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Bleach Chapter 640: Baby, Hold your hand 3

Chapter 640: Baby, Hold your hand 3
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The Mad scientist seems more than a little bit satisfied with his result. His Bankai having eaten the Arm whole the fight seems over and done.


However that seems far for the truth as Ashisogi Jizo suddenly starts to expand and then blows up in a rather grotesque fashion. Mayuri dodges the wave of blood(im assuming) and then has to move again as a Quincy arrow is fired his way.

It seems Pernida is getting annoyed and actually mocking Mayuri by imitating his laughter. This quickly whips the smirk of the Captains face.

As Pernida heals his missing fingers he continues to speak with broken then suddenly his language skills improve drastically forming correct sentences with more complex wording.


Mayuri quickly ponders what is happening. His first theory is that the Arm is regaining its memories as the Spirit King or that he is simply evolving. He doesn’t get much time to think as Pernida forms a bow on the tip of every finger before firing the lot at Mayuri. he quickly spots the nerves that Pernida attached to the arrows allowing the Quincy to influence their direction easily, or simply use the arrow to get his nerves on its target.

In which he succeeds in forcing Mayuri to sacrifice an arm. One of the arrows that missed him get turned around by the nerves still on the grounds. Mayuri cannot dodge it anymore.


Nemu comes to his aid, gets hit and cuts of her arms. Mayuri grabs her by the hair to dodge a nerve attack from the ground tossing her against a wall. I’m not sure this is a form of affection on Mayuri’s part he is quite annoyed that she did something out of her own accord. He then calls her by her full name. “Nemuri Nanagou” Which apperently means, sleeping No.7.

Then he goes on to say that he may have tought her a bit too much and goes on to say that it would be quite a burden on him to create the “next you” the same way as the “current you”. This is the closest thing Mayuri will come to say that he actually loves her(I almost dare say) as more than just another science project. I hope he will actually allow her to join him in this battle.

I am interested to she what she is capable off.

3 Responses

  1. Nemuri Nanagou is clearly a zombie sex slave. She can not be easily replaced due to her experience.

  2. You know….I haven’t seen this from this angle before until now. Was the SK a quincy? I mean…..Yhwach was his son and something else that I forgot about; remember when Yhwach killed or was killing the SK and all of those little black things fell from the sky and started attacking the shinigami? Even Haschwalt said that those things were enemies of the shinigami. So I wonder if the SK was a quincy who gave his life to helping the shinigami and Yhwach got mad and decided to deflect from SS and then come back and kill his papa? Now that the SK is absorbed by Yhwach, he is now (at least his left hand) is claiming to be a quincy again with the same hatred as Yhwach. Just a thought.

    I wonder also is Nemu number 7 has a shikai or even a bankai. That would be sweet!!

  3. Man, can’t believe this site is still up. Though it’s more of a Bleach site than a Naruto one, since that’s over. Who’s running it now?

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