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33 Responses

  1. SECOND!!!!!!!

  2. third

  3. fourth…btw nice trick by madara:))definetely very nice:P not such a big surprise from Mr.shichibukai Law it was really expected:P

    Bleach:Very very nice:Ddudes with bankais:O

  4. I wonder if Itachi and Sasuke will gang bang Kabuto with back to back Tsuokoyimi in order for him to release Edo Tensai

  5. how awesome was it itachi told sasuke to stay there.

  6. Lmao! I called it to be T-Law! :)> OP is the better manga these days!
    I am not feeling the Madara fight and whiny Saucegay running after Itachi like a baby! I wanna see Itachi go all out on Kabuto!
    Naruto befriending the tailed beasts and fighting Pretendara was more interesting.

  7. It must be very hard for all Sasuke fans to see how Itachi treat him like a child

  8. I’m glad itachi wasn’t able to keep sasuke back for too long, as much as I dislike him, its gna be great to see him an itachi stomp on kabuto!

  9. So basically Itachi kills Kabuto and is immortal, tobi dies, and 1st hokage dnaed immortal Madara is the final villan?

    Wouldnt it be dope for naruto to find a way to release the death god seal? boom all hokages back lol.

    OP, damn Law must have gotten a huge power upgrade, i wonder how large his range is. Imagine if he could have power over every object on the island. And i think Kid is going to be bad ass also when we see him.

  10. @ultimate this is y I hate sasuke lol. “I will reclaim the uchiha name I’m the strongest shinobi ever I will kill naru……. itachi is That u?!?!? Omg I’ve missed u….. wait y r u ignoring me come back !!!” cue tears and childlike mentality. Hopefully sasuke doesn’t get in the way of itachi owning kabuto.

  11. Naruto – Tsunade got fucked!!!!!!!!!!!! (and not in the nice way!) She wont die but just seeing her get stabbed right under her titties by wood made me choke on my water! Madara is doing the one thing we’ve all been waiting for – slapping bitches around like a true pimp!! His pimp hand is wayyyyyy strong right now!

    One piece – LAW is a Warlord – WTF!!!!!!!!!! I thought he was a good pirate?! I kinda wanted it to be buggy : ( Hmmmmmmm Law vs Smoker would be veryyyyy interesting!! They both have strong pimp hands!!

  12. Here´s a good example why Itachi is one of my favorite characters.
    While Itachi try to rescue the world once again, Sasuke only think of his personal interests

  13. Sorry, I meant it´s good example to see difference between the brothers

  14. I called that it was Law too not only does he have devil fruit but he took out samurai too and did you see the fear in the G-5 marines? Somehow he seems more like Zoro rival now with the swordplay but if Law,Smoker, n Luffy all meet it’ll be very interesting…Usopp went from complete whimp to straight badass too

  15. how the hell did law get a 440 million bounty :S luffy should still be higher with his contacts alone – shanks and his crew – white beard pirates – made an impact at enies lobby, impel down and marineford, went back to marineford with jinbei and rayliegh, the frigging 1st mate of gol d roger – son to the most wanted man and has the will of D, and yet he has only 400million bounty?! law must have done something ridiculous to get that level, not including cutting out 100 hearts of pirates because he gave them to world government to become a warlord so his bounty must have been at 440m before then

  16. @anon,
    I never imagined law as the type to work with the government but It kinda makes sense that law has a higher bounty I mean while the whole SH’s were training guys like law, kidd, drake an blackbeard were all establishing themselves in the new world an earning higher bounties/positions. While luffy was sleeping, kidd was destroying ships an shit so it is justified. This is good though coz it puts the SH’s in an underdog position….imagine if Law, Smoker an Tashigi vs Luffy, Zoro an Robin kicked off on that island……

  17. damn that Tsunade is stronger thank Raikage!… but too bad she met her end too soon.. i don’t want her to be gone yet..

    I think Law being a shichibukai is too sudden. i’m sure he’s got hidden agenda. and i think the one pulling the strings were that smokey dude in the flask.. FMA anyone.. hahaha

  18. Itachi giving Sasuke orders? Give me a break! Sasuke was seen on the last page. It wasn’t like Orochimaru was telling him to stay back. Sasuke is still the best there is, best there was, and the best there ever will be. Personally I can’t wait to see what Kabuto has up his sleeve. Remember Kabuto’s goal is to get revenge on Sasuke and take his body. Shisui and Jiraiya is coming back i hope

    The translation for these last few chapters have been terrible. At the Moment Idk who can beat Madara. Tsunade is dead. You can’t heal yourself from a blow like that. I expect to see flashbacks of her, Dan and her little brother. 1 kage down… 4 more to go

  19. oo i forgot kabuto wanted to take over sasukes body, inheriting orochirmarus dream. Maybe they’ll have an epic battle, try to take him over, but instead sasuke over powers him and absorbs him, and able to control edo tensai. Then naruto agrees to have a battle to the death with him if he releases the edo tensai…… last part is a stretch, but i dunno how else edo tensai will be reversed unless he is controlled somehow

  20. I wonder will Kish show Tsunade’s body reverting back to her true old and flat-chest state?

  21. Tsunade isn’t dead, she didn’t have a flashback and she was in her regeneration form. She’ll be back halfway through the chapter and the fight will continue until Kabuto reverse summons Madara to help him with the brothers Uchiha and the kages are spared.

  22. Tsunade is supposed to die a hero just like the other leaf kages, i don’t see her out just yet.she’s s’pose to do something to ensue madara’s defeat

  23. I hope from deep of my heart that Tsunade didn’t die now otherwise kishi will wast the whole next chapter in her miserable flash back

  24. R.I.P Tsunade

  25. Fucking Trafalgar LAW! The Baus is back and looks bader than ever!!!

    RIP Tsunade tho you are not dead yet, and won’t be for a lil while longer.

    The condom clan have their own Aizen, Tosen and grinjow. kool

  26. I’m betting Tsunade isn’t done yet as much as I secretly wish she was. All she has to do is bite the end of her finger off and spit it out and she should be back in the game.

    What’s with Itachi saying this is really bad… Did he ever meet Kabuto? I don’t remember that ever happening. Maybe he’s commenting about the snake coming out of Kabuto’s butt…


  28. Yeah, Tsunade ain’t done yet. Why would Kishi build her up to reveal a new forbidden technique only to die a few seconds later? We didn’t even see what it does. She’s the best medical ninja in this current timeline and that would be a pitiful way to die, furthermore one of the worst for a Kage…

    I think Kishi has set it up so the technique can be unleashed, meaning Tsunade will somehow be revived.

  29. @siskin
    Itachi is refering to the fact that edo zombies live on even if kabuto is killed.

  30. @Siskin

    He is more likely regard to Sasuke showing up because Kabuto just stated that he can’t die unless the technique can never be reverse. Itachi knowing the pain-in-the-ass Sasuke will became try and kill Kabuto or maybe I can be wrong.

  31. I see everyone has forgotten that he not known as Madara on here, he is BIG MAGNUM……that is all. Oh, I’m starting not to like how heis being portrayed. Apparently he isn’t really a bad guy, he’s just a guy that likes to fight a lot, and he only found one person strong enough to rival him, and now he is griping and starting to act like Sasuke by being a spoiled because he doesn’t have anyone strong enough to fight him. I think I liked BIG MAGNUM better when he came through smashing people left and right, and striking fear in there hearts just by people mentioning his name. The last 3 chapters have just been him spamming powers that aren’t even his, other than a few fireball jutsu. Common BIG MAGNUM lets get back to smash and bash, lol. Although he does still talk bad, (ex. his talk with Tsunade, still funny.)


    P.S. Let me give a shoutout to my boy Kisu, who hasn’t been through in a while. It’s about time we have another rap battle. Hear that Tensa, this goes out to you too, so get your rhymes together. You too Profess.

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