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Naruto Chapter 476 – Chasing Itachi

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

This week’s chapter didn’t get me too excited I’m afraid to say. I thought I’d be more excited by a potential Sasuke versus Itachi Mangekyou Sharingan showdown, but I dunno, maybe Sasuke suddenly reverting back to his old angsty, Itachi-obsessed ways is throwing me off. This turn of events with Itachi and Sasuke’s reunion is a surprise to me to be honest, we’ll have to see how this plays out but how Itachi handles this will determine Sasuke’s course of actions in this war. The other highlight of this chapter is the return to the Madara versus the five kages battle. I had hoped to have seen more of Naruto’s fight against Tobi since the tide has shifted to the good guy’s side, but I guess we’ll have to wait. As well, by having the two battles occur simultaneously, Kishi has made it so that neither parties can come to the others’ aid; each group will have to win based on their own merits.

For the longest time, I had believed that Sasuke had gone far past the point of no-return and that any chance of redemption was nil. However, Itachi’s surprise chance encounter with Sasuke might just shine some hope here. This is because Itachi is the only person Sasuke would even consider listening to and be influenced by. Heck, Sasuke usually either shuns or attacks those that try to persuade him somehow, this time Sasuke is actually having to chase down the man he desperately wants some answers from. The fact is, Itachi made Sasuke who he is today. Of course, it wasn’t Itachi’s intention for Sasuke to become a hate-filled-Konoha-killer, but as we’ve seen, Itachi was very laissez-faire in how Sasuke matured. But this chance meeting is an excellent opportunity for Itachi to finally influence Sasuke down the right path. At the moment, Itachi is ignoring Sasuke, not just because he is busy tracking down Kabuto, but also because he is very disappointed in how low Sasuke has sunken that he feels there’s little use in trying to save his brother now. But I think Sasuke’s demonstration of his continual obsession with Itachi shows that his inner mentality is still that of the young boy looking up to his brother looking for guidance and approval. Itachi is the only link Sasuke has left to his childhood, and I do believe that Itachi can have a significant influence on Sasuke’s role in this war depending on his actions and words in the next few chapters.

I do believe a Sharingan showdown is inevitable because 1. the fans demand it and 2. Sasuke needs to fight his brother now that they have the same eyes in order to gain Itachi’s approval. I also personally believe Sasuke Needs to defeat his brother in order to bring some kind of closure within himself. Prior to learning the truth about his brother’s role in the downfall of the Uchiha clan, Sasuke only wanted to defeat Itachi for revenge, but now he needs to defeat Itachi in order the show the brother he has admired all his life how far he has come on his own. I’m hoping that by going through this battle, Itachi will convince Sasuke to reconsider the path he has chosen. At the very least, he should convince Sasuke to help him track down and kick Kabuto’s ass.

It looks like it’s time for Tsunade to now shine on the battlefront against Madara. Madara has pretty much formally declared a challenge to Tsunade to come get some. He has insulted her family’s name as well as making sexist comments about her being weak simple because she is a woman. Hot-tempered as she is, Tsunade won’t take those comments lightly. I hope she can put that anger to good use, because this Madara is a powerhouse the ninja world has not seen in decades. Hopefully, now that they know that Madara possesses Hishirama’s powers because he literally has his cells within his body, Tsunade can use the knowledge of her clan’s powers and her medical jutsu to come up with a way to defeat this monster.


21 Responses

  1. @bob
    have to disagree on two sides
    1. It wont come to the fight because Itachi doesn´t see any sense in it to fight his brother since he believe he can´t change Sasuke anymore and Sasuke did all of this because of his brother
    2. I don´t see anyone of the kages who can step up against Madara, so it´s only Itachi who can stop Madara

  2. Ok, so here my question. Who would win in a Ono on one battle between the 1st and the 4th. My money is on the 4th. I think kish needs to get his act together. He need to explain y the 1st and 2nd were so easily defeated by the 3rd. He needs to stop with the ars-pull power ups for describing the first. I mean the forth couldn’t even kill a young kakazu but he’s the most powerful kage of all time.

    P.s ….. I bet the second will end up being tobi or playing the most significant role. Perhaps a clone of the second.. Hummmm

  3. @team it cant be the scond hokage… he is in the demon reaper seal so tobi is not the second. BEfore this arc i would have said that the 4th would have beaten the first… however thanks to this burst of power that the first suddenly seemed to have makes me think otherwise. Also this whole edo tensei thing has got me all messed up here…. on the one hand for ppl like madara and itachi and zabuza this edo tensei has given them power and longevity on top of the fact that they retain all abilities from the past. However, for ppl like hanzo, the second and the first before this all it did was diminish their legend. I wish kishi would have some consistency…. example zabuza, madara and hanzo. Zabuza from what we had seen was good, but after edo he was literally wiping hundreds of the shinobi armies on top of engaging kakashi. MAdara retained his rinnengan, showed power not seen before and can heal himself after being attacked or anything like that. Hanzo was a legend that was supposed to be better than the three sannin were at their youth (tsunade ok not a big deal but oro and jiryia were beastly) and yet the old man samurai downed him rather easily. seems to me kishi is randomly changin the view of those in the past to his liking and would be nice to see consistency as opposed to o the first was good but nothing spectacular in the fight against the third to OMG the first wouldnt be beat he could heal himself without seals, control all the bijuu, and had amazing, forest creating wood jutsu….

  4. @token I think the reason these recent Edo summons appear stronger (or at least as strong) than they were in life is because Kabuto has mastered Edo Tensei to a higher degree than Orochimaru. I mean look at how many summons he had fighting simultaneously, whereas Oro had just the 1st and 2nd and couldn’t unlock their full powers. I have no doubt that if Kabuto had been controlling those summons against the 3rd, the old man would’ve been pwned something serious.

  5. @bob you did it again man wrong chapter name

  6. I too was not very excited about this chapter because I wasn’t expecting Sasuke to be so dependent on Itachi still. The two brothers could come to blows if Sasuke attempts to prevent Itachi from advancing, but Itachi does seem smart enough to avoid any attack Sasuke sends his way.

    I would be surprised to see anything special from Tsunade here. Kakashi got us all excited by saying he was going on a rampage… and then we didn’t see anything. Also, the will of fire has prevailed in many cases, but for Asuma it didn’t mean a whole lot vs. Hidan. It would be pretty cool if she just busted out Mokuton, but that seems like a stretch.

  7. Sasuke vs Itachi vs Kabuto triple threat is what i hope will happen and Itachi will disappear once he forgives his brother for his nonsense attitude but if that happens an Sasuke gets closure he’ll have no reason to fight Naruto…..
    Something’s gotta happen to Itachi to make Sasuke completely go ape shit and trigger his carnage! Ok what if itachi stops edo tensei but as a result Itachi crumbles away before there final goodbye then we get EMS Sasuke vs Oro Kabuto snake boy junior

  8. I’ve said it repeatedly before. I still think Orochimaru is coming back, because Sasuke & Itachi vs Kabuto(no matter how much he has improved with Oro’s help) is still a pretty bad matchup. I think Kabuto is going to break Oro out of Itachi’s sword when they fight, because as well all know once you get the MS you have to show Susano’o in every fight, if not you are a lame Uchiha, lol. So, once that happens Kabuto I think is smart enough to figure a way to release Oro, just like Itachi freed his mind from him. Then it will be a lot fairer fight Itachi & Sasuke vs Orochimaru and Kabuto. I mean every major character has made another appearance except for him and Jaraiya, and I think Jaraiya is going to make an appeareance before Naruto gets finished fighting Tobi, just so he can see how much Naruto has grown, after Tobi summons him to fight.

  9. @uchihatheinfamous, I like the idea of Tobi learning how to do Edo Tensei just from watching Kabuto do it and summoning Jiraiya.

    I still say that Kabuto will reverse summon Madara to help him with the brothers Uchiha, thus saving the kage from getting straight murdered.

  10. @Uchiha

    The Uchiha brothers vs The legion of snakes, i like the sound of that! Orochimaru was a beast in battle – he quite happily took on a 4 tailed naruto smiling the whole time! Kishi might aswell bring him back – kimmimaru got brought back an didnt do nothing so give the snake king some shine again!
    I think Jiriya’s coming back and also the 1st hokage – he’s gonna have a part to play in this war, hell i wouldnt be surprised if tobi was him and him an madara planned the whole thing from the start!!! : P

  11. Why do ppl keep mentioning the 1st and second hokages coming back…. They r in the demon reaper seal and will be for eternity (unless kishi decides to go against that a say o they found a way to get people out which will be a major cop out but kishi is capable of doing that lol) so they r NOT coming back

  12. asuma died for his team to rise up and surpass him. i can see tsunade getting madaras respect for a moment. and everyone knew that sasuke would turn good guy eventually. he will still have a grudge/rivalry against naruto, and naruto will have to earn sasukes respect with a fight to the almost death but naruto will get his happily ever after. sakura will get sasuke, naruto will be happy for them, while naruto lives his life with his friends but secretly alone cos he cant have the girl he wants. and naruto will become hokage upsetting sasuke and the whole first hokage/uchiha imbalance will occur all over again until naruto is forced to kill sasuke for the good of konoha. and finally get the girl of his dreams cos he killed her beau.

  13. @ Token
    The same way kishi made edo tensei bring back the dead I’m sure kishi will find a way to reverse the demon reaper jutsu! It seems like the closer we get to Tobi’s identity the more the 1st hokage an senju’s keep gettin mentioned. Poor Hyuga clan they pretty much got pissed on!

  14. Cant see anyone of the Kages defeating Madara, but they can if they make a good strategy!

    it was a good face off with the susanno bitch slap from itachi!! ha ha! get your hands off me i got work to do! pow…

    i think Tsunade will step up now. we havent seen her open up and go all out yet! she has been impressive in the past with healing an entire village continuosly at the same time! but she hasnt she allot of battle prowess and im sure beyond those long locks and bountiful bosoms she has a few tricks up her sleeve and maybe an ace in the hole too hey! the will of fire has sparked up and shes about to let it burn Madara big time!

  15. Why is everyone so harsh on Tsunade though? She was never really the first choice, and she was not brought in because of her combat ability, that was Jiraiya. She was chosen for other reasons.

  16. solid chapter, but I think the next will be better

  17. damn…tsunade gets pawned:( kabuto is awesome this chapter so is itachi at the end:)) they will make kabuto stop the edo tensei without killing him soon enough..bet kabuto is prepared for sharingan now:Dhope he won’t fall for genjutsu.

  18. They all feel for a Wood Clone? FAIL.

    Tsunade won’t die, she hasn’t even unleashed her Yin Seal Regeneration power. And Itachi vs Sasuke vs Kabuto? Interesting.

  19. if madara was the only 1 2 see the technique then they should have fallen for it…

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