayuri has finally heard enough from this ghost in his head pulling himself back into the fight.

Perinda doesn’t really attack him at first, but goes for the little pockets of Nemuri-meat scattered around. Mayuri doesn’t really seem to care anymore, but doesn’t retrieve her cerebrum. The reason for that quickly becoming clear to Pernida


His body suddenly starts to expand all over his form. The short explanation comes down to the fact Nemu has a special organ and her cerebrum kept that organ in check. Without it will just start regenerating like mad till it self-destructs in the process.

I hope this is the end of this battle. Cause if Pernida pulls another regen out of its ass I will facepalm..

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for still writing pretender. I still read all your reviews and miss the active days. The fight has to be done, it’s purpose was to show Nemu’s past and potential as well as Mayuri’s limitations or “humanity” of sorts. I wonder if he will revive Nemu with her brain preserved or if that was just an offensive move.

  2. What up pretend3r? I still read Bleach. I thought everyone just abandoned the site. I can’t really hold a conversation with myself. So as long as there is a review, I will comment.

    This was kind of a sad chapter. To see Nemu, his most precious creation die before his eyes and then that arm of the SK just licked up what was left of her was overly cruel. That being said, this is turning into a tough battle. If one foe can incapacitate Kenny, Nemu, and perhaps Mayuri, how will the rest fair against the rest.

    So far there are for now four shinigami down:

    Nemu, Kenny, Grimmjow (okay he is not a shinigami but you know what I mean) and Hisagi.

    Not to mention the Rogue Sternritter who are also out of the battle.

    Bazz B, Zombie he/she, and the other chicks

    Then there is NOBODY on the Sternritter side that is out of the battle.

    Hopefully the tide will turn a little bit soon.

    My last comment, I enjoyed the dialogue between Mayuri and I think it was Espada number 7. Mayuri was always viewed as a coldhearted mad scientist who only cared about his experiments. That Espada just pointed out that underneath that persona of Mayuri he really cared about Nemu to the point he consider her perfect. Awesome dialogue. Even though I would agree the Espada showed up out of nowhere. I was wondering if I accidently clicked the wrong manga or something.


  3. I knew who the Espada was, just couldn’t be bothered to look up his name again:P.

    And I wonder if death really means death for Nemu. This is Mayuri’s creation we are talking about.

  4. @pretend3r: Hmmm….I never looked at it from that angle. From what I deduced from Mayuri’s inner dialogue, he considered Nemu number 7 to be “perfect.” So even if he does create another Nemu (number 8), she will not be “perfect” like Nemu number 7 from a mad scientist point of view.

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