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Naruto Chapter 463: Don’t F*CK with the Raikage, Bitch!!

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

The fight between Sasuke and the Raikage have kicked up to the next level, that‘s right pro wrestling! In this corner, weighing in at 325 lbs, he hails from the land of thunder and is the heaviest, toughest kage you’ve ever set your eyes on — theeeeee RAIIIIIIKAGEEEE!! And our challenger, weighing in at a mere 145 lbs, a renegade ninja from the land of fire with deadly good looks and skills to match —- presenting SASSUUUKEEE UCHIHAAAA!!! Lol, but seriously, I didn’t expect the Raikage to pull out the ol’ piledriver manoeuvre on Sasuke, that’s the last move I expect to see from a ninja. But seeing the kind of muscle-bound enforcer he is, I guess it’s not too surprising. This chapter was a bit of a repeat of last chapter’s format: fighting, talking, fighting and finish with a cliffhanger.


No need for my editing this week, this is hilarious as it is.

Madara’s talk in this chapter wasn’t nearly as revealing as last chapter’s topics. He does reveal his ultimate agenda, but it just raises more questions than provide answers. It seems Madara has two objectives he wishes to accomplish. One is to use Sasuke to prove the Uchiha’s existence to the world and the second is to achieve a Kenzentai – the perfect body. For his first goal, Madara claims he will send Sasuke to fight Naruto in the “long destined battle.” And if he wants that battle to prove anything, he’ll need to let the entire world be aware of it and accept it as a crucial event. But I don’t think the stage for that epic fight will be ready for a while yet. For one thing, although Naruto’s name is becoming more well known in other lands, he is still a genin with little official status in the Ninja World. Madara knows there’s something special in Naruto (maybe he used his trans-dimensional powers to take a peek at the title of this manga) and is bidding his time to allow Naruto to grow, probably into a kage before letting Sasuke bring him down. This, in a way, Madara’s attempt to atone for his own defeat at Sanju Hashirama’s hands in the past by having the last of the Uchiha triumph over Konoha’s newest Hokage.

naruto463-2However, revenge is not Madara’s only motive, and Kakashi suspected this all along. Why else would he bother collecting all the Bijuu if his only goal is to destroy Konoha and make a name for the Uchiha clan again? Madara’s wishes to attain Kenzentai, but what is it? If you read Binktopia’s scanlation of chapter 463, you’d see that the editor made note of Kenzentai as a Dragonball Z reference (Kishi’s is a big DBZ fan). Cell from DBZ wanted to attain the perfect body – Kenzentai – because he believed it is the ultimate form. What Madara’s believes to be Kenzentai is unclear at the moment. Still, it is a pretty selfish goal which seems to only benefit Madara if it is achieved — which is why I’m wondering if the rest of Akatsuki know about Madara’s true objective at all.

naruto463-3But enough about Madara, let’s take a look at Raikage and Sasuke’s fight. Personally, I don’t like where this fight is going. Now that Sasuke has pulled out his Amatersu and Susanoo abilities, he has both his defensive and offensive fronts covered. One odd thing that bothered me is why Shi from Kumogakure was able to identify both the Mangekyou Sharingan and Amaterasu immediately after seeing Sasuke use them. I thought these were top secret abilities that most shinobi in Konoha are unaware of. Even though Konoha shared info on Sasuke with Kumogakure, I’m certain they didn’t know about Sasuke receiving Itachi’s powers or obtaining MS. So why would a wussy like Shin know about them?

naruto463-4The Raikage has gone Super Saiyan II but even that doesn’t feel like its enough. What made Sasuke’s fights in the past interesting to watch was because even though he was highly skilled, he was still vulnerable to counter attacks and there was always the tension that he could be killed in the next attack. But having both the Amaterasu shield and Susanoo armor gives Sasuke too much of an advantage. It’s the ultimate offence and defence rolled into one impenetrable cocoon, where’s the tension now? The Raikage may have the equivalent power of Tsunade’s inhuman strength and the speed of Minato’s body flicker technique, but even he can’t touch Sasuke without getting consumed by the black flames of Amaterasu. The one chink in Sasuke’s armor seems to be that he hasn’t mastered the full potential of Sasanoo yet. Whereas Itachi was able to fully summon the entire torso with shield and sword, Sasuke seems to only be able to summon the rib cage and a few joints to attack with. My guess is either he’s still not used to the abilities of his Mangekyou Sharingan yet or else he’s cautious in using them too much because he is fully aware of the consequences on his eyes. Even so, attacking Sasuke directly would not be a smart move – except that’s exactly what the Raikge does. It seems like the Raikage is ready to sacrifice his left arm to end Sasuke’s life once and for all with a finishing move. However, I think there’s more to it. If you look at the last page, it looks like it’s his bracer and not his fist that makes the most contact with Sasuke’s Amaterasu. Even so those flames will eat him up if he doesn’t act fast. But how does the Raikage plan on getting past Sasuke’s Susanoo armor?



125 Responses

  1. There’s no doubt Sasuke is stronger than Itachi. And before anyone asks, yes that’s certainly a variation of Susanoo. I doubt Sasuke and his team will last much longer against ninja like them. And what the hell was Raikage thinking, sacrificing his own arm? He’s definitely not thinking straight.

  2. lol Raikage is a BEAST. good post Bob i agree Sasuke is kinda over powered. I wish we could follow whats going on in the other room with the otehr kages i liked those debates… maybe some more badass dialogue from a Mr.Gaara perhaps?

  3. Good job as usual Bob.

    It was pretty funny seeing a piledriver/power bomb thrown in there by Kishi… completely unexpected.

    Anyway, wrt the fight, I think since Raikage is so close, Sasuke will either catch him in a Tsukuyomi or Raikage will be on the brink of ending the fight until our hero Naruto or Madara come in to save Sasuke.

    I wonder what Madara considers Kenzentai to be. Since his face has yet to be revealed, I’ve always had a hunch that maybe he was severely damaged in the Shodaime Hokage fight to the point where he isn’t able to use his EMS anymore. Maybe he wants to resurrect a complete Uchiha body, or perhaps the perfect body is a Rinnegan body.

  4. xerax … raikage have a armor on his hands so I don’t think that he will sacrifice his hand

  5. Two things 1. Sasuke officially has all of Itachi’s MS techniques and 2. The Raikage’s theme is that of a prowrestler (look at his belt and the battle moves or his narutowiki page)

    I think that Madara’s kenzentai (it didn’t use this word in onemanga but…) is the Sage’s “body” to match his eyes. I have a more indepth theory here: https://shannaro.wordpress.com/2009/09/10/bijju-theories/

  6. Good job Bob-sama.

    The fight was a little more than a good way to kill a few minutes, it was “bah” at best. Madara’s little talk was also uninteresting. What made this chapter great was……….wait for it………….continue……………….wait……………….NAGATO! Even dead, the guy still commands total attention. 8D

    Unto more serious matters now. What Madara considers to be a perfect body is clearly a new EMS http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/364/18/ and http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/386/11/ He clearly wants to use the Biju to restore his EMS, perhaps give him unreal chakra as well.

    Those poor Samurais, Kishi is using them as scapegoats to showcase Sasugay’s new power. Well, we shouldn’t have expected too much from the samurais anyway, the first two Samurais we saw were beyond weak. If you cant remember them, it was in the Zabuza arc, they were Gato’s henchmen http://read.mangashare.com/Naruto/chapter-018/page014.html

    @Wussy Shi, NO WAY! Sasugay cant use it better than Itachi! The only reason he isn’t being cooked alive is Susanoo!

    @Xeras, “There’s no doubt Sasuke is stronger than Itachi”, there is soooooooo much wrong with that statement, however, I will leave you to figure out why this statement is wrong by yourself.

    BTW! The Raikage is total awesomeness! I was wondering when Kishimoto would bring a pro wrestler into this story. Perhaps next week we’ll see the Raikage’s true plan to beat Sasugay (its not like he’ll keep throwing limbs away lol). Oh and the best page was the final one, Sasugay got pwned by the Raikage.

  7. Yeah, Onemanga uses Sleepy Fans translation, I usually use Binktopia since they clean up their pages better. Sleepy Fans didn’t pick up on the Kenzentai reference but I’m pretty sure that’s what it is. Also Bink tends to be more liberal with their profanity use, making for great lolz.

  8. excellent post Bob
    i saw that jugo will probably step in to try to kill the Raikage, with bvery little chance of succeeding. Either that or Madara setps in and takes away Gaara. But all the other kages come in to stop him. He runs while leavign Sasuke. Naruto steps in or something

  9. @Xeras: there is no way saskue is stronger than itachi, saskue has become stonger since that fight, but itachi still owns him no doubt.

    also if danzo appears in the next manga, then there is no doubt in my mind that Tobi/Madara is Danzo, the reason Madra couldn’t be touched is because he isnt really there. im sure that having his body appear in other places but not really be there is one of his abilities. Another thing Madara/Tobi said that he is going to “CONTROL” saskue, an ability that was revealed to be Danzo’s.

    Another thing Bob-sama u and i was totally on the same page, when i saw raikage in this chapter i automatically though the first black Super Sayian. In this chapter Raikage was indeed a BEAST. i hope saskue loses this fight … i really do… he needs to be knocked down a notch.

    But i can see why Kishi is doing this fight like this and making it last so long, it is to show what Saskue can do. He is making another “big” fight like with naruto and pein. Also, so that we continue to guess who is stronger Naruto or Saskue, even though i still think it is Naruto.

    …. that is all ….

    p.s. Saskue sucks

  10. Great post Bob. You always keep us laughing with your little jokes.

    @ kisuzachi. I think that it is a toss up between itachi and sasuke with who is better with the MS. But I think that sasuke is more skilled with controlling Amaterasu because he has showed that he can stop the flames and change them from just burning everything to using them as a shield, but it is obvious that itachi is a lot more skilled at using

  11. Susanoo because he can use the whe thing.
    @ mart1. We don’t yet know if sasuke has all of itachi’s MS techniques because the genjustu that sasuke used on Shi was a tsukuyomi cuz he didn’t have his MS acativated yet. And that would explain y Shi can move now.

  12. @chakrabeast: nope, it’s official that he can, the most immediate proof is here: Susanoo (http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Susanoo) and Tsukuyomi (http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Tsukuyomi) Sasuke is in the “users” bar and under his known jutsu both are listed.

    @Bob-o: Binktopia??? I’ll have to try it out next week.

    @DK: Why would he take Gaara???

    @Kisu.: I think Sasuke is stronger than Itachi NOW ONLY because he has his eye sight while Itachi didn’t. When Itachi first got his MS he could probably do twice what Sasuke did here, but, alas, it is not shown on screen 😦

  13. Nice post Bob
    just some thoughts…given that Raikage has raiton armour, shouldnt amaterasu burn that before actually coming into contact with raikage. also, raikage has already mangaed to break one of susanoo’s ribs with his raiga bomb so he most likely has the power to penetrate sasukes ‘ultimate’ defence. im sure raikage has some sort of strategy in mind.
    i wonder where madara will appear next, saving sasuke in my opinion.

  14. @ mart1. I think that site is wrong just cuz it says that tsukuyomi is used by the right eye and we already know that sasukes eight eye is used to put out the flames of Amaterasu. So do you think that it is likely that sasukes right eye holds both tsukuyomi and the power to put out the flames of Amaterasu?

  15. I think kishi is a big fan of Tekken and Dragon ball Z, cause the way i see it this Raikage guy looks more like Hiachi from Tekken,

  16. awsome, thats all i have to say

  17. I would have to say this chapter was slightly dissapointing. Up till the susanno sauke was getting his ass handed to him. Not only could he not penetrate the raikage with the chidori but he ‘miraculously’ summons susanno at the last second. My question is how did he manage to summon it? The amatersu was only activated and triggered when madara removed his mask. so that explains how sasuke can use it now. But susanno was never used until now and seems corny that sasuke can somewhat use it. This feels like a cheap ploy to keep sasuke around longer. Even with the amatersu, the raikage seems to have an idea on how to down sasuke (of course he prob won’t). Kishi is just dragging this fight out and in the end sasuke will prob win or end in a draw (he runs away lol). As for xeras…. come on man. Itachi was def more powerful than sasuke. Remember if he realllllllllllly wanted to kill him, sasuke would be dead right now. And the only reason sasuke is still alive is because of itachi (the amatersu and susanno were given to sasuke by him) so to say sasuke is stronger than itachi… as of now yea but thats only thanks to itachi’s abilities, and the fact itachi is dead. alive itachis’s skill exceeded sasukes.

    PS: after seeing this chapter i think that the power itachi gave naruto was the power to shut down susanno and amatersu should sasuke go rogue….. just a theory though 😛

  18. @ chakra beast, the MS techs aparently work like this: 1 eye represents the sun and uses Ametearsu (sun god), the other is the moon and uses Tsukoyomi (moon god) AS WELL AS puts out ametearsu, but Sasuke’s ad Itachi’s eyes r opposite of each other. Susanoo is both eyes
    on Sasuke vs Itachi debate, i’ll have to agree w/ mart, Sasuke’s current levels exceed Itachi’s levels just b4 their fight, but Itachi was probably much stronger when he first got MS
    @ kisu, please, for the love of God (or Yahweh, or Allah, or Bhudda, or Shiva, or Zuez, or Jashin, whomever is the real god, i’m sure 1 of those is close) please stop calling Sasuke “Sasugay”, it’s fucking annoying and really old, and u acted kinda gay towards god-realm Pein, so i’m not sure u should b talking, but please, just stop. my head might explode if u do it to much

  19. note, i would like to apologize if my last comment listing several gods was offensive to anybody, i really hope not, but it might of been, so i apologize

  20. @mart1
    Sorry big type, meant to say take away Sasuke.

  21. it seems sasuke can just pull new techniques out of his ass after hes recovered from his last ass-beating
    from killerbee the only reason why sasuke will surpass itachi because he is obviously gonna live longer if itachi didnt die prematurely its obvious he probably be one the top shinobi to ever live just like the 4th hokage.

    btw can someone explain this to me. kakashi said the shrigan was developed from the byakugan so how does that fit in with madara saying the sage split his powers between the senju and the uchiha? anddoes anyone else think the sharigan seems stronger than the rinnegan eventhough its not?

    btw fuck sasuke

  22. Two things to point out chakrabeast: 1. As JPUA said, Sasuke’s eyes are the opposite of itachi’s because they were reflected when Itachi gave them to him. Ex Sasuke’s amatseru is in his left while Itachi’s is in his right, 2. if there are three eye techniques and you have two eyes, only two can be assigned to a specific eye. So saying an eye can’t do more than one thing is ridiculous because obviously it has too.

  23. But in that website you posted it said that sussanoo the god of the sea was born ( so to speak) when Izanagi washed his nose (according to japanase mythology). And seeing as we are talking about eye techniques sussanoo can’t come from itachi’s or sasukes nose lol, but maybe it comes from the combination of both the left and right eye. So therefore each eye has only one ability and the third is both eyes. This also explains y kakashai (I am really bad at spelling sorry) only has one attack with his MS cuz he only has his one sharingan.

  24. This could also explain y both itachi’s eyes went back to normal after he summoned sussanoo in his and sasukes fight or his eyes were just really sore from over using the MS in that fight lol

  25. @Jpua, I dont say anything to you about your constant “Hinata is great” posts 8P

    “And seeing as we are talking about eye techniques sussanoo can’t come from itachi’s or sasukes nose lol, but maybe it comes from the combination of both the left and right eye.”- I think that makes a lot of sense. This theory might be exactly what happens, plus this theory explains the kakashi thing. BTW, a more fun question would be “How Kakashi got MS?” lol.

  26. Sorry about the long posts everyone
    @ JPUA. Sasuke and itachi’s eye techniques are not opposite of each other. When sasuke first meets tobi/ madara it’s his left eye that uses amasteru but I don’t think that can count in my arguement cuz it was itachi’s actual MS that was in sasukes eye that used the amasteru. But when sasuke fought the 8 tails he uses amasteru using his left eye and puts it out using his right.

  27. I’m sorry everyone I am wrong. I just looked back at the sasuke itachi fight and itachi’s amasteru is in his right eye and his left eye is where Tsukoyomi is so sasukes and itachi’s amasteru are reversed. But I still don’t believe that sasuke can use Tsukoyomi

  28. i been a fan of BOB post,

    hmmm, i like the way of expressing your thoughts,
    by the way sasuke has not yet reach the level of itachi, it is just itachi is dying and he also want to kill madara but to obtain it he must first kill sasuke, but he cannot kill his own brother, he just let his brother kill madara!

  29. @Kisu,
    My weak theory on how Kakashi got his MS is that he ‘copied it’ from Itachi. At least that was my impression during his monologue before his second encounter with Itachi in the rescue Gaara arc.


    Although Kakashi didn’t use his MS during this encounter, Itachi’s surprise foreshadowed that Kakashi somehow ‘learned’ the MS. I say learned cause he’s known as the Copy Ninja and along with his high intellect, perhaps he managed to come up with a way for a non-Uchiha with an implanted Sharingan to possess MS as well.

    Also along these lines, I’m pretty sure Sasuke can use Tsukoyomi even though he’s never used it yet in the manga. He received Tsukoyomi 3-4 times from Itachi, so if nothing else, he’d probably copied/learned how to do it now that he has the necessary equipment (MS).

  30. so far kishi is trying to get all the back round on the uchi clan and sasku nd to me its getting all im tired of the sharigen i think kishi is over using it. when nagoto and his rinnging came out that was way more interesting then the sharigan. it looked color its powers where badass. and the baguyge or watever is cool too i think that kishi is just trying to get all the story of the uchi and madara and saska and after he will be more focus on kakashi. cus i read a spoiler saying he has something big for kakashi. after all that he will talk about naruto and his bloodline and family.

  31. as for this chapter it was predictable. for the next chapter.
    A. sasuke will survive and madara will save him.
    B. sasuke beats the raikage somehow

  32. @ bob, not ur greatest chapter summary, plus u didn’t reference me on the whole other ninja knowing what other ninja’s techniques are and do, but well done on clearing up madara’S intentions, the oneMangashaRe scanlation didn’t do that justice.
    @ everyone who agree with Shi, that’s just plane ridiculous itachi is still the badass, shi was just trying to save face bcoz he got pwnd so easily.
    Damn raikage’s super Saiyan mode is faster than sasuke’s MS, that is just insane. I’m seeing that madara will have to rescue madara-it’s about time we saw the extent of his powers even if *sob* *sob* raikage has to die in the process.

  33. Kisu is the one fueling the flame of the sasuke haters. Consider: sharingan and MS techniques we have seen thus far: 1. Kakashi’s hectic copy ninja stuff plus his dimensional vortex MS, 2. Shisui’s mind control (the force no jutsu) 3. Madara’s spacetime jutsu 4. Itachi’s insane array of sharingan related techniques plus his 3 MS techniques. And sasuke has what? Nothing really, a couple of genjutsu that they all have, some copycat stuff like itachi’s MS abilities, I was really hoping sasuke would pull something new outta his eyes. I mean his main ability-chidori is from kakashi (how the raikage knew this I’ll never know-Kishi is slipping) and this hectic looking MS serves to only copy itachi, come on.

  34. great chapter, bob good job, to me alot was revealed, sauskes techniques, maybe he has more, raikage is a beast!!! will he grow long blonde hair, tobi has an imortality body transfer jutsu similar to orochimarus, the only difference is he can only transfer into uchiha bodies and obito was his last, would explain how kakashis ms technique where a hole formed then a spiral suction ate deidaras arm just like when tobi left from talking to naruto, sauske has been elected his new vessel, thats why itachi said he was a pathetic former shell of himself, sauske will show a new power, so will naruto, fightinf will end soon, i dont think anyone will die, kages will be seperated in trust, where the F*CK is zetsu and kisame, i wont comment on whos stronger sauske or itachi, killerbee will make an appearence, i want to see some new characters fight come on!!!

  35. okay, this is to respond to what kisu said a while ago: i don’t mind u insulting Sasuke, it’s just that i feel u need new material other than “sasgay”, it’s getting old, it’s also annoying and never was funny, so please just get something new (and no, “gaysuke” will not b a new enuf nickname to prevent my annoyance)

  36. oh, Bob, i’ve found some binktopia sites (com, org, net) but none of them i’ve figured out how to actually get to the current chapter, think u could give a link that leads directly to where this chapter is on binktopia?

  37. @Kakashi’s MS, I have my own crazy theories on how he got it.

    1. To obtain Mangekyou, you have to lose someone close to you. What if Kakashi always had the potential to use Mangakyou (because he watched Obito died), but was never strong enough/even know it existed to try to learn it.

    2. Sasuke was someone dear to him. He lost Sasuke when he left to be Oro’s new……..(must resist)…..when he left to be Orochimaru’s new “pet” >8). Perhaps the impact of this loss, plus the knowledge he had of the MS resulted in him getting his own MS.


  38. @JPUA, here’s the Binktopia version of chapter 463 8) http://read.mangashare.com/Naruto/chapter-463/page001.html

  39. @Sasuke being stronger than Itachi, I seriously doubt it. I strongly doubt it! Itachi was as strong as Jiraiya in Part 1, Sasuke is nowhere near as strong as the Pervy Sage! (unless Itachi’s sickness deteriorated his power more during the 2 and half year timeskip, then that would make him weaker than Jiraiya.)

  40. @ kisuzchi do you really think that itachi knew about jiraiya’s sage mode when he said that he was as strong as him??? cuz i dont think so and there is no way that tachi could compete with the pervy sage when hes in sage mode, i mean he could have killed pain if he knew about his 6 bodies thing.

  41. i still don’t get abt the variations of MS in sasuke eyes,
    he showed two different types of MS,
    wht was that.
    itachi may be powerful than sasuke
    but sasuke showed more skill in
    using MS ( usind two MS techniques as combo)
    also it was difficult for itachi to hold
    on to MS techniques for a long time.

    and there’s this till now he’s only using
    techniques that itachi gave to him.
    he still yet to show he’s own MS techniques
    as every MS eye have different techniques.

    and —-KISU—- if u hate sasuke there’s a limit for
    that, u can’t possibly use the same old
    things for enjoyment, come on…….

    wht make u hate him so much, why ur concerned
    that he’s gay it only shows’ u like him .
    coz person tease the person he likes the most.lol

    i am not angry, just upset as he’s my fav……
    its high time that u should respect
    other’s feelings, hope u will understand.

    this is not wht we do here!

  42. it hasnt explained what happened to rin yet has it?maybe that has something to do with kakashi’s MS

  43. i no this is long for a comment but it was something i must say.

  44. “but maybe it comes from the combination of both the left and right eye.” It’s a theory, a good one that I endorse most of the time, however, 1. There is little proof that this is shown for susanoo, and 2. As shi stated this chapter, Sasuke has a much higher degree of control than Itachi, (but less practice) so the “put out amatseru” thing is just how much he can control Amatseru not a seperate ability.

    @Kisu. : Itachi said that he could take on Jariya, but that even with Kisame’s help it would be a costly fight and 2. Itachi was secretly feeding kohana information about Akatsuki, and the informee was probabaly Jariya (he knew the most about Akatsuki and mentioned an informer within the organization)

  45. @Itachi being equal to Jiraiya, Jiraiya didn’t have ANY techniques that could stop Susanoo now did he? Anyway, this isn’t something I feel like debating. I’m just not interested in Sasuke or Itachi. Itachi went from being one of my favorites to being one of my most hated characters when i realized he let Sasuke “beat” him. The only reason I haven’t removed the “chi” from “KisuzaCHI” is because he wasn’t like the other two dimensional characters in Naruto. He actually had a personality! Naruto is the stereotypical main character, Sasuke is the stereotypical rival, Sakura’s the stereotypical love interest, Madara is the stereotypical main villain and Hinata’s the stereotypical stalker O_O. This is the reason I like characters like Nagato, Kisame, Itachi and Zabuza, they actually had depth…………..something tells me i went off topic and into a rant………*sigh*

    IF YOU ARE A SASUKE BELLY RUBBER, DONT READ THE FOLLOWING RANT! You may be offended by pure facts:

    @manisuchiha, there r MANY reasons I hate Sasuke’s character. The MAIN reason is that Sasuke is Kishi’s cheap knockoff of Vegeta (and not a very good knockoff at that *sigh*). He’s also TOO OVERRATED. What battles has Sauke EVER one on his own!? The battle with Yuroy (or however you spell it) in the Chuunin exams…….that’s it. He’s never one another important battle on his own with his own power after that one. Another thin I hate is his cocky attitude! Characters like Vegeta, Grimmjow, Kisame, Itachi etc, get to act cocky, not some weakling that leeches off everyone’s power! Another thing I hate is his constant crying about the Uchihas. THEY’RE DEAD! GET OVER IT! Another thing I hate is that all the characters call him a genius, this is just a cheap way for Kishi to try to make him surpass Itachi. Another thing I hate is that he always gets saved when he should die or get beat (against Haku, Orochimaru in Part 1, Gaara, Lee, Deidara, Itachi etc). Another thing I hate is that everyone tries to compare him with Naruto when we ALL know Naruto is miles ahead of Sasuke now. Another thing I hate is that everyone wants him to go back to Konoha when he doesn’t deserve any kind of pace for what he has done. All he deserves is to be executed in a public fashion to make an example of him. If I had to choose a method of execution for him, I would choose decapitation. Another thing i hate is……. lets call that it. I probably have said too much already. By the way, I wont debate these points with anyone because you all know that they are 100% factual. Rant over.

  46. @Sasuke fans, don’t be offended by my rant. If you do get offended by it, I apologize in advance. You can debate my points among yourselves, however I will not join the debate, and I find it fairly amusing that when everyone was calling Nagato a looney I never lost my cool. Different people deal with different things differently I suppose *sigh*.

  47. Nice Post, Sasuke is stronger then Itachi, all people have stated his eyes could be better then Itachi’s, Sasuke also embrasses his Uchiha blood his eyes is the most complex of them, I can’t believe the Raikage is still going, I would think he would begin to run out of chakra soon but he seems well charged.

    How ironic is this battle? The Raikage wants revenge for his brother that isn’t dead and Sasuke want revenge for the brother he had a hand in killing…

  48. Kisu. a question about your rant, if “Jiraiya didn’t have ANY techniques that could stop Susanoo now did he” and Naruto only knows techniques Jariya knew, then how does “we ALL know Naruto is miles ahead of Sasuke now” make sense? If Naruto can’t beat Susanoo, how can he beat Sasuke? you can say “that’s itachi’s technique” but Sasuke is clearly using it on a whole nother level.

  49. @ kisu. Sasuke also beat naruto all by him self in the end of part one. And sasuke killed deidaria all by himself.
    To everyone. Everybody in the naruto world uses other peoples techniques. Naruto uses jiriyas attacks sasuke used oroachimaros attacks and now uses itachi’s/ kakasis attacks. The whole point of having a teacher/ mentor is to learn their attacks/ abilities and make them your own

  50. wow its been a min but great post bob as always. Well all know that Sasuke isn’t goin to die(and more than likely the Raikage isn’t either), but to say hes better than Itachi never. Dont get me wrong i like Sasuke , sh*t the Uchiha on a whole, but to me Itachi is the best over ever. There was no one was on hes level from any village. I know for a fact we didnt see all his jutsu and what he could really do. His only down fall was the love for his lil brother(which isn’t bad lol).

  51. @ mart1. Naruto doesn’t use jiraiyas attacks that much. The only thing of jiraiyas that naruto uses is the rasanngon and sage mode. But sage mode is not really jiraiyas cuz that comes from the toads. And naruto most powerful ninjustu is his rasin shurikin while jiraiyas is his ultimate rasanngon

  52. Well Sasuke most powerful Jutsu can be said to be, Kirin, is it not fair to say he was able to make that more powerful then Chiodori

  53. @chakrabeast: You misunderstand, My point wasn’t that Naruto uses Jariya’s power, but that Jariya has used all of Naruto’s jutsu: Shadow Clones, Rasengan, Sage Mode, and Toad Summons which makes Kisu.’s statements contradictory. I’m strating to come around to the whole “As long as you win it doesn’t matter what power you use” sentiments

  54. @ kisu, but can u please explain to me what depth Zabuza and Kisame have, they both have virtually no background, very few fights, and quite frankly don’t have much more personality than “I’LL KILL U ALL!!!!” which is pretty much the same as Sasuke’s current personality, and if u remember, he used to have a much more complex personality. i mean i don’t give a shit if he lives or not, but i don’t think he deserves all the bashing u give him, even if all your reasons r, to a small degree, correct. and leeching off of others’ powers, that sounds alot like what Kakashi was doing against Zabuza

  55. Just a thought.about Sasuke’s Susanoo…what if Itachi gave Sasuke powers that activated when he’s in danger? That way, even if Sasuke does something stupid, he can get away alive so that later on, Naruto can bring him around.

  56. The is a great finght and I believe Sasuke is super strong but honestly the Raikage is whooping his ass, I think the Raikage is going to almost kill him but Madara will step in and save Sasuke I don’t know if the Raikage is going to die but I hope not because he’s super cool!

    I don’t think Sasukes stronger than Itachi because Itachi Mastered all three eye techniques to their fullest and I do think Sasuke will surpass him but I just don’t think he’s there yet. But he is doing extremely well. People might say Naruto is stronger than Sasuke but I think Sasuke is still stronger because I just don’t see Naruto beating Sasuke when he has not other techiques than clones and Rasengan!

    I hear you guys saying he knows Jiraiya’s techniques but why don’t he use them, he only knows how to summon toads. I like Naruto but I just think he needs to learn more techniques! I just think it’s so cool that at his age Sasuke is going head to head with the Raikage, saying he was a genius in Konoha was a under statement!

  57. I don’t think Sasuke is stronger than Itachi because, Itachi wasn’t really trying to kill him and he wasn’t fighting to his full potential even Madara and Zetsu said it and on top of that Itachi was dying of a disease and he could barely sleep. So technically Sasuke killed a dying, blid man!LOL

  58. If Kakashi had lots of more chakra and could control his sharingan and his body could take it he would be on top, he could easily suck Amaterasu and Sasanoo into another dimension!

  59. @ yellowflash2 i like that idea of kakashi being able to counter sasukes amasteru and susanoo by sucking it into another dimension. that might b a possible outcome in the ner future

  60. To be quite frank, Naruto AND sasuke are overrated. Naruto with his pathetic array of jutsu and Sasuke with his leech no jutsu. At the end of the day, I totally hear what everyone is saying but sasuke having itachi’s MS moves is just a gross lack of originality. Naruto having no jutsu of interest is also pathetic, I mean wind release; rasenshuuriken isn’t the greatest move now is it. Personally I still think sasuke wud currently whip Naruto’s ass, and that Kishi is in dire need of some original thinking in developing his main characters.
    UNDERRATED CHARACTERS; itachi, pein, shino & Gaara
    OVERRATED CHARACTERS: kakashi, Naruto, sasuke & the sannin.
    There r a lot more but perhaps I’ll do a poll in time!

  61. okay i agree with madzikage on kishi not being original but you gotta think of it in his opinion i mean hes trying to make money of this manga and as sasuke and naruto go. i think that so far naruto has the advantage. for one he hasnt showing those three year training with jaiyra and second he is more gifted as in training. look at sasuke he has cheated so far he had ori give him drugs to train and itichi practially gave him his powers. but look at naruto he has mastered a justu which the 4th couldnt master and mastered the sage mode beyond that of jairya so its all on you on who wud win personally i think that right now naruto has the advantage.

  62. theres no way sasuke is stronger then itachi
    one hes a loser
    second he won cus itachi let sasuke win
    and third sasuke wudnt be as strong as he is if it
    wasnt for itachi

  63. The points made against my argument above aren’t as difficult as I thought they would be to answer, however, I will not answer your queries about my rant. Everything I said I can easily back up, even that “inconsistency” Mart suggested.
    I CAN however answer Jpua’s statement. “but can u please explain to me what depth Zabuza and Kisame have, they both have virtually no background, very few fights, and quite frankly don’t have much more personality than “I’LL KILL U ALL!!!!”- Zabuza wasn’t the traditional villain because of Haku and Kisame isn’t the traditional henchman/villain. I think Kisame has his own goals, and that he’s using Akatsuki to achieve them (and is using Akatsuki right unlike Sas……for the remainder of the week, i will refrain from usin that name.)

  64. i personally think sasuke’s more skilled than itachi
    but surely lack experience which
    is an important criteria when it comes to

    but stil at his age itachi was nothing.
    sasuke can surely kick the hell outta
    naruto coz—-
    1– naruto is emotional fool.
    2– though he leared the powerful sage mode,
    it has it’s own limitations and strong
    disadvantages.(REM HE CAN USE RASEN SURI
    3– while facing sauke he’s never serious.
    4–if we look upon all the fight he won, he had help!(be
    deidara,kakuzu,pein,u name it…..)
    5– if we compare both sasuke and naruto at their skill
    there’s no doubt on sasuke abilities.
    naruto skill is limited to sage mode, but sasuke
    was fairly able to beat him before he had MS.
    6– even at the basic jutsu shadow clones r weak
    against fire techniques.

    SO DO I,









  67. I think the reason why we’re not seeing any of Sasuke’s MS techniques is because he’s already using them?

    Bascially, I think his MS technique is to be able to control all of Itachi’s MS jutsu. He was able to put Amatersu out of Karin when she was burning up in the killerbee battle, something that should not have been possible.

    I don’t understand how he would have better control over Itachi’s own moves when he’s had them for so much longer. Itachi would have had more then enough time to master them. From what I can remember Sasuke has only used Amatersu about three times and he’s already doing things Itachi couldn’t.

    How can Sasuke combine Amatersu & Susanoo, granted Susanoo is not fully developed but still that must be some crazy chakra levels he’s outputting.

    I can’t even imagine Sasuke having his own MS jutsu plus having Itachi’s that would be ridiculous and if he takes his brothers eyes, WTF…

  68. This is what it all comes down to and I’m going to borrow something from Bleach that Ichigo’s inner hollow says.

    What’s the difference between a king and his horse? If their form, ability and power were exactly the same. Why is it that one becomes the king and controls the battle. While the other becomes the horse and carries the king?

    There’s only one answer.


    That’s what sets Sasuke & Itachi apart, plan and simple.

  69. @manishuchiha
    naruto had help??? didnt sauske have help as well, we are talking shippuuden right, sauskes opponents where already ill, sacrificed themselves, no intention on killing him, not at their full potential or defeated him three times but had help from his team to survive the attack(orrochimaru,deidara,itachi,killerbee) i mean we are talking shippuuden right, correct me if im wrong, maybe naruto did have help with deidara but with pein and kakuzu i disagree, unless you mean help with training, from a summon or your opponents abilities were explained to you before you jumped into battle, sounds exactly the same help as sauske had in his battles to me, but sauske never won a battle on his own with a tough opponent, deidara could of been one but he blew himself up just like nagato did when facing naruto and sacrificing himself for the citizens of konoha, just like you said every character has there ups and down, i get it you think sauske will defeat naruto but showing off is really annoying and pathetic
    (im starting to sound like you now, how embarrasing)

    sorry dont mean to hate on you or offend but you contradicted yourself on “ploughing on comments” and just had to keep going (ESPECIALLY IN LARGE WORDS) and here i am starting a debate with you, tasting your own medicine must leave a bitter aftertaste, according from what you stated you shouldnt be mad just cuz someone wrote “sausgay” sometimes you need to push the child on the bicycle a little before they learn to ride it, if i didnt point it out, you wouldnt be able to see it, unless your a critic, are you?

    sorry again, i want to apalogize to you, im just defending one of my favorite characters (zetsu is my favorite) without naruto then the manga would have a different title, sauske is important ill give you that, but without sauske naruto wouldnt be as strong as he his, face it homie, in all reality sauske is just another character for naruto to surpass and defeat, thats a fact!

  70. 1 thing that pisses me off about these debates about “oh, but he had help, so it doesn’t count”, well, who gives a fuck? so what if u had an unfair advantage, ninjas r the kind of ppl who slit the throughts of fat politicians while they’r asleep, fairness should not b a topic in Naruto debates, fairness=stupidity in a real fight, so if sombody needs back-up, or needs to do it w/ some secret info, or while the opponant’s weakened, so what? all that matters is getting the job done, no matter how many advantages u have

  71. basically itachi is better than sasuke. he was an anbu captain at 13 ffs. what was sasuke doing when he was 13? being a little whiny nonce. i can understand why he’s the way he is i’ve just never liked him as a character. and i agree with the post that said zabuzu is ace. his death was probably my fave moment in naruto so far.(except for anything involving deidara or hidan).

  72. @ Danny – who is stronger, Naruto or Itachi? now what was he doing at 13? not ANBU team Captain…. Who is more powerful, Pein or Itachi? What was Pein doing at 13, Training with Jiraiya. Itachi was born in a time of war, so A) a lot of high class ninja would of been killed meaning that younger ninja must fill in the roles…

  73. fair point but itachi is clearly nails. i’d say he’d defo be in the top 5 strongest characters. i mean he could easily beat orochimaru who was proper strong as well. you could probably argue forever who is stronger than who. its all down to opinion and in mine itachi is stronger than sasuke.

  74. profess—-

    when i said naruto too had help, i am pointing outwhole team effort, yes i agree it was naruto was the one
    who took them out but if its not for his team
    he wouldn’t have done that.
    1– in case of deidara, well it was nothing frm naruto.
    2– if we take kakuzu he was already weakened by
    kakashi and if one say that he was not that’s unreal
    man no matter how much of a powerful ninja u r ,
    their’s a limit for stamina and fighting whole squad
    is no joke
    3– then there’s naruto a kinda guy who’s strength is a
    part of people around him! and there’s a reason of
    that—– he’s the type who loose control easily and
    that is when his team enters to calm him down.
    that shows he’s a team player.
    — now if we see fight wiith pein, we see that he was
    able to injure pein was coz he released his Fox
    form, do u actally believed that without fox powerful
    he had the chance, ya sure he won in te sage mode,
    that’s coz it’s always easy to kill a fly with a broken
    wing( pein was seriously injured and out of chakra
    due to fox attack)

    this shows that naruto’s greatest ally/support/helper is the one inside him. he always had help though he never wanted that,

  75. now for sasuke( this is just a view of wht i think)

    people say sasuke won the battle with help–
    well where was one.
    by now one should know his character of stubbornness and pride, he never relied on help.
    i will get this point but frst even if he does, com’on they r not playing angels role, in a fight the only thing matter is win, now i should explain some mis concepts on sasuke wins—-
    1—FIGHT WITH ORO( this fight was purely based on
    skill, it was not a test of strength, oro is not baby
    who woud’ve slept in his bed with a cold, man he
    sure attacked with his might. now sasuke knock him
    down with GENJUTSU it’s a type of attack where
    person’s spiritual strength is required regardless of
    illness, don’t count oro as weakling since he was
    found lying on the bed, there’s s’thing called break
    timelol. he never had a chance against sharingan
    even he was well and healthy.)

    2– NOW FIGHT WITH DEIDARA( if u say deidara killed
    himself that’s a bullshit! why a person kill himself
    if he’s sure he would win, suicidal action is the act of
    the moment when a person lost his hope on
    something, in this case deidara was frustrated and
    angered as he wasn’t able to beat sasuke.
    this shows that sasuke was powerful, and now
    could anyone tell me where he had help in it.
    do u think even if deidara never attempted suicide
    he had the chance, though it was hard for sasuke
    but he was a winner.)
    3– NOW LETS GO TO ITACHI( it’s a fact that itachi was
    ill but it never hindered him in his attack he actually
    at the point of winning. but if u see the itachi he was
    more powerful than sasuke, i know it was
    impossible of a normal sharingan stand
    againat MS, but still sasuke stood against him.
    if we see it clearly itachi strength was equal or may
    be higher than the sasuke at the time of fight.
    he lost coz he was forced to OVER USE MS, even
    with normal sharingan sasuke pushed him beyond
    his limits that’s why he lost. )

    itachi wasn’t on a treat to be nice to sasuke, he knew
    that sasuke had the strength that can push him over
    the edge htat’s why he was sure that even if he go all
    out on MS against sasuke he could survive.

    now plz anyone en light me with how in the world sasuke had help in his fight.

    last thing sry i missed on battle with killerbee just this short note—- yes it’s true that they fought as a team but hey who in the ninja world doesn’t follow the team effort, whole missions of konoha is based on team work, a team is meant to work with each other.
    and then there’s every powerful ninja in narutoverse one way or another follow team work

    akatsuki work as team of two, pein work with 6 bodies, naruto always work in team, even when all of team 7 confront sasuke they attacked as team.
    oro work with help, so there’s no point in saying that one used help or s’thing ther’s no point to it.
    so u can’t brag on these baseless things.

    sry————– it was long, don’t get bored plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  76. hello………………………….keeping everything aside.

    can anyone guide me on how to post blogs, i really want to but finding it difficult, plzzzzzzzz guys a simple help guide
    is needed.

    anyone/ someone spare u r precious time and help me out.
    and also explain on various kinda post one can put.
    especially i am requesting to seniors on shannaro

  77. not being funny but you’d need a badass spell checker if you wanna do blogs. its hard to follow what you’re saying sometimes. maybe check through after you’ve written something to make sure it makes sense.

  78. Why else would he bother collecting all the Bijuu if his only goal is to destroy Konoha and make a name for the Uchiha clan again?
    It’s to complete Susano’o technique! (that’s what I think ^^)

  79. @ manisuchiha, finally a guy who makes sense, i agree w/ u totally, i’m not much of a Sasuke fan, but i’m still not the guy to give unfair judgements

  80. @ manisuchiha, jpua… the logic that naruto could not or would not have defeated pein without the fox is like saying sasuke would not have defeated deidra withouth oro’s curse seal or his snake powers… you’re being completely hypocritical… and i went back and read the naruto and pein battle and he had minimal help from the kyuubi (yea i call breaking out of the gravity ball minimal, cuz pein stated, after it took the 8 tail kyuubi to break out of it, he’d just make a new one, i.e, it was nothing for him to do it, so subsequently is didn’t affect his chakra reserves whatsover). my next point is i believe naruto’s development in seriously underappreciated… prime example being, there isn’t a genjutsu technique possesed by sasuke that could affect naruto in sage mode, when prior to learning sage mode he fall suspect to the simplest genjutsu… and third…. he defeated pein for crying out loud…. UM I SAY AGAIN, NARUTO BEAT PEIN….

  81. @ manisuchiha…..Who’s sasuke beat who’s on par with pein???? like i thought, no one… here’s a better question, would the opponents that naruto face beat the opponents that sasukes faced, raikage, killer bee, and itachi included… HELL YES THEY WOULD… PEIN WOULD DEFEAT EVERYONE THAT SASUKES EVER FACED INCLUDING SASUKE, BY HIS DAMN SELF, so on that premise alone, naruto’s stronger… now i will concede that of all of sasukes techniques susanoo scares me the most, but it may appear that the raikage is gunna counter it

  82. i’d love to see who would win in a fight between itachi and pein. i’d go out on a limb and say that itachi probably would.

  83. @ EVERYBODY, I really would like to know how the guy with the most powerful techniques seen so far in naruverse, could lose… I.E. Pein to anybody… Now I know I said Pein lost to Naruto, but Pein really just gave up his life for a good cause… But Naruto did go further with Pein than anyone else could… So who does Pein lose to? I say The Sage of The Six Paths…. Yep dat’s it…

  84. naruto beat pein hands down. he destroyed all the paths but in the end decided not to kill nagato even though he clearly would have battered him. plus i think that madara would probably be able to beat pein as well.

  85. sasuCRAP!..hehe

  86. @ Danny…Pein’s intent was not to kill Naruto… It was to capture him… If it was to battle to the death then i think it wouldve been different… I think anyways… And I’ve said a bazillion times ( to myself of course) Madara’s over-rated… He lost to the First Hokage, hell he feared the First Hokage, despite having the EMS…

  87. btw people, you don’t know that sasuke can’t summon all of susanoo, if you look closely at it, you can see a arm/leg coming out, now if I have half as good vision as I think I do, I’d say that’s more than half of susanoo.

  88. A few things 1. Manish you made some riddiculous statements above like saying shadow clones were weak against fire jutsu, WTF???? but if you want to make blogs have bob make you a contributor and I’ll walk you through it. 2. I’m now officially on the whole “he had help” is bull train, both Naruto and Sasuke have only won one battle each by them selves without help (naruto beat Kiba and Sasuke beat Yori) 3. I officially think that Naruto and Sasuke would tie, a 100% draw, because as I said in a blog, they are antithetical.

  89. Itachi said that those were the techniques that developed when his eyes awoken, and he transferred his eyes to sasuke. Which means that its possible for some new techniques to awaken in sasuke’s eyes. I think when madara says he wants kenzentai it means he wants to reunite the eyes and the techniques of the sage of the six paths with the body. Which means Uchiha and Senju, but if that is the case that means he would need naruto as a container not sasuke.

  90. BTW I was looking for it and here:

    Sasuke using Tsukyomi on KillerBee.
    Using Tsukyomi on random lightning ninja,

    Also, its ridiculous to try and compare people in the narutoverse indirectly. I thought this was realized last week!
    Currently yes, Naruto does have incredible power, as does Sasuke. Look at the techniques and how to counter them.
    Sasuke’s amaterasu shield would prevent any physical attacks. Leaves the way for rasenshuriken and frog katas. Until Naruto masters the fox, he wont be able to break a genjutsu, so the instant Sasuke gets him with tsukyomi its over. And it WILL happen, how could Naruto NOT look him in the eyes… (Im a Naruto fan not a Sasuke fan…)

  91. @manish

    hahaha your still contradicting yourself, i think you proved me right in your previous comments, digging your own hole for your grave must be tiring, tell you what ill be the bigger man in the situation and let it go, im not here to argue or insult anyone(as you have done), just to share my thoughts on naruto and respect other peoples opnions(which you failed to do) no matter how intelegant or ridiculous it sounds, everyones entitled to their opinion, and with that being said, thanks for the silly debate it was fun, hope you enjoyed it as much as i did

  92. thx MART , how should i start with it?
    i read the post by BOB on blog summiting but couldn’t really get it

  93. after receiving all these comments i think i am seriously misunderstood and taken in a negative way.

    plz guys don’t take me wrong i never meant to insult anyone out here, how some people come to this conclusion, i am speechless.
    i never attempted or provoked a debate out here just made a point .
    if u r saying stating an opinion is insulting and contradictory then i am sry to say that people r doing this knowingly and unknowingly out here all along.

    ok sasuke may be the worst character any anime ever had, but i like him and that’s enough reason for me to get annoyed on his bad- mouthing.
    u all have u r own fav wht do u think u would do if u r fav is been targeted.

    com’on guys is sasuke is the only easy target out here for butt kicking, for god sake leave him alone, give it a break!
    here now i am not saying tht go for any other charaters .i love naruto anime like u all as a whole and i don’t hate any characters but like only few.

    good/bad, hate/ love, like/dislike, people may find it contradictory but plz keep these feelings to ur self.
    i hate when people failed to understand other’s feelings and cry abt their own self esteem.

    lets end this thing up with a hope for mutual understanding as we all have our fav’s and have protective feeling toward them one way or another.

  94. @mart1. how can you say naruto has only won one fight. im pretty sure he beat neji as well. and it depends what you class as help. because naruto beat gaara and pein as well.

  95. and this a requet to PROFESS– every person have its own way of grasping things, some may find it insulting and contradictory and some may find it right.
    u took my opinions in a wrong way that was u r way of seeing things, i have nothing against u.
    u enjoyed it , well that was unexpected!

    and plz stop this up! u said in u r previous comment u said that i shouldn’t be angry if someone has written sasugay , well why shouldn’t i, when we like s’thing
    we protect it or not.now then i din’t want to go on with it as i doubt u will understand it. as nobody want to kick zetsu’s ass out here since he’s not important .
    all the time u r were defending s’thing so was i.

    u said u were defending u r fav even though i didn’t hold anything against zetsu, same thing i was trying all along.

    u really didn’t understood the whole thing! did u?
    now lets leave it all as it is.
    now now i am sick tired of this!
    buddy lets enjoy being out here as we usually do.

  96. don’t take me as enemy or s’ting.
    don’t hate me either!

  97. @ manisuchiha… i feel what you’re saying… my apologies is i came off as attacking you or your beliefs… it’s amazin at what emotions, good or bad this anime could bring out… but we have to be aware that this is just an anime… not real world… madara isn’t gunna kill any of us for not liking him. so keep doing you… i still say, and we can argue this back and forth, naruto’s opponents and the consequent victories or defeats were greater than sasukes… thus making naruto the stronger person… what do u think?

  98. thx TRkstar ,lol that was a relief if u hadn’t replied i really must’ve felt upset!
    god! now things r getting smooth, yes i agree with u with wht astonishing effects anime can have on minds!
    but s’times they r better than the real world ,don’t think, i mean who doesn’t want to cherish his/her fantasies.

    serioulsy i want to involve into a little fun argument on who’s stronger but i must leave it for some other day!
    but will definitely i will come after u for this topic so till that day,
    see ya!

  99. Hay is it me or it seems Zatsu is playing dead.
    cus the way he talks to madara it seems he is much more powerful then that. and i think he might be the strongest atsku cus i think he is playing everyone. just a thot.

  100. @manish

    i do understand, im not mad or upset, i dont hate you either,i was just mocking you, it was fun, i dont care if someone wrote gayruto or gaytsu, i would just laugh and respect their opinion, if thats what they think so be it but i would NEVER call them annoying or pathetic, im sorry if your upset, i was just bored, i never argue on here with anyone just write what i think plus, i was bored and you seem like an easy target, its ok homie lets us enjoy naruto and my fellow narutards thoughts, i hope your not mad and just take this as a friendly disscusion as i did

  101. @Danny: “how can you say naruto has only won one fight” he has only won one fight under the insane “no help criteria. in Neji’s fight with him he won because of the nine-tailed fox, as in every other fight except when it was sealed against Kiba and no one was fighting with him.

    @Manish: there are a few things you must do before I can actively do anything for you.

    1. decide whether you wish to write fanfic.s (on shannaro-2) or Theory/Info/Non-fanfiction. (on shannaro-1)

    2. Email Bob @ b0buchiha@yahoo.com telling him what you wish to write/giving a summary of your first blog

    3. Meet me in the chatroll, it makes communication easier (I’m on east coast time, I can meet any time after 3:00ish

  102. ahh fair eough i didnt realise you meant literally no help.

  103. Yo, potential blog contributors, go to
    to see how to become one of Bob’s slaves — I mean valuable member of the Shannaro team.

  104. @Manisuchiha, Deidara fight! Sas(not saying the name) had the Sharingan (which already gave him a psychological advantage because of the humiliating defeat Deidara had suffered from Itachi’s Sharingan), which gave him the ability to dodge and see through Deidara’s bombs. He conveniently had the chakra type Deidara’s chakra is weak against (i.e lightning). He had the Curse Mark which gave him extra appendages and extra chakra. He absorbed Orochimaru, which allowed him to summon snakes and to recover faster, as well as use some of his jutsus. Naruto has NEVER had the advantage with the guys he fights (except in the fight with Pain).

    Fight with Orochimaru! Oro’s body (the body of a weak ninja from part 1) was well past its limit AND he was severely weakened. Sas….even admitted that he only won because Mr. Snakey was almost dead
    Itachi fight! Itachi didn’t want to kill Sas… Itachi wanted to die by Sas…’s hands to make him look like a hero because he killed an S-rank missing-nin, namely Itachi. Itachi had the chance to kill Sas…. with Susanoo, but instead he used that last bit of energy to extract Orochimaru from him. Most importantly, HE WAS ALMOST DEAD FROM THE BEGINNING! (he pulled another Kimimaro lol)

    @TrkStar, FINALLY! I thought no one was on my side about the whole “Naruto isn’t stronger than Pain” thing. Don’t get me wrong, Naruto IS kage level, but from what I saw of Pain, I’d say he’s BIJU LEVEL! he leveled a whole village in seconds, created a huge floating ball, and said he could make a bigger one, he killed the great Kakashi Hatake, Shizune, Choza and many nameless ninja and he revived everyone he killed. But in retrospect, now I see why Kishi killed his character. He was WAY too strong of an ally for Naruto and more fans would eventually start calling the series “Nagato” lol.

  105. Wow! Hey I dunno about you guys but I like this wrestler look for a ninja like Raikage. He’s alot different than the other character. I, myself is a big wrestling fan and when the Raikage put the smackdown on Sasuke with the Raiga Bomb, I got up and left the room. It was over! That was the shit! Kishi diffenetly drop the bomb on us.
    It also seem like they have encounter Itachi before in the past judging from shi statement. Maybe they have spy all over and was able to obtain such information or that snake Danzu told them, whatever. This fight keeps surprising me more and more.

  106. I didn’t even mention the Kirabi (killerbee) fight, that one is just obvious. AND I’m sticking to my points in my rant WAY above. Those are the reason I hate Sas…. as a character, and until he proves himself by beating someone on HIS own with his OWN power, I will always hate him. In my opinion, he’s no better than an extra. He took up a whole page on the final issue with Nagato, he didn’t deserve that valuable screentime. He turned Naruto into a sissy that cries at the mere mention of his dumb name! To me, Naruto as a main character was better than Goku, IN PART 1 of the series, in Shippuden, I’d say even Hamtaro (don’t know what Hamtaro is? It’s a cartoon about hamsters, google it 8)) has Naruto beat. I’d rather watch paint dry than look at another page of Naruto begging/bowing/crying about Sas….. AND if ANY of you out there watch/read Bleach, you’d say Szayel was a cheater for analyzing the corpse of his brother to find the weaknesses of his opponents, and then use those weaknesses to defeat them. Why would you say this? BECAUSE HE’S A VILLAIN! And when villains get info on the good guys then use it against them, that’s cheating, but when good guys do it, its totally fair. *extreme sarcastic voice* (this Szayel part was directed at Shikamaru fans, and maybe Sas…. fans as well, if it applies 8))

  107. @kisu

    your amusing me with saus… very funny, i still think its ok for you to write sausgay, i agree they both had similar help but the main arguement is naruto never almost die in battle two times and had his team didnt revive him twice from dying, so he assembled a good team deffensively but, you cant argue that naruto had more help or assistance than sausgay (thats for you kisu) when has he ever been saved from death in battle, maybe with kabuto but not in shippuuden, naruto held his owm

  108. what if madara wants narutos body and not sasukes?
    from what he said to naruto about the sage of the six paths, naruto has the body of the senju side bla bla and madara has the eyes, put them into naruto and you are god

  109. Theory:

    Madara said he wants to become “complete” or attain the “perfect body”.

    If he has the sages “eyes”, and naruto has the “body” then he would need that to become complete. So hes kinda helping Naruto along on that front.

    He said that in response to “what are you doing with the tailed beasts”. So he needs their chakra to do whatever it is hes planning.

    He also said earlier he was going to sync Sasuke with Gedo Mazo (in order to capture the remaining bijuu), which is why he wants Sasuke to grow in power.

    His purpose for pushing Sasuke towards hatred may be because Uchiha’s gain incredible power from their hatred. Madara is seen as the strongest ninja in the world currently, and we can see how deep his hatred is.

    The purpose for pushing Naruto to fight Sasuke? Well we saw Sasuke’s craving for power when he saw Naruto’s strength… If Naruto can defeat Sasuke, he definately wont kill him. But Sasuke’s hatred will push him to seek more power, and Madara will offer him Gedo Mazo.

    Thats pretty much all of those criteria complete now!

    Clearly he is trying to replicate the Rikkoudou Sage’s power for himself. Moon’s eye plan (The Moon was created by the Sage.. His eyes were the Rinnegan). Clearly the Sage had immense chakra, the tailed beasts chakra can replicate this.

  110. i fucking hate it when idiots say oh this characters rubbish coz he had help from such and such a thing. by that reckoning no-one in naruto has ever won a fight pretty much. naruto can’t because of the fox, sasuke can’t because of the curse mark, kakashi can’t because of the sharingan, pain can’t because of rinnegan, neji can’t because of byakugan, rock lee can’t because of sake, gai can’t because of his green jumpsuit, jiraiya can’t because of toad summons,kiba can’t because of akamaru. etc etc. absolute mugs.

  111. Ramastain and YH (and all the other theorist who said something along the lines of “Madara want’s the Sage body”) I think he wants both, his eye’s aren’t what they used to be, I think he wants to make BOTH Sasuke and Naruto as powerfull as possible and then steal BOTH of their abilities, THEN infuse him with the U-Tailed Beast (U = Ultimate) which is what Gedo Mazo will turn out to be. What do you think?

  112. Jet Optimus oof the Prime Dynasty: signing in
    (i’m gonna try to remember to end the beginnings and ends of my comments as if it’s a transmission or somthing, just to go w/ me being named after a robot)
    on Sasuke, i’m fine w/ ppl talking smack about him, just as long as they actually get something original instead of “Sasgay”, that’s over-used and somthing aalong the lines of “wussuke”, or “Sasuke, ‘FU’ chiha” would b a nice change of pace. BUT U CAN’T TAKE MY IDEAS, THOSE WERE EXAMPLES TO GET YOUR BRAINS STARTED
    on the “fairness” issue, these guys r cold-blooded killers (yes, even Hinata if u believe the fillers, she killed a guy just for beating up Naruto [it was that “land of Greens” filler or somthng]) so being fair and polite won’t get u anywhere, and if u have to leech off of others (Sasuke: Oro; Naruto: Kyuubi; Kakashi: Obito; etc) then that’s your style and your way of going about doing your job
    on Mandara’s goals, i really don’t give a shit, as long as Kishi doesn’t ruin the character by making him Obito or Danzo, i’m perfectly fine w/ whatever he does in the future
    Jet Optimus of the Prime Dynasty: signing off

  113. http://anime-and-manga.info/naruto-464-raw-naruto-464-spoiler/

    The spoilers are out, I personally didn’t think this would happen but a few other people did.

  114. @ JPUA. Why do you say Jet “Optimus” I thought your name was Jet Prime Ultimate Autobot??? So wouldn’t you say Jet Prime signing on instead??? Just a thought

  115. lol Charka, that would be “Jet of the Prime”.

    And Yeah Mart, I left that part out.
    I think the reason Madara has managed to live these 100+ years is because he did something with his EMS which sort of banished him from the physical plane, and he can only bring a part of himself back for a short time. He needs A) A body to inhabit, and B) Perfect Sharingan. EMS would probably hold some deep rooted curse to it. (Noone had really questioned how Madara was like 150-250)

  116. Madara living forever is just one of those things that people just execpt cuz he is the main bad guy. I mean how many other bad guys do you say WFT with their abilities and their history. He’s just one of those guys

  117. I’m probably out of topic. But I’m hoping naruto learn how to use Flying Thunder God Technique (Ninjutsu) since his father is Minato.nickname the “Yellow Flash of Konoha”

  118. Charka, what I meant was it will be interesting to find out the reason/jutsu/curse/whatever that caused him to live for 100+ years. Its not like he just happened to have a long life, he still looks relatively young (by that I mean agility and even hair colour), while the Rikkoudou Sage died (of old age?).

    Toad: He probably will, hes learning how to use all of his techniques in different ways. Hell either learn the same technique, or create one of his own that is incredibly similar.

  119. @ chakrabeast, Jet Optimus and Jet Prime r both names 4 the combination of Optimus Prime and Jetfire (note, Jet Convoy and Optimus Prime: Jet Mode both apply as well), but in the new movie, the “Prime” in “Optimus Prime” is cuz he’s from the “Dynasty of Primes”, so it’s kinda like his surname, and since i said “of the Prime Dynasty”, saying Prime twice would b redundant, but i wnated to mention the Dynasty of Primes anyways, so i called myself “Jet Optimus”, which is the same thing

  120. Ok I got you. But I just think that jetprime rolls off the tounge better. Lol just my opinion, I still think it’s sweet

  121. is transformers 2 not shit though?

  122. Don’t remember what chapter it is, I think it’s when naruto turns four tails. anyway yamato was curious too how naruto can handle the charka of the nine tails. now we know why

  123. so which one is it?

    1) Uzumaki Naruto?
    2) Namikaze Naruto?
    3) Sanju Naruto?

    i’m confused now!

  124. itachi is the strongest uchiha…incase yall dont pay attention he planned out sasukes whole life and is responsible for him being as strong as he is 2day and above all else he let sasuke beat him(as part of itachis plan for sasukes life) while he was sick with an unknown disease and blind for the most part…no 1 knos itachis true potential he made orochimaru look as petty young sasuke on multiple occasions…and let me switch up what i said sasuke didnt beat him he lost…itachi had sasuke at his limit cornered, itachi would have took his eyes and became even more invincible then madara and would have killed him but he died from disease at da moment as he foresaw(now sasuke knos about the ems)…and he learned how to manipulate people from being madaras subordinate which is how he was so good at manipulatin sasuke incase yall aint piece dat 2gethor….itachi through well planned out thoughts and manipulation implanted the darkness in sasukes heart that in da long run boosted sasukes efforts 2 get stronger and survive and he turned out jus how itachi wanted him to…and further more sasuke wasnt as strong as itachi expected and wanted him 2 b so ITACHI IS STILL THE FACE OF UCHIHA and sasuke knos this deep inside no matter wat he tells you

  125. come to think of it itachi probably planned on sealing madaras soul with dat susanno sealing sword (like he did orochimara) after activating his eternal mangekyo sharringan if he didnt have so much plans for sasuke…and for yall snake lovers out there orochimarus not done yet…if kabuto cant overcome orochi’s will, orochis gonna take over his body cause kabuto implanted the orochi white snake form remains
    into himself knowing the possible outcome…thats what i call loyalty. even after he dies kabuto gives orochimaru an oppurtunity to once again live through him but only if orochimarus will is stronger than his…idk kabuto is a beast and is still sort of an enigma and has yet 2 reveal his intentions

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