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Happy new Year

Just a quick little message for you all.

Happy New Year!

Hope you will continue to enjoy visiting Shannaro.

6 Responses

  1. Happppyyyy New Year all Shannaro!! Oh wait….I still have a few hours…j/k.

  2. Whhooaa!! I didn’t know chapter 657 came out! I was looking on mangastream and found it. It looks like it came out on Dec 26th. I think I will comment on it.

    Seeing this chapter, I thought the fight with the super sexy Yoruichi would dominate the chapter. What I mean about that is, I didn’t expected to see Ichigo and the gang to get released from the Death dealer’s power. That is pretty awesome as I can’t wait to see how they will engage with Y.H. Another thing that happen was seeing Yoruichi’s little brother fight the way he did. That kid possess some power! Nevertheless it would appear that as UTI pointed out, these super sternritter always defy death with “deus ex machina” seeing that now the Death dealer now has made himself immune to both Yoruichi and her brother’s reiastu. Perhaps as pretend3r said, hopefully we get to see Yoruichi’s zanpaktou; and maybe even her brother Yushiro zanpaktou as well.

    Can’t wait until the next chapter.

    I wonder if that is the end of Grimmjow? If it is….man he bummed out big time.

    Where’s captain Hitsugaya!? Just wondering what his role will be.

    Also it would appear that TK may have other plans for the Miracle Man. The fight he was in is practically over anyway so I think it’s cool to “move on” to another scene.

    Until the next full moon….

  3. Hey happy new year folks,didn’t know here was still kicking.a very big thumbs up to pretend3r

  4. Bleach being up and down i guess the transfromation of x-axis from a guy as cool as ice to a birdy-flamingo-peacock-super talkative thingy explains that well,kyoraku bankai was mmmh…mildly impressive,considering its one of bleach biggest hypes.i mean,i know the bankai’s ability was meant to have some depth, just like the shikai,but it became a bottomless ocean.LITERALLY.and lost all its action in the end

    yoruichi is boss,i already rank her above all captains except urahara and with a bankai to boot that’s just bada**
    i doubt her brother being a soul reaper,he’ll be more like them shiba folks.perharps.

  5. What’s goiiing on Sannins? Good to hear from ya!

    Yeah I pretty much agree with everything you said here. Kyoraku’s bankai started off cool then it fell flat at the end. Lille Barro became something I’m still trying to figure out. He went from a sniper, to swiss cheese, and then finally that flamingo, peacock, (I would add owl looking) thingamabob. Oh yeah and then Lille Barro became even more strange when he split into copies of himself and he is still alive.

    Yoruichi is cool. Hopefully TK doesn’t ruin her “moment” in the spotlight as she hasn’t shined as much as other characters in the manga.

    Jaa ne!

  6. @immortal
    hahaha….swiss cheese,man i wonder how many million ways there are to describe that transformation.if only here were still buzzing, it would have been hilarious.i don’t know what got into TK,i am not much of an artist,but i do know a few ways to make a sniper form look cool.

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