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Naruto Chapter 692: Revolution

Well.. for  a moment there, I thought we were done.

Click here to read the chapter

Enjoy this weeks Naruto and plenty of room to chat in the comment section.

20 Responses

  1. Well, I just read it the first time. I get it bc it’s how the series has to end. But they are both exhausted and using Jutsu they aren’t used to. Sauske saying he’s used to it was a stretch. He just used a Jutsu that pein only did once, on 9 different beasts at the same time. … Ok

    Anyways, plot aside (or lack) it’ll be exciting to see happen. Hopefully we get lots of talk no jutsu out of the way quick. Then just naruto pounding on sauske for 5 issues, lo

  2. Damn, the tailed beasts were all celebrating, like ‘YaY I’m finally free to do what I want! ^_^”

    ….only to be enslaved once again a minute later.

    So Sasuke can also use chibaku tensei too, which means he has access to the Deva path techniques of attracting and repulsing. Most likely means he still can use all the six paths techniques. Adds a bit of weight to my theory that the six path techniques are just standard tech for rinnegan users, like the ability to copy jutsus for sharingan or to see chakra pathways for byakugan, and that teleportation jutsu is unique only to Sasuke’s rinnegan like that invisible shadow clone was for Madara’s.

    No surprise that Sasuke still wanted to take out the tailed beasts, and seeing Kaguya most likely influence his decision even more, but why the Kages though? It’s not like they’re any threat to Sasuke, he and naruto still have their Sage powers. And isn’t this whole war everyone’s way to forget and forgive the mistakes of the past, and help with the future? What about the remaining ninjas? Even though Sasuke has part of the main reason the ninja world is ‘safe’ now, if he succeeds, does he really think others will put their faith and future in his hands? Meh, whatever. All I know is, regardless of his reasons, I’m glad this happened. This fight was a long time coming. Hopefully there won’t be too many flashbacks.

    It’s the same situation with Hashirama/Madara and Indra/Asura. Both with the same goals, but with two very different means to achieve it. Naruto plans to not repeat the results of the past( which ended in Asura and Madara’s failure/death). If either one of the dies, would there still be a way to undue the IT? Is that why Sasuke hasn’t killed off the tailed beasts yet? And of course its Naruto, I doubt that he will actually kill Sasuke. And of course Naruto isn’t going to die either, if that movie’s an indicator of anything. Curious to see how this ends.

    …Wonder what Itachi would think about all this lol

  3. Evil Sasuke is finally back!

  4. Let’s get one thing straight, the sage just said that both Naruto and Sasuke are needed to undo infinite tsukyomi. Then in the very next breath Sasuke said he was going to take out Naruto, and the kages. There would be no need to take the kages out if he takes Naruto out, and there would be no need to try to rebuild the villages because there would be no villagers to inhabit the villages. So, if we take what was originally said, then we know that after some fighting Sasuke is doomed to get caught in the unstoppable talk-no-jutsu. Plus Naruto may beat him to the verge of death, but he has his healing powers under his sleeve. The end result is able to be seen from a mile off.

  5. @Goose
    the Sage of The Six Paths gave both Naruto and Sasuke his chakra. They have more chakra than everyone else. It would take a lot more than just a few Jutsus before they run out.

    Sasuke wants to get rid of the 5 kages to make him a ruler by default. They’re the pillers that form the shinobi alliance that stood behind Naruto. Naruto and the kages is the only thing that stands in the way of achieving his goal. If he takes out the hokage and Naruto, there’s no one politically or socially strong enough to stop Sasuke. Sasuke could rebuild the ninja world from scratch and cause the revolution that he was seeking for.

    The odds of either them losing is 50/50. They’re equal because the Sage distributed his chakra evenly to both. This is not like the past where the uchihas got less chakra and lost. Now, both senju and Uchiha chakra are on equal footing. Chances are they could end up killing eachother or the fight could be a tie. Making naruto a victor with talk no jutsu would be too predictable and unrealistic. People are more complex and not everyone is easily persuaded. Talk no jutsu is overrated and used too many time. It’s time for the two strongest shinobis to go all out without any intervention or cheap talk no jutsu trick. The final fight should determine who’s really the strongest between the two.

  6. @nss

    That already happened with Hashirama and Madara. What didn’t happen though is the talk-no-jutsu working. Hashirama tried it on Madara to no avail. This time Naruto will succeed with the talk-no-jutsu. His whole montra is changing people’s way of thinking through understanding primarily by talking.

  7. Talk no jutsu shouldn’t work. There has to be someone to counteract the good within Naruto. Someone has to disagree with him. It’s not right if everyone only thought one way and stuck to everything Naruro say and does without questioning whether it’s right or wrong. There’s always has to be evil to equal out the good. Not everyone share the same connection or ideals. Hatred and conflict is part of human nature. Senju and uchihas always hated eachother. Naruto and Sasuke were always rivals. There’s nothing that is going to change the fact that disagreement is always going to happen between 2 people with different point of views. Talk no jutsu shouldn’t work in this situation because Naruto and Sasuke are vastly different from one another.

  8. @nss7

    That’s roughly what Madara said to Hashirama when he left the village.

  9. @Darth

    That’s exactly right, so this time there has to be a different outcome. The only thing that bothers me is…..well two things…..

    1. Since the sage could materialize in the real world why not save all his chakra and defeat him mother himself, but I guess that would eliminate the need for Naruto and Sasuke.

    2. Where is the sage’s brother? He may be the one to intervene and cast the talk-no-jutsu on Sasuke, and teach Naruto that not everyone will share nor follow his ideology. Which gets back to your theory nss. Then he will truly understand the meaning of understanding another person’s feelings, and that will still follow along partially with his Montreal.

  10. Montra..stupid auto correct.

  11. @ Nss7

    You are correct talk no jutsu SHOULD NOT WORK. But this is Naruto we are talking about…And if it does work it will be weak and contrived.

  12. @darthuchiha
    There’s a slight difference between the two. Madara wanted to bring 2 opposite forces together to rule. Sasuke wanted to eliminate the opposite force to rein as a ruler. More or less, sasuke perspective is more vengeful than Madara.

    The sage of the six paths is using ninshu to communicate and connect chakras. He no longer has a real body. He’s just a spirit or made up of chakra moving through time to talk to ninjas like Naruto and Sasuke.

    Talk no jutsu shouldn’t work. There has to be more than one personality or the way someone view the world. Someone has to be good while the other has to be evil. One cannot exist without the other. If Naruto is good than Sasuke has to be evil, vice versa.

  13. @nss

    That’s the thing. Neither Madara nor Sasuke are evil. I haven’t seen one truly evil person in Naruto. They are both products of their environment with skewed aspects of how to solve a problem that has always existed in their world. Just the same as Danzo and Sarutobi. One chose a darker(not necessarily evil) way of doing things, and the other the lighter (less dark) path. The closest person to someone being evil is probably Orochimaru, and he’s also a product of his environment. By way of seeing his parents die. Once again, he formed a skewed answer to a problem (death)
    that has always existed in their world. Now he committed acts to find answers that were a lot more closer to evil(experiments on children) than the others. Which is why I say, he’s the closest one to being evil. You can even the say the second had some evil in him by creating a jutsu to bring back the dead to fight. Knowing full well this would invoke serious feelings for those involved. But once again was he truly evil. I still say no. That’s what a lot of people get confused about. Yin/Yang does not mean good/evil, but light and dark. Essentially two paths with different viewpoints, but still a common ground can be reached. This common ground is usually via talk-no-jutsu.

  14. Evil and good can be debated but there’s still a fine line between justice and criminal. Itachi is deemed as a good guy to the higher ups and to the ones that have heard his story but to the majority, Itachi is a rogue ninja that betrayed his clan and the village. No matter how you look at it, the majority always wins or the ones that have touch the lives of many people. The possibility of Sasuke falling to a talk no jutsu should not happen for the main reason that Sasuke has everything to lose if he accepts the way things are now. He is beyond redemption and people won’t fully accept him as much as they accept Naruto because no one would believe the good deeds he did behind close doors or the pain and suffering that the uchihas like Itachi went through. They always have shun the uchihas as evil and dangerous. It’s too late for Sasuke to go back to the way things were to the world that destroyed his family, clan, his parents and his brother that he mostly looked up to. No talk no jutsu should work because a talk no jutsu would be a lose-lose situation for Sasuke. It wouldn’t make sense if he agree to terms that would cast him to isolation like how in the previous generation when Madara accepted a deal that would cast him and the uchiha clan away.

  15. @nss

    Nut Madara never really accepted Hashirama’s side. That’s why he left the village. Sasuke just saw what would become of his clan if he follows Madara’s path, well at least similarly. That’s why he has no choice in order for the plot to be fulfilled. He and Naruto are going to end up founding a new ninja system. Plus he promised Itachi that he wouldn’t kill Sasuke. Even though he told Sasuke they both would die. I really don’t see that option happening. Especially since it is being hinted towards a time skip upcoming.

  16. No, Madara*

    Darn this auto correct.

  17. Naruto: Well it looks like it’s time to finally settle Naruto and Sasuke’s love affair. It will be interesting to see how Naruto will finally deal with Sasuke and his turn to “the dark side of the chakra.” I’m pretty much in agreement with some of the post I’ve read. I don’t see how Sasuke starting a revolution will matter. It appears to me that all he is doing is the same thing Madara wanted to do; use power in a attempt to control the world. It is still interesting nonetheless.

    Ultimately Naruto or whoever wins will have to come up with a better plan then to just let the tailed beast run free. Eventually another generation of shinobi might decide to use them again for military purposes.

    @nss7: Honestly “Evil Sasuke” never really left. Sai deduced that Sasuke couldn’t really be trusted. Alas, team 7 overzealous love for Sasuke blinded them from the truth.

    I also have to mention; never underestimate the power of….TALK NO JUTSU. LOL!

    One piece: Whooaa. Pirate Gangsta Doffy made short work of Luffy and company. It would appear that the reasoning behind his villainous actions is simply Mingo is just a spoiled brat. A rich kid who just couldn’t bear living like common folk.

  18. the only reason Talk-no-Jutsu has worked for Naruto is because he proves to his opponent that he can take whatever they dish out and still have something left in the tank. Naruto is Rocky Balboa and Sasuke is Apollo Creed/Clubber Lang/Ivan Drago all rolled into one. Sasuke is gonna beat on Naruto cause he is a genius ninja and Naruto is gonna talk and counter-attack. Sasuke is gonna get tired of listening/beating on Naruto, see no hope of victory, try Isanagi or something as a last resort… Naruto will throw it back in his face with Forever-Repeating-Talk-no-Jutsu and bada bing bada boom HAPPY ENDING.

  19. Then Shikamaru will become Hokage and the ninja world turns into a resort where everyone just takes it easy.

  20. @shikamaru

    Sounds about right, lol.

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