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Naruto Chapter 475: You Can Never Have Too Many Sharingans

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Not a bad chapter this week, a bit of action and lotsa new revelations abound. This chapter also raises even more questions regarding Danzo and also Madara to an extent. I’m sure everyone was looking forward to a Danzo versus Madara fight, but instead we got an exhibition battle as Madara toyed with Torune and Fuu, who have been confirmed to be from the Abarame and Yamanaka clan respectively. We don’t yet know Fuu’s exact heredity, but if these translations are correct, Torune is actually Shikuro Aburame’s son and thus Shino’s older brother (my bad, Shino father is Shibi Aburame). This fact raises to question the nature of how Roots recruits its members. As I understand it from Sai’s explanation, Roots mostly raises its members from childhood to become perfectly obedient members; the perfect candidates would be orphans such as Sai since they have no previous bonds left with the world. Yet in the case of Torune and Fuu, both belong to established clans in Konoha, and so are not orphans. I have a hard time believing that Shino’s father would not have known one of his sons was a part of Roots, so either he condoned Torune joining this organization or Torune willingly joined himself. This shows that Roots is not just in the business of training child soldiers out of orphans, but has been recruiting from the major clans of Konoha as well; makes you wonder just how deep this organization extends.

Torune and Fuu never had a chance against Madara, but their little scuffle does verify some of the limits of Madara’s phasing powers. Up until now, we’ve actually never seen Madara participate fully in a fight as he simply just evaded or allowed attacks to harmlessly phase through him. But in this battle, we see Madara physically interacting with his opponents and phasing into and out of solid form at will. This makes Madara nearly invincible in combat, but as Fuu and Torune observed, there is a way to hit him if you counterattack while Madara makes himself solid in order to attack. And although the two of them never managed to land a punch on Madara, Torune’s poisonous bugs jutsu did manage to infect Madara’s right arm, meaning he does have a susceptible physical form of some kind. But after Madara severed his own arm off without hesitation, the limb that fell to the ground didn’t look quite human — like it was filled with some kind of liquid.

Ultimately, this chapter raises more questions about Madara than it answered, and I’m still as confused as ever. One thing that still bothers me is Madara’s dimensional transport powers. In this chapter, Madara has once again shown us that he can suck in others into his dimension at will, effectively capturing them without any resistance. I pointed this out in the past, but if kidnapping people was this easy, why the heck did Madara not capture Naruto already if he wanted the Kyuubi so bad? He certainly has had plenty of opportunities in the past and has proven that he can locate Naruto with ease. Why bother with this war at all? Heck, why did he even bother sending other Akatsuki members to capture the Jinchuuriki when he could have popped in, sucked them in, and pop out? This makes me wonder if Madara has some ulterior motives he has yet to reveal. The way he has been running Akatsuki by carelessly letting almost all the key members die off shows that he really didn’t hold them in much value at all. Maybe his capturing of the Bijuu was more about creating chaos in the great countries than anything else. Think about it, none of the Akatsuki members bothered to hide themselves when they went hunting for Jinchuuriki, as if they wanted their attacks to be seen by as many people as possible. If Madara wanted to steal all the Bijuu efficiently, he should have done it as covertly as possible so that one village would not be able to warn the others. Yet, this whole operation was flashy and sloppy; and Madara did nothing to save his members like he did with Sasuke as they were killed off one after another. And now, with most of the major members dead, he declares war on the world? No, there’s got to be something more here. Madara wanted all the major countries to be united against him. But why? What’s he still hiding?

The last part of this chapter is probably the part where everyone’s yells out “Gross!” Oh Danzo, we knew you were always a power hungry egomaniac; taking Shisui’s Sharingan for your eye is one thing, but that Sharingan-covered arm of yours confirms that you are just bat-sh*t crazy. This is Orochimaru level crazy here, but I don’t even know if snake dude would have resorted to something like this. All those Sharingans likely came from the slaughtered Uchiha clan members. Wouldn’t it be twisted if some of those eyes belonged to people Sasuke knew, like his father? This whole thing raises a lot of questions about the role of Danzo in the whole massacre. I’m sure his intent all along was to steal the Sharingans from the slaughtered Uchiha clan, but didn’t anyone notice that a lot people were missing their eyes when they buried the bodies? Well, whatever the reason, Danzo is still one sick bastard. I don’t know what kind of powers he has with all those Sharingans, but I doubt even one of them is a Mangekyou Sharingan. So, there’s probably no way he can beat Sasuke. But let’s see what happens next week.

Gotta Catch 'Em All!


104 Responses

  1. okay, 1 thing u missed was that Torune’s father was Shikuro and Shino’s father was Shibi, so unless 2 guys in the Aburame clan can make babies w/out the aid of females, then Shino’s and Torune’s relation stops at same clan.
    and on y Madara wan’ts the world against himself, i have 2 theories: 1, he just wants to make a statement that the Uchiha r just as bat-sh*t crazy as Danzo is and incredibly powerful to boot (unlikely), the second (and much more likly) theory i have is that he’s doing the same thing a villain in a certain graphic novel/super hero movie tried doing: creating one ultimate enemy that the world will unite against, creating a form of world peace (the problem is, that particular villain’s plain required the creation of a monster to destroy or framing an all-powerful being for destroying a large part of the world [the first was in the book version, the second in the movie adaptation])

  2. wow, fast comment JPUA. Yeah, I just caught that myself when I googled it but came back and here was the first comment already. Lol.
    I like your second theory, reminds me of Code Geass, but I have a hard time picturing Madara as an anti-hero type of character. We need to know more about his side of the story too.

  3. ok i am new to this but i have a theory about madara. i think he is on some Orochimaru type sh*t my self lets look at whats happening here he said he was weakend from fighting the first and has not recovered formed Akatsuki to do his bidding while he is weak. he is much like Orochimaru cause he needs Sasuke to beat a stronger enemy/take revenge. what i mean is he had itachi who we all know was stronger than sasuke but was weakend from over use of his eyes kisame who all beleive to have been madara ace warned him over and over about his eyes and note he could have been took sasukes eyes . but madara keeps saving sasuke.itachi showed use why madara wants sasuke. this next battle danzo vs sasuke will push sasuke to the point where he has to use itachis eyes which madara saved for him . remember itachi transfered his power to sasuke to protect him why can’t madara who has lived a long time know the secret Orochimaru knew away to switch bodys.

  4. @ Bob, yeah, well on the Aburame’s, guess “Shi” is a popular prefix in their first names similar to Ino, Shika, and Cho for their respective clans (i wouldn’t b surprised if Fu’s real name was “Ino”-somthing and if Torune’s real name was “Shi”-somthing, after all, what Danzo’s been calling them is their respective code-names)
    on Madara’s intent, yeah, i completely based that off of Watchmen character Ozmandias, who, in the movie made nuclear explosions similar to what Dr Manhattan (naked blue guy who got his name from the Manhatten project) can produce and (according to my sister, who knows more about the comic than i do) created a monster (which i believe is somhow related to Dr. Manhatten) to attack New York in the graphic novel

  5. This chapter was good, and the chapter analysis was good as well, but I see Jpua already pointed out the Shikuro-Shibi thing.

    Anyhoo, I don’t know about you guys but I for one am impressed by Fuu and Torune, quite a bit. Did you see how flawless their teamwork was? Fuu’s analytical abilities are top tier and his fighting skills are excellent as well. He figured out from only one attack what Kakashi figured out from several, i.e, Madara can’t be touched. Fuu’s reflexes are top notch, the moment Madara’s head popped up he went for a decapitation. Torune’s use of kunai impress me more than Tenten’s and his bugs seem far more advanced than Shino’s. Heck, even their opening move would kill even the best of enemis. Torune started off with a frontal diversionary attack, and if the enemy dodges it they’ll be forced back, right into range of Fuu’s Shintenshin jutsu. This chapter just made Ino and Shino seem insignificant compared to these two clan members. Btw, this proves that all sensor types aren’t weak. Ao (the Mizukage’s bodyguard) seems strong and Fuu IS strong, but Shi and Karin are..well…..they’re crap (so 50% of sensors are strong). Kudos Danzo, you DID choose good followers.

    Another thing I’d like to talk about is the Uchiha massacre. People seem to forget that Danzo wasn’t the only one who ordered their deaths, the two other Elders and Sarutobi (Third Hokage) ordered it as well. The Uchihas HAD to die, otherwise another Ninja War would have happened, and look what’s happening now, a Ninja war IS happening, all because of two Uchihas (Madara and Sasugay respectively). After preventing a war back then, I doubt anyone would care what happens to a few eyes. Besides, why would they Ēcare if one of their own (Danzo) takes the eyes, as far as they see it, its only making the Village stronger.

    Danzo vs Sasuke……it’ll be better than Sasuke vs the Raikage. Danzo was on par with the Third BEFORE he had the Sharingans, so he should be stronger than Sasuke. This will be entertaining, but I KNOW it will be interrupted by someone and neither of them will die.

    By the way, it was revealed that the Raikage’s name is either A or Ē and that he’s the Fourth Raikage, this information was revealed by Kishimoto in a recent fanbook.

  6. @ kisu, on Killer A, i kinda said that during last chapter’s conversation

  7. @Jpua, sorry dude, didn’t see that. But it wasn’t revealed that he has “killer” in his name though

  8. “but I doubt even one of them is a Mangekyou Sharingan” I am hoping the opposite, that they are all Mangeyku sharingan: Itachi did say MS rituals had gone on for centuries, and if you gather enough, one has to be, plus shusui’s jutsu was way above normal sharingan jutsu and that’s just one. He could even have an EMS in their, the problem is that the strain of it must be incredible (look how much one sharingan took out of kakashi, how can danzo use 8?)

  9. This just came to me. Why the hell is the Sharingan so persistent!? Kimimaro’s kekkei Genaki just dies, Haku’s died, and even the Rinnegan died.. I’m tired of all these Sharingans. What’s next? Ebisu taking off his glasses and revealing Sharingans?

  10. Also, I said last chapter that I think Madara’s goal was to eliminate all strong ninja that could possibly beat his eternal tsukyoumi, including akatsuki. I think he also wanted to copy their techniques and hurt the main village. A third side effect of his actions was the create of sasuke and naruto, the sage-decendant super powers, when the time is right, I think he will poach NARUTO’S body and Sasuke’s eyes (after the two are weakened from fighting eachother but have pushed themselves to their best abilities)

  11. @ Mart1. Well i sorta agree with you. Madara seem to evade from most or any physical attack…. And he keeps pushing sasuke to the level… So my guess he is trying to make him blind so that he can use itachi’s eye’s and make it eternal and he need Naruto’s physical strength too, that is Madara’s ulterior motive would be create another sage of six paths by making Sasuke and Naruto his puppets, because to control 10 tails you need eye technique as well as body power. But it may look emo though… a Fusion Dance of Sasuke and Naruto!!!!

  12. @ kisu on Raikage’s name : sorry, i guess i must of just figured since he came be4 Killer B, he’d b Killer A
    and on Sharingans, well, Kimmimaro’s and Haku’s kekkei genkai lacked the well rounded-ness of the Sharingan, which makes ppl pwn in nin-, gen-, AND taijutsu, bones r mostly only useful for taijutsu and ice only ninjutsu. as for Rinnegan, that might b overpowered. so, in short, Sharingan is powerful enuf to make worthy opponants, but no so powerful that every villain kills 5+ characters b4 dying

  13. Good one bobbo

    About Danzou’s arm, to me there is only one way this can work. You can’t see through your arms, and the sharingan is utilized through the user’s sight. So his arm is just the safest place he can seal all those sharingans, when they are not in his right socket. They either all have slightly different abilities and he uses them each when beneficial, or his arm is how he recharges these “batteries” after using them in his right eye. For this to work, he would have to have a quick and easy way to implant them to and from his eye socket, but seeing as how easily Rin did it, this is very possible.

    I like your theory about Madara Jet. I was actually going to do a blog on that very thing. If you think about it (like I said in a recent blog about how it reminded me of Itachi) Tobi is completely sacrificing the name of Madara as an asshole maniac and at the same time uniting the world before him (and against him). If Tobi isn’t Madara, this would make a lot of sense – Take a widely recognized name that you can back up, which is already rumored to be a villain and deceased, and that way you can stop the conflicting countries and have them aim that hate toward this villainous persona. Of course by doing this he is sacrificing himself, but like all the greats (Minato, Itachi, Sarutobi) sacrifice is the only way you can express your love for the world.

  14. Damn that is F-R-E-A-K-Y no matter how many times I look at it. Course I’m still wondering what the purpose is of strapping eyes on to your arm! That seems to be the only real plot twist this entire chapter, hopefully next week we’ll see what it can do.

  15. @Bob: In regards to your comment about about people noticing a few missing eyes, this is Danzo we’re talking about. He probably had his lackys swip the eyes AFTER the bodies were collected and no one would have ever noticed.

  16. @ xeras, about the sharingan arm, i have the same sentiments. i keep thinking “okay, now that i think about it, it’s more cool than gross” then when i c the picture again i think “OMFG!!!!!!!!”
    also, just noticed the “gotta catch ’em all” caption on Bob’s pic of the arm, lol, good 1
    as far as these characters, God, i really hope these guys make it into the next Ultimate Ninja game (Pein’s already in the 1 that came to Japan yesterday [called Narutimate Accel 3, i’m getting it for Christmas 😉 ])

  17. Good stuff Bob. Glad you pointed out that Madara’s not infallible.

    To answer the question of why Madara is doing all this if he can just teleport ppl…

    I think the facts that he hasn’t shown his MS/EMS or face support the theory that the First really did a number on him… maybe to the point of plucking his eyes out – destroying them? I’m thinking his solo sharingan is someone else’s.. which explains why he hasn’t used the EMS or MS (because he can’t).

    Anyway, with regards to the tele, like any jutsu, I’m sure it has its limitations – ie: it won’t work on an extremely strong ninja (kage level or high lvl jounin), unless the ninja is on the brink of death like Sasuke was or willingly goes along.

  18. Also, there have been a crap load of variations of immortality jutsu (or at least ways of adding 100+ years to one’s life), so Madara most likely knows at least one of them… whether it’s Oro’s body switching we don’t know.

    One question (not sure if this has been brought up b4)… is the EMS on permanently? Like does the EMS possessor have the option of turning the thing off like the regular and MS sharingans? If it’s on permanently, then that’s definitely not Madara/Tobi’s eye.

  19. nice post bob
    for the above analysis on how the two of well established clan are part of root, well it doesn’t matter i think as itachi was part of root too and he was not orphan, i think root only select kids with hidden potentials..

  20. now for some serious talkings, i am seriously pissed of and freaked out, i knew danzo got the satan seed inside him but he crossed the limit of insanity,

    how insane u can be eliminating whole clan for just there power, wht abt shit talks on protecting and caring for village..
    i bet he never ever considered konoha for any of this..
    i wonder if itachi knows any of this, if he knew and remained silent he gotta be a real jerk.

    now i doubt if uchihas was culprit of anything or not, may be the whole clan was toyed and used for personal gains…

    how come 3rd hokage doesn’t knew any of this….

  21. this chapter have casted in uncalled doubts i will be going on them individualy..

    1…. regarding sharingan hand—- first of all considering the naruverse this is practicaly immposseble for someone to have active sharingan on hand,come on man i mean u r bitching with science here, biological pattern of man doesn’t agree with this.
    eye has to transplanted in the right place to work,

    secondly , at the kage summit AO found out the signs of shisui uchiha chakra in danzo hand, is this means that using the shisui uchiha’s special abiltiy of controlling danzo is controlling all other sharingans…
    transplanting eyes is one thing but hoe can u have ahckra of other beings????

    2…. regarding madara— wht is madara thinking, i wonder if madara knew abt this, why he brought out sasuke to face danzo, how many dimensions does madara controls, TORU and FUU should be at the same place where sasuke is isn’t it..

    3….. Regading danzo— with all these sharingan, i wonder wht was he planning when he asked TORU to bring AO’S byakugan(where he wanted to plant that,lol),now he want sasuke’s sharingan R U SERIOUS TRANSPLANTING REQUIRES MEDICAL OPERATION, and i can’t see nayone around.THERE A SERIOUS DISADVANTAE FOR DANZO HE CAN ONLY USE ONE HAND IN THE FIGHT(OFCOURSE THE ONE WITH SHARINGANS CAN’T BE USED FOR STRIKING OR HOLDING),

    4…Regarding sasuke— firstly i am glad that sasuke is back in action, and that too for the one thing he wanted for,now one thing is clear here that after seeing this SHARINGAN SALE sasuke conscious is clear on danzo involvement in everything he suffered.
    how rageful sasuke will act after seeing his friends and family is being used as a toy for power.


  22. Re: why Madara always brings Sasuke out to finish job.

    This adds more weight to the theory that Madara is incomplete. It seems that he isn’t able to take out Kage level ninja at his current stage. Sure he has the ultimate defense, but as Fuu and Torune illustrated in this chapter, Madara’s defense can be timed.

    The Raikage, Tsuchikage, or Danzo are most likely capable of figuring this out in a fight. Hence, Madara’s need to bring Sasuke in to do the fighting.

    I agree that Sasuke will soon implant Itachi’s eyes. After these Kage fights, he’ll realize that he tango with them, but can’t fully defeat them yet… without the EMS that is…

  23. @star,may be u r right abt itachi’s eyes..
    sasuke sure had shown much more capability in maintaing MS for longer durations, but still it devil’s horn effect r too much to bear.
    i would like to see sasuke with all powerful EMS
    now that u mentioned madara never really used an attacking stance he alaways depends on his time/space travel.
    why not madara can have itachi’s eyes??


  25. “You infected my right arm…” is the reason why Madara Didn’t just beem in and steal the bijuu. He becomes valunarable when he grabs you to take you through the dimensions.

  26. @BOB: OMG ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL”….-claps-…. FREAKIN HILARIOUS….((ill comment later rite now im too occupied laughing))

  27. @manisuchiha, Itachi was never a part of Root, he was a part of the normal ANBU (if you can call those mask wearing weirdos normal that is)

  28. if you look at the eyes on his arms it looks like they all are the Mangekyou Sharingan

  29. @star69’s first post: I like you idea of Madara’s eye not being his original one. I think that whatever the first did to him messed him up bad, possibly taking the eyes away from him. This also leads me to think that he’s pushing Sasuke into fights that are potentially out of his league to force him to use his MS and to lose his sight. When his sight is gone and the darkness is close he’ll offer him Itachi’s eyes and Sasuke will take them, as he won’t want to live without his vision. I believe Madara would then beat the hell out of Sasuke and take the newly developed EMS and have himself a brand spanking new set of eyes.

    As far as how Danzo might use his creepy and it’s numerous Sharingan, I keep having this image of him just having them move through his body and swapping with the one in his eye socket. It probably is a little too far fetched but come on, in the Naruverse, there is some pretty freaky shit.

  30. @ Syrric, yea it does, but the artist sometimes draws the dimples really thick… making them look connected to the pupil. He’s done it quite a few times when drawing Itachi.

  31. @Eagle87, i agree…and assuming all danzos sharingans are MS then if we all thort that sasuke and itachi were abusing their MS without going blind then we have seen nothing yet.
    and how many total sharingans were “spare” after the massacre…if danzo took some, wouldnt he have taken them all if he could??

  32. no thats’s absolutely ridiculous, danzo arm eyes r not MS, it can’t be as ITACHI already stated that there r only two more MS user other than him.
    remember the time of uchiha massacre night.

    here’s the proof——

    also MS activation requires someone very close and precious to die, and considering danzo he never ever had anyone he ever loved.
    secondly that close precious person have to an uchiha
    third for thses many sharingan’s to become MS there’s a need of so many of them to die and danzo’s
    is nowhere near to have a blood relation to uchiha clan.

    therefore none of those r MS!!!

  33. now thats a good chapter, everyone agrees right, tobi (i have never called him madara) showed his superb skills in defensive combat, fuu and torune were not as bad as i thought they were going to be, and danzou , my theory is that his arm only holds the eyes, he switches the eyes in an out for different abilities but cant use all of the eyes at the same time, maybe he can just pop his eye out, grab one from his arm then pop it in, oh i almost forgot the upcoming battle, a promising 4 next chapters or so, ah another one will tobi help sauske? the most important one of all is WHO IS TOBI??? im convinced this was a good chapter, its sparked alot of good theories and discussion, the only part of it that upsets me is i have to wait a week for the next chapter

  34. @manisuchiha, hate to say this, but that’s a poor reason on your part. Itachi was smart, but he doesn’t know everything. http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/397/10/ that clearly shows my point. Also, how do you know Danzo didn’t lose someone special to him? In Naruto, almost all the bed guys lost someone special to them:
    Oro lost his parents
    Sasori lost his parents
    Pain lost everyone except a piece of paper (no wonder he was so sad lol)
    Kakuzu lost his Village etc
    And if Kakashi can get MS, why can’t Danzo? It would make for a far more interesting fight that way.

    @Profess, I’m kinda iffy about that theory. Everyone seems to think that’s what the arm is for, but I wouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch, i.e, Kishi loves throwing curve balls lol.

    @Jpua, if the Rinnegan was never introduced I’d say Shikotsumyaku is the best kekkei genkai and I hated seeing such a useful one become extinct.

  35. woah! just stumbled across something. I don’t know if this Uchiha has three eyes or if its actually just makeup, but it does seem interesting http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/398/18/ He’s in the background.

    Anyway, it seems Tobi’s lifespan is due to his large chakra reserve, perhaps a jutsu is involved….maybe?

  36. @ kisu on bone jutsu (i hate writing the name of it), like i said tho, it’s really a taijutsu-only kekkei genkai (well, okay, Kimmimaro pulled off a sick ninjutsu b4 he died, but that needed the CS2) while Sharingan is practically everything rolled up into 1 little (eye-)ball (okay, 2 in the case of Uhiha’s and 7+ in Danzo’s case) and that may b y it survived Kishi’s little “eliminate all kekkei genkai from the story” thing he has going on
    oh, kisu, i remember u telling me u got UN4, and since u seem to like that series, here’s a vid showing the ultimate jutsus from the new game “Narutimate Accel 3” (for PSP, thus far released only in Japan, but i ordered it off the internet): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9iFypaaLi8

  37. @kisu wht with the link and how its related to danzo having MS,even if i consider u r part and accept that danzo have MS, r u saying that all of the eyes r MS, if that so this requires a large amount of people close to him to die.

    i think danzo is not so frequent on releasing seal on his hand otherwise that wouldn’t be a secret for much longer, then again there was a statue that is needed and only a uchiha can summon it as its the hidden secret of the clan.(i think that way coz everytime it’s been shown when sthing on MS came up)
    danzo’s not a uchiha otherwise he would have knew abt the clan secret hideout and secrets..

    can u explain how a non-uchiha like danzo is using so many MS’s without getting anyside effect at all ,
    one MS is too much a person like kakashi, and here we r looking at a bunch of them, a bijuu level chkra is neede to handle so many of them…..

  38. @Jpua, all those moves are great….except they kinda overdid it again lol. Cant say I enjoyed watching so may weaklings wail on Pain though. And they made up a move for worthless Ino lol. Btw, who said you need a curse mark to do it? All curse marks do is grant chakra and make u look like a freak. Btw, I hope Kimimaro is in this new one cuz he’s my favorite character to use in the UN games. But I wonder how the Six Paths of Pain and Hidan will play in this game? I hope they don’t make it cruddy.

    @manisuchiha, I was never saying he had MS lol. I was only saying that we know too little about him to assume he doesn’t. Oh, and I was also saying Itachi isn’t omniscient.

  39. sigh….after Sasugay fights the kages i was hoping for some new action from the Sage Child of Destiny such as a fight or a training with Killerbee…but we still get emo kid…so for every Naruto fight we get more fights from the Uchiha kid…

  40. the sharigan above his elbow area is to big to be a regular sharigan

  41. @kisu, wht u think abt—-
    “how a non-uchiha like danzo is using so many MS’s without getting anyside effect at all ,
    one MS is too much a person like kakashi, and here we r looking at a bunch of them, a bijuu level chkra is neede to handle so many of them”..

  42. @ kisu, on them overdoing it, that’s what makes it fun! on them wailing on Pein, i think the guy who made it was a Jiraiya fan and wanted to punish Pein for killing him. on Kimmimaro, sorry, only Shippuden characters; kinda a rip off considering they gave the game second costume versions of Naruto and Sasuke based off of a Shippuden Omake where they were in highschool (although Naruto does have a cool coat) instead of giving us more characters. on Pein and Hidan:
    Pein plays as 3 seperate characters (Deva, Animal, Deamon) each able to summon 1 of the other 3 paths (i believe it’s Ghost, Human, Hell respectivly, but i’m not sure) and due to his lack of screen time, they seem to focus more on his multiple paths gaining up on u than the actual gravity and soul stealing jutsu (altho Animal still has plenty of summons and Demon still shoots out his fists) Pein’ll probably b a lot better in the next game (altho he still looks pretty good)
    on Hidan, i thnk his combos r basically just him attacking w/ his scythe and stake w/ the jutsu being stronger attacks and maybe a ritural (but the ritural may just b the ultimate) and his secondary mode allows him to trasfer his damage to the enemy if he’s standing on the circle

  43. @JPUA , r all the above comments were on game?
    if yes is it PS2 compatible..

  44. I just realized there are two manisuchiha…. Anyway “how a non-uchiha like danzo is using so many MS’s without getting anyside effect at all “- did i say he HAD Mangekyou? No. I said WE KNOW TOO LITTLE TO RULE ANYTHING OUT! Btw, people also said how could a guy control 6 bodies at once perfectly…..and then Pain shows he CAN. Point is Danzo may or may not have it, we don’t know yet so don’t rule out the possibility.

  45. @ manishuchiha, everything i’ve said about the game i based off of videos of gameplay. there’s plenty on youtube. by going to the link i provided and clicking on the user’s name, then u can get a shit load of Accel 3 videos. on is it for PS2, no, it’s only on PSP, which is y they had to cutback on pre-Shippuden characters and on Ultimate jutsus (every1 only gets 1) so they could still have enuf characters to cover the Shippuden story line beginning to Sasuke vs Itachi w/out over straining the memory card

  46. @kisu really two manishuchiha??lol,that’s cool, r u sure as i didn’t met anyone with same title out here..did u met the other one..
    @JPUA.ok well is this accel 3 is the latest of the naruto game series, bcoz on youtube there r a lot of them.

  47. @ manishuchiha, the other manish has a spiky yellow avatar that wears a monocle. on Accel 3, yes it’s the latest. don’t kno what others you’re talking about unless they’re either very old 1s where ppl were talking about what they wanted in Accel 3 or they’re by ppl who don’t kno what they’re talking about and get it confused w/ a Clash of Ninja game

  48. @JPUA
    Lol,haha sry guys can’t stop myself frm rolling over,that’s really funny guys u fell for the avatar alterations i don’t know how this happened but that’s all me.i am confused too with the avatar changes
    but nope i got no KAGE BUNSHIN out there.

  49. @ manis, oh, sry, i didn’t kno the avatars could change w/out warning
    @ kisu, maybe this will make u feel better about Pain in NA3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZgLaofiSBg

  50. @JPUA, nice youtube link, R.I.P jiriya…..

  51. okay first thing mandra and his ROOT organization.
    i find it very wierd that he was able to get major clansmen in there. and if he was able to do that then why did,t he gat naruto, sasuke and a few other peole in there cause i highly dout that the aburame and yakamana clans gave him permission.

    ps. when i heard that touture was an aburame i thought he was shino XD

  52. This is pretty good.
    But I prefer to watch an entire show at a time. Especially Naruto Shippuden dubbed, but the english subbed ones are also good.

    For anyone who cares, I use http://naruto2c.com/ for free streaming tv.

  53. second thing i also belive that he has some exterier motives for this whole war thing and the Akatsuki. i personaly think that he has the JOKER complex and he just wants to see the whole world burn.
    another thing sai should have kept his mouth shut cause this wwnd( what will naruto do) is wasting manga time and has anyone noticed that naruto has YET to put back on the kohona head band…. i’m just sayin.

  54. last thing OMG what the hell is with all the sharingan!!!
    i would bet all my money and my life that Danzo was the one who pushed the uchiha killings just to get the sharingan powers. THIS IS FIRKIN OROCHIMARU CRAZY HERE!!!!!!

  55. last thing OMG what the hell is with all the sharingan!!!
    i would bet all my money and my life that Danzo was the one who pushed the uchiha killings just to get the sharingan powers. THIS IS FIRKIN OROCHIMARU CRAZY HERE!!!!!! and not to mention he’s still alive

  56. “@kisu wht with the link and how its related to danzo having MS,even if i consider u r part and accept that danzo have MS, r u saying that all of the eyes r MS, if that so this requires a large amount of people close to him to die.” This is incorect, when an uchiha lose the person closest to the both (all) of their eyes activate to MS not just one. I also beleve Danzo having 8 MS sharingan active when you consider that for the most part they are sealed, and not all the MSs have to be active at once, thus not taking up too much chakra (Danzo will still probably go for a quick kill though). Also, another arguement for MS is how it’s used, if he were going to switch them in and out, he would have them closer to the eye (like the back of his head or his stomach were they would be close, and visually usefull) instead he has them on his arm, a prime spot to have them in using jutsu like amatseru, Tsukyoumi or Kamui (I don’t know if he could use sussano as he can’t go cross eye’d) Also, Kakashi isn’t known for large chakra reserves to begin with.

  57. @mart, i think the above explaination was for me not for kisu,lol
    anyway lets saw that danzo hidden hand was in a seal, i was wondering if the theory of losing someone for MS is applied to the eyes which can’t see(due to the seal) the death of the closest person at times.

    wht if u have to witness there deaths?????

  58. it also strucks the mind that even if sharingan transplant is possible how can one have another person’s chakra as a base to work them out, no wonder he’s controlling so many sharingans as he’s not using his own chkra but of an pure blood uchiha.

    kyubi’s chkra sealing’s a different matter, its part of the naruto whole system,but in this case shisui chkra is limited to only an arm and with no physical identity of its own, kyubi chakra have his own will, wht’s the case here????/

  59. “@mart, i think the above explaination was for me not for kisu,lol
    anyway lets saw that danzo hidden hand was in a seal, i was wondering if the theory of losing someone for MS is applied to the eyes which can’t see(due to the seal) the death of the closest person at times.” gaining the MS is due to trauma/emotion that comes with the death of a friend, it doesn’t matter if the eyes see it.

    “SHISUI EYE COULD BE ACTING AS THE NERVE CENTRE FOR THE CONTROL OF OTHER SHARINGANS” if you notice, Ao said Danzo’s arm was shusui’s, so it’s probably not as strained as kakashi’s, though this is arguement FOR MS because it mixes sharingan eyes together and lowers danzo’s strain. Also note: if you think shusui’s eye conects the others, doesn’t that mean if danzo saw his friend die with just shusui’s, it would carry over to the sealed eyes (also note: Oro.’s arm that Kabuto implanted still had Oro.’s chakra/will in it)

  60. @mart firstly AO didn’t mentioned danzo arm to be shisui he was refering to only chakra belongs to the latter.

    it seems that u kinda agree with the involvement of shisui’s chakra in danzo’s sharingan.

    also i think the right eye sharingan of danzo is probably weaker than the others, even if his eye is covered like kakashi’s eye still kakshi’s eye conditon is normal until he uses it too much.

    next week’s action will probably ans few of the doubts here.

  61. “it seems that u kinda agree with the involvement of shisui’s chakra in danzo’s sharingan.” Again, look at where hinata saw Kabuto’s arm, she saw Oro.s chakra overwhelming Kabuto’s. And no, I don’t agree, I said IF shuisui’s eye was connected. I think that Kishi will have the eyes see despite nerve control, and I don’t think it really matters because it wouldn’t really change much of his abilities.

  62. This chapter is pretty good, I think the only thing that madara is interested in is putting sasuke´s powers to a test, I have always thought that his eyes, chakra and “spirit” are ” eternal”, but his body is not, I mean, he probably died ( or at least was serioulsy injured) when he fought Shodaime back in the day, that is the reason for wha I thinkt he cannot be touched, I guess he just does not have a complete actual body, and yes, just like you, I believe all he is lookikg for is naruto´s body and sasuke´s eyes so once he has all the beasts ( I bet naruto will not die after the extraction) he can control juubi.

  63. What do you guys think of this picture now that Danzo’s arm is revealed?:

    I think it’s interesting that he has circles on his right arm where the eye’s would be. I haven’t looked at other people’s chakra patterns, but his left arm doesn’t seem to have them. I also not the chakra lines go right to his brain/ eye

  64. lol @ mart’s picture, if u look closly, the 2 top “circles” and this kinda bean-shape thing in the chakra flow below them looks like a frown

  65. Danzou’s right arm was the only thing that made this chapter worth anything. I personally hate the ‘friend’ talk. So, the rest was pretty boring.

    That aside, Madara is one crazy dude. His actions contradict his claimed objectives. Makes me wonder if, at the end of all the battles, he’ll assume the role of the wise dude with a 100 years of experience who found a way to bring peace by forcing the ninja villages to come together. I hope that doesn’t happen, cuz that’s be the worst possible scenario.

    One last thing, and pls correct me if I’m wrong. The sharingan Danzou used during the Kage meeting belonged to Uchiha Shisui. And if I remember correctly, the friend Itachi killed to attain the MS was also called Uchiha Shisui. Is it the same guy? What’s the link? I don’t get it. Is it just a coincidence or what?

  66. To start with you can see from the picture every one of them is a Mangekyou Sharingan so I don’t know how you came up with you don’t think any of them are since clearly every single one of them is. Also do you really think Danzo would not kill someone close to him to raise them to the next level? Of course he would.

  67. @ Me:

    Dude, they’re not MS. The dimples are just drawn very thick. Click the full size version n see 4 urself.

  68. @ berserkerx

    Yes, he is the same guy, Itachi’s best friend. Obviously, when Konoha discovered his body, Danzo took his right eye to obtain his power to manipulate people.

  69. “And now, with most of the major members dead, he declares war on the world? No, there’s got to be something more here. Madara wanted all the major countries to be united against him. But why? What’s he still hiding?”

    this means the real name of the organization madara is working for is “Celestial Being” and naruto’s name is actually Setsuna…

  70. @lilmoe, there’s is no ninja war,madara got it all set up as a distraction for s’thing big, he knew that for his plan to carry out he need members but since no members r left , a big chaos woud lead the ninja villages in confusions and distractions , easy to work when noone’s there to notice….

  71. Danzou and his sharingan arm shouldn’t present to much of a challenge for Sasuke. It would be like fighting 3 or more Uchiha members at once.

  72. @kennyq,
    “Danzou and his sharingan arm shouldn’t present to much of a challenge for Sasuke”,
    u may be right abt this,as sasuke as close to strong as itachi, and is the latter can take care of whole uchiha clan then facing few of sharingans by his younger brother shoudn’t be a prob, more we will see this upcoming week, i hope….if only kishi wishes to,lo

  73. This chapter was great and I agree with Mart1 on that Madara theory that would be a giant twist! I also think everyone is forgetting the fact that Naruto was in the chapter too even though it was kinda boring but he still is the main character and he has to make a difficult decision. I also think Gaara is like the best Kazekage ever because he can resinate with the dark and light side of the shinobi world. He knows hatred and peace and he’s super strong to boot so he’s like the perfect package. ( Kankurou and Temari needs to stop telling him what to do though, they are pissing me off!)

    I was hoping Madara would have showed more power but it was fun watching Fuu and Toruno or what ever! Danzo is starting to piss me off, he needs to die like right now, and I wish Sasuke or someone kills him but I think Kakashi and Naruto will stop it because Danzo has the only real evidence on him literally that he had somethink to do with the Uchiha massacre so I think they need to capture him and then punish him!

    I can’t wait to see what Sakuras going to do, maybe she’ll interfere with Sasuke versus Danzos match!

    And Sasuke is like the stupidest person in the world who ever Madara says to fight he does it like a little dog, please think for yourself, I mean he almost got himself killed fighting the Kages just because Madara said so!

  74. Oh and don’t forget those probably arent the only Sharingans danzo has because remember the whole right side of his body is covered so he most likely has more!

  75. next big thing is “00 rassengan” looooooool

  76. Okay, I’m tired of this. WHAT LAWS HAVE DANZO BROKEN!? He isnt a criminal, he doesn’t deserve to die (if he deserves to die for the massacre, then so does Itachi, The Third, Madara, and the Two Elders, the massacre PREVENTED A NINJA WAR!), Sasuke is a criminal and DOES deserve to die. Danzo isnt my favorite, in fact he is one of my least favorites (right up there with Sakura, Tenten, Asuma, Hinata, Shikamaru and Kurenai), but he’s the one that has had to make the tough decisions that the third and the fifth couldn’t. He’s probably the reason Konoha is still standing. I want him to die, not because of what he’s done, but because he isn’t cool.

  77. so, kisu, let me get this straight, u hate Sakura for obvious reasons and your reasoning for hating Sasuke’s pretty logical too, but u hate Hinata for having a heart, Kurenai for not beating Itachi (1 of the strongest characters in the manga). but y do u hate Asuma and Shikamaru? i feel they’re kinda cool. not really gonna question hating Tenten tho, she’s kinda annoying
    and on Danzo deserving to die, lol, “because he isn’t cool”

  78. “isnt a criminal, he doesn’t deserve to die” He ordered the death of a clan for his own gain. That is his crime. He pretends to act in Konoha’s best intrests, but only so far as it helps him.

  79. @Mart, it doesn’t matter if it also benefits him as long as it benefits Konoha as well. And he wasn’t the one that ordered their death, the elders and Hokage also did. Plus it was the best choice, because what clan back then could take out the Uchihas? Certainly not the Hyugas that’s for sure. Pfft, not a Danzo fan and I don’t wanna defend him cuz I hate him, but I hate the Uchihas more.

    @JPUA, I hate Asuma because he’s weak. He even tried to involve three Chunins in his fight, despite Hidan telling Kakuzu not to interfere, three-on-one (well that’s Konoha’s style anyway, outnumber and conquer). I hate Shikamaru because he went for revenge against a guy that beat his sensei in a fair one-on-one fight (proving he’s better than Asuma), he never wins one-on-one fights because his chakra is always running out (some say he beat Temari, he didnt, had it been a real combat situation his chakra would have ran out, and his Shadow Possession jutsu with it, and then she could kill him, same with Tayuya and the Sound Jonins). I don’t hate Hinata for having a heart, I hate her cuz she’s weak yet so many fans like her and overlook deserving characters like Neji or Shino. I hate Kurenai because she’s weak, not because she lost to Itachi. woah lol, i got into a rant there lol.

  80. @Jpua, Tenten is so insignificant that I think I make a subconscious effort to skip her over. I didn’t even see her name in your comment lol. Maybe if she gets a last name I’ll like her more lol. Here’s a funny pic I came across lol http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2009/346/4/3/Deihand_x_Danhand_by_chocobo_on_clay_crak.jpg

  81. @ kisu “I don’t hate Hinata for having a heart, I hate her cuz she’s weak yet so many fans like her and overlook deserving characters like Neji or Shino”, i agree about Shino being overlooked, but Neji!? he’s probably the most OVER estimated character in the series, by fans, by other characters, and most of all he’s over estimated by HIMSELF. he’s also just plain an asshole about everyone and everything. and i don’t like it that u don’t at least c worth in Hinata’s humanity (she’s one of the few characters to show a sense of humanity, and that’s y i think she’s, as u put it, “weak”) she just doesn’t like fighting (since she’s that kind of person) and therefore has little motivation to improve her fighting skills. on Kurenai, her only battle was against Itachi, and therefore u can’t really say she’s weak based off of that since Itachi’s just plain rediculously strong.

  82. as for Asuma being weak, he was fighting an immortal, i’d like to c u doing that. on Shikamaru killing som1 for winning a fair fight, that som1 was a very close person who did it to put a stop to the destruction the Akatsuki was creating. besides, i feel outnumbering enemies isn’t weak or cowardly, but instead it’s being smart. when fighting “kill entire country w/out breaking a sweat” type of enemies (such as almost all of Akatsuki), u kinda need backup

  83. “what clan back then could take out the Uchihas” it’s all of Konoha against the uchiha, not just one clan. Seeing as they were ALL killed by two people they can’t have been all that powerful. ANBU had been following them for some time and probably had a good idea of their abilities and weakpoints, it wouldn’t have been that much of a challenge (Sasuke’s dad was the strongest besides Itachi).

    As far as Danzo: Given his actions, I think it’s highly possible that he could have manipulated the Uchiha into a revolt (look at how he used the Pain invasion) I like Danzo as a villan, and that IS what he IS. In Economics there is a thing called the “broken window fallacy” that talks about how good it is to smash windows with bricks because of the work it provides other people. The lesson from it is that breaking windows is detrimental despite the good it appears to be doing by providing work because the work could otherwise be used to do better things. Danzo is similar, he causes problems (breaks windows: Creating Pein/the uchiha massacure) then appears good because he puts and end to the problems (that he initially caused.) (Sometimes he doesn’t even solve the problems he creates, as seen again with the uchiha massacure and the pein incident, just finds ways to benifit from them [like robbing the store after breaking the window] ) Also, I dislike the konoha elders for the same reason, and think the third was forced/manipulated into going along with them.

  84. “she just doesn’t like fighting” I feel like since this is Hinata’s stance, she shouldn’t be a feild ninja. There are people in Naruto besides ninja that use jutsu (samurai) so why can’t she use her skills towards something useful that isn’t self-conflicting? Ninja=Warriors, not humanitarians.

    ” since Itachi’s just plain rediculously strong.” What ninja aren’t rediculously strong???

  85. I have a weird theory/idea: this is from Naruwiki:
    “Danzō’s arm also belonged to Shisui Uchiha, but it has been extensively modified. It is revealed that it has numerous Sharingan implanted into it, though he keeps it sealed to a degree until the need arises. Their purposes and abilities are yet unknown.

    What if Danzo wasn’t the one who implanted the sharingan? What if Shusui (or Madara) Implanted them in the still living shusui’s arm? Kisu. Pointed out a picture above of a three eye’d uchiha (it might be a tattoo symbolizing Sussano’o though). This could have been taken farther in shusui’s case. Just an idea with interesting implications (like why Itachi killed him)

  86. (overeager voiceover man)

    1. sasuke/madara kills danzo in color next week or maybe following week…sweet

    2. in turn pushing him/them further into the red as far as Naruto/konoha is concerned -no chance for redemption after killing a hokage, even if he is a douche

    3. madara having just “lost” his own right arm goes ahead and snags danzo’s robocop arm, also a right arm (dont know how that one slipped by me)

    4. madara becomes SUPER SHARINGAN NO MADARA lol

    5. sakura tenten hinata and karin all fall in with tuberculosis and die (wishfull thinking)

    that felt good for my first post. i usually just read everybody elses. 🙂

  87. @Mart, well from my perspective, right now Danzo’s the good guy. He’s taking on three S-r….two S-rank criminals and their side-kick (Karin), and I hope he captures Sasuke or kills Tobi, whichever comes first. Everyone seems to underestimate him cuz he’s old, but the strongest characters ARE old; the Third, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Orochimaru, Chiyo, Kakuzu etc. I expect a great fight here and not a crappy one like Kisame vs Killerbee

  88. @Jpua, you defending her IS the reason I hate her. When characters in an action series are weak, they should be killed, or at least get stronger. Neji should be liked more, he isn’t an asshole in Part 2 and he started to change in Part 1. Btw, I don’t hate Kurenai cuz she lost to Itachi, I hate her because of her overall performance in that fight. I thought she’d be strong based on how easily she stopped Neji……..biggest disappointment. I hate Asuma because of that fight as well, but at least he was more useful than Kurenai.

  89. gotta love to hate danzo. after the dissapointment of the kisame killerbee fight this weeks was ace. i like some of the theories about tobi and danzo that have been floating around. especially the one about tobi not being madara because as we all know he is obito. lol.
    and i doubt that the sharingans are ms. even though it could be possible. i wonder how many people in the village knew about danzo’s arm? i also always wondered why pain never killed danzo when he killed hanzo and everyone else. maybe madara told him not to because he knew about the sharingans.

  90. @Danny

    The Sharingans aren’t MS, if you look closely at the picture, they all look the same and we know so far that MS for each ninja is different. Besides, they all look like normal sharingan. That doesn’t mean he can’t activate MS with any of them, but I doubt that.

    The only people who knew about Danzo’s arm probably were Orochimoru (for implanting the sharingan), and Root. I don’t think there was anyone else, otherwise he’d have some explaining to do about the Uchiha massacre.

    As to Nagato not killing Danzo, he probably couldn’t get close enough, I doubt Danzo lets himself be vulnerable, heck he probably didn’t even leave Konoha all that much until recently.

  91. Personally i think that Danzo created a hostility and intensified it even more so that he had a means of collecting the Sharingans for his own purpose which we just found! IE his whacky arm!! we dont know for certain that there ever was going to be a rebellion against the leaf to do with the Uchiha’s We only know what Madara told Itachi and Sasuke, Madara wanted revenge so he went along with the plan!! and i think they both played into Danzo’s hands!!

    In terms of the Sharingan arm! like Mart1 said he could of created a large nerve cluster hooked up to the main eye and then any sharingan power he could direct to the main eye!

    Also Madara stated that there has been a long blood history of Uchiha’s that have stived for power since Madara was granted the MS! so it will be quite a few MS eyes around!! http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/386/09/ maybe with some techniques that are pretty powerful!

  92. @MattMaru
    No, we actually do know that there was going to be a rebellion, that is why Fugaku had Itachi join the Anbu, to spy on the village for the Uchiha.

    I doubt it was only to protect the Uchiha.

  93. “i also always wondered why pain never killed danzo when he killed hanzo and everyone else. maybe madara told him not to because he knew about the sharingans.” – Pain isn’t the type to follow orders that don’t benefit him. He only took Madara’s orders because for some reason he thought Madara would help him gain his “peace” faster. Example, Madaa says capture the Kyubi, Pain agrees then levels Konoha, he didn’t have to, but he did. In this instance he put himself before the plan in Yahiko’s memory and I doubt even Madara could order him to NOT kill Danzo.

  94. on that “y Pain never killed Danzo”, maybe Danzo just escaped? possibly using a reverse summon or body flicker

  95. aaah i just read that about fugaku!!! the bastardo!!! how dare he lol!!! I dont see why they couldnt just make there own village somewhere!!! I guess the elders would see that as a risky option!!! isnt it strange though that the sage of the six paths descendants would form a village in unison!!

  96. im thinking that Danzo is gonna either get what coming too him or he runs off!!

  97. “Madaa says capture the Kyubi,” I beieve Madara said either “capture the kyubbi or else” or “failure will not be tolerated” implying that if push came to shove he would Win in a fight (at least in his oppinion) or that he could force some form of negative consequence upon Nagato.

    “Y Danzo” it was probably on his “to do (kill)” list and he just never got to it. He clearly told Naruto so that Naruto would get him justice

  98. Hey, this just came to me Bob about why Madara didn’t just capture Naruto at will. Just to warn you and other tho this might be a SPOILERS so look away if you don’t want to know. If you watch the movie “The Watchmen” at the end of that movie you’ll find out. hehe…sorry to spoiled it. I dunno what to feel if that truly happen, mix feeling.

  99. ive seen that movie, and i have NO IDEA what youre getting at

  100. Hmm how did danzou get all these sharingans :S


    I’ve been thinking about this theory for a while now and I was hoping just maybe some of you may have been thinking the same thing. It’s about this picture


    When I first saw this picture of Sasuke standing ontop of a hand I thought of Zetsu. You know the celery man that split in half, and I thought well it must be Zetsu whose controlling him. But lately, I’ve been thinking of the possiblities of what this image represents. The more I stared at the thing and counted the fingers, spikes, and face the more I began to realize it looks almost like the 9 tailed fox and Naruto standing on his hand. Then it came to me… well maybe just maybe it could be a demon forming inside of Sasuke. So here is were I need to be carful and explain where I’m coming from because I know how everyone starts jumping the gun and trying to dismiss me until they’ve heared the whole thing. So let me give you a flash back before Sasuke and Naruto were around. There was Madara and the 1st Hokage. Madara hated the 1st with a passion and it might have something to do with those eyes of his.

    Madara has had almost a simular path as Sasuke has. They’ve both lost there brothers. They’ve both lost there clans… I say this because he was the leader of the Uchiha and they pretty much cast him aside and stopped following him. Madara feeling the same things Sasuke is feeling right now (betrayal, and revenge) has begun to summon something inside of him that he was unaware he could do and that was to create a 9 tails.

    If memory serves me right.. The 9 tails appears randomly were human malice festors and is collected. Maybe all of that rage, anger, and revenge is how Madara was able to summon the 9 tails. That is the same experiance that Sasuke is dealing with right now. Just look at what Karin says when she feels Sasuke chakra


    Unless Zetsu has the ability to make Sasuke colder and worse than CS2 it could be a demon festoring inside of Sasuke. It’s beginning to form and feed off of Sasuke getting bigger and stronger. I’m not saying it’s a 9 tailed fox, but it could be another demon. That may be a part of the curse those eyes come with and maybe that’s why Sasuke is able to control the ninetails because those eyes are more sinister than his. They are so sinister that they can create a tailed beast within themselves. So could Madara be setting Sasuke up to create a tailed beast? Becuase Madara keeps pushing Sasuke to get revenge and he’s getting more evil every chapter.

    So here comes another theory that might be linked to this theory.

    Maybe since the 9 tails was formed inside of Madara he was actually part of him. In other words the 9 tails was formed from Madara’s life force. So when the 1st defeated Madara he didn’t realize that he had to kill the 9 tails aswell in order to defeat him so he leaves him for dead.

    Then the 9 tails (Madara’s life force) is sucked back in him bringing him back to life. So then Madara takes a break to figure out what just happened and realizes that he can’t die if his demon (the 9 tails that he created) isn’t killed aswell. So he waits on the sidelines to form another 9 tailed beast and Bam!!!! another demon begins to form within Madara and he plans to use it on Konoha. But the 4th sealed away the 9 tails (Madara’s life force) which is why Madara is almost like a ghost. Here is the latest clue where Madara is actually called a ghost.


    He is in both worlds now. He is with the living and the dead. That my be the reason why Madara hasn’t shown us any Jutsu’s or hasn’t tried to fight anyone. Because he has to focus his remaining chakra to become physical. Now that he is half the man that he use to be he isn’t able to create a tailed beast, so he takes up a student (Itachi). He forces Itachi to destroy his clan in the hopes that this hate will festor and Itachi will be able to create a tailed beast but it doesn’t happen. So now he realizes that Sasuke’s eyes have the potential to create a tailed beast so he puts all his money on Sasuke.

    Hopefully you guys don’t think this is the dumbest theory I’ve come up with, but what the hell… it should give you something to think about.

  102. Hey wow, the manga is out early! here: http://mangastream.com/

  103. Damn, that sound’s so easy if you think about it.

  104. This brings me to an idea:…

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