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Bleach Chapter 598: The Shooting Star Mix

Chapter 598: The Shooting Star Mix
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SOrry that I am missing to post my chapter summaries on Bleach every once in a while. The new release dates are a bit problematic sometimes. But I’ll do my best.

So last week we saw a 4th man who traveled along with the King., but we’ll get back to him.


Pig Riding Ganju Shiba shows up ready to join the party of 4, making it a party of 5 Because apparently you need a map to fly in a canon being shot up toward the soul palace.

So Yourichi, Ichigo, Inoe, Chad and Ganju head up the Soul Palace. Inoue reminisces about their first invasion when of course Ishida was with them. But Ichigo consoles her telling her he’s going to.


Meanwhile, the two zero squad members are a bit stumped by the Sternritter ‘W’ and his strange abilities. apparently this little guy with two tongues can bend everything of everything Enemy that he can see, either with his eyes and intuition. He explains this as he bends three soldiers in half like the new Iphone 6.

In the time that her soldiers kept him busy Senjumaru Shutara made her move. It seems her abilities in regards to making clothing are deeply rooted in her ability to fight.

We see a marking at the bottom of his clothing marking her fabulous work as she tell he, a small fry, should be grateful and don’t think of taking it off before he dies.

At which moment large spikes pierce his body all over.


Quite brutal… I like it.

Naruto Chapter 694: Once Again…

Awwwwww yeah!!! Sorry about missing these posts on occasion. The new release dates are a bit shit for me.

Click here to read the chapter

Enjoy this weeks Naruto and plenty of room to chat in the comment section.