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Naruto Manga Chapters 699 & 700

Naruto Chapter 699 : The Seal of Reconciliation
Click here to read the chapter Enjoy this weeks Naruto and plenty of room to chat in the comment section.


Naruto Chapter 700 : Uzimaki Naruto!!
Click here to read the chapter Enjoy this weeks Naruto and plenty of room to chat in the comment section.

Well… the end of Naruto has arrived. Everybody enjoyed the fan-service chapter?

12 Responses

  1. What’s that mark on narutos face? The kanji with the 3 stripes? Not the katakanaa that says Konoha if I’m not mistaken. Mugiwara!!!!!

  2. Is it fire?

  3. I jus love how oda and kishi have honored each other’s works in this week’s chapters. Now jus one question…tite why in fu£#S name arent you honoring kishimoto’s legacy as well???????? Not cool man. Not cool. Otherwise this was a good way to end the series..shed atear or two as i was reading it.

  4. a truly fitting end to a great manga, despite its issues towards the end. so sad to see it finish, but there is still the anime left, as well as the last movie. not forgetting the re-reads that it will get. Thank you Kishi for the adventures, thank you!!!

  5. Way off I guess
    Kuso oyaji

  6. My thoughts on the last chapter:

    How many years have passed? It’s gotta be between 12-15 years since the war ended. Kurenai’s daughter looks to be in her teens, an apparently she’s a chunin.

    Did these ninja just picked a year to decide when they should knock each other up? Their kids all look to be the same age.

    Speaking of which, most of the pairings were pretty obvious, fortunately(TemariXShika FTW!!). Except for choji and that cloud ninja chick, forgot her name. That came out of nowhere. Maybe the movie will provide some insight into how this all went down.

    For a split moment, I thought Sarada was Karin and Sasuke’s girl lol. Then I saw the forehead.

    I’m curious if any of the new adults stepped up to become head of their clan,(Kiba, Shino ,hinata, choji etc). And what happened to the Anbu? Have they finally realized their incompetence that was shown throughout this manga and disbanded them, or do they have a new leader, Kakashi or sai perhaps?

    Congrats for Shikamaru as ViceKage ^_^ And Congrats for Konaharmaru for being a jounin as well. Wonder what his fighting style is. Probably a mix of Naruto’s and his grandfathers. Wonder if his former teammates will be a part of the ‘elders-in-training’ program.

    Looks like Naruto has mastered FTG after all. Nice.

    Noticed that naruto’s children has the same eyes and whiskers as him, but only two whiskers and their blue eyes are a lot lighter, courteously of their mother. Wonder if either of them will be able to do the byakugan.

    I wonder who’s the mother of Lee’s kid? Tenten? Or some irrelavent woman? or maybe, like Guy, he has the ability to reproduce asexually? Either way, glad the Spirit of Youth remains.

    Looks like sasuke is still wondering around the ninja world like a nomad. Perhaps trying to rebuild his clan, one female at a time 😉
    Doubt it though, He’d be in some real trouble with one of the strongest female in the ninja world if kids start revealing themselves with Sharingans.

    Sasuke’s been going through some interesting hairstyles. In the movie sketches, he looked like Byakuya from bleach. Now he looks like a young Severus Snape.

    Why the fuck oonki’s still alive? How old is that man? Glad all the old kages passed on their titles to the new generations.(is Ao shacking up with the old mizukage or what o_O). The new Raikage and tsukage(can’t spell it lol) doesn’t surprise me at all, and I’m glad chojuro got to be mizukage. Didn’t think much of him at first, but he kicked some serious ass in the ninja war. Glad one of the 7 swordsman got the title.

    Liked how kishi ended the manga with the start of a meeting between these new kage, it heavily referenced the first meeting ever between the first kages, particularly with the 1st being late lol.

    All in all, a satisfactory ending for me. It was nice after the disappointing ending of The Mightiest Disciple.

  7. With it all said and done now. I can say that the ending was better than I expected. Wish we could have seen Jiraiya/reference to him in there somewhere, but overall not bad.

    I see they a going to milk these side stories for a pretty long while, and leave the possibility open for a third series with the kids depending on how the side stories are received. Oh and I did like the way that they gave Sasuke’s daughter Salad the role of Hinata to Bolt. So wait, that means if those two had kids, they would be predisposed to have the ability to gain the rinnegan. Nice, that’s the way to build those bloodlines back up the chain. Next all they need is for one of those predisposed rinnegan kids to have a child by a hyuga, and you pretty much have Kaguya again, and the circle of life begins again, and we can start this whole manga over again just using the descendants of everyone. Maybe they can even go the DBGT route and give everyone the original names and just add “Jr.” to the end of them, lol.

  8. @Darth

    Kurenai’s child is a boy.

  9. 700 great chapter, but this manga shouldnt even end yet. Theres still plenty of loose ends and the story has too much potential to keep going and still be a great story like dbz, rather than just to just end it for good. Happy and disappointed here. This would be a perfect time for a long ass time skip. Take as much time as needed to figure out a way to tie up all the loose ends, give an understanding of how everything happened that led up to the last chapter and even more(final villain maybe?) in a third and final arc which i personally would wait as long as i had to for. This is an ending moreso fit for a time skip rather than ending it for good.

  10. That is most definitely a girl. Or he beats Haku as the girlest looking dude in the series. Seriously though, Kishi was considering on making it girl, and there’s a slight bump of her chest, and I doubt it’s the uniform.

  11. I dont know this for sure or not but i have been in belief that Naruto could potentially join the strawhats for some time. With these two weekly chapters from both respective Mangas, Naruto and One piece, I have never been more convinced petentially that Naruto Uzumaki may be a new member of the strawhats at some point. What do you guys think?

  12. @AcespyX

    That would be kinda cool.

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