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Bleach Chapter 658: Fatal Matters Are Cold

Chapter 658: Fatal Matters Are Cold
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Hello, happy new year, I hope you guys/gals are safe and sound. Back to Bleach it is.

We ended the year with two of the Shihouin family striking Ashkin with their own versions of the Shunkou ability. However they failed to kill the Quincy. The slightish arrogant man then declares they just lost their chance to be able to kill him.

His ability is becoming immune to anything he encounters is near-lethal dosis.


Yourichi seems to realized she may have lost any and or all chance to kill him. The young brother Yuushirou attacks him with full power. Yourichi tries to call him back but the young man strikes at Ashkinn. Nothing happens when he attack connects. To Ashkinn though, the attack feels just like a light tap. He pierces the young boy with three arrows through his body.


The scene switches back to Gerard the ‘Tall one’. Oh sorry, the ‘Miracle’. The oddest thing about this part is the sudden appearance of the Vaizards. I had not seen them running along with the other and suddenly they are here. It seems a bit abrupt and unfortuantly it seems like they will be underused again as the quick demise of Renji and co, and Vaizard group seems more like a setup to show off how awesome a certain captain has become.

They first try and setup a sneak attack. I would figure using hollow abilities against Quincy would work well, since apperently they were sort off toxic to it, back when the Shinigami had their Bankai’s stolen. But, at least for Gerard, they do jack-shit. He brushes off a powerfull Cero like its nothing, and even a combined a attacked…


…well… does nothing. Then Toshiro suddenly appears(fan service I guess?). He manages to freeze the man in place.. sorta. The ice-captain is still wearing his Quincy outfit having gone straight back into battle. Im not quite sure how Toshiro’s abilities would counter Gerard ‘the Giant’.. damn.. I mean.. Gerard ‘The Miracle’. But I suppose we will see what happens.

5 Responses

  1. Whatzzz up pretend3r!? Glad to see you back! I hope you have a perfect year!

    When I first read this chapter, I was slightly aggravated. I said it a thousand times already but I was hoping for a one sided beat down from at least one person and I was hoping it could be from Yourichi. Alas what I got was the super quincy Death dealer denied death from the super sexy death god and that death god gets that same surprised look as her other companions when they failed to defeat their adversaries with their most powerful attacks. Now the next thing to happen is someone will have to come to Yourichi’s rescue as that seems to be the meme of this current arc. If this happens, I’m thinking Kisuke will come to Yourichi’s rescue. That is the one reason why I’m glad that TK is doing this if this is a way to showcase other characters that haven’t had the chance to be in the spotlight.

    My aggravation did diminish when the scene changed. I’m with you pretender, I thought the hollowfied vizards were going to at least blind the Giant…..I mean the Miracle (LOL) since they were hollow attacks but alas it had no effect. However I became SUPER excited to see the one and only…


    Now I’m not a huge fan of Hitsugaya, but the way he came in to the picture was pardon the pun, kinda cool. First off, I wasn’t expecting him to be wearing a quincy uniform and second that ice attack was actually at least strong enough to stop the super quincy giant man even if it may be momentarily. Oh and one other thing, I am kinda curious to see what if any changes occurred with the Captain; either him becoming stronger or something else entirely.

    One finally note, I just realize that these super quincy are the natural enemies of the shinigami since they can deny death itself. So the hollows are natural enemies of the quincy because they uhh…..I don’t know.

    Also I have a question if someone can answer, did the shinigami’s who received their bankai’s back do they still have their hollow powers as well? Or did that power vanish for some reason?

    Jaa ne! (Don’t blame me, blame the anime.)

  2. But isn’t Gerard the soul kings “heart” or something like that? I believe it was said him and the hand (perona I think it’s name was) already had their powers so that could be why hollowfied forms didn’t work.

  3. @Cas22: Good insight Cas22. That would explain why that devastating attack didn’t do any damage.

    Thinking about this for a moment; the Soul King must have been one powerful thing. I mean this thing had power in each of it’s individual body parts; left and right arms, heart, and his body. (It would be weird if it’s feet had power; that is if it ever had feet.) Hmmm….I just realize that the Soul King was still living without it’s heart. Interesting.


  4. Immortal, body parts are a little different in bleach:

    Kommamura lived without his heart for some time… Where is he by the way…

    Also that mad scientist captain… Moved all his organs around.

  5. @ripcord: Yeah people in bleach treat body parts like a article of clothing LOL.

    After Kommamura had his heart removed, he transformed into a uhhh…..wolf…..literally.

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