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One Piece Chapter 645- Just Bones

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Well ladies and gentlemen, I have good and bad news. The good news is that  Hody is down for the count now and it is near impossible for him to get back up after that beating he received from Luffy. But unfortunately for us there wont be a One Piece chapter next week. The only reason I see Oda taking a break is that he is planning to rap things up and try to make it an enjoyable read for us. My guess is that in the next four to five chapters the Fishman Arc will hit its conclusion.

Monkey D. Luffy

Well all know that Luffy has made a dramatic improvement in his abilities, from his Devil fruit to his Haki powers. These improvements have only been hinted on ever since his introduction after the time skip. And us the readers have been aching to know exactly how much has Luffy improved. So far we have seen him show off his Haki skills which are powers that should not be taking lightly and combined with his Devil Fruit they make a source of power that can rival even the Logia Devil Fruit users. Now Luffy shows that he has also gained the ability to vulcanize his body.

To those who do not know Vulcanization is turning rubber into a more durable substance; for example, tires or the sole of the shoes are rubber vulcanized into a harder rubber. The extent of this ability is yet to be seen, we still do not know the draw backs of it. Overall Luffy has shown that he can use his strongest moves and not have the draw backs he did when he first began using his new abilities. For instance, when he first used his third gear he would revert into a toddler, or his second gear would make him extremely tired after its use. Though he has been training for two years and he has come up the ladder to be able to use all these moves and not even be at his limits. All I can say is that Luffy has far exceed my expectations, I believe that he is almost at the Admiral level or be able to give an admiral run for his money. The only way I see Luffy being pushed to his limits is in the New World.

The similarities between Luffy and Whitebeard

I never realized that Luffy and Whitebeard had so much similarities in their ideology and personality. For one you can compare how Whitebeard considered his crew his sons and daughters; while Luffy considered his crew his family. In a sense they both love and charish their crew and hold them very close to heart just like a family member. Another is the fact that they both hate the idea of slavery. When Luffy first witnessed slavery he made a big riot, Whitebeard did the same and claimed Fishman Island to be his territory. These similarities just popping out are no coincidence, I think that Oda is over shadowing the possibility that Luffy might claim Fishman island to be his territory, but its very unlikely because he does not have that much of an influence in the sea in the sense of man power. Whitebeard was able to claim Fishman Island his territory because of the tremendous number of man power, he controlled a whole fleet of pirates that can rival the marines power. While Luffy only has eight people in his crew.

Revenge, Bones and the Beast

This week the New Fishman Pirates go berserk on their own crew claiming that running away is not an option ant that it is punishable by death. Also, that their revenge will be inherited by some one else. This just proves how stupidly blind they are, they claim that if they kill their crew mates than their revenge will be passed on, but wouldn’t that revenge be put upon them, since they did the killing. In a way they are turning their own allies into their enemies, leaving them alone. This weeks speech we got from Brook was very inspiring and out of character for him. Every day Brook is showing improvements in his character. Brook holds high respect for Luffy, always refering to him as “our captain” “Luffy-san” or some sort of high states place. He also states that he will finish his fight and the rest of the crew state the same thing. Thats when Chopper goes berserk in his Beast form which he can fully control it now. Many questions are rising in this chapter than answered and the only way to answer those questions is to wait till the next chapter, which unfortunately is in two weeks, so be patients my friends.

Side Notes:

  • Chopper is such a badazz and cute this chapter, never knew that you can be those two at the same time.
  • What is Sanji planning. Maybe he is trying to project the Giant towards Noah so he can at least slow it down.
  • Hody is coughing up his pills and might overdose.
  • It seems that Madam Shirley’s vision is a good one since she insist that the children to watch and decide on their own.
  • Hyozo might be planning on poisoning Zoro.

The Marine Battle


6 Responses

  1. Very interested in seeing what is to happen,

  2. Luff is such a boss now, i think the next challenge for him will be Don Flamingo.

  3. every week im amazed at luffy’s abilities, he’s damn near unbeatable now.
    who would’ve thought his rubber ability would have afforded him with such an arsenal of moves, and upgrades. i never would’ve of thought that luffy would have experimented with the properties of rubber. me pesonally, at first i thought his ability was week, but after the skypia arc, i’ve come to respect the straw hat pirates.

  4. @just passing, that is exactly my thought.

  5. its gona be hard to beat luffy in a fight……he has speed power….haki, when it comes to fighting hes clearver, i really cant see him getting bullied by anyone

  6. Ah but dont forget even he himself had said that his haki is still weak towards biting attacks

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