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One Piece Chapter 694 – Unexpected


This chapter had unexpectedness written all over it. From the death of Monet to Joker charging towards Punk Hazards Island. All I can say is that for a One Piece fan, we got what we wanted for Christmas from our favorite manga authors. All the Big three (One Piece, Naruto and Bleach) have made a tremendous comeback and deserving to be called the Big Three. So give me your time so I can entertain you with this weeks chapter analysis.

Iron Pirate

Probably the most bizarre Strawhat member is Franky. Everything about Franky is over the top. From his appearances to his inventions. The only franky_shogun_by_bustercloud-d54nkk2Strawhat member that can match his bizarre appearance is Brook. While Franky is bizarre and over the top, he is a favorite with the fans. He has a strong belief in protecting his comrades, which is very appealing. Another appealing attribute about Franky is his inventions. Ever since the time skip, Franky has shown that he has upgraded his body to further help his crewmates. From his flashlight nipples to his Franky Shogun. Like I said last week, Franky is not down for the count in his battle with Baby 5 and Buffalo, while he still has yet to land an effective attack on them, to contemplate for his lack of offense, he has been brushing off every attack from Baby 5. But what surprised me is how resilient Franky Shogun is. When it was first introduced the Franky Shogun was a gag, meant to be just for laughs, but it seems that Franky has been working on the Shogun to further develop its ability to maneuver and project its own weapons system.

Baby 5

baby_5___servant_and_killer_by_zoro88-d5o60wvOne thing Oda does so well is make great female characters, a perfect example is Baby 5. She became an instant hit with the fans. And what to hate about her, she is a walking talking weapon woman, who happens to be extremely gullible, that any guy and I mean any guy can hook up with her.  And oh she happens to smoke like a boss. Though the most intriguing thing about Baby 5 is her ability. We know that she ate a Paramecia Devil Fruit, she has shown the ability to be blasted to a million pieces yet regenerate back to her former self. The best way to describe Baby 5 ability is to think about the T-1000 from Terminator 2. But unlike the T-1000 she can turn herself into exploding weapons like cannons, missiles and so on. Now I will go out on a limb here and say that Baby 5 has the similar ability as a Logia, in the sense that she can regenerate her body. It would explain how she is perfectly fine when shot while she was attacking Joker. Though I have another theory on how her ability works. So far we have seen that she can regenerate her body after she explodes it. So maybe that is the only way she can regenerate her body, only if she herself explodes it. So if someone attacks her with a rocket, sword and etc, than she wont be able to regenerate since it was an outside party that harmed her body. (Does it make sense to you guys?) Either way Baby 5 is a very hot topic.

Unexpected Move From an Unexpected Man

I read most comments and what most people have been saying about Joker is that we have jumped the gun with zerochan.Donquixote.Doflamingo.207510judging his character. That we have been labeling him as a murderer, a slave trader, pimp, and may horrible titles, but in fact he is not what he seems. That he actually cares for his crew, that he actually has emotions for his comrades. I do not buy this what so ever, I still think that Joker is exactly what we all think and thought he is, a very bad and dangerous man. For the simple fact that he made Bellamy and Sarkies fight each other. Also, for what seemed to be a last far well for Virgo, since Block D exploded which is where Virgo is. Another thing to note is that he ordered Monet to push the button that will annihilate everything and everyone on the island, including her. He commanded this with his signature smile. Now you might think that he is hastily making his way to the island to protect his comrades, but that is an ignorant way to look at it. Joker is racing to make it to the island so he can get CC back on his side. The fact that he said that his comrades were okay and the island is not blown up, as if he was disappointed just tells you that he is a very dangerous man. Either way Donquixote Doflamingo aka Joker, finally crossing paths with the Strawhats spills lots of excitement. The only question is the Strawhats ready to go against the most Dangerous Man they have ever crossed paths with?

Side Notes

  • While Joker seems and is bad, for some reason his crew have high respect for him.
  • This is probably the tenth time I have said this, Law prepares for everything.
  • Monet actually dying was pretty shocking because I thought that CC would simply squeezes the heart or just injures but not stab Monet in the heart literally. (Unknowingly knowing it was Monet’s)
  • This arc by far is what we all have been waiting for.
  • It was a funny scene of Law asking if any one can manipulate weather and to the shock of G5 members, Nami says she can. Till this day it amazes me how convenient the Strawhats are in tight situations.



34 Responses

  1. Joker is a serious badass. I really dont see how the strawhats will survive if he confronts them. Sux we have to wait so long till the next chapter.

  2. What better way to show how dangerous New World is than fighting Donquixote Doflamingo. I want to see what his DF is. Sucks we gotta wait like 3 weeks for next chapter though

  3. I can’t see it being anything besides string based.

  4. Crazy Ass Doflamingo has some kind of puppet master DF. I don’t know how that would work on a strong person like Luffy tho…he’ll probably manipulate his crewmates to fight for him, which is gonna be bad news for Luffy. But judging how he easily dodged Baby 5’s attacks and taking that rocket to face, he has some pretty sick kung fu in him.

    Didn’t see Monet dying, that was a big shocker. But it also shows that in the New World, some people just have to die if you want them to stop. Monet and CC are perfect examples of that, both crippled but having that mentality to take others down with them before they die. The SHs are going to meet these kind of people in the future and they are only going to be that much stronger. Jdogg, I remember you mentioning that Oda said Luffy wouldn’t kill anyone, but I want to know what you think about it. So far Luffy didn’t have to kill, because they were either KOed, “blown” away, or Luffy was just too injured to move anymore. But do you think he will ever be forced to kill someone?

  5. I’m thinking it’ll take another Ace-level tragedy for Luffy to go over the edge and kill someone. I think Akainu is the only one so far that will receive that sort of treatment.

  6. @7warlord, I know that I read an interview of Oda, where he said that Luffy will never kill. But if you think about Luffy does not have the mentality to go to the limit of killing someone because it is not in his nature. But that does not mean he wont beat someone up to the brink of death. As for Akainu, it would be justifiable for Luffy to kill him but I highly doubt he would. He would and will give an azz whipping Akainu will never forget, but he would not and should not kill anyone.

  7. to beat an opponent to the point where they cannot do anything against you, is far more painful than death. and i agree with Jdogg, luffy will not kill anyone, and akainu will get a beat down so bad that he will not want to show his face again, especially if he is spared death from the very person he tried so hard to kill, and from a pirate no less

  8. Old porverb: killing someone does not make you strong & it takes true strength to show mercy & cowardice to kill

  9. My favorite part this chapter was after Baby 5 reassembled herself, the way she was smoking on that cigarette was kinda cool. I also really like her DF power. It pretty unique; especially for a female character.

  10. Luffy will at least have to cripple Akainu for what he did… the bastard.

    Or a VERY public defeat where Akainu loses all credibility.

    If Law has no contingency for getting them and CC out of there fast someone is gonna get hurt very very bad! Probably like the first time they met Paw-Paw dude…

  11. Happy New Year!! (To those who only see the One piece forum.)

  12. First thing’s first…………FINALLY THE TENSA HAS COME BACK…….HOME!!!!! (Feel free to clap behind your computer screen lol)
    Happy new year guys – after an epic 2 weeks of non stop drinking, partying and being that guy that mother’s warn their daughters about, im back to reality and back on the grind. Hope u guys had a blast!
    Now back to business, mothafuckin flamingo!! This is my guy right here! He’s flying across the ocean on his strings…..so how long an strong are these things?! I wonder if he can create them from his whole body or just his finger tips kinda like a better version of Spiderman! It’s getting dangerous for the strawhats – the first arc in the new world an they gotta dance with a boss! This is the same guy that cut off crocodile’s head in the war with whitebeard (granted he didn’t use haki then) and easily chopped off oars junior’s limb an chuckled…he the guy that freakin top 5 supernova law looked up too! What if flamingo can control more than 1 person at a time….imagine if he made the whole strawhat crew fight luffy no holds barred, this stinks of epicness!! The captain vs first mate swordsman, cook, musician, shipwright, sniper, navigator, archaeologist, doctor while the joker laughs like a madman! I don’t really see how the strawhats are gonna deal with flamingo unless everybody rushes him at once while smokey an law get the getaway ship.
    Also RIP to the coldest chic in the game….Monet, damn Oda did us dirty there! I was soooo sure she was gonna be a strawhat an bang, that krusty fuck Ceaser stabbed her when she wasn’t looking! Oh well hopefully Baby 5 will join! She’s even more dangerous than Monet (and yes I’m hell bent on a chic joining the crew an bloody soon at that!). No wonder one piece is so good, Oda works on it like 21 hours a day with hardly any sleep, plenty of time to go mad an put ur insanity into ur work! Welcome to the new world where shit hits the fan!

    I can’t take it anymore….I need my healthy dose of Manga. Im going though some serious Manga Withdrawal.

  14. @ rock
    When are the nezt chapters out anyway?? Next week??
    I read punk hazard from the beginning last night just to kinda ease the wait lol

  15. Lol @ tenza and rocklee. Oda did it right with the last chapter of 2012 with that ending.

  16. @ the other Rock lee – Oda always dose that. He gives you a juicy ending and have you waiting for the next chapter three weeks later.

    @Tense – I think they come out this week….I see Fairy Tail is out today..Yaaaaaaa. Im sure the big three will be out Tuesday or Wednesday.

  17. @ both rock lee’s

    I hope its next week! I saw fairytale was out an was like “boooooo!!!!!” We want shanks not gilbert or watever his name is!
    Also anyone seen film Z yet?? It might be floating on the web somewhere! Where are the illegal dvd people when we need them!

  18. I seen a short Vid on this site…..Im dying to see this now.

  19. Saw in a OP forum that the new chapter wont be out til around January 21

  20. @rock lee and everyone else….

    Here’s parts 1 to 6 (of 8) of One piece film Z…..the quality is obviously shit as was recorded in the cinema and it’s not subbed….but im not complaining! Parts 7 an 8 are on youtube aswell but are all in seperate parts- gonna watch this now!

  21. Here’s One piece film Z part 7……

  22. And finally part 8…Luffy vs Z…….Watch it before it gets removed from youtube!

  23. OMG!!! Nami….. I just saw the One Piece film Z photos at Manga Head…And Nami is looking good.:-)

  24. i have this gut feeling that if an ace level tragedy is needed for luffy to kill someone, i think sanji would be the one to die or ussop… what do u guys think?

  25. 100% agree… It would have to be something of that magnitude otherwise it changes who Luffy is.

  26. Funny u should mention that, i was thinking today i wonder if any of the SH’s would die an imo it’d be either Ussop, Zoro or Chopper. If Zoro died tho i reckon it would be right after he becomes the world’s number 1 swordsman an then saves luffy from a akainu or blackbeard attack and as he’s about to die he tells Sanji to look after Nami an Robin an tells Luffy that he achieved his dream an that he should go on to achieve his an then he dies in front of the crew, bandana flows off into the wind…… Now que Demon Luffy where he goes apeshit crazy an whoever he’s facing gets completely fucked up like never before!

  27. New chapter is taking forever



  29. @Tensa – One Piece was good but we all know the 800 pound gorilla that we’re all waiting for now… #TensaZangetsuSideEye

  30. @Tawuya – One piece was cool i like Usopp’s progression! But who was that guy in the end? It cant be Aokiji or could it………..

    Oh btw BLEACH IS OUT!!!!!


  31. Oh snap! Heading there NOW! Likely Aokiji since he was sleeping… Interesting first page spread with all the characters. All the characters have progressed actually (see Shogun Franky holding off dreaded Joker minions with ease). Pic of all of them with when Law said “Enemies” was pretty bwoss as well.

  32. @Tawuya,

    Yeah that “enemies” pic was BADASS everyone looks they ready to fuck shit up (apart from Usopp lol)
    Did u see Bleach – that full page of Unohana’s face- holy fuck she looks evil!!! And her hair is undone so u know she’s in killer mode, the woman is fucking scary

  33. Straaaight! Killer mode unleashed! But that scar had to have been inflicted post her laying down her sword… No way would street urchin zaraki injure muderous unohana! Its about to get buck!

    Got excited when they did scene switch, thought we were going to Aizen hehehe….

  34. I wanna know who scared her, old man yama maybe?? Even he didnt fuck wit unohana! Banging this tune at work re-reading the bleach chapter an it seems like fitting theme music for the Zaraki’s:

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