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Its Out!!!

Naruto Chapter 639


Bleach Chapter 546


One Piece Chapter 715



76 Responses

  1. Bleach- 5 week hiatus!!!! Dear God…
    Naruto- is this the 4th great ninja war or a leaf village civil war, cause the villians, hero’s and everything in between are Leaf shinobi. The war has been a let down!

  2. At least Obito isn’t looking quite as lame. Sasuke turned Naruto into Sakura for a quick second there…..useless and scared, and in front of his dad which makes it even worse, lol.

  3. @UchihaTheInfamous

    I am with you on how pathetic Naruto was made out to be in this chapter. (The idea of a character being a guff at times but when it is a fight he becomes serious.) In essences this is the character of Naruto but lately he has been seen as a complete idiot and for Sasuke who in my opinion is a bigger idiot to tell him to “asses the situation” I called total Bull!@# on that because last time we saw Sasuke was when he was fighting Kabuto and he was not “asses the situation.” I guess that you can argue that he learned his mistake, but for how long (and there is not that much left of this manga) do we have to see Naruto look like a complete dumbass. I mean there are characters in other Manga that are guffballs and dumbasses but they can be serious when needed be. Characters like Ichigo and Luffy for example are completely guffy and can come of as idiots (especially in the case of Luffy who is in reality an Idiot but he just chooses not to take things seriously). All I am asking is that for once can Naruto be cool and not look like an idiot. Either way I enjoyed this chapter, and in fact I love this new Obito.

    The new Obito is a villain who does instead of talk us to death. Keep it up Obito or who ever you are.

  4. @Jdogg

    It’s like even with his dad being around he’s not even trying to act cool. Looks like he would want to show his dad how much he’s improved, but apparently not.

  5. @UchihaTheInfamous

    I wish we as in Naruto fans can all get together and do an intervention on Kishi and tell him all of our frustration and motivate him to end his Masterpiece that will leave us speechless that Naruto will go down in history as one of best, no doubts. But we will see if Kishi can make this accomplishment.

  6. @jdogg
    honestly..i don’t see anything wrong with that little naruto/sasuke dialogue there.i mean it really didn’t have anything to do with who is the dummy.what am tryimg to say is,
    Naruto is compassionate, seeing the third whom he once knew gets blown up like that, edo or not.isn’t exactly enlightening.
    Sasuke on the other hand is a bit cold or rather danzo-ish. sees it as an opportunity as long as the third is an edo.

  7. naruto was just being naruto and he mostly appear cool in most of his earlier talk-no-jutsu anyway, i think naruto is an inprov kinda guy, he isn’t a long term planner so he wouldn’t be quick to see whats actually happening with the hokage. him giving a fuck about sasuke, now thats idiotic

  8. This was a nice cliff hanger but there’s still a lot that will happen like the current kages arriving to the battle ground, Kakashi coming back to the battle field and the showdown between 1st and Mada – I personally felt that there was too much going on without explaination.

  9. @Sannins,

    My man you just opened my eyes, Thank You. I guess I was just being biased since I have very little liking of Sasuke or for the situation. But if I ever come of as ignorant or rantish, do what you just did “ASSESS THE SITUATION.” Hahaha and made a good analysis, again Thanks for the good observation.

  10. @sannins and jdogg

    The difference is Sasuke is tactically more sound (at times) than Naruto. Like Vegeta and Goku . Vegeta was more battle savy, but not stronger than Goku. But that is where the comparison ends. Cause they are nothing like Vegeta and Goku, other than being some lame knockoffs as far as vague relationship status goes.

  11. I am completely hating this Naruto shit. Glad I stopped reviewing to save you all from my rants.
    What I really hated here is what some of you have already pointed out:

    1. This entire fucking war has been about the damn leaf village. Wtf kinda lazy writing is that? Shows Kishi lacks the imagination (like Oda) to bring multiple characters and plots into his story. I just find very fucking hard to believe that from the entire planet, the tiny leaf village happens to be center of everything. Seriously if I was a part of that alliance army I would’ve fucking left a long time ago. This is no workd war, its a fucking leaf village fan fest. And within that, its a fucking uchiha fan fest. Kishi’s inability to take advantage of the world he himself created is what is killing this manga. All the other villages and ninjas have become completely insignificant. Even from within the leaf village, all but the uchiha are fodder.

    When Kishi started expanding the naruverse I had really high hopes, I hoped that the leaf village will be main player but that also the other villages will be of nearly equal significance. Take game of thrones for example, we started in winterfell, but now that place is a distant memory. The world of GoT just keeps expanding, and everyone plays part.

    Another thing, never before have I seen am author show such favoritism towards another character against the protagonist. I had hoped that we were past the days when Kishi wanted sasuke dick as much as the emo fan girls. Sadly with this chapter we see (after all the growing up that Naruto has supposedly gone through), Naruto is still made to look the fool in front of Sasuke. Again, something that really pisses off the reader. It was cool to see this in the beginning of the series, but we are at the fucking end and apparently his characters have not grown at all. No fucking character development whatsoever. Kishi has just ruined this manga with this war. Packed wayyyyyy too many characters in one place and made his villains and heroes wayy too strong compared to everyone else, thus rendering them all useless. This kind of shit only flies in DBZ.
    Bleach was headed in that direction too but Kubo fixed it. One piece, lufy is insanely strong but there is half a world of men still capable of beating him.

    Naruto has been ruined, it didn’t start recently but I tried turning a blind eye to it for as long as possible. But I have finally conceded, Kishi,YOU SUCK!

  12. @cesc – but wasn’t the flashback to show that The Leaf is the root of the entire village system so it makes sense? It’s like being mad that Kurosaki is centre of Bleach universe… that’s the nature of the beast, buddy…

  13. Lol, cesc is angry at puny Kishi hehehe

  14. you bastard, you frikkkin lazy bastard!!!! i mean what the flying fuck tite…who the hell takes a hiatus fr 5 weeks???? did u get a sex change operation and fell pregnant or sumthin coz u goin on a maternity leave is the only excuse i can take right now!!! still knowing how you have a unrivaled talent of completely screwing up a good arc, i suppose the hiatus is reasonable to make sure you dont start pulling out radom plot twists out your ass! 5 weeks from now it better be kick ass till the end!

    Now can sum1 pliiiiiiiz explain what that peeping tom of a captian commander was talking bwt when he contradicted himself saying ichi will neva return then saying right afta that he’ll send him back before the war begins??????????????? and what the hell is happening with seiretei towards the end?? i swear i’m glad i dont do the reviews, i neva can see clearly whats goin on..partly thats why i only watch one peice anime and dont read the manga,its too much off a mess for me to map out whats goin on!!

  15. @jdogg
    i do agree with you about the war being a let down.i mean it just turned out to be one big royal rumble,it has lost its adventure part and there were hardly any epic one on one(which kubo is very good at) and the few ones that surfaced kishi either ended them prematurely or bromanticaly.
    As for everything being about the leaf village,i am like “duh”
    where does the main character(s) come from?its a common storytelling law to “build your story around your character”not the other way round
    and its not a world alliance,its just the five great villages.

  16. Lol @angry chrono!!!

  17. While everyone is busy ranting..no-one has bothered to figure out what’s sasuke deal? With the whole “not you,i will erase the past”.is he getting emo again?

  18. Sasuke being Sasuke has decided that HE will be the one to purge the ninja world of its twisted history. He views Naruto (Team 7?) as being representative of that especially now with the ninja alliance being formed around Naruto. Erasing Naruto, erases the past/current structure and maybe that’s what he wants to do as Hokage. Takeover then disband the village system or rebuild it from scratch. It’s really just arrogance…. but I like it!

  19. ok!!! i endured it and read one peice and i have to say that chapter was pretty badass!!! i havnt read one peice in a while now and now i’m wondering whether i’ve missed out on a whole lot of good stuff, have the previous chapters really been this good guys!!!????? now that bleach is gone i gues one peice will become my new favorite manga, hec it might just topple bleach off the top for me!!

  20. Chrono, One Piece is the boss manga right now, you have missed PLENTY! Do yourself a favour and get up to date…

  21. Is five weeks past yet……..?

    back to sleep then.

  22. All signs point to this not being the final arc. I feel like this will be a copy of Tite’s war which seemed off the charts but didn’t end the story.

    It’s just a great chance for Kishi to highlight the other villages (c’mon… how many kages did we see and here a bit of their story).

    Put the zombie wars to bed kishi now that you made Sasuke almost a good guy and have Naruto make the gut wrenching decision to kill him.


  23. Naruto- I don’t know what was happening, but I’m really liking Tobirama. He seems to be one of the rare cool ninja’s in this manga. I also like how Sasuke is now. He’s finally showing a degree of maturity unlike most characters.

    Bleach- I don’t know what was happening, but the last pages of this chapter was epic! I wonder if the “last nine days” is literally the “last nine chapters?”

    One piece- I don’t know what was happening, but man all these characters Oda is making is awesome. Each one is unique and likable. Genius.

  24. This weather is sexyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! Think we should have a BBQ!

  25. @Tensa – you must be in the Northern hemisphere coz it’s shitty down here lol

  26. What a wild weekend of sex drugs and house music!!! anyway people to jump into the earlier argument – naruto was being stupid an to get told off by sasuke shows his immaturity as a character. With the current situation in the war he should be razor sharp an with his power he shouldn’t be saved by sasuke an also be preparing some sort of super jutsu for jubito!

    tawuya – “iam everywhere and nowhere!!!” Lol I watched KOL’s review of one piece an he made a good point….there was a leg fighter from kani kuni in the new world…..what If this is a hint…..Sanji might go there to train if there is ever another time skip while Zoro is at wano kuni

  27. http://www.mangapanda.com/naruto/640 i was seriously hoping obito didn gain control of the jubi throughout the chapter, shit just got real…

  28. Right

  29. Is there a chapter of One Piece this week?

  30. No one piece this week 😦

    So is this Obito or Jubito now? not interested in his reasoning for using rin as a means of gaining control in his head, i hope to high heaven he doesnt fuck this up with talkin or simple biju bombs. His SOSP 10 tailed mode looks cool tho

  31. Remember guys, it’s not about Rin.

  32. At least the anime is doing BIG MAGNUM some justice, one liners and all, lol.

  33. @uchiha what’s a good website to watch those? I was using anime crazy but they are no longer doing naruto vids

  34. The Sage of the Six Paths is the equalent of a god. We are suppose to believe that Obito is now a god?? Really? The sage was wise, smart, and strong. Now, an idiot like Obito can also become one?? Last chapter, I was excited when the Juubi took over Obito’s body and was in full control. Thought it would go berserk like In DBZ how Buu went from being chubby, nice and emotional to Kid Buu who went berserk and crazy. Nope, we get another dosage of boring Obito making less and less sense every new chapter.

  35. @nss7
    I think that you awnser the question about Obito also can become an god.. You said that The Sage of the Six Paths is the equalent of a god and the sage was wise, smart, and strong… And Obito for the moment just have the “power” and a gog is more than power he is wise smart and that other stuff.. Just look at Maddara and Hashirama, Maddara strong as hell but maybe not as samrt and wise as Hashirama, and thats maybe is why Hashirama was called God of shinnobi

  36. 3 weeks of no review of Naruto on a Naruto site

    I used to look forward to coming here…

  37. Whoa…..what a unexpected turn of events. Obito, a mediocre villian, has now become the most powerful villian of the entire series.

    What could possibly go wrong…..

    At least he looks cool……..

  38. @immortal lol yea not much can go wrong :-/ love when villains get pwned by one of the weaker characters around and somehow becomes the most powerful being in existence….o and the one person who the war isnt about (or obitos reasoning for that matter) is the reason obito can control the most powerful tailed beast without any extensive training despite proving he is average when it comes to fighting prowess, ability and discipline needed to do that

  39. This sums up my reaction to this new obito quite nicely:

  40. Hello people. I am a little confused. I understand that the Bleach manga has taken a five week vacation, so no reviews can be made. Pretend3r stopped with a double chapter review, left us at Tite Kubo’s quiting point. But what happened to Naruto? Did its author/artist stop that long running script at the same time? Is the jump magazine on leave? And what about one piece? Being new to all this, I thought that I would be able to enjoy the happenings on the other mangas.

  41. @aleriecorbray
    Naruto series has one of the greatest twist in manga history. However, Naruto also has one of the worst twist in manga history. The combination of the two stirs a lot of mix reaction and confusion.

  42. I like the aizen reveal as a villain twist better, but that’s just me.

  43. I came here to this board for several reasons. Most important is that I love Bleach and have had tons of questions and no one around to talk about the manga. There was another reason, I had suffered from ill health and felt myself not strong enough to post to the board, where I was used to visiting. This week my favorite thread from that board had a second birthday, it has 12,073 comments posted to it. It started out as a spoiler thread, where fans could post whatever they thought should have been in the author’s last book, with out worry that they were spoiling some newbie, who hadn’t read that far. Since then there have been many discussions. Some discussions were move to the main pages, some were not.

    I am surprised that so much seems to have shut on Shannaro. So Tito Kubo is taking a five week vacation from Bleach. Maybe he got married or had a baby, or he is not certain that his endng will work. I don’t understand why that means that the reviews for Naruto and One Piece would stop. There was not even a “Its out” for this week. Has this happened before?

  44. @aleriecorbray
    This happen only after the maker of the site went on hiatus. Since then, authors for the Naruto reviews have been somewhat inconsistent, with exception to members like cesc and Jdogg. Some of them come and go as they please. Many broken promises and there hasn’t been anyone beside the author I have pointed out that has the same sort of dedication for the reviews.

    Bleach reviews are probably the most consistent out of the three. Can’t remember when a Bleach chapter has not been review as of yet.

  45. @seda
    Madara is wise as Hashirama. His method is just different. If you look back at their past, Madara was the one that gave Hashirama the courage and idea to build the leaf village.

    About Obito becoming a Jinchurriki/god is laughable. It took Naruto 16-17 years (his whole life up to this point), Killer Bee 10+ years to overcome their bijuu. Let’s look at how long it took Obito to master his jinchurriki powers…10 minutes…. How does that even make sense?

  46. @unkown91
    Nope, I vote Gin.

  47. @unkown91
    Nope, I vote Gin. He was more unpredictable.

  48. @nss7: Thanks for getting back. Would that original maker be Bob? I noticed that there are pathways with his name that are closed to newbies.

    Question, are you saying that you want Gin to come back as a villian?

  49. Bob is the main author of the site. He’s been away for a while. Naruto reviews were consistently posted when he was active on the site. When he went on hiatus, there been a couple of weeks of reviews output being absent.

    Gin should come back as a villain. He was hard to read. There’s still no clear explanation what his intentions were besides wanting to protect Rangiku. No one is more creepier than Gin. For him to have a lousy exit with little insight about his character history is a sad way to go. Want him to have a chance in vengeance against Aizen or plot to turn on Soul Society once again. A character that comes off as secretly sinister as he does should be given more screen time.

  50. It was one of the biggest turnarounds and shocking revelation. Who knew Gin would turn on Aizen? Gin should come back and add more flavor to the already splendid work of Kubo’s new Quincy arc. I would be a forever die hard Bleach fan if Kubo places his best cards on the table. Aizen and Gin will definely put a great closure to the series. Though, the way the arc is turning out, those two characters are probably not needed, but would still be a great addition. Five week wait better be worth it.

  51. @nss7
    i think aizen was more unpredictable…for Gin one way or another i could always feel the evil intent seeping through those smiles of his.and is normal for people of his sinister kind who hold the position of vice-villans to overthrow the main villan.
    As for aizen i felt nothing everything was just hidden beneath those glasses

  52. My posts aren’t coming through.

  53. Yeaaaa!!!!! One finally made it.


    Been trying to answer you for three days, lol. Naruto get is the website where I watch.

  54. Narutoget*

  55. @Nss7: Thanks for the info. To me Gin was like a “bad boy,” someone in his behavior was always giving those around him a rough time. He had no problem with killing and violence, but often held back doing nothing and then apologized to Aizen. He did that frequently. While he has no problem with getting rid if one, two, or a few people, I do not think that he would be on board, for getting rid of thousands.

    While Aizen, affected the superior attitude that he was a teacher, better than everyone else. I suspect that Gin has spent much of the last hundred years watching Aizen interact with others. Knowing how dangerous Azen really was. I’m thinking that he knew that Aizen would be close to impossible to best in a fair fight. I think that he enjoyed watching Azen track the experiment with Ichigo, thinking those observations might help expose Aizen’s weaknesses.

  56. I just noticed now that Ishida survived the Great Selection of Quincy and so Ichigo! Because remember Ichigo, technically, is an impure quincy.

    So Ichigo/Ishida has something better than the King of Quincies but looking at the circumstances, Ichigo could be way much stronger than Ishida.

  57. New Naruto an One piece chapters are out!!!


  58. Shoooooo!!!!! It’s rare that 2 of the big 3 are so good that you don’t mind the 3rd being on a “break” 🙂 A tie for which one was better this week…

    Naruto – incredible panel flow this week and very nice utilisation of available characters to land that hit on Juubito (although the two boys smiling foreshadows that the hit had no real effect)! Methinks Madara will have a part to play in felling the reincarnated Sage of the Six Paths… Can the 4th please unleash this opening attack please, lol?! Only downer was the whole guava about ‘Shikamaru you could become Hokage’… uhh no! No you cannot.

    One Piece – PROPER SHOWDOWN coming right up! Some will be disappointed that we’ve completely diverted from other side stories but I’m loving the current Haki-enabled-dodging-Lucy and also nice little tidbits of information being squeezed in there along with inventive new DF abilities 🙂

  59. Where is The third? Sarutobi whould do soemthing usefull as he is the professor of justu and also the third shinobi to be called God of shinobi.. would be awsome to see him go full out now that he isn´t hold back of old age and chakra reserve

  60. @seda

    I’m starting to think he’s a lot suckier than how he was portrayed at first. It’s like he didn’t pick up any of the second’s ideals.

  61. the second is awesome, I still can’t believe how he let himself get killed by those shitty cloud ninjas. He just seems too calm in battle to be outwitted and too resourceful to have been out powered.

  62. @cesc

    That’s true, but I still don’t think he’s strong enough to battle the kin/gin bros. combo in kyuubi mode. Plus they have the Sage’s weapons. Speaking of that, why aren’t they being used against the jubito? I’m sure the first, naruto, second, and sasuke have the chakra required to wield the weapons.

  63. @cesc & seda

    Truthfully, Danzo has picked up more of the second’s ideals than sautobi.

  64. at the last panel, why does minato has the 6 balls floating around him and jubito doesn’t have that floating circles anymore?

  65. Not even an “its out”for the past weeks?its shannaro going into its lazy phase again or was it bleach that kept the site going

  66. @kentutantayo – the series of events was:

    1) 2nd teleports behind Juubito (he marked Obito)
    2) Minato purposes takes rasen-shuuriken
    3) Minato and 2nd/Obito pull a instantaneous switch so Minato ends up where 2nd/Obito were and they are in turn ported to where Sasuke and Naruto are with combo attack (it was necessary for Minato and 2nd to mark each other to pull of this switch) – so in doing that “switch” Minato ends up where Obito was within the floating balls. Interesting because it shows that they are “external” to Obito.
    4) Naruto and Sasuke complete hit on Obito smashing him backward
    5) 2nd God Flashes back to Minato, Naruto and Sasuke

  67. @ Tawuya-sama

    Im most concern on that floating dark circles being left out when Minato switched with Tobirama. It’s surprising that those circles are not attached to Jubito.

    My theory is that, Madara will be able to absorb Hashirama making him the perfect body (uchicha + Senju) then he has a way that will make him the HOST of the 10 tails (either extracting it from Obito, or in any way, but of course he has to be revived first).

  68. @kantutantayo
    Doubt that Madara will be absorb Hashirama.. Maddaras trumph card was probably already planned years before this avent and doubt that he knew that Hashirama would be there for him to absorb

  69. But I strongly believe that Obito is not the final villain here. There must be a strong twist in the future chapters. Obito being the final villain does not feel right.

  70. @kantut yea that’s y I’ve been so down on obito being Tobi lol. He just doesn’t feel like a final villain. He had literally the power of a god but the way he attained it so easily when near death and the crappy way kishi made him able to control the juubi just makes all of this ring hollow. Obito being powerful just doesn’t feel like he should be it and hopefully kishi agrees with us

  71. @aleriecorbray
    Aizen loves playing mind games. He isn’t easily fooled. But Gin was so mysterious that not even Aizen could wrap his mind around who
    Gin really was. Aizen never felt threaten or close to Gin. Gin was the strangest and hardest character to
    Figure out. Maybe his intentions in the end was simple but his character was always suspicious and complex. Perfect combination for a villain. Perhaps, that’s what Aizen saw in Gin, or it was Gin loyalty that won him over. Gin could’ve been the baddest villain in the series.

    Obito was never a proper villain. He’s an anti-villain and will never make a big enough splash to convince us that he is a villain. Obito is Kishi’s biggest mistake.

  72. @Nss7: I remember a scene in the anime, where Captain Aizen says something along the lines of that Aizen always knew that Gin would betray him. I believe that a similar scene played out in the manga. Often Gin was to be found hiding in th back ground, looking for a weakness. That does not mean hat he would not defend or attack if needed, however mostly he was observing. IMO.

  73. Aizen always known that Gin would betray him eventually. He was curious as to when, one of the reasons he always kept him close.

  74. @unknown91: Part of the reasons that Gin facinated Aizen so was that he saw himself as the supereme worker of science, able to mold his world around him. Gin came to him so fully formed although still a boy that it was a puzzle that kept him occuipied for over a hundred years. Aizen liked to put those around him to extremes that way he could change and alter their course, as a craftsperson molds and manipulates a substance under the power of their fingers.

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