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Naruto chap 475 is out! Come and get freaked out!!!



This is a real shocker! And it grossed me out. ENJOY!


28 Responses

  1. OMG! OMG! OMG!
    DANZO’S ARM! IT’S FREAKY! And also this was a good chapter. Gaara may have spoken only a little bit but a man’s man like gaara only needs to talk a bit. He really gave Naruto something to think about.

  2. kinda cool that danzo’s arms like that but i wonder how he got that, and what Madara going to do IF sasuke gets killed

  3. AH MAN, don’t tell me that freaky arm is the reason he wanted the Uchihas dead! Wonder what exactly the purpose is of having eyes on your arm?

  4. it’s better and more updated in mangastream.com guys…check it out…^^, it was already out yesterday since the spoiler was complete and too early release last wednesday…^^, dun waste y0ur time in onemanga…so many wrong translations…^^,

  5. and thus the reason why danzo and madara go way back to the uchiha massacre, they made a deal so danzo will make sure konaha doesnt get involved in the whole massacre while danzo keeps the eyesssssssssssssssssssss

  6. i dunno how many ppl watch yugioh, and more specifically the fight with pegasus vs yugi, but danzo’s arm reminds of that thousand eye restrict monster, the one that can paralyze a foe and render them immovable, hahaha, just wanted to throw that out there

  7. it reminded me of that too renzokuken

  8. that’s it that’s it the long awaited time has finaly came, i am glad sasuke’s back in action, kick some danzo butt…

    u gotta be kidding me is this even possible somone to engrave sharingans on his hand, and that too active sharingans….

    danzo is real devil i hate him even more he used uchiha clan as sacrifices for sharingans. poor itachi must have regreted his act.

  9. madara’s invincible as ever

  10. Danzo used the uchiha massacre to get the sharingan eyes from every uchiha and implanted them onto his arm?

    Danzo is one sick fellow….

  11. bastard!!!!! danzo took up selected few of powerful sharingan, by any chance if he have sasuke’s dad’s and mom’s sharingan, sasuke really gonna be pissed off.

    i really looking forward for hell roasted danzo!!!!!
    it’s a heartily wish.lol

  12. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! I’m new here and just wanted to add my 2 cents if its worth somethin’. The whole thing makes me think back to the chapter when Danzo pulled out black swords and killed off a bunch of small fry ninjas in the beginning of his journey to the kage summit, I remember he did it effortlessly almost as if it was meant to appear like he used Sasuke’s style speed in that period of time, was the sharingans giving him super duper speed? But then again his hand was sealed then… the suspense is killin’ me! How does that arm work! Tell me tell me! ha ha ha!

  13. you know, i saw it in the last chapter… the column with that computer-chip-like lines …. maybe that’s where Madara kept Sasuke when he phased out to another ‘dimension’. Why would that one column/boulder look different from the other rocks?

  14. also, that was uncalled of for Naruto to brush off Gaara like that, when that poor guy came as quickly as he could to ‘comfort’ his one true friend.

    at least in the end he showed he was sorry for his behaviour.. lol

  15. @xee, it was clearly shown that shithead(danzo)took of his eye patch to counter those small fry ninjas, probably not using his hand engraved sharingan at the time..

    the deal is he considering sasuke a threat enough to not hold out any, an all out fight,danzo really understand his situation now he’s facing his worst nightmare…
    and sasuke is really pissed off can see through his stare, he’s in front of the person who is reason for all his suffering.

  16. and again, Im gar for Gaara =D

  17. there are a lot of freaky things in narutoverse…but danzo’s arm takes the cake. O_O

  18. I don’t know about taking the cake, but Danzo’s arm is certainly a surprise. I wonder if the individualized traits of the original sharigan user are held through (since there is a basis for this idea in the fact that Shinsui’s was held). If so, Danzo could probably beat anyone BUT a mangekyou user. Especially since you can be sure that different Uchiha members specialized their site in different areas. Maybe he can even switch out the different people’s chakra from the eyes in his arm to the eye in his head. Just a thought 🙂

    Can’t wait for Bob’s analysis.

    -pcgnome out

  19. @pcgnome u r quite close to the original concept of different shringan abilities

    if this is real then realy danzo is a tough guy, but i still think even multi numbers of sharingan is no match for a prodigy uchiha with MS with him,

    more on this when bob analysis will be out…..

  20. i think that is y he was lookin for kabuto, because oorochimaru did the surgery, and i do think he can use the indiviual abilities of the eyes, and he chose shusui’s ability atm cause it was called for at the time.so i think danzou is super powerful.

  21. well I bet I know the only one but I cant wait to read Bob’s post on this chapter

  22. it can be summarized as danzo(whole uchiha clan) vs sasuke, quite a mismatch, sasuke’s severely outnumbered,lo

  23. Ahhhhh let me tell you, this is why I read this manga for moments and twists like this, I have alot to say but ill wait for bobs discussion

  24. yeah me too

  25. man its hard to know who to root for… Douchebag Danzo vs whiney Sasugay. hmm…

  26. fuck both, Danzo is a creep. he ordered the whole massacre just so he could get his hands on the sharingan. i bet there was no betrayal by the uchihas.

  27. i think i might root for Sasuke. i kno most ppl here hate him and that he’s whiny (i also kno he’s gay, but i think he shouldn’t b made fun of for that since one’s sexuality is not a choice), but, hell, his clan was murdered just for Danzo’s collection, i feel Sasuke is justified in his need to kill him

  28. lol, @darknight, the uchiha’s were definately trying to go whoop ass on the rest of Konoha cuz they were disgruntled, of course danzo is still messed up for resorting to killing them off since he had motives to attach eyes to his harms

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