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Naruto Chapter 698: Naruto and Sasuke (5)

Well.. talk about an arm’s length discussion.. right.. am I right… ok, too soon.

Click here to read the chapter

Enjoy this weeks Naruto and plenty of room to chat in the comment section.

27 Responses

  1. I wanted naruto to be atleast an arms length ahead of sasuke but it seems its just me. Everywhere I go this is being heralded as thhe best chapter yet. Judging from things revealed about the movie the Last it doesn’t seem like sasuke returns to konoha or am I misinterpreting a few things?

  2. @saigou
    The chap was great,considering kishi always pulls out emotion from every chapter,till it became a naruto regular “cliche”, I am kind of suprised he managed to create a genuine emotion in this chapter.
    Their arm cut off and bleeding to death..classic!.the artist still hasn’t lost his touch

  3. so Naruto woke Before Sauske and cant move!! Hmmmm what to do when you cant move what to do? Is there any thing Naruo can do to gain Power when he doesnt move!!

  4. Two things might happen. Either Sakura will revive them both or the nine tails wakes up and gives naruto charka and helps sasuke with the same chakra. Also they will get spare hands from ppl who have died in the war. Any thoughts?

  5. http://narutobase.net/forums/showthread.php?t=602985


    All right, kids. Kaguya had a Rinnegan, and was from a different world. She fused with the tree as part of a plan, and her sons blah blah blah.

    Fourth databook.

    Seeing as the final chapter is in 2 weeks, I may do a chapter summary of it since Bob isn’t around anymore and I don’t see them being made. Don’t quote me on this, the Kisu has become a very busy (re: lazy) man.

  6. @seda
    I would say let’s put it in a vote,but it’s really dull here,anyway there are three outcome,A happy walking into the sunset kind of ending,a sad ending or a total tragedy.i.e
    1»sakura comes with a super ninjutsu and saves both of them
    ,and naruto won’t have problem restoring their arms when he is well again
    2»sasuke dies,sakura cries(that’s twice as usual),kakashi gets a sharinnegan(good or bad?)
    3»naruto and sasuke both die,but not before they free everyone.and they become iconic heroes,their story inspiring peace

  7. Totally forgot about naruto’s ability to regenerate limbs ( I.e. Kakashi’s eye) and if sasuke dies, I would think Kakashi takes the rinnegan eye

  8. Sasuke should’ve won. He had enough chakra to sustain his sharingan. The chidori should’ve killed Naruto on the ground Right there and then.

  9. @sannins
    I Think Seda meant that when Naruto cant move he can gain Sage chakra..

  10. Dr x
    Oops!sorry,the comment was for(@hellfire86)…. why would naruto gather sage energy,for naruto its not about who wins,just that he(naruto) doesn’t want to lose. besides he has to sync nature energy with his own chakra to activate sage mode,he’s reserves is currently empty,if he absorbs sage chakra now he’ll just be stoned and replace the statue they destroyed,that’s if he can concentrate amidst the pain of his blown up arm and bleeding to death

    Helo??? The series is called Naruto,happens every time,to be fair.Earlier,Naruto also tripped and fell over(yeah tripped)on his way to gift sasuke a rasengan,so its even

    For the sake of white fang have pity on kakashi,that eye is major punishment for kakashi,who has problem with a sharingan,how the hell will he fair with a sharinnegan

  11. Uhhh so that was it? The fight of the year ended in a draw. What was resolved? Was the overall point of this was to “save” Sasuke? Kinda weird.

  12. Just read the last two chapters. That last attack though, before they started getting into the fist fight, GOD DAMN!! Kakashi even felt that shit, and he must be miles away.

    This fight basically ended the same way Naruto vs Gaara did. Well, now that Sakura is on her feet, she can just heal the both of them(probably’ll let Sasuke bleed for a bit longer lol). To be honest, I think the Kurama inside naruto (the one that used to be in Minato) is gone for good. Even without him though, replacing limbs is not really a big deal in the naruto world. It even showed in the trailer, Naruto is getting ‘his’ arm back.

    Well it should officially be Naruto’s birthday in the manga now, since that fight lasted all afternoon/evening, and it looks like early morning by the time it was over. So their fight was probably around 5 hours long, then a more few hours of being knocked out.

  13. S/n

    Naruto’s sealing/healing arm is the one that’s partially gone.

  14. @sannins
    Narutos chakra isnt necessarily depleted.. He´s body just cant move, like Kakashi when he battled Sabuza and over used his sharingan.. And Naruto and Sauske where passed out until the morning wich is time enough to get new chakra, and even if he doesnt wana win he can stil get sage chakra as backup to not loose..

  15. I would like to remind you that I’am still alive….. and will be commenting on the final chapter of Naruto out later on this week…..BELIEVE IT!!!!!

  16. What’s good Tensa? Long time no see.

  17. I know bro – all sorts has happened – my bad for just leaving the gang without warning – im worst than Itachi lol I see even Kisuzachi is posting again shittttttttttt i got some catching up to do!

  18. Lol for real man.

  19. Man, a lot of the old faces resurfacing in this, the end of days.

  20. lmao the end of Naruto days but One Piece and Bleach still flying the flag for the big 3!!!! Sooooooooo the final naruto vs sasuke fight was a draw….(sigh) when was the last time anyone acted like a “ninja” an did a “mission” – oh well was entertaining while it lasted!

  21. @ Tensa

    You must have not gotten the memo. These are no longer ninja, these are beings possessed by older beings to stop an even older being from waging an intergalactic war using earth inhabitants as combatants. I think they were about to take on either the saiyans or the namekians. I forgot which, lol.

  22. http://mangahead.com/Manga-Raw-Scan/Naruto/Naruto-699-Raw-Scan

    Chapter 699 takes place 2 years after 698. 700 takes place 6 years after that. The new movies happen between 699 and 700.

    Naruto and Hinata have two kids. The girl’s name is Hinata’s backwards, and the boy’s name is Boruto. Japanese way of pronouncing “Bolt,” and he’s named after Neji, which means “screw”, Boruto’s sensei is Shino and there’ll be a spinoff manga spanning 3 volumes by Kishimoto’s editor.

    Various other characters fucked and had kids. Whatever.

  23. Keikaku. HAHAHA. m.imgur.com/a/gc6Cc

  24. I’ll do the chapter summary later, then I’m ditching because I’m done with Naruto.

  25. Sooooooo 699 an 700 chapters of Naruto = meh! Some Walt Disney ending. Naruto fucked hinata, Sasuke fucked sakura, yet Tsunade fucked nobody! Kishi you will go down in manga history…….as Mr plot hole talk no jutsu.

  26. With it all said and done now. I can say that the ending was better than I expected. Wish we could have seen Jiraiya/reference to him in there somewhere, but overall not bad.

    I see they a going to milk these side stories for a pretty long while, and leave the possibility open for a third series with the kids depending on how the side stories are received. Oh and I did like the way that they gave Sasuke’s daughter Salad the role of Hinata to Bolt. So wait, that means if those two had kids, they would be predisposed to have the ability to gain the rinnegan. Nice, that’s the way to build those bloodlines back up the chain. Next all they need is for one of those predisposed rinnegan kids to have a child by a hyuga, and you pretty much have Kaguya again, and the circle of life begins again, and we can start this whole manga over again just using the descendants of everyone. Maybe they can even go the DBGT route and give everyone the original names and just add “Jr.” to the end of them, lol.

  27. @kizu
    If your review is all going to be all bad blood and entirely pessimistic,you may keep it to yourself. No-one asked for that.

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