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Bleach Chapters 545 & 546

Chapter 545: Blue Stripes
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This chapter really all about the quiet before the storm. The rest of the Kurosaki family seems to be doing well. Yuzu misses her big brother.



Rukia and Renji are having fun… I think. In staring contest. Just the mere spiritual pressure in this place makes even a seemingly simple exercise an exhausting task. They take a much-needed rest and soon after Rukia gets a call. Byakuya has regained consciousness at the hands of the healing specialist.

He seems to be doing well enough considering the damage done to his. Renji is also happy to see his captain is allright. However their mood is dampered when they realize that once he is ok, he has to go… there.

By ‘there’ they mean the quarters of Zero Captain Shutura Senjumaru and her clothing department. Even Rukia feels for the torture and embarrassment he went through. He tries to block the memories.

Now she seemed quite intent of him taking of more than he was planning too. And knowing all the little skeletons hands she got. I kinda feel for Renji too now.

The monk Ichibei Hyousube interrupts them. Applauding them for dealing with the dense reiatsu in this place and decided they advanced enough to move on to the next part of their training.



Shinji and Hiyori are one the phone acting like they usually are. An old familiar is in the back, Hinamori Momo, she appeared earlier in the arch, but she totally went past me since her hairstyle is very different. But it’s good to see she is doing well again.

Anyway. Hiyori is clearly all right after having been cut in half during the Aizen arch. It seems she just accepted the task anyway, even with all the bickering, and team ‘Repair the distortion between the human world and Soul Society’ is born… of sorts.

The part of last weeks chapter ends with Ichigo’s friends. Wondering what he is doing. Their questions will be answered soon when Kyouraku suddenly shows up, in uniform.

With a message for them about Ichigo.

Chapter 546: The Last 9 Days
Read Chapter

Keigo first stares at Kyouraku is disbelieve then goes angry lashing back at Kyouraku for saying that Ichigo might have to part ways.

Kyouraku realizes the weight of his words, and their anger. He explains to them where Ichigo is, that he will return safely from that place. Kyouraku then goes on to explain that his is worried. Not knowing with what kind of power Ichigo will be returning.

If Ichigo’s strength is too great that it would affect the human world, they cannot allow him to return to earth. I am not sure how this would be a problem when Ichigo steps into his human body, but ok.



Keigo goes mad, whilst Mizuiro stays calm having carefully listened to Kyouraku’s words. The odds of that happening are low. But as Kyouraku puts it. Even if the odds are against it happening, keeping Ichigo’s closest friends in the dark about the possibility would be doing him a disservice.

Meanwhile, Inoue and Chad are resting. The scene is short but Inoue is happy that everybody is helping eachother. Wishing they would go on forever. Each helping the other to protect their world, with no war breaking out.

However that is not the case.


The calm is over and the Gotei 13 seems far from ready for the invasion of the VanDerReich. But they are here taking the whole damn city and transporting in into their world. This way the Quincy are not hampered by a limit that stopped their earlier attack on Soul Society.

This way they have all the time they need to decimate Soul Society. however, they transportation did not include all those in the spiritual palace, because that place is much higher up. Also I doubt Kyouraku has probably not returned to SS yet.

Which is good and bad. The VanderReich will have the upper hand early on, but the Gotei have their forces spread out. I am sure Urahara will open the way for the other forces to gain entry into the Quincy Dimension, giving them a solid oppertunity to strike back.

I mean, most of the Vaizard are on earth. Kyouraku is on Earth. Ishinn and Ishida Ryuuken are on Earth. Inoue, Chad, Urahara and an Arrancar(most likely Grimmjow) are in Hueco Mundo. Also, never discount Yourichi, we never seen her wield a Zanpaktou before.

Then ofcourse there is everybody in the spirit palace. The five Zero Squad members, Ichigo, Byakuya and Rukia and Renji.

And back in SS there is a certain Kenpachi who might finally be able to unleash his Shikai.

I have no doubt that Juha Bach is well prepared, with many capable fighters below him, but he will have a set of surprises waiting for him.

The next nine days will be intense.

Unfortuanly we have to wait five weeks before the fighting actually starts. bummer


12 Responses

  1. 5 weeks is like forever…..

  2. This may be the most Poetic closure to a manga series. “The Quincy king who regain a heart beat after 900 years. Then regain his intellect after 90 years. Then regain his strength after 9 years and then he will rule the world in 9 days.” Can’t get better than that. This is a strong set up. Interesting to see how the Heros deal with the Quincy King. Curious if the SS king will step in if things turns out badly. The king is the reason soul society is held together and he must be a last resort if soul society crumbles at the mercy of the Quincies.

    Biggest let down this week is the news of the author going to be on hiatus for 5 weeks. That’s a long wait. It’s reasonable considering how much developement Kubo has added to his manga. Bleach is one of the best mangas out there in terms of art work and plot quality. If five weeks going to give the most out of this manga series, then I’m fine with the wait. Interesting to see how things will pan out in the end.

  3. Indeed nss7. A long wait. But I reckon the scale of this war is alot larger than anything else we have seen so far.

  4. Bleach really has improved a lot lately! Kubo has mastered the artwork so well and it is really a big addition to the way kubo tells his story. I agree on Nss7 on kubo being quite poetic but I guess he has been that way since the first chapter.

    These 5 weeks are going to be quite painfull, at least we’ll have naruto and one piece to keep us going…

    btw: this might actually be the end of sereitei…most captains are out of town, ichigo isn’t there, urahara and ichigo’s friends are in hueco mundo so the best defence sereitei has will come from 1st division (if kyouraku is back), 3rd division (what happened to kira though…) 5th division, 11th (kenpachi shikai/bankai will be intense) 12th division (mayuri vs ishida anyone?) and 13th division…that probably won’t be enough to defeat all stern ritter.

    would be quite interesting to see sereitei destroyed, would be great for the plot!

  5. The mere fact that kyouraku even mentions the possibility of ichigo remaining in sereitei leaves me believing that’s exactly what’s gonna happen.

  6. Good job, @ pretend3r. Five weeks will seem like forever.
    @Nss7. It does seem that the Soul King and squad zero should be involved in the final battle.

  7. Hey @pretend3r. I have tried to like your review at least three times and gotten no where with my effort. I just thought that you should know.

  8. why the f*ck is Hinamori still alive?!!! She has been stabbed in the heart twice already? WHY WON’T SHE DIE!!?

  9. @aleriecorbay
    This also work. Happy you enjoy reading them.

  10. @ pretend3r. At first I was looking for a diversion while I recovered from ill health and did not feel strong enough to chat on another board, which has nothing to do with mangas or animes. But I do love Bleach and had been dying for a year to find a place to talk about it. Then I found this site with your insightful reviews, along with the posters’ excellent comments, and I have been hocked. Thanks for being there. There is a question in my mind. Where would I find the scrip where Grimmjow was recently drawn? My eyes are not….

  11. There are partial views of an arrancar helping out the team in Hueco Mundo, but we havent seen his or her face yet.

  12. @ pretend3r. Thanks. I can’t tell. But a long time ago, before this arc was started, the Bleach wiki was saying that they thought that Grimmjow had been healed and did not die. Who knows. Certainly not me.

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