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Bleach Chapter 483: KriegsErklärung

Chapter 482: KriegsErklärung
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I didn’t really need google translate for this chapter title: “Declaration of War”.

The chapter shows a nice colored opening of Ichigo standing behind our new recruit; Senior Useless. Ichigo actually appears a bit like a big-brother figure for the kid.

As the chapter starts, so does the trash talk. The ‘Leader’ of the group continues on from last week, noting how easy it was to sneak in, and I agree. They obviously have been scurrying around the place with intent. Probably a long visit to the outer regions aswell. Though I am not quite sure these guys are killing civilians or try to turn them to their cause. Poverty stricken people could be swayed. As of yet. Too early to tell.

After the trash-talk games the chapter goes to the Ivan – Ichigo battle. Ivan pulled out his weapons. A bow like form with about 4 cannons on it. Them seem to shoot balls of fire. No pun intended.

Ichigo seems to have little trouble breaking these attacks. Ichigo is actually not bothering with offense. He, aswell as I, is trying to figure out ‘what’ Ivan is. The pendant he has is similar to Ishida’s having a ring in it. Since the cross itself looks exactly the same, it could be that the added ring signifies a different group within the Quincy. Like the Kidou Corps in SS. However the mystery of the mask will remained unexplained for now. The easiest explanation is that the strengthened themselves much the same Aizen strengthened hollow with Shinigami abilities.

Ichigo has a mask. He is a human-shinigami-hollow hybrid now. So why not a Quincy-Hollow hybrid. Ivan is playing an obvious game. Even though Ichigo is utterly unimpressed by Ivan’s attacks, the latter plays the part of trying to provoke him. Ichigo eager to learn more decides to give this guy what he wants.

He releases his bankai. Ivan’s face goes ape(real evil german doctor face). He quickly grabs an item from his pocket activating a giant, seal of sorts, seemingly designed to take away Ichigo’s bankai. The Kidou (let’s call it that for now) has its own chant before it is fully activated. Part of the fullbring influences break off into pieces, even the cloth of his outfit gets damaged. Ivan didn’t expect the strength of Ichigo’s bankai however.

He destroys the Sealing technique and manages a Getsuga Tenshou attack straight away. It is obvious Ivan severely underestimated Ichigo’s strength. I could be they worked with old information when they built that tool. Ichigo’s powers have clearly evolved when he regained his Shinigami abilities.

The new enemy seems to have won the trash talk competition as Yamamoto’s subordinate Sasakibe got impaled by a giant arrow. The unnamed leader speaks clearly. Soul Society will be annihilated in 5 days by the Vandenreich. Our enemy finally reveals its name. He seems quite the cool character for someone who is projecting death and destruction.

It doesn’t translate that easily. But should mean something like “Those of the Kingdom” or “Empire”. Something like that. You may correct me if I’m wrong. German was never my strong point. Even though I live in a neighboring country.


11 Responses

  1. Nice review! What i dont get is why wait 5 days an give the SS a chance to formulate a strategy?! Why dont the Condom clan just take on old man yama now, there already at an advantage coz of their numbers an that he’s the bleach version of shanks now! Its almost like its a trap.
    Old man yama needs to recruit a new left hand man! Sasakibe got destroyed by the Condom clan rather quickly, Condoms are suppose to protect you not hurt u!!

  2. @Tensa
    When the condom breaks. There is hell to pay I guess…

  3. Nice review

  4. you need lots of help.
    saying that word every time Condoms in your review.
    The dude is wearing a mask get it through head that simple fact this is war coming in 5 days got it not some joke.
    Thats just retard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It seems funny but just boring.
    Who says that in a review didnt know people still think some way like that just plain sad. .
    What does death mean to you?
    If you think this is a stupid review that I wrote thats what I EXPECT YOU to SAY.
    It seems if you reply is that yes its Nothing but DARKNESS.
    If its NO then your see a black sphere in you dreams that will take everything from you.
    My name is!

    From: EMPTY Shadow

  5. @emptyshadow, what are you talking about? Whatever it is, relax man…also, learn to use correct grammar.

    Awesome review man, keep it coming.

  6. @firefist87
    don’t worry about him, just smile an nod, smile an nod………….

  7. @shadow you sound the idiot here, just keep your mouth shut cuz you would never have the huevos to do this

  8. Things are kicking off here but im still like to see some exposition. I dying to see what the rest of soul society is up to aside from the regulars. Also, can we please have some people actually die in this arc? the fact that everyone survived the fight with aizen is a little ridiculous

  9. Watch your grammer and you relax thats sad you think that way.
    BYE BYE.

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