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Naruto Chapter 618 – The Slithery Snake


With the pace the Naruto series has been going, it lost some of that excitement and unpredictability that the Naruto series was so well known for. We were left with a main character that can only perform one Jutsu who has a crush on Sasuke who has a mental problem and enjoys people telling him what to do, and an antagonist that quite literally came out of the ass of Kishimoto, i.e Obito/Tobi. The main thing is that we keep on getting an ass pull after ass pull from Kishimoto, that if I were to list them we can stay here for years. But behold, Kishi actually takes his head out of his ass and gives us something that’s worthy to be called a Naruto chapter. “The Ones that Know Everything” are finally revealed and it is done none other than the original slithery badazz SOB Snake Boy, Orochimaru. Whether you love him or hate him, Orochimaru has finally put the bad in badazz back in the line of villains.

Sasuke Sentimental?

I do not like talking about Sasuke because I cannot make my mind on whether I should like or hate him. He is by far the most confusing character in 06the Naruto series. One minute he is killing people left and right, then the next minute he is “Sentimental?” I call this a BS move from Kishi to try to slowly make us feel resentful and sympathetic towards Sasuke. Slowly but surely I have the feeling that Kishi is setting Sasuke up to come back to being a “Good Boy.” Sasuke equals a lot of things that are not good for me to talk about, but Sasuke has the potential to become such an iconic figure if he has not already become one and I do not think that him turning into the good side will do that. In my opinion Kishi needs to decided whether he should make Sasuke a complete villain or an antihero. I think that in the near future Sasuke will realize where his heart truly lies and does something so dramatic that we might shed a tear and drop our hats for him.

The Unsealing of the Shinigami Seal

11Another ass pull from yours truly, Mashimoto Kishimoto, but at least he made sense of it. We all know that this series has been lacking consistency ever since the time skip.  But I am not here to talk about all the flaws of Naruto, Kishi does that himself. While this unsealing of the Shinigami Seal is a cheap way to bring back historical figures, Kishi does it in a big bang, bring back not one or two but all of the Hokages. An interesting fact is that this is the second time that the 1st and 2nd Hokages are brought back to life. There is one similar manga/anime that a character came back to life a second time, and this caused the series to lose its originality. Dragonball Z anyone? Well I certain hope that it is not the case with Naruto, because as much as I hate the idea of Kishi constantly relying on dead people to make his series better, bring back these four beast is epic.

The possibilities are endless of how this might play out. Orochimaru might decide that it is time to steal Sasuke 17boy’s body and take over the world with four badazz Hokage. Sasuke might decide that he wants to absorb the Hokages powers, which I do not want that to happen, and if it does, I will quit reading this manga. Heck Suigestu might decide that he should be the one to control the Hokages. But what I really want to happen other than to hear what is truly going on from the horse’s mouth, is that either one of the Hokages somehow breaks from the will of Orochimaru. Madara and Itachi did it, so why cannot the 1st who is stronger than Madara do it, or the 2nd who is the create of the Edo Tensei technique, the third who was known for knowing all of Jutsu in the Hidden Leaf past or present, or even the 4th a master in seals himself. Either way this conversation is going to be historic and I cannot wait to see how it will play out.

The Slithery Snake

ed854a97f4f8290f375cdd90fdbd1f85This chapter has Orochimaru written all over it. Like I have been saying for a long time, the only true villain of the series is Orochimaru, he is the fundamental necessity for a villain. His goals and ambitions are unattainable, his sadistic slithery smile gives him that distinctive look and feel, to creep the hell out of us. What Orochimaru just did in this chapter is what Tobi has been trying and failing to do, make us fear him from his fiendish way, but with all that being said some of us actually cheer for him. I know I do. I know that he is evil and barbaric but he is the most solid villain in this series. Tobi is just a confused person who is slowly being suede into becoming good by Naruto. Sasuke is far more confused than Tobi who is easily manipulated by people and can be taking advantage of. Madara is too badazz to being the main villain. So that leaves out Orochimaru who has that spark to bring the bad into this series. Even know we still do not know the true goal of Orochimaru. Ever other villain so far with a few exceptions, have revealed their goals: Tobi from the beginning revealed what his goal is as did Madara, Pain/Nagoto from the beginning wanted to create a better world even though done in a negative way. My point is that all these villains, we know what they want, but Orochimaru we do not know what he truly wants and that makes him even more suspenseful, he is very unpredictable of what he’ll do next. He did not need a mask and hide his identity to keep us interested, he does not need to be Madara to make up interested, he does not need to be Sasuke (well he wants to be Sasuke or more like in him, well that came out wrong), but Orochimaru is quite original and entertain that finally brought back the spark into this series. I am looking forward to see what Slithery tricks he has for us.

Side Notes:

  • 1st Hokage: Considered the strongest Shinobi in history only surpassed by the Sage. Unfortunately he is not Uchiha so he wont get a spot light.
  • 2nd Hokage: For some one who is such a badazz looking dude, he barely gets any screen time, and he is not a Uchiha so thats even worst in Kishimoto’s book.
  • 3rd Hokage: Considered the Professor and master of all Jutsu in the Hidden Leaf, sadly he lost to snake boy due to age and care.
  • 4th Hokage: Nothing bad can be said about him. He is so badazz that when he takes a dump rainbows form.
  • There are way to many coincidence happening in this series. It is coincidental that Tobi was buried right above Madara’s hideout. It is coincidental that Suigestu finds that scroll out of all things in that room. hmmm
  • The laws of Ninjustu that were set up from the beginning no longer apply to anything, from now on anything can happen, because Kishi will come up with a ridicules explanation.
  • Kishi better not go back to the battle and stay on the resent plot,
  • Orochimaru only used the unsealing to only allow his hands to be set free and the four Hokages to be set free. I do not think that the Nine Tails chakra will be set free.



56 Responses

  1. The death god lost some respect from me when Kishi drew him looking like “aww shit…” when his own knife stabbed him.

    To me it seems like Orochimaru is dead. I feel like his end will be when the hokages end. The comment about “you are no longer my snakes” seems like him giving up.

    What was with how they left the cave?

    Either Orochimaru dies after the confessions or he will die at the hands of one of the villians.

  2. damn, kurama getting back his chakra would put a delightful twist on the battlefield and in his new good boy persona. i fully expect minato and hashirama breaking that seal and telling orochimaru and sasuke to fuck off cos they’re not important right now lol

  3. How many times orochimaru ‘died ‘ already?
    And seriously the village needs to invest in a snake barrier or something, because most enemy ninjas make a lot of noise, destroying buildings, killing the guards etc.. but orochimaru can walk in, steal some forbidden jutsu, raid through tsunades underwear drawer, order some ramen, kidnapped some kids, and moonwalk out before anyone even realized the front gate is open.

  4. Nice review, but I disagree with one of your side notes: ” The laws of Ninjustu that were set up from the beginning no longer apply to anything”. Now giving the fact that everyone already knew how smart Orochimaru (was/is), is it really a shock that he had this trump card up his sleeve? Just exactly what laws of Ninjitsu was broken in this manga? Unless you forgot Orochimaru was originally suppose to become the 4th until he during forbidden acts in the village which have him a lot of knowledge beyond of what kishi could explain to is. This bring me to my next point, Orochimaru storyline has never been explain thoroughly, which tells me the next flashback will be about him and I also don’t think the hokage’s will be getting to involved with the war. Why? because to control all 4 hokages at once will take a lot of skill, skill that Orochimaru havent shown us YET! at the moment, but then agian he might do. Orochimaru has his arms back which again makes him the most dangerous villain in the series. I just hope Kishi does justice with Sasuke and make him a true successor to Orochimaru like Naruto is to Jiraiya and the bad guys start putting up a better fight because right now there’s no way Tobi & Madara will win with what they have left.

  5. BIG PIMPIN is so smooth and strong that I saw him edo tensi Chuck Norris’ beard while putting the moves on Paris Hilton at same time.

  6. Why wouldn’t kurama’s YIN chakra be released like the 3rd, 4th, and oro’s arms?? From what we know, those four items were all stored in the demon god’s stomach (The 3rd took oro’s arms, the 4th took kurama’s Yin chakra. 3 out of 4 released). Explain to me if I am missing something, but once it is split open, I don’t see any rule in place that is inhibiting Kurama from receiving his chakra back o_0
    I guess if Kishimoto writes it in the next chapter that it doesn’t come out for some reason, then I don’t see why he can’t receive his chakra.

  7. “an antagonist that quite literally came out of the ass of Kishimoto, i.e Obito/Tobi. The main thing is that we keep on getting an ass pull after ass pull from Kishimoto, that if I were to list them we can stay here for years. But behold, Kishi actually takes his head out of his ass and gives us something that’s worthy to be called a Naruto chapter.”… really…???

  8. Thank goodness i tought the review will be up much later..

    @master Jdogg
    I have to agree with ‘sharingan chris’ about “the law of the ninjutsu”,…. we are reading this story from the main characters point of view(naruto and sasuke)and the manga is over 600 chapters and these characters are developing and meeting stronger ninjas,who can break jutsu that we all think was godly(i mean it would be right to complain if a jounin broke edo or a chunin bypass the death god and YES! There was a time when the word “JOUNIN” would make our eyes glitter(Zabuza anybody??)BUT!
    to have us stuck in one “power level” would bore you out and would ruin the story way more than any inconsistency would(believe me i’m a writer)

  9. I don’t know about your review of this chapter and the Naruto series in general JDogg. This was a solid chapter (as the previous chapters have been without hitting the heights we know this manga can get to), and it made a great shift in the right direction. I think what Orochimaru alluded to when he said Sasuke was showing sentiment and reconfirming his resolve was the fact that, things are getting to the end game, Sasuke now has to establish what he really wants and how he will go about it. With regards to whether Kurama’s yin chakra was released, I noticed that when the various “bubbles” were released from the shinigami there were five “bubbles”, i.e. the first to fourth hokages and Oro’s arms. So if there were five “bubbles” that were released, where was the sixth one (Kurama’s yin chakra)???? I hope that it has been released from the shinigami because then the shinobi alliance will get a boost on the battle field against Big Magnum and Tobi. Kishi is putting all the pieces together for the final battle, which I think will involve a brawl for it all between Big Magnum and Tobi, Naruto and the Hokages (although I don’t know if it will be all four of the revived ones) and Sasuke, hawk and Oro. I do, however, agree with the idea that Oro is the best villain in the series in terms of his motives and pure evil- he doesn’t want to make the world a better place, he just wants to be complete. Buckle your seat belts ladies and gentlemen, things are about to get SEKSHUAL!

  10. @JDogg – those aren’t really “coincidences” though:

    1) Tobi was not buried right above Madara’s hideout; Madara (through Zetsu who is the earth) was constantly exploring, listening and watching.

    2) It’s not coincidental that Suigetsu found Oro’s stuff in Oro’s hideout…

    Love the reviews (especially One Piece) but today was a bit ranty… #hangsHead

  11. Side note: GREAT colour pic of the Kages… it’s about to get dirty. Lol, at the comment made by can’t remember who, who said that other villages should realise this who mess was caused by Konoha internal issues… “err… maybe you guys should sort this out. We’ll wait outside”

  12. @El Jefe – hear hear!

  13. One more thing…..why is everyone expecting the 2nd to break free, i tought it was made clear that
    madara broke out because he wasn’t under kabuto direct control
    and itachi was brainwashed by shusui sharingan on top been brainwashed by the edo tensei.brainwash+brainwash=normal. LOL

  14. The third hokage is not a midget,he’s just the oldest technically..

    Thr only problem is no-one died in thier pyjamas or panties,thats a plothole!

  15. the second invented edo tensei, he also has some teleportation technique, not as refined as the fourths, but he might of dabbled in some forbidden jutsus or created them, i would love seeing the second becoming the next villain, some bad ass batlles better ensue after this slow period in the manga, oro is makin some moves, he will eventually fight sasuke again, if oro is quite of a collector himself, he must have jiraiyas dna, what questions does sasuke have and who directly is he going to talk to, i said before that i cant wait for the fourth to realise tobi was obito all along, but now i cant wait for sasuke to find out tobi was just a bratty uchiha just like himself, and realizing that big magnum is the top shinobi of the uchiha clan and is the only person he needs to talk and look up to,

  16. know this isnt about this chapter.. But i was thinking, can Naruto only give a mix of his and Kuramas chkra to peoople or maybe Sage charka to? and ghater sage chakra and try to force it to Maddara who wont be able to handle or learn it in such a sort time, and the he will turn in to a stone and end the EDO

  17. @seda – damn interesting prospect!

  18. lets remember that there is 6 white zetsu’s. why 6? well obviously the 5 needed to use as vessels for the hokages and Orochimaru. but now they all have hashirama’s white cells… does that give them any advantage to be a weaker clone of hashirama as a vessel?

    Well i would like to think it would be for hashirama himself yes becauase it isthe 2nd best vessel besides his original body.

    Also there was the 6th Zetsu clone, now juugo has restrained this one but why not just kill it? it must be important or maybe its just another so its not just too coincidental? i dunno.

    in the picture of when orochi releases the Souls out of the belly of the Shinigami. there are 4 souls infront of him and what looks like another on just to the write of himself. now this could be his arms energy, it oculd Kushina or could be Kurama’s Yin chakra? now if this happens Naruto will be getting another power up for sure. Surely Orochimaru cannot control what comes out of the Shinigami’s belly once it has been opened? everything would just come out right?

    now there is also a few very important things Orochimaru could do here. he could perhaps learn all the rare jutsu’s from all of the previous hokages as Orochi’s main objective in life is to learn all Jutsu’s. but i am sure he wants some much more important and relevant right now.

    You would think that out of all these hugely powerful Hokages and especially the Genius of Minato that he can find away to counter this edo tensei if some other way to what itachi did after all Tobirama was the creator of the jutsu but i know it has been enhanced and changed somewhat since then by the master mind of orochi and kabuto.

  19. Orochimaru is back, now the lolz begin.Orochimaru, just like The Joker is dangerous because they don’t have any boundaries. I would see Oro kidnaping all the children from all the villages and making them into waliking bombs, wouldn’t that be sweet. Then the war would become a real war (not this shit in which everybody behaves like they’re in park, and almost nobody dies. a war is when everything is lost, when hope is no more)

    Side note, Madara’s body was upgraded by Snake Boy’s assistant, isn’t it? So it would be awsome if he inserted a fail save, to give total control over Madara. Wouldn’t that sound interesting, Snake Boy with all the Kages and Madara, and the Juubi. At least I can dream….

  20. Is it just me, or is obito speeches and actions becoming more (lack of a better term) robotic and generic? Its hard to believe that he used to be this goofy kid, or even the Tobi that protrayed himself as Madara. Sure in some ways that’s a good thing for villain, but his recent mannerisms are those that are trying too hard to become a villain, instead of letting that shit flow naturally like BIG MAGNUM an BIG PIMPIN. It just comes off as fake, like hes trying to convince himself or (more likely) Madara and naruto.

  21. obito: Yea, I just killed yo bitch ass hyuuga friend! Now what?!?! Excuse me, You said somethin about an alliance jutsu? You talking about saving world and being hokage? Fuck outta here!! I just proved I’m the baddest mofo in this busines! I’d bet even get the Squirtle Squad to fuck yo bitch too, an you aint gonna shit!

    Big Magnum: -_- *thinking* I swear if this fool doesn’t shut the fuck up, I’m gonna stick my chakra-fueled foot so far up his ass, he’s gonna need Kamui just to dump his shit………

  22. @Sanins, I agree with you a 100%, if it was someone other than Orochimaru who broke the seal, than yes I would be all over it. I am just saying that the laws can be broken and unbroken. So when someone says “this is the ultimate seal, Jutsu, and etc” it means that there is something out there that can contradict it. As we saw how Orochimaru reversed the Shinigami seal.

    @Tawuya-sama, “You were collapsed in the underground passage I made..” words straight from Madara when he ‘found’ Tobi chapter 602. But this is a discussion that happened already and I have already come to peace with Tobi being Obito/Madara. I know this weeks sounded like a rant to you, but believe it or not, I really liked this chapter. But since I am an analyst I had to say all the bads and goods of the chapter. I highly doubt people would want to hear me talk about how ecstatic I was reading this chapter, and you can sort of tell that I enjoyed this chapter because for the most part I was playing around with words and trying to spill out jokes. Unfortunately I have a bad sense of humor. Thanks for the shout out by the way.

    @El jefe, I don’t know about my reviews about Naruto either, most of the time I say things that people would butcher me about. But at least I actually write or try to write a review, that has to count for something. Like I always say, I am a One Piece Guy, it is in my blood, watched/read One Piece since I watched Luffy punching Morgan in the face. Naruto on the other hand I am more of a fan, not an expert, I hope that I can get someone to do these reviews, but since there is no one who is willing to take the job, (and I see a lot of people on here who can be great Naruto analysts) but I am all there is right now.

    @seda, if Naruto is able to do what you propose than he will have a one touch kill technique. We saw what happens when an inexperienced person has Sage chakra in his body as in the example of Pain. It would be called “The Touch of Death” Well damn good thinking man.

  23. @unknown

    I’m over here rolling.

  24. @Jdogg

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I like your reviews. It’s been tough in the writing department since Bob left, and you rise to the occasion each week. I know we (especially me) joke on here a lot, but in all seriousness good job, and thanks for all the hard work.


  25. I’ll give next week’s chapter a try (review) and send it up to you guys. If you like and make me a writer I’ll do the Naruto reviews.

    But for the last time, Kushina was never sealed in the reaper.

  26. @cesc, Try emailing Bob and see if you can become an other on this site.

    @UchihatheInfamous, Thank you so much for your comment. It is people like you who make me that happy to write these reviews. You have no idea as writer how joyful it is to hear something like you said. 🙂

  27. That’s the spirit! Cesc…some weight needs to be lifted of “J” shoulders
    besides you seem to be a damn good critic.lets see what you are made of “PEN IN HAND” *evil laugh*
    and don’t coward out like other reviewers.who don’t even come back to comment like a normal shannaro-ling(except Bob of course).
    I guess this is the part where i say i don’t want to call names,but HELL YEAH! i’m willing to call names…………mister sensei and the other guy i think “sylloge” if they had stayed and assisted the naruto review wouldn’t be such a headache…i know they have personal lives but so busy you can’t comment!

    Sorry if i sound rude, its in my nature

  28. @JDogg

    You’re more than welcome.

  29. ITS OUT EARLY GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  31. Here is my brief take on it – 1st hokage – surprisely funny, 2nd hokage – DOUCHEBAG, 3rd hokage – krusty old geezer, 4th hokage – calm as always, Orochimaru – Genius

    And do i smell an Uchiha power up coming up?!?!?!?! lolololololololol love conquers all babyyyyyyyyyyyy!


    Stronger than the power of youth?

    VERY info filled chapter, question is what does Sasuke do with all this information. Nice to see Oro surprised 🙂 I’m actually digging the 1st Hokage; I can see why he infuriated(s) Madara hehehe

  33. 1st hokage = ur typical goffy joker powerhouse!

    Power of love destroys power of youth- power of youth probably dies once u reach 40 an have a mid life crisis whereas power of love can last a lifetime! Now here is the Senju an Uchiha theme music:

  34. One liner of the chapter – “Youngster… You don’t know Madara” – 2nd Hokage bows down to Big Magnum!



  36. DOFLAMINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. One Piece ROCKED today!

    @Tensa – Doflamingo is not for play play….

  38. @ Tawuya,

    Doflamingo fuck me he’s a beast, that string string fruit plus haki an his psycho mind of his…..plus that ending was crazy! U reckon he’ll catch up with the SH’s in a matter of hours? And kinnemon lookin for his friend?! WTF!

  39. @Tensa

    No, don’t think he’ll catch up; Aokiji will stop him or scare him away before Smoker tells (if he was ever going to). Would be interesting to see the two of them tussle though. Maybe Flamingo gets delayed when he’s taken into custody?

    Most probable is that they run into each other at Dressrosa…

    Kinnemon and Momo know something about Kaido… maybe he’s a samurai himself?

    Lol, ever since someone (you?) mentioned it, I been paying attention to Momo’s facial expressions and the one here (second panel where he’s giving the “nothing to see here” side eye!) is a classic:


    Also Franky and the hairdos?! hahahaha

    I actually want to see Joker get his ass kicked a little bit…

  40. one piece – one word, SIKKKKKKK!!!!!

    naruto – why the hell is the ‘god of shinobi’ like that !?!?!?!

  41. @Jay

    One Piece – agreee!
    Naruto – coz he can! LOL

  42. @Tawuya,

    Aokiji vs Flamingo mini battle….ohhhhh the epicness!! Flamingo will retreat tho no doubt, he cant handle Kuzan, shit no one can handle Kuzan except an Admiral or Emperor. Im really surprised he showed up so early tho, looks like he was the mystery man from a few chapters ago!
    If Kaido is a samurai, cyborg, zion type i call OP as fuck!!! Thats a franky, zoro, all forms chopper hybrid! lol Yh that was me that mentioned momo’s facial expressions – they’re too epic!

  43. I love how the 3 hokage that knew each other were chatting away an then the 1st looks at the 4th an pretty much says “Bitch who are u?!”

  44. Just as I hilariously predicted, 1st is upset that everyone after him failed to hold his city down, even shocked his granddaughter became hokage, and sasuke immediately put the accusations on the third.

  45. What Tobirama said about Uchiha’s eyes………how does the EMS factor in? And I wonder if the purposes of the left and right hemisphere of the brain has anything to do with the type of technique that the MS has in each eye?

    Fuck it, I’m too lazy to do research right now.

  46. And the fact that 1st hokage had no clue as who Minato was, but was alive to raise Tsunade for a bit and he doesn’t look too old means he died about 35-45 years ago……….shortly after Madara’s presumed death.

  47. The Way tobirama acted, I’m really surprised he didn’t pick Danzo as the Third Hokage.

  48. I quite enjoyed how oro pretty much called the seconds jutsu child’s play to use lol. The second IMO seems like the weakest of all four hokage and yet he is the biggest talker which always annoys me lol. The first reminds me alot of naruto but even more so minato; outside of battle jokesters and borderline immature but on the field probably as vicious as they come

  49. @unknown, because Danzo hesitated in taking the suicide mission while Hiruzen didn’t. Tobirama seems like the kinda of guy who hates cowardice almost a 10th as much as he hates Uchiha.

  50. One interesting thing I read though was that according to the second uchiha basically need despair ad anguish to power up and improve the sharingan… Which would mean that sasuke would need outside means (yet again) to power up cause let be honest there isn’t much left to despair over now that he knows most of the truth about his bro. Hence this is y I think sasuke is gonna be infused with the yang chakra of the kyuubi somehow

  51. The first is quite funny but I have to admit it´s hard to believe that this guy had the leadership skills to shut down Madara. We´ve seen Madara and he seems a little bit bossy like the second but also calm like the 4th. I wonder how Hashirama managed to shut down Madara on a political base. And just to make it clear I don´t doubt his physical strength

  52. @ultimate the first is very much like minato; all jokes until its time to get serious and than its like a switch is flicked and its all business

  53. We have an Uchiha, Senju and Uzumaki all in the same room casually having a chat and Orochimaru from the snake clan is just smiling the whole time like a proud dad thinking “That’s right im the shit, i got all these legends in one room like a freakin’ BAWSE, i started this edo tensei war shit, is this the mothafuckin thanks i get?!!!”

  54. @tensa no uzumakis in the room… minato is a namikaze not a uzumaki

  55. Doflamingo is really not one to be trifled with. His beating of Smoker, the Conqueror’s Haki, his don’t give a shit attitude; a tough fight for sure. What is curious to me is how strong Kaido really is, if Doflamingo was scared of him.

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