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Naruto Chapter 694: Once Again…

Awwwwww yeah!!! Sorry about missing these posts on occasion. The new release dates are a bit shit for me.

Click here to read the chapter

Enjoy this weeks Naruto and plenty of room to chat in the comment section.

4 Responses

  1. It’s an okay chapter, but I wanted the fighting to have started already. I mean after a week break I was expecting more. Hopefully next week we can begin the battle to end all battles

  2. Nope just a full chapter dedicated to Sasuke and his definition of what the new Hokage should be. And why he chose the route to become one.

  3. Naruto: I hate to say this but to me this chapter was sickening. To see Sakura whinning about her love for Sasuke was horrible. I understand now why Sasuke left the village because sometimes team 7 can be annoying. Even Kakashi was trying to get Sasuke to understand Sakura feelings. Can’t Naruto, Kakashi, and Sakura just let Sasuke make up HIS OWN MIND! I mean why are they so focused on forcing Sasuke to abandon his views for their views? Then did you see that look Sakura gave Naruto? It was the “help save my school girl crush Naruto.” Sai was right when he said that Sakura and Sasuke put Naruto through such turmoil.

    The only thing I could have hope for this chapter or maybe the next chapter is to see Sasuke just go off. He could be like,” you know what first off Sakura I don’t love you. I never will love you. Get over it already. I am a man and I live my life how I want to!! Go find you somebody else to be with. Kakashi, look dude I’m not like you nor will I ever be like you. If I decide to go and kill a couple of people then don’t blame yourself, just try and stop me. Last but not least Naruto. Dude you are starting to freak me out with this obsession you have of me. Just because you planted your lips on mine doesn’t mean I swing that way. Let’s just fight to the death to find out whose way will prevail. You have your ninja way of becoming BFFs with everybody, I have my way of REVOLUTION. Believe that! Loser!

    Then again I guess calling Sakura annoying was enough.

    By the way…..you see already how Naruto is charging up his talk no jutsu by mentioning Itachi. I forgot to mention to when I saw Sasuke hit Sakura, I thought “okay it looks like Sasuke ain’t playing”, only to find out it was a genjutsu. That’s when I realize that the greatest jutsu of all time TALK NO JUTSU will decide this battle.

    For once I’m hoping Sasuke wins.

    One piece: Jeez…I didn’t think Law had such a powerful ability. I can’t wait to get the back story.

  4. The end of all endings is finally here! The fight that we’ve all been waiting for.

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