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Bleach Chapter 596: Rubb-Dolls 4

Chapter 596: Rubb-Dolls 4
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Byakuya is saved for the momement by the two zombie-men. Hasagi attack them but is beaten down easily by Zombie-Kensei.


Kensei then grabs his blade. Byakuya is cautious (understandable) but Zombie-Kensei simply returns the blade.

Mayuri seems quite content with his success in controlling Giselle’s zombies. Now aptly named members of the Kurosuchi: Corpse Properties Research Squad.

Suddenly howerever, they drop down, the marks on their eyes fading away. The Arrancar seems disgusted by the sight of the shinigami. Mayuri simply gives Kensei more serum making the dead deathgod scream in agony.

Mayuri then explains the details of how Giselle’s ability works before going into the details of what can be shortly summed up to this


ZOmbie-Kensei pierces Giselle’s heart marking the end of our he/she Sternritter.

Byakuya shares his concern over Mayuri’s actions. But they are interrupted when Peppe hits Kensei. unfortunately, Mayuri’s modifications made sure they don’t know the meaning of love, with that Kensei’s blows up another sternritter to pulp.

However, the little Sternritter shows up, standing next to Peppe.

It seems these sternritter have little love for another as I get the feeling she won’t be too kind on him after Pepper marked her friend.

3 Responses

  1. So are the zombified Kensei and Rose deceased? I wondering if now or when that he/she sternritter dies, will Mayuri reverse the zombification?

    That big mouth sternritter is about to snack on the love doctor.

    I can’t believe Mayuri can now add “necromancer” to his resume. It kinda fits since body modifications is his specialty.

    I wonder what happen to Hitsugaya and Rangiku?

  2. I’m still not convinced anyone is dead. Lol this is still Bleach, and I still think they will be snapped out of the zombification.

  3. @UTI: You got that right. To be honest, I still think Yamamoto is still alive. With the way TK writes, you never know.

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