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Bleach Manga Chapter 603 : What the Hell

Chapter 603: What The Hell
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So with the crappy timing of the releases I wasnt able to do a few of these. But they were all pretty damn good chapters. Ouetsu is pretty badass with that blade of his, in two chapters, forcing the King to make a move.

And he makes a big one. The King calls up a halo or sorts around the Soul Palace battle ground. At the same time, down below, it starts to rain.

Giselle is all fine and dandy it seems feeding on Bambietta, no doubt to recover any wounds he/she had. The person is really twisted. Lillotto was looking for her and found her.


Then, for some reason. Sternritter ‘N’ Robert Accutrone putting a gun on the little girls head. ANd he is quite desperate. He seems to fear the worst since his Majesty has gone up.

Crying as he tells the two ‘newbies’ they are finished. That they don’t know the terrors that his Majesty is capable off. He then goes on to explain they are deemed unnecessary for the upcoming battle, which I assume is the battle in the Soul Palace.

His majesty never lies. The Sternritter exists only for his sake, and their lives will be taken by his Majesty if necessary. As if on que his life gets taken. Lilotto’s manages to evade the light just about. Even in cover, the lights steals their power. We see several others get sacrificed out in the field. Bazz-B being among them. So… no epic fight to be seen with him… such a shame.


The King doesn’t seem to take their sacrifice lightly, still seeing them as comrades. He takes their power and revives the 4 elites guards, and this battle can start again.

I wonder how Ashkinn would feel about it.

2 Responses

  1. Good to have you back
    Where the four elite guards revived most have missed that

  2. This chapter started out crazy with that zombie he/she sucking on Bambietta. I kinda don’t want to go into graphic details on the way TK drew those pages but most likely he did it on purpose. Ha!

    Anyway this is pretty interesting. I was wondering why Yamamoto said that Yhwach treats his subordinates with little regard. This chapter showed that side of Yhwach. He didn’t mind killing a few of them just to get a power up. I was also surprised he did that in order to fight the Zero Squad. I personally don’t think that Y.H really planned on fighting them. Normally he would have some plan to overcome them but this time he’s taking matters into his own hands. Also why fight when you have Ishida and Haschwalth? I still think he is waiting on Ichigo. Maybe to use some power in order to convert Ichigo to his side? Another side note, for Y.H to sacrifice his “comrades” must mean that he didn’t have the power to beat the Zero Squad the way he was. So if he is at the Soul Palace in that position, I really think he had/has a plan to reach the S.K without engaging the Zero Squad; and I think that plan involves Ichigo.

    It kinda sucks not seeing the other sternritters like Bazz-B use there final attacks.(BURN FINGER 5!!) Oh well it’s good to see that Renji is doing okay.

    @pretend3r: Thanks for doing a review. You always catch stuff that I didn’t see. I didn’t think the beam took the powers of the sternritters who avoided it.

    @Sannis: Yeah. Yhwach has the power to revive his sternritters. Ouestu killed Y.H’s elite forces with the world’s sharpest sword. One slice and you are a instant corpse. Unless you are the Death Dealer, then it is two slices.

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