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Naruto Chapter 696: Naruto and Sasuke (3)

So much emotion… *whipes away tear*

Click here to read the chapter

Enjoy this weeks Naruto and plenty of room to chat in the comment section.

8 Responses

  1. Naruto: Well I gotta say I enjoyed this chapter better than the last two. Sasuke gave a better explanation of his definition of the title “hokage” than that incoherent babble he did the first time. Even though it was a better explanation, it is very unrealistic. Sasuke wants to be a immortal (pardon the pun) villain in order to keep the peace of all the nations. It just seems so strange to me that he would come up with something like that. But you know I wonder what Naruto’s ideal for hokage is? As the main character, you would think he would have said something about.

    As far as the fighting is going, it’s getting kinda boring already. I not really feeling this fight because it doesn’t appear that they will kill one another. You know that would be cool is Naruto kills Sasuke and Sasuke allow it to happen just like his brother Itachi did him. That would be a cool twist (Sort of). It would also show that Naruto’s ninja way will not always work the way he wants it to.

    One piece: It’s hard for me to see Doffy as “evil.” It’s more like he is just insane like the Joker from Batman rather than just outright evil. But when your own brother said you are evil, I guess it is true.

    Speaking of Rosinante, he has a strange power. It has no offense or defensive capabilities. It would be good to use if you were playing loud music and didn’t want to disturb anyone. Fufufufu!!

  2. Sasuke wants to be a Lelouch&Kira hybrid lol

  3. In there one piece world abilities are never as simple as they seem though it doesn’t look like anything special it might hold secrets. In any case this flashback is getting better and better hopefully we get to see what this true nature is

  4. @darthuchiha

    lol, that is so spot on

  5. New chapters are out!! http://mangastream.com/

  6. Naruto: So it came down to a beat down huh? The way it ended it would appear that one of four outcomes will happen.

    1) A Naruto clone: Sasuke will strike the Naruto clone only for Naruto to smash him with a Rasengan.

    2)The Kill: Sasuke strikes Naruto killing him in the process. That would be wild but highly unlikely.

    3) Hesitation: Sasuke can’t go through with killing Naruto which will cause them to bro hug at the end.

    4)Sakura: Sakura uses FTG to teleport in front of the blow meant for Naruto getting killed in the process. This is probably the most likely scenario. Yohohoho!!

    One piece: Well I was surprised about Rosinante using his ability like that. He went all Zabuza like with some silent killing but in Rosinante case silent destruction. (Kudos cas24). The flash back is pretty good. I tell ya what, Chibi Law looks waaay more dangerous than he does now.

    Bleach: pretend3r may be busy but I was hoping for a review this week because when I first started reading the chapter, I thought I was reading a report from the World Health Organization (W.H.O). Other than that the chapter itself was good. I’m surprise that Y.H. is gonna fight next chapter. Maybe his plan didn’t turn out the way he expected it to. The zero squad is strong individually but together they are monstrous! I doubt Y.H can beat them together. Something tells me Ichigo will show up and Y.H will be like, “Aha I can now do this part of my plan!” Then he’s gonna laugh like this, “Yuuuhaabahaaa!” Okay maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.

  7. SOrry.. the release timing it bitchy lately.

  8. The new chapter is out and just like the title of the new bleach chapter… WHAT ThE FUCK!!!

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