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Bleach Chapter 662: God of Thunder 3

Chapter 662: God of Thunder 3
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The pacing remains quite strange as we are suddenly back at the Askinn vs. Yoruichi battle. Even though he got knocked around he seems to be doing quite well. His body has a stunning rate of recovery.

Yoruichi herself is not doing as well.


She has been hit by some kind of nasty poisen ball. Or giftball as Ashkinn calls it. He keeps on rambling as he commends his opponent for still moving as well as she does. Her little brother is doing worse, he looks on death’s door.

then our good friend comic relief + awesome sauce shows up. The geniune troll of the Bleach universe. Urahara Kisuke-san. He immediately gets his face kicked by Yoruichi when he talks about her butt.

Ashkinn is cautious. Well aware of who this man is. Kisuke then gently taps Yoruichi’s backside which gives her strength back almost immediately. Ashkinn is shocked but then reminds himself that Urahara is one of the five of the ‘unknown variables’ that the King had listed. To no surprise Ichigo is on the list for his latent ability. Zaraki is there for his raw power. The zero squad leader is there for his wisdom. Aizen for his stupendous amount of Reiatsu. And Kisuke the ‘Unknown’.


Or as Ashkinn better says : ‘The Variable Strategist of Perpetual Adaption’

The two shinigami create some distance. Urahara suggesting she unleashes her final form. Yoruichi flat-out refuses it, quite disgusted to take that form again. Ashkin throwing an arrow their way. Easily dodged by te pair of them. Our cat-lady jumps back into the fight but quickly gets knocked down again by Ashkinn.


Then, Urahara, in the only the way he could, to every bit of her annoyance he peels away whatever he was holding back on her behalf. Unleashing the full fury of the God of Thunder.

“Shunshin Chouhenge”


Catwoman ain’t got nothing on this…

3 Responses

  1. This was a great chapter despite the fact that Kisuke was touching my girlfri……er…I mean Yoruichi on the buttocks! LOL! But then doesn’t doctors give injections in the bum sometimes? When I thought about that and the fact that TK turn a real world moment into comedy, then I forgave Kisuke for touching the glutes of my future wife……hehehe…..I mean the Sexy Goddess of the flash Yoruichi. LOL.

    On a more serious note, it’s awesome we found out who the 5 war powers are. I sort of forgot all about it to be honest with you as the way this war was going (the onesided beat downs), it seemed the war powers became completely irrelevant. Two of the five surprised me; Kenny and “the Monk who calls the name.” The reason being is because both of them were defeated and we haven’t seen them since. I was expecting Ishida to be a war power just because of Y.H saying that there was something in him that resisted his own power or something to that effect.

    Perhaps next chapter we can get some more background about Yoruichi. It seems like that cat form of hers is greater than I realized. For TK to name Yoruichi’s battle “god of thunder,” she may just well be stronger than…..wait a minute….”god of thunder”,…..why isn’t it “goddess of thunder?” Don’t tell me that Yoruichi may be a……..mannn.


    I gotta…..go…..barf!!!!

  2. Immortal, I know pronouns are genderless in Japanese. Perhaps other words are as well.

  3. @ripcord: Thanks Ripcord!! You’ve restored my sanity again! I really appreciate it!!

    For a moment I was thinking Yoruichi could potentially be of the…….uh…male persuasion not just because of the “god of thunder” title but also remember when Yoruichi was in her full feline form she sounded masculine? But when she turned into that Sexy goddess that she is now I was like…..I’m in love! LOL! Then again you know what? I doubt Kisuke would be touching her tushie if she was a dude! I didn’t even think about that part. It shows you how one can quickly jump to all kind of conclusions, especially dealing with bleach. Thanks again Ripcord! For a moment I thought I would have to get a prescription for some psychotropic drugs! LOL!

    Peace!!! (No barfing this time.)

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