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Bleach Chapter 601 : Verge on Vermillion

Chapter 601: Verge on Vermillion
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I’m a bit busy this week, so I am gonna have to skip today..

It’s mostly Oetsu being a bad ass. And it seems the Sternritter have another sort of immortal.

One Response

  1. I knew it would be entertaining seeing Oetsu fight. One slice of that blade can kill. Perfect sword for the sword god. Just imagine if he used bankai.

    After this chapter, we may all have to rethink this alphabet system with the sternritters. Maybe the alphabet ranks the power rather than the person using it. Death Dealer may not be a memeber of the elite forces, but his power seems to be stronger than the elite forces. He survives Oetsu onslaught while two of the elite sternritters have already fallen. With Death Dealer’s power and looks, he sort of reminds me of Aizen. Did he use some offensive ability on Oetsu? I don’t know if Oetsu was shocked or something happen to him.

    Yhwach is still just waiting. Despite the power he wields, he probably don’t want to face the SK and the zero squad. If so he would have killed the zero squad already. Also we know the SK has a blade which means it knows how to fight as well.

    This is soooo entertaining.

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