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Bleach Chapter 599: Too Early to Win, Too Late to Know

Chapter 599: Too Early to Win, Too Late to Know
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The brutality in the Soul Palace continues and things heat up quite a bit.

Miss Senjumaru kill off the poor little fella making the first proper strike.

Yuha Bach is still pretty much unimpressed as it will show he has come prepared pulling out a number of soldat (soldiers) from the shadows of the Quincy Realm to deal with her soldiers.

He then pulls in 4 more people. His Elite force. So… the most powerful among the Sternritter save for probably Haschwalt and Ishida(I guess). They wear slightly different robes that have the same mark on them as the on we saw drawn on the tower before the King teleported himself to the soul palace.

WE find Three new faces and one guy’s we’ve seen before(not in action btw).

STernritter ‘M’ Gerard Valkyrie ‘The Miracle’ He seems to be the power house guy of this group. Reminding me a bit on the Masked man. He has a decent sized swordt and a and heavy shield, which can easily cut through Senjumaru’s blade.

The 2nd one introduced is STernritter ‘X’ Lille Barro ‘X-Axis’ He seems to wield some sort of big powerful rifle donned in some white cloth. I feel a glimpse of cowboy. His personality a reminiscent of #1 Espada Starrk. He seems very calm and collected. very unlike the yelling and exited Gerard.

The third is Sternritter ‘C’ Pernida Parnkgjas ‘The Compulsory’. This guy doesn’t really seem to talk and even though we see the result of what he does. It’s not really clear to me what he actually did.

The 4th is STernritter ‘D’ Askin Nakk le Vaar ‘The Death Dealing’ is also there. And he seems quite surprised to have been called up making a note that he was the only one who was promoted from below, making it clear to us that the other three are a definite level above every body down below.


As said before Gerard easily cuts through her blade much to her surprise. She doesn’t seem to take much damage from the attack itself and calls in a new big creature. Sternritter Pernida does something…. and almost an instant later seems to shatter like a broken mirror almost.

Then our gunman makes the third strike and seems to blow a clean hole through Senjumaru’s head dealing the first devastating strike to the Zero Squad.

To be honest a bit disappointed to see one of them go down so quickly since there is so much potential to her abilities, but maybe this seasoned lady has something up her sleeve. something like a fake body, like Toshiro did when he fought #3 Espada with his like mirr