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Bleach Chapter 504: Beyond the Peals of Thunder

Chapter 504: Beyond the peals of Thunder
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Koukougonryourikyuu (Brilliant Yellow Village of the Stern Soul)

A Bankai that has not been used in over 200 years. The bankai of his subordinate. Stolen by the Quincy in front of hit. The old man closes his eyes drifting into past memories feeling the reaitsu of this bankai, like Hyourinmaru able to command the weather. Striking down with powerful lightning bolts. The Quincy laughs as he strikes the Captain Commander who is not moving a muscle thinking back to past days.

I was surprised to see he was already sporting a manly moustache at a younger age. apparently he got himself a nickname of sorts. ‘Eijisai’ born from the shape of the scar on his forehead. Also, funny to see his subordinate aswell. Back then Lt. Sasakibe already had his plan set out. His goal wanting to be the right-arm of Cm. Yamamoto.

After some shitty logic, Sasakibe was gone for a while telling Yamamoto he has achieved Bankai as Yamamoto commanded about a month ago. The teacher immediately challenges his subordinate. The bankai was nearly strong enough to beat yamamoto but placed another scar on his forhead. Not even a lecture put Sasakibe down as he set a new goal. To polish his bankai to serve Eijusai-dono as he was still called.

Finally the commander took on a new name as we now it right now “Genryuusai”.

Hisagi screams out as the Quincy keep striking away happily at the Commander up to the point where he believes the Commander has lots consciousness moving his damaged body in order to assist Yamamoto.

finally the commander yells out, stopping Lt. Hisagi. The Quincy keep on laughing at the commander but he has no idea who he is really dealing with. The commander speaks out to the deceased Chourjirou. Understanding his bitterness. The polished Bankai so much weaker that he the commander and lt. Sasakibe expected it had become.

The chapter end with the commander burning the skin of the Quincy’s body. Putting this Sternritter in his rightful place.


6 Responses

  1. Does that mean that the power of the banki that the stern ritters steal is determined by the individual stern ritter that stole them? Or does that mean that Sasakibe never really finished “polishing” his banki?

  2. all i know is he was BOSS!!!!!

    i am really hoping that ichigo can go into that form he did against aizen that looked epic!!!

  3. Byakuya got hammered hard with his Bankai. Remeber Immortal we are talking about Captain Commander Yamamoto.

    @greenpeace I hope his hollow form has evolved aswell, just like his Shinigami powers.

  4. @pretend3r: yeah you do have a point. Old man Yama ain’t the commander for nothing.

    @greenpeas: that was a awesome looking ichigo, but knowing TK he probably has another form for him to take.

  5. @greenpeas

    I dont think TK can draw a more badass lookin ichigo then his tensa and final getsuga forms but we shall see! I’m kind of hoping that all the battered shinigami get a power boost like a second form which could only be awaken upon the point of death

  6. Actually, I don’t think Yamamoto was referring to the weakness of Sasakibe’s actual polished Bankai. He meant that the Bankai that was being used against him was much weaker then Sasakibe’s actual Bankai. Which would infer that the Bankai’s the Quincy’s are using are actually weaker then they were when the captains had them, which means that Ichigo and Yamamoto, curently the only ones able to effectively fight, shouldn’t have a hard time with most of the Sternritter. The King, on the other hand……well, let’s just hope Kenpachi’s killed him by now.

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