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61 Responses

  1. No comments yet? O.o

    I think the most plausible explanation is Tobi = Inuza Uchiha, Madara’s brother. He would be the only one to possess the kind of power and intricate knowledge of the ninja world that Tobi does.

    Madara was about to die, but out of loneliness (similar to Sasuke and Itachi) revived his little brother with the power of the Rinnegan and passed his dreams and ambitions for the Uchiha along to him, along with his newly awakened Rinnegan. He then died. I have no idea where Nagato fits into this…maybe he is Madara’s son somehow with an Uzumaki woman.

    Also, what I’m really interested in is why Tobi hasn’t brought out the big guns and used the 6 Paths Techniques yet. He could’ve easily absorbed that Rasengan with Preta Path if he wanted to.

    Also it would be pretty boss if Naruto left a clone in the Kamui dimension to attack Tobi whenever he pleases in the next few chapters.

  2. well im going to repost something i said 10 days ago in “its out early”

    “The Evil Ryu, on August 12, 2012 at 12:49 am said:

    also one thing people been saying is how can kakashi use the kamui with the MS but Tobi can use it with a regular sharingan. well if you look at it, i dont remember at anytime when tobi used kamui that we actually seen the sharingan (if anyone did please link the page cause i have all of the mangas tobi started using that jutsu after the sharingan was revealed and i dont remember him using that jutsu and we see him drawn using a regulaer sharingan). when he used his jutsu tobi’s eye is draw shadowy and darken out so he may use the MS but deactivate it as soon as he is done using that jutsu. one other thing each eye if both is obito’s has a different effect kamui. kakashi’s affect things from a distance. tobi’s affects things up close that is why he needs to be close to someone to effect them. so each eye if use by obito himself would have made obito possibly the fast uchiha and most devasating uchiha since the real madara in terms of physical aspect.”

    this is for everyone that will likely say he never used the MS before.
    but as I said and am re-saying he has never been drawn with the actual Sharingan being shown while using the then called “space/time jutsu” … never… even during this battle to include while he was in the other dimension with the naruto clone. all they showed was the rinningan. so yes he has the Obito’s other eye but dont you think its weird that Kishi still is not drawing Tobi using “Kamui” with the newly revealed MS? and now “hopefully” next week we finally get the answer to these what, 4 or 5 year question?

  3. Sadly I’m willing to bet that the manga will now shift to the kage vs madara. It’s been so long since we saw them that kishi will probably leave this battle I got there and we are gonna have to wait probably a month or so to find out tobis identity. Also in still not gonna say Tobi is obito. He clearly had his eye and may have his body but timelines and stuff just dont add up. Tobi=izuna as it right now is the most logical and makes the most sense time wise etc.

  4. So now it is confirmed that kakashi and tobi are using the eyes from the same set. and Madara does use mangekyo when he goes into other dimensions. Wicked cool chapter.

    And Old man Yamamoto is just freaking awesome.

  5. Also, Tobi chided Kakashi this chapter again, saying he cannot fully use Kamui, and he would show him its true power.

    This can mean a couple of things. Kakashi has the potential to use it like Tobi, and use the Space/Time Migration Technique as well as the Kamui-based object manipulations. Kakashi is really the only guy who has a chance against Tobi. But seeing as he collaped this chapter after that Kamui, he probably won’t be lasting long…

  6. Didnt you all notice that Kakshi’s eye is bleeding? His sharingan, sad to say, is done! This means either Tobi retreats or is beaten right here. Also naruto in the other dimension doesn’t help completely. Tobi should be able to just warp him out like everything else.

  7. This means that we will be seeing TOBI’s real identity in the next chapter unless kishi decided to shift the scene to orochimaru and sasuke making out.

  8. What is going on in this fight – aint got a lot of time so gonna break it down real quick. Its about time kakashi colapsed – he should have done so several chapters ago after spamming kamui and fighting the swordsman fishmen!
    Now Tobi – what kind of villian is this!!!! A fuckin blind dog could have seen that strategy coming!!! It was TOOOOOO predictable!! Did he want them to blow that mask off on purpose?! As soon as they figured the shit out last chapter he should have known they were coming for that next dimenson. First of all what kind of ninja only uses 1 damn jutsu – thats like coming to a war with only 1 bullet – the shit aint gonna work and where the heck was that plastic statue gedo mazo?! You mean to tell me that this bitch got the shar/rinne eyes and he couldnt put up a barrier, absorb the technique, foresee the rasengen or dodge that big ass ball?! thats straight krusty!!!! Tobi is wearing those eyes like sunglasses coz this bitch is doin fuck all with them! Naruto should have ended this fight saying “I was wondering what would break first – ur mask….or ur jutsu!!”

  9. @ Tensa,

    I think TOBI relied so much in his intangibility effect technique making him rusty in using other techniques that could have put him in a more advantageous battle.

  10. @xcalibur

    smh, tobi is krusty! if u know u’ve only got one weakness then he should have been prepared to get it countered at some point in his life especially if ur up against a person with the other eye that u stole! Look at neji when he fought kiddomaru he knew his weakness (his blindspot on his neck i think it was) and tunneled all his chakra to that area coz he knew thats where he would be attacked. The cocky eye bandit should have been ready! I dont know if kishi lost interest in this fight and wanted to speed it up but it all felt abit rushed. I was hoping kakashi would have been all traumatised and guy would have had to gone all 8 gates in an attempt to beat tobi an defend his friend!

  11. One more thing where daduq are the rinnegan techniques! Almighty push could have dealt wit these fuckers time ago!

  12. @??????, on August 22, 2012 at 8:51 pm
    What tobi meant with that Kakashi cant use the Kamui to its full potential is probably beacuse he ain´t an Uchia bloodline like “tobi is” so kakshi probably wont be able to use it like Tobi does

  13. Great chapter 🙂

    @tensa he uses multiple jutsu’s that one space time jutsu is his main one yes, reason why he didnt dodge the rasengan is because it was split second me thinks didnt see it coming, After all naruto is the fastest character in the naruverse now if you just talking about speed not spacetime jutsu’s.

  14. Tobi said it himself kakashi was faster than he thought (basically underestimated kakashi’s abilities) and that combined with naruto’s speed is what did him in, and when you are cocky you tend to think you can’t be beat, So for them to surprise him like that, let them catch him with his guard down. Also he was in the middle of a bijuu dama so he couldn’t return to the other dimension because that would have killed him for sure.

  15. How does that work? When the bijuu dama came for him, he went to the other dimension.. but how does he know when the bijuu dama is over? can he se on both side at the same time or what?

  16. Naruto is freaking fast. Tobi thot kakashi kamuied the rasengan and that the Naruto clone was destroyed by the giant stake. Tobi was tricked, a very nifty trick it was. Tobi is not fast, only way he could have escaped Naruto was to go back to the real dimension but there he would have been incenerated by biju Dana. The other way is rinn but again I don’t think he had enough time to react and set that up.

  17. @The Evil Ryu
    Tobo eyes becomes shaded every time he uses the warping technique is because it becomes the portal itself. The eyes turn into the portal/black hole and sucks whatever Tobi wants to bring in and out. When Kakashi use kamui, a black hole opens up on his target and sucks whatever it’s point at, shading that area when it’s warping things in.

  18. Well it was either get hit by a rasengan to the face or slip back into reality and get blown to smithereens by the bijudama. great tactic really. feint and strike! think the first mistake by tobi was attacking bee, trying to take him out the picture left an opening for naruto to get so close then kakashi’s amazing tactic whilst naruto warmed up the bijudama! very impressive.

  19. Even Nagato with both rinnengans was slower then itachi so i can imagine tobi to slip up sometime, i mean he has escaped nearly every attack that has been put towards besides a few! almost invicible. after a while u would get cockey i guess lol!

  20. Tobi doesn’t have unlimited chakra either I’m sure the rinnegan for him is like the sharigan for kakashi in that it will drain his supply in a short amount of time. technically nagato being a uzumaki gave him the body type to use it effectively tobi isn’t that blessed it seems.

  21. @tensa: i agree with you with the rinnengan techs, but im thinking that they take a huge amount of chakra out of you. thing is he is still needing chakra for the “Infinite Tsukuyomi” and naruto did stop the almighty push by digging in in the ground so although it would push back kakashi and gai he would still have naruto up his ass! saying that though naruto couldnt of connected the mask mashing blow if kakashi was pushed!

  22. one thing Tobi could do possibly is use the rinnengan as a recharger by using one of the six paths of pain techs to absorb some power from one of his enemies! possibly using the chakra chains on Bee?

  23. @nss7

    so does that explain both eyes being darken now that he has two eye holes in his make or the reason its not showing in the other dimesion. but this is not for that.

    im making a statement to the people that say tobi never had or used the MS. now even up tell last week i was one of those “why has he not used the MS if he is madara, so on and so forth”

    thats it, we dont know that cause when he uses the jutsu you cant see the eye so you do not know if he was using the MS or the S. and as we see its easy to turn the MS on and off once a user gets use to using it.

  24. I don’t think tobi can use almighty push. I think that was the power of yahinko. Better yet kish is just confused and confusing everything.

  25. @Teamevolution1
    He can use the almighty push.. ha can use allt path of Pein powers with the rinnegan.. Nagato just divided them into diffrent body. perhaps to spare chakra maybe and having them avalible at all time perhap..

  26. Hmmmmm i wonder if tobi would be man enough to use izanagi and reverse getting his mask an nose blown off or is it too late?? that would be some serious trolling by kishi but then again he seems just as confused as us!

  27. What if Tobi is………gasp………a Kakashi doppelganger. :-).

  28. I think this arguement has been raised so many times in this site.

    “Why does sometimes RASENGAN makes a one time hit and it will kill the opponent, sometimes not?”

    When naruto landed a rasengan to Pain (yahiko), it automatically killed the zombie. But when Minato/Naruto landed rasengan into Tobi’s Back/Face respectively, Tobi is not killed?

  29. Does anyone think Tobi’s/Kakashi’s eye ability came from watching Minato? I wonder if it was some upper Uchiha plan to team Obito up with them. I kinda wonder if for Bleach Uryu Ishida was a spy and pulled his punches so we wouldn’t now his true powers like the other quincy guys hinted at.

    I couldn’t imagine obito would have the power to conjure up the Ninetails when Naruto was born. It’s clearly someone else and I get the feeling we’re going to skip to one of the other two stories (Madara or
    Xcalibur’s Orochimaru and Sasuke making out=> too funny)
    Which will tell us in a long drawn out number of chapters who Tobi really is.

    I’m betting urahara is visited by Ichigo’s Dad who’s stollen Ichigo’s powers back from his other son what’s his face and is now gone crazy due to the link to Ichigo’s rage and become Grim thus allowing for a Battle that we had hoped would come.

  30. Whay does Tobi says that Kakashi just borrowing the Kamui? Tobi “borrow” it from Obito when he took his eye.

  31. I don’t care if Tobi is Obito or someone else.
    However, I will throw out some taughts because Kikashi, Guys & Tobi’s reaction during these chapters strongly implies that Tobi is someone Kakashi knows.

    A rock smashed half of Obito, but what if his warping capabilities kicked in automatically like an involuntary reflex. That side under the rock was sent to another dimension. He didn’t know this would happen, therefore his body reacted as if it had actually been crushed, which is why he had blood coming out of his mouth. Frankly, if a bolder fell on top of anyone like the way it fell on Obito head/body, it would instantly kill them, and obviously destroy the eye under the bolder. Something must have happened to allow him to be conscious and his eye to survive. 
    I say the trauma of seeing a bolder fall on him made him think/feel that he was going to die. So, he made the choice to give up his eye to Kikashi. As the result of the eye transplant, he passed out. Later on, after everyone was gone he woke up again and realized that something was not right, and he moved himself out from under the bolder. 

    In regards to his age, warping back and forth to another dimension could have an accelerated aging side affect and/or body breaking down side affect. Which is why Zetzu is his right hand man. Everyone needs a healer.

    How did Tobi give Nagato the Rinnegan? He most likely was the one who orchestrated the war that allowed Nagato to activate his Rinnegan. After Nagrato died, Tobi viewed the eyes as his because they are spoils of his war. Just like the eyes from the Uchiha masaqure he harvested.

    If you guys need any other questions answered don’t ask me, I don’t care.


  32. @Apathy-Ninjustu
    If Tobi is Oibto he would have given the Rinnegan to Nagato before he was cruched by rocks.. beacuse Jiyria found them during the second war ( wich obito must just have ben a little infant) and Obito was crushed y stones during the 3rd war.. so Tobi cant be Oitbo

  33. @seda

    So what I’m saying is Nagato and his rinnegan came about to balance Tobi’s future power (e.g., Madara/1st hokage, Tobi/Nagato, Naruto/Sasuke) However, Tobi manipulate-ninjustu Nagato.

    Anyways, the flash back to Obito’s grave & kakashi & Tobi’s dialogue strongly implies that’s Tobi is Obito.

    If Tobii is or isn’t Obito, I don’t care either way.


  34. @apathy ummmm balance tobis power? Tobi can’t really do anything sides fade in and out and he implanted the rinnengan into himself. I mean Konan was comparable to Tobi in terms of power lol. If not for kishi deciding to hack him Tobi wouldn’t be around for this.

  35. @token

    Well, Tobi did start a ninja war. So, that may not impress you, but in the Naruto universe he is feared, and has tricks (e.g., wack-a-mole ninjutsu).


  36. @apathy he said he was madara and everyone respected that name so they thought they were facing madara. Not only Konan either the fourth wiped the floor with him (which makes this current battle kind of silly. They have to resort to kamui to hit Tobi while the fourth just out thought him and outsped him. And since naruto is at that lvl it’s kind of sad that naruto still can’t hit Tobi on his own). Tobi isn’t that special. Orochimaru and Nagato were more dangerous than Tobi ever was.

  37. And the war wasn’t what the villages were worried about it was the fact that Tobi had 7 of the 9 bijou (which he never got himself as he wasn’t STRONG enough to catch any himself he had to have others get them. I mean really he couldn’t even get one himself while kisame had no troubles getting one on his own and oro has gone toe to toe with a 4 tail naruto and handled himself well. Talk about weak.) and they know he’s trying to awaken the juubi.

  38. @token

    So again, Tobi started a big ninja war. I see that does not impress you, but in the Naruto universe he is feared, and has tricks (e.g., wack-a-mole ninjutsu, hoarder-ninjutsu, catch them all-ninjutsu & sleeper mode-ninjutsu). Now is he stronger than your dad? Idk or care.


  39. I think we have a troll lol

  40. @Apathy-Ninjutsu
    If you dont care as you say, then why do you comment? if you didnt care you woudlnt do anything

  41. What Apathy said abt obito activating his warping techs accidentally is very plausible. He alr accidentally warped that side of the boulder to another dimension and thinking that hes dying soon asked Rin to transplant his good to kakashi. Became unconscious and both his team mates thought he died. Bit he is not tobi. Tobi cld be another uchiha and since he harvested lotsa uchiha eyes, he cant be obito. Tobi is someone who salvaged obito’s eye. Being an uchiha he can use it to full advantage.

  42. I think Mr_Sensei is really busy. I am still hoping for his review.

  43. @ Dingo

    I said earlier that what I’m apathetic about is where or not Tobi is Obito. To many people go nuts when they want to be right. I just wanted to point a few things out. So, I posted cause I haven’t read anywhere that Obito could have unknowingly activated his warping technique involuntarily, and felt that it should be stated due to the coversations between Kakashi, Guy, and Tobi.

    @ Token

    Troll…I’m more a goblin type, but whatever. I don’t really care.


  44. @ Xcalibur

    I think that there is no review this week because it would naturally have to touch on Tobi’s identity. Its a touchy subject. Atm it could likely be Obito, but many would hate it if he was.

    I hope there is a review this week, and soon. I miss Bob, but enjoy and look forward to reading the new guys reviews.


  45. The theory of Obito involuntarily awakening his Mangekyu and warped either his half body part or the boulder is a very plausible idea!

    It would only mean that in times of death, an Uchiha can jump from an unactivated sharingan to Mangekyu.

  46. @Xcalibur

    SMH. if that was the case, the Uchiha’s should had dominated the Senju’s in each battle they had against each other, or every Uchiha would had activated their sharigan during the Uchiha massacre

  47. well chapter 599 is out and lets say according to the last pages a lot of us were wrong and a lot of ya’ll were right. now lets here the back story to this. and how tobi/obito fits into the timeline of nagato cause the minato timeline can easily be solved and his time in the mist village as well but during that time he says he gave nagato the rinningan obito was either an infant or not born at all yet, hell maybe not even though of. so this plothole better be fixed and properly for most of us to agree with. but at less we FINNALLY get to see this guys face.

  48. Tobi was a subordinate of Minato, how can he be on the same level as Minato when he wasn´t even on the same level of Kakashi when the fought together. I could go on but I am too lazy, but it doesn´t make any sense

  49. i still am not too sure it is obito. it just cant be lol. I still think it is his eye and i guess body but its not him. maybe someone used a jutsu like oro did to continually body switch and he just so happened upon obitos. I still dont think its obito but if it is kishi has alot of explaining to do

  50. Now that it appears all but certain that Tobi is Obito, he just doesn’t seem as menacing anymore. It’s like finding out the guy who has been beating you up is really your little brother; not intimidating at all.

  51. This was a fairly nice birthday present today to finally find out that it was Obito.

  52. I thought kishi would set up some random flashback to deal with Tobi’s identity, but i did not expect the flashback to focus on Obito. I assumed that the flashack would focus on Kakashi’s feelings about Obito. I see Obito as a foil for Kakashi. In other words, I believe Obito’s only purrpose in the manga is to stir up Kakashi’s emotions. I do not really see Obito as a character in his own right yet.
    (Sidenote: The haircut always gave it away!)

  53. Usually Kishi does thoes flashbacks right before somebody is about to die.

  54. Creative method, Kisu. Using a dictator to deliver a ranting chapter review seems like something you would do. It saves us from reading your trademark long posts.This device describes the humiliation of all those people who thought they understood what was going on in kishi’s head. Good job on your post, sir! Good job!
    ( p.s.Your new image is hardly worthy of a political despot! No dictator looks that cool and secure.)

  55. Classic. Kisu this is a new high even for you. Well done sir….very well done. *Stands and applauds.*

  56. @both above: Thank you, my good sirs!

    Obito graduated the Academy at 9. Kakashi graduated at 5 and became a Chunin at 6. They cannot both be taking the exam at the same time since Obito would still be an Academy Student. Hell, they shouldn’t even be on the same team.

    Plotholes, plotholes everywhere!

  57. That Hitler video are my thoughts exactly

  58. I refuse to accept this lol. Kishi has got to be trying to throw us off he has too. Too many potholes to count here

  59. I only see one at the moment. Care to share the others, Token?

  60. Ok;
    1) how did obito get from being mediocore ninja to being an equal to minato, and being able to control the nine tails and get a contract with it. How did he go and control the nine tails when prior to this only madara uchiha was able to do this. Madara a ninja who by many was comparable only to the first.
    2) http://www.mangahere.com/manga/naruto/v44/c404/2.html now this is a interesting page cause this would suggest that the first time they met tobi was not wearing a mask as if he was he would have known all along. Now giving this also how is it that obito was powerful enough to be able to control the mizukage with the sharingan (similar to the nine tail situation)
    3) what is with all of the different hairstyles and stuff?
    4) The third shinobi was took place at this time with nagato. Now at this time obito was 11 and with his team. At the same time nagato was with his group nagato had already had the rinnengan. Tobi states that he is taking what was his to begin with. During the war nagato was between 12-15. So when he first used his eyes he would be what about 5 or 6? so by thats obito is roughly 6 or 7 at still struggling at academy probably. The times dont add up to how tobi would encounter nagato here.
    These r some of the problems im having. too tired to go into detail on more lol

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