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One Piece Chapter 678 – They’re Off

Hello, boys and girls, and welcome to another addition of a One Piece blog. While it seems like this chapter can finally get the Strawhats back in the winning team, we are only left of with a chapter that set of the different parties in their respected direction. So lets start out with whose who and where they’re off to.

Luffy Vs CC

I do not know which is more exciting to see first a Luffy vs CC or a Smoker Vs Virgo fight, I personally want to see a Luffy vs CC for obvious reasons. For starters Luffy has to redeem himself from being defeated so easily to CC. One Piece is one of the few mangas out there that actually shows the main character being defeated, and it is not just one time, but Luffy has lost several battles. He lost twice to Crocodile before Luffy was able to beat Crocodile. But the fight with CC should be interesting because now both parties will not hold back, both know each other powers and both will not underestimate the other. On another note, I have been saying that the Strawhats have been on a losing streak since they arrived in the New World, which Zoro points out that from now on they cannot take this place likely, that they need to be on full alert. Being a world where you would have to be on full alert every single day can have a lot of stress on the body and mind and it is no wonder that they call the first half of the Grandline, Paradise.

Smoker Vs Virgo

This fight should be interesting because for the first time, we will see high ranked Marines face of each other, even though one is only faking being a Marine. We do know that two Admirals battled, Admiral Aokiji vs Admiral Akainu, the lateral winning the fight and becoming the Fleet Admiral. Nonetheless it will be a very interesting fight because very little is known about Virgo and what is known is just a shroud of mystery. It is also Ironic of a fight because whom every wins this fight will most likely become the new Commander of the G5 Marine, it is if not the exact same scenario as the fight from the Admirals. The only difference is that this fight has one side, Smoker, who wants to put the right order of G5, while the other side Virgo, who wants to eliminate all threats to his devilish plans. But the way Smoker was talking to Tagishi was as if he was going into a fight that he cannot win or that he will struggle. Either way the fate of G5 rests on Smokers shoulder’s now.

Stop Dicking Around

I cannot agree more with Zoro, Luffy needs to get his head in gear and make quick work of CC. But than what does he do, but makes up an outrageous move, that in all of the chaos is actually creative and effective. Now I would wonder how long he can keep that UFO form, but I would estimate that he can only keep it going for a few seconds since his legs will eventually stop spinning in the clock wise direction. Going back to what Zoro said, he is right I have been noticing lately that One Piece was lacking that badazzness it used to have, those explosive fights, the only thing that One Piece has not been lacking is the sophisticated plot that has been going on. A lot has been said and I have a feeling that now will be the time when the Strawhats plus Law plus Smoker will have epic fights that will make the plot even thicker. The only thing that concerns me is that there are not that much of Villains for the Strawhats to fight. My only estimation is that the only ones who will get the big fights are Luffy and Smoker, and just to be fair they deserve the spot light especially since they both lost their last fight. But like Zoro said, there will be NO MORE DICKING AROUND, from now on it is a full on war.

Side Notes:

  • Sanji is always being abused by Nami. I mean he took care of her body, she on the other hand had his body beating up so badly, that a single punch from Nami almost knocked him out. Ussop is right he should be proud of Sanji, because how many men would take all that abuse from Nami and still will die for her.
  • It was funny how Sanji was saying Nooooo to the body switching.
  • Another thing to note, is that Law stated that they have two hours before the gas gets into the faculty. The reason for the two hour limit could be that is how long he can keep that room ability active for.
  • So Brook was actually observing the outside for everyone, that explains why Zoro asked the Samurai if he can cut metal.
  • I have noticed that Zoro and Sanji have been teaming up a lot as of late. They were teammates in the Fishman Island and they seem to have a closer relationship than ever. But just to be clear all the Strawhats see each other as brothers and sisters.

8 Responses

  1. Doesn’t CC have Law and Smoker’s hearts? I wonder who is in possession of them now. If Monet has them, then maybe they have a better chance, because Law has Monet’s heart in his possession.

  2. Yeah the heart issue is still a mystery to me. Law sure made it seem like he either had a good plan to get it back or wasn’t really that concerned about his heart. Maybe because his heart was taken out with his power he can just warp it back somehow, maybe by creating another little room where his missing heart is and then just switching there places just like he did with nami/sanji when he just spun his fingers to fix them. He might just have to get within a certain range to do it. I also think he had smokers heart and gave it back already. I don’t think he have it to CC as there was no reason too.
    Can’t wait to see Luffy and the Straw Hats get serious and go full throttle in every fight from now on. You just know Luffy will still screw up from time to time because he is such a free spirited character. It’s the biggest reason why we live him because he makes mistakes and loses but with his incredible tenacity and will he finds a way to come back and prevail! I love when he gets really pissed during a fight and just goes nuts usually when his nakama or innocent people are under major distress.
    Also, what’s going to happen with Smiley? Can he collect himself back together or what. Is he still even alive? I don’t really get why this gas form is better than his original slime form. No one even figured out how to beat that form. Also, how is CC going to make more WMDs to sell to other people since there was only one Smiley?
    I think Monet is on Law side as a double agent or at the very minimum has a crush on Law and will change her allegiance at some point to help Law win.

  3. CC has Smoker’s heart too: http://www.mangahere.com/manga/one_piece/v60/c675/11.html
    I also wonder how that will work out, because it may be that Smoker and Law won’t be able to fight anybody seeing they are at such a disadvantage. All it would take is one strong squeeze and they’re dead….makes you wonder why exactly Law put himself in such a bad position in the first place…

  4. @ chefman141…..thanks for that link I didn’t remember that at all.

    That leads me to believe even more do that Law has an easy way to deal with the heart situation. I wonder how Luffy will fill with CC suffocation technique? It’s going to be nest to see Virgos abilities and Smokers improvements. I’m starting to think Smoker may join the straw hats at some point because I think slowly he is starting to see that the Strawhsts are good people and the world government is corrupt.

  5. An easy way for luffy to fight him would be to use haki an just gatling gun his arse from long range to stay out of his suffocation technique. Luffy’s fight is gonna be an interesting one but smokee vs virgo is the one im lookin forward to. The way smokee spoke to tashigi was like he had a feeling he would lose…
    I love the way Zoro always keeps Luffy in line like a true first mate would – he’s done it on several occasions and makes me wonder if ben beckmann an shanks are the same way!
    Law saying that they’ve got 2 hours could be a massive hint on his battle technique – going forward Luffy should remember that fact just in case he ever has to fight law. i wonder if that 2 hour time limit applies to all his techniques an not just “room”….

  6. I didnt notice chopper was he reunited with the rest of the strawhats?

  7. @ Tensa – I’m not sure about the 2 hour thing having anything to do with his powers. Virgo has definitely had Law’s heart for longer and when he switched the strawhat’s personalities they were switched longer than that. More than likely he has planned something else to happen by then or maybe something will happen with the gas. Who knows…… I agree Smoker and Virgo will be a sweet fight. Should be a lot of abilities/powers that we have never seen used b4.

  8. CC can suffocate people but he’s obviously a scientist n not a fighter I don’t like this fight for luffy it won’t really showcase his abilities

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