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Bleach Chapter 659: There Will Be Frost

Chapter 659: There Will Be Frost
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Gerard and Toshiro share pleasantries before the Gerard ‘The Tower’ ..damn.. I mean the ‘The Miracle’ strikes at him. The Quincy robe wearing Shinigami easily dodges the attack quickly calls out his bankai.


From the initial glance it doesnt looks like it has evolved much. The petals are still there which indicate the time-limited use if they run out, but before things hit off the coverage of the battle ends and switches back the King’s castle after we have a little depressing flashback of Ishida’s past.

Where he decided he would never be a doctor if it meant that he had to mutilate even loved ones. Ishida has been out and about but eventually returns to the castle where Haschwalt has been waiting for him.

The 2nd in commands reminds him the he now possess the abilities of his Mayesty, meaning the power to see into the future.


It didnt take Haschwalt long to see that the young pureblood Quincy has been worrying about something. Ishida reacts shocked thinking that he just got caught. Haschwalt seems content in playing with the young man’s mind.

He then pulling our many thin-rectangle items from his pockets. Something that Ishida spread out all over the place. As far as Haschwalt can analyze the tokens are used in the disintegration in dispersal of reishi.

Haschwalt then draws his blade and lunges at Ishida. The young man dodges the attack through the same hole in a wall that it created where he finds himself in shock again.



4 Responses

  1. Well it looks like TK isn’t going to indulge us with the battles of Captain Hitsugaya and the Sexy “goddess of the flash” Yoruichi. Perhaps we will get a chance to see the aftermath of the battles later on.

    Interesting that Ishida was thinking about his old man. I’m wondering if TK is foreshadowing a appearance from Ishida’s good old dad. I doubt Mr. Ishida (can’t think of his name) was butchering on Ishida’s mom. Something tells me Mr. Ishida knows more about the quincy than he lets on.

    I’m kinda interested in what will happen next chapter with Ishida, Ichigo, and Haschwalt. It would be virtually impossible to fight someone who can see the future. Hopefully their is a blind spot or something to stop Haschwalt. What’s strange is why is Haschwalt protecting Y.H anyway? I mean at Y.H’s current level, he should be unbeatable. Perhaps Y.H has a weakness that Haschwalt knows about or something.

    Ya’ll have a awesome week!!

    Bye bye!!

  2. Been a while since I have posted. Happy New Year everyone.

    I am finding it harder and harder to enjoy BLEACH right now for the same reason my excitement for Naruto lessened near the end. There is no more progress in this storyline. All we get are to see how everyone has progressed, or rather, finally get to see abilities from some. We know the end game and we know who will be involved so lets get to the damn thing. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good fight as the next manga-head but for the love of the Soul King can we finish a fight from start to finish for once.


    I think the reason Haschwalt is protecting Ywach is because their powers transfer between them so when one is powerless the other watches his back. The weakness might be to force one to need the power when the other has it or kill one so that the power cannot be shared between two bodies, which I think would result in the current host being overwhelmed and destroyed by the immense power. It is the power of the Quincy King merged with the Soul King’s power. And if I remember correctly, Ywach was looking for his counterpart when he came upon Bazz B and Hacshwalt originally and he said Hacshwalt was like him in that their Quincy power is enhancing the powers of all around them. Perhaps, Ywach needs to share his power in order to utilize it to its maximum potential.

  3. @shikamaruistheman: Interesting stuff. You made me think of a theory I would like to share.

    Personally I think Haschwalt isn’t on Yhwach’s side. He reminds me of Gin Ichimaru (good times) in that Haschwalt has his reasons to destroy Yhwach. I don’t think he is protecting Yhwach at all but rather he may be protecting everyone from Yhwach. Allow me to explain.

    First both Haschwalt and Bazz-B decided to join the ranks of the Sternritter in order to destroy Yhwach. I think Haschwalt hasn’t given up on destroying him but realizes that Yhwach is so powerful that in order to kill him he has to “wait for the right moment,” (Gin Ichimaru….again good times.)

    Now concerning Ishida, I think he wants to protect him as well just not directly. I believe Haschwalt “protection” is to keep Ishida from interfering with his plan because if Yhwach is killed by Ishida, Ishida will become the next Yhwach. Ishida has the letter “A” the same as Yhwach. If Yhwach dies, I believe he will pull a Orichimaru and take Ishida’s body. I mean Yhwach was able to use Ichigo just by Ichigo touching Y.H’s sword effectively killing the Soul King.

    Now why did Haschwalt kill Bazz-B? Because Bazz-B doesn’t stand a chance against Yhwach. He would have died either way. Then again is Bazz B really dead? Perhaps but Gin Ichimaru went to extreme lengths to try and stop Aizen for his own purpose. LOL everything I’m saying is completely speculative so I better stop before I start rambling.

    As far as the manga is concern, I have a average feeling about. I don’t hate it nor do I love it. Their are good moments and their are okay moments. Unlike Naruto, at the end things seemed rushed and wasn’t making to much sense IMO. I was laughing at I believe it was Token who pointed out why did Kaguya want to make all those white zetsu’s; perhaps to fight against some aliens? LOL come to find out that Kaguya really was a alien from out of space or from another dimension or something like that. That was the last thing I expected from a manga about shinobi. Ninja aliens LOL!! Anyway sorry for the long post just felt like talking.

    Jaa nee!

  4. What up peeoplez? Just wanted to give my two dollars (inflation) about last week’s chapter. I actually like the chapter for two reasons.

    My first reason was that I am soooo glad TK didn’t go the Naruto and Sasuke route; two best buds fighting one another because of opposing views.

    Sasuke: Naaarruuutoooo!!!!
    Naruto: Sasssuuukkkeeee!!!!

    The bleach version would be:

    Uryuu: IIIIIccchhhiiigoooo!!!!
    Ichigo: Urryyyuuuuuu!!!

    Well ya’ll get the point. I’m just glad it didn’t come to a battle between the two. After everything they have went through a fight between them would be a bit much at this moment.

    Now my last reason is Haschwalt. Yeah the way he is acting it would appear that my theory about him being the quincy version of Gin Ichimaru is being flushed down the toilet. However I am intrigue by how will the Ichigo gang will deal with Haschwalt’s precognitive abilities. Can’t wait to see that showdown.

    Last points:

    Where is Mr Hat and Clogs? He has yet to make a appearance.

    Do you think Ishida’s papa will join the fray? I’m thinking he may have a plan to defeat Y.H.

    Do you think Ishida will activate the power Y.H has given him? Perhaps that is the way he can beat Haschwalt.


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