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38 Responses

  1. That was early! Well, now O-Bi-To = God like.
    It seems Madara will join the Kages in order to defeat O-Bi-To (not himself) and then use his trump card.

    Too many things are happening… o_0

  2. well it would makes sense madara not telling him everthing, but im sure obito could read the tablets n stuff. if obito isnt himself, hw is he gonna be sensible enuf to do the infinate tysokuyomi?

  3. Obito just screams destruction now. MY guess is the ten tails is just too much mentally for him to stay sane…I like this merciless killing machine enemy archetype. Should be interesting to see how exactly they handle it.

    As for the others, I wonder what kind of history Bartolomeo is talking about with Luffy and I guarantee that Shunsui wants Ichigo to eventually become a full-time captain.

  4. I think obito being the 10 tails jinchuruki (that doesn’t look right) makes sense now. Madara already can’t be beat, giving him the 10 tails would overkill his already over killed capabilities. Plus obito not being able to fully control the 10 tails makes sense, Madara not being able to doesn’t.

  5. Obito looks like Aizen merged with Hogyoku. A mighty looking villain.

  6. Great One Piece and Naruto chapters!

  7. Hopefully O-Bi-To causes major havoc. Kishi needs to go The Walking Dead style and not be afraid of killing of people, lol. Kill Sakura; I don’t appreciate that bitch talking to Hinata like that. No seriously though, I hope Obito can redeem himself and become a bad ass villain. Hopefully he goes beserk like Naruto used to. Please Kishi, dont ruin it!

  8. Obito is reminding me of Part 1 Gaara right now…he can’t control the power, and its super real to see him kick ass. What was that last attack?

    But really, the 10 Tails is the ultimate mass of malevolence, even the Sage of 6 Paths couldn’t control its power…he had to separate it into the 9 other Tailed Beasts. I’d don’t even expect Madara to control it if he becomes the Juubi’s Jinchuriki. Obito? Hell naaaaaaawww

  9. @??????
    Hmmm…didnt the SO6P succesfully seal the 10-Tails but only seperated them into 9 Tailed Beasts because in the event of his death, the 10-Tails would get lose again?

  10. @eLeMBuzz

    SO6P sealed the 10-tails to himself but when the time came that he was about to die, he divided the CHAKRA into 9 and the body of the 10 tails was put in the moon. The divided CHAKRA is now known as the 9 tailed beasts.

  11. If obito starts controlling the power i wonder if he will use it for good or bad. I mean naruto does have his Talk no justu that magically changed everyone from bad to good.

  12. also why dont they revive the girl that obito loves to help with narutos talk no justu

  13. At this point we not even sure if it IS obito right now.

  14. ugh…. at this point Kishi would really surprise me if someone died…

  15. everyone is Elvis at this point.

  16. @siskin – where are all the other angry/argumentative regulars? It’s too quiet here 🙂

  17. the Obito whiners are too busy getting that chakra arm uppercut from Obito

  18. nah we r too busy tryin to figure out how obito managed to suck in the tentails so easily when from every example we have seen the person up for teh transfer is special and chosen for that role and yet obito magically is able to become the jinchuriki so easily… or how obito who has to be low on chakra and on blood (he just got stabbed thru the chest by kakashi and slashed by mintao who we know by now is deadly accurate with his tech),or how compatability is a requisite of being a jinchuriki and yet obito seems to be a fit for the most powerful being in existence right now. im supposed to believe that the man who has shown no fighting prowess other than phasing in and out and lost to kakashi is supposed to be able to harness that power in his body which by now must have 1% blood left… o and he is able to focus the ten tails power fully right away when it took all the other jinchuriki time ot master their tailed beasts? yea thats not a cop out at all

  19. Lol, Token!!! Good to see you buddy; the forum was lacking some spice!

    Some interesting points and I was wondering about that as well.

    The way it was absorbed do you not think that his absorption ability into That Dimension has something to do with it? Maybe he siphoned a portion of it to the dimension Kakashi is still in…

    On him being pierced and slashed to within an inch of his life; the First’s cell HAVE to have played a part in keeping him alive (indeed conscious!) up until that point. I mean Tsunade who is a poor copy was able to mend herself after being cut in half!

    The reason the jinchuuriki process probably took so long in the past and compatibility was a huge factor was probably to prevent what is happening and is going to continue to happen to Obito. He is not in control right now and probably a little insane as evidenced by the fact that he says, “O-Bi-To” with the confused face. Villages probably realised that a quick infusion process resulted in Tailed Beasts running rampant. Hopefully Kishi uses this opportunity to show that.

    On Obito actually absorbing the Ten Tails; this was always going to be the end game and he would have been preparing for it all these years. It actually just boiled down to a race between him and Madara as to who would stab who in the back first…

  20. @token & tawya-sama

    Yeah as much as I hate whining about Obito, those are pretty valid points you guys bring up.

    On compatibility with the 10 Tails, the fact that Madara and Obito have the Rinnegan should solve the compatibility issue. The Sage of 6 Paths, the only other Jinchuriki of the 10 Tails, had the Rinnegan, and the powers of both the Senju and the Uchiha embedded into him – he was their origin. Madara and Obito possess his power, at at least a basic level – they should be compatible with the 10 Tails.

    At the same time, Obito can hold the 10 Tails, I don’t believe he is fully compatible. He is also nowhere near mastery or on the same level as Naruto or Killer Bee. Even though he can use the 10 Tails power, he cannot recognize his own name. Even Gaara has better control, and we all know how he was in Part 1. I liken him to Rin with the 3 tails, a ticking time bomb that will revert back into the 10 Tails at any moment. Maybe that is Madara’s Trump Card – Obito’s own pride and overestimation of himself.

  21. @tawuya I understand the other dimension possibility however on obito a back is a seal which means that obito did not suck into another dimension but rather sealed it inside himself. The problem I have with this is two things, one I mentioned before (the low chakra and low blood/health). The senju DNA must help with this but I would call obito a poor mans senju not tsunade. It could be argued that since tsunade is 100% senju she would have a greater life force than obito would seeing as how obito just had some senju cells injected. And my second problem is the low chakra/health; hen danzo was critically injured the senju in him went crazy and he was unable to control it… How come in obitos case this didn’t happen? Obito had the firsts cells in him as well and he never lost control of the cells taking over which I find kind of strange. I get that this was the end game most of the time probably for kishi but I find it was executed so poorly. It’s too much of a coincedence that obito happens to be able to focus the ten tails power right away whereas it took far more accomplished and technically better fighters (like gaara and killerbee) longer to harness their tailed beasts power. For something as massive in terms of power and chakra as te ten tails which is the equivalent of ALL taile beasts combined…. It’s hard for me to see obito in his state being able to control that. Naruto has struggled to maintain the nine tails while completely healthy and sane, wouldn’t it be 10x harder for obito to be able to harness its power and chaos while bleeding out and having his chakra drained? If he was low enough to start to be controlled by madara he def isn’t strong enough to be able o handle the ten tails, or at least he shouldn’t be able to

  22. Also naruto was a uzumaki which gave him a greater life force and he still with that massive advantage struggled to control the nine tails, which is a fraction of the ten tails power so senju DNA as powerful as it is isn’t exactly a good enough reason for how obito can control the ten tails power IMMEDIETLY.

  23. and i think madaras trump card is http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Creation_of_All_Things

  24. @token
    Maddara said that Obito got ahead of him before he was able to use his trumph card.. So having jutsu to split the 10 tails to difrrent bodys seems kinda dumb beacuse they did all that work in to making a ten tail so maddara could be the jinhcuriki..

  25. His trump card is probably some uber-powerful-out-of-Kishis-ass Jutsu that some how has never been heard or mentioned. Apperently the SO6P forsaw this happening and made that jutsu just in case and Madara somehow knows it because he SOMEHOW KNOWS FUCKING EVERYTHING! -.-

  26. i think the trump card has something to do with sasuke. tobi was way too interested in sasuke for it to simply be pein’s replacement, if you ask me



  28. Just read this:


    Kubo taking time off to sort his Quincy war arc out………

  29. Tensa did you get married (or divorced) you’ve been decidedly quiet of late?!

    Tite is a lazy SOB! You never see Oda taking these bloody break!

  30. @Tawuya

    Yooooooooo! No woman has managed to tame me yet! Been busy with life shit man, feels like ive been in limbo for like 2 months now an missed all the good arguements on here (im guessing token won most of em lol) Although i did manage to read the Attack on titan manga an get up to date – i highly suggest you check it out!

    As for tite, what the heck is he doing??!!!!!!! This is further proof that he hasnt planned his manga very well at all, both kishi an oda manage to plan a bit in advantage an dont need weeks to do it, why do i get the feeling this isnt the real reason for the break……maybe he found his rukia an got her pregnant!!!

  31. Lol, I’m guessing drugs and female(s) as well!

    Attack on Titan; check! Will give it a look…

  32. dont kno exactly what to think of this chapter lol cant wait to see it animated

  33. In order of epicness:

    One Piece – what amazes me is how well paced this arc has been given the numerous little plots going on! Lucy; go you good thing!

    Naruto – damn, looks like Bleach has been toppled; action packed chapter with some snazzy never before seen jutsus and nice developments from the latest Jinchuuriki! Nice to see Obito (as suspected) struggleing with the Juunbi #Token? 🙂

    Bleach – I loathe these scenes with puny humans that waste panel space; nice ending though; I wonder if the King is prophesised to do anything in the last 9 hours, 9 minutes, 9 seconds? :-/

  34. @Tawuya
    Sex, Drugs an Rock an Roll – a few chics got my Zangetsu blade hahaha
    One piece……. i didnt like this chapter and i blame Oda for it, u cant tease me wit god-like powers from Fujitora, the slickness of the pink pimp Doflamingo an Mr fluffy hat Law an then keep me waiting like that! Oda’s playing around like he’s in the strip club droppin 1 dollar bills on hoes before he gets to the hundred dolla bills fresh from the bank!! How dare he string me along like a bitch wit a dog collar on begging for a biscuit!! Jokes aside tho, this chapter did seem packed full of filler imo, im cool with the tournament but all the other stuff going on outside of the tournament is wayyyy more interesting an important at this point!

    Naruto……..JUBITO going peanut butter, chocolate spread on bagel crazy!!!!!! Bout freakin time too, none of this bijuu bomb crap just straight beastly techniques flying all over the place! Im glad he making use of 4 different nature types. Lmao at sasuke talking mad shit to naruto “bitch shut up, they already dead – they just testing his powers out you dumb fuck!!” What’s odd tho……..Maddi vs Hashi part 2 gonna kick off now of all times, wont they get caught in the cross fire of Jubito slaughter?! I hope Jubito kills a few people before he gets taken out.

    Bleach – Dont even know what to say after Kubo’s hiatus news, lazy bastard, PLAN YOUR SHIT KUBO AND PLAN IT GOOD!! This better be the best war out of the big 3 ever, i wanna see lots of death an struggle before Ichigo learns Soul King Mugetsu before taking over as the new spirit king. Oh an Kyuraku, Kenpachi and Urahara bankai’s too.

  35. Struggle?struggle is an overstatement@tawuya..we’ve seen naruto struggle with his tailed beast and what obito is doing is nowhere near struggle.
    That thing isn’t obito at all,it seems more like the juubi itself taking a humanoid form thereby harnessing its power better.its even starting to look like obito died with that jutsu or is completely lost in there somewhere.its suprisingly calm but that thing is insane and attacking randomly.
    Yet certain people thinks obito has “mastered” the bijuu and is in killerbee and naruto’s level.sheesh! Some critic that one

  36. Lol, maybe “struggle” was wrong word.

    Actually I agree; that not Obito at all right now….

  37. @tensa
    jubito-GOOD ONE!

  38. At least Obito isn’t looking quite as lame. Sasuke turned Naruto into Sakura for a quick second there…..useless and scared, and in front of his dad which makes it even worse, lol.

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