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Bleach Chapter 661: My Last Words

Chapter 661: My Last Words
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Sorry that I missed last week. It was an ok, chapter. Story wise important. I’d have to say that I was happy see that they didnt go the Naruto route of Ishida and Ichigo being enemies. Ishida comes out straight with the fact he is willing to sacrifice himself to save everyone. So good job on that Kubo.

But then this chapter hits… and suddenly everything speeds up. I was expecting a fight between the group and haschwalt. Which is not what we got. Instead Ishida stays behind to fight Haschwalt. Sado and surprise visitor Ganju fight statues(yes… really) and Ichigo and Orihime head onwards toward Ywach.

It’s all getting kinda setup in a way where Orihime will be probably be critical in the defeat of Ywach, due to her abilities of ‘event rejection’ as Aizen used to call it. Ofcourse being who she is, she will just be there for a while sitting in a corner looking as cute as possible with her breasts on show in her overly tight outfit(thanks Urahara).

Also, the fight between Toshiro and Gerard seems completely forgotten… unless you know, Gerard defeats Toshiro and goes up to stop Ichigo, which would not be bad at all. Gives us a chance to see Ichigo having to power up and fight a ‘lower tier’ enemy and gives Ishida the proper fight he deserves facing off with Haschwalt.


Sorry, it turned more into a rant than anything else. I like’s Ishida’s battle face as the fight starts. Other than that, nothing crazy going on. Just a bit confused with Kubo wants to drag this out, or hurry this up. It seems he changes his mind on a weekly basis.


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  1. You are spot on as always pretend3r. I felt the same way with the flow of this chapter. I was thinking, “man TK isn’t wasting any time with this story all of a sudden!” What’s weird though, if TK is getting ready to end this manga, it will end on a bad note. He will go the same way as Naruto did except at least Naruto does have the anime to fill in whatever gaps the manga left. I mean there will be a lot of things we will not get to see; didn’t get to see Kisuke shine in battle, didn’t get to see what was Aizen released for, didn’t get to see the sexy goddess of the flash Yoruichi shine as much and I can go on and on. Oh well, perhaps this was just the feeling of this chapter so maybe we will see TK tie some loose ends without ending this manga in a wimper.

    See ya’ll later my fellow senior citizens!

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