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One Piece Chapter 781: He’s alive!


Post author: White Shinobi

I did not expect this, good job Oda, you fooled me.

So the birdcage is slowly shrinking, according to Doflamingo in about an hour the country will be no more. The first few pages we get to see people dealing with it, evacuating everyone to the center and cheering for Luffy to kick Doflamingo’s ass. I love how Oda always shows what’s going on on different places at the same time. I usually don’t comment on it but I just felt like throwing that out there for some reason.


Luffy rushes at Doflamingo, but the not so dead Law swaps places with him. With his last breath he uses gamma knife and destroys Doflamingo’s insides. How did Law survive? Law made a big room, one big enough so that Doflamingo and Trebol couldn’t see it. Doflamingo’s first shot missed his vitals so Law was able to swap places with someone on the lower levels, Doflamingo’s next shots his that guy instead of Law. Once Luffy got back Law swapped back and told him his plan.


As law is destroying his organs Doflamingo grabs him, Law isn’t able to fight back anymore but Luffy saves Law and sends Doflamingo flying. Law walks up to Doflamingo, telling him it’s over, the gamma knife destroys his insides and he can’t be saved. Law and Doflamingo then have a talk about the family. How Doflamingo only cares about his family while they’re useful to him and how he should’ve been the one to die instead of Corazon. After Doflamingo admits he didn’t give a damn about Corazon Law uses counter shock on his body.

Doflamingo however stands up after, he uses his string powers to be a substitute for his organs. He’s basically becoming his own puppet. Law is too exhausted to do anything now and Doflamingo attempts to stomp him. Luffy stops him however and they have a stare off before they get down to fighting next chapter.


3 Responses

  1. Was all that gamma knife and substitute organs s’pose to bring doffy down to luffy’s level for a stand-off…ouch!to luffy’s ego

  2. All the other fights took one chapter. I wonder how long luffy will take to finish doffy. Would be great if it’s only the next two weeks.

    Isn’t it a bit overpowered for doffy to be able to perform surgery on himself while fighting liffy?

  3. lol first Enel, now Doflamingo. Using their DF to cheat death.

    I really hope it didn’t hinder his fighting prowess in any way. I want luffy to beat him legit.

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