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Bleach Chapter 522: Love it

Chapter 522: Love it
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Right, interesting chapter. Somewhat. All genius folk tend to be crazy and the next Zero Squad member is no exception. In terms of what Soul Society what is it now he is sure as hell did something alright.

The host of the Phoenix Palace

The creator on the Zanpaktou.

Nimaiya Ouetsu [Blade God]

We didn’t see much of him at all when the Zero division came to pick him up in Soul Society. Well, his entrance today more than makes up for it.

But if this is what they call swag… he can keep it to himself. The man introduces himself as if he was a rock start. Distracting the two with a motherload of lovely looking ladies.

Kon has reached heaven for all he cares. From a eating-fest to a palace full of babes.

Even Ichigo and Renji are not immune to the hotness in front of them but try their best. Most of the remainder is a bit of old school lol-time before one woman referring to the Ouetsu as master kicks him in the back and actually takes the guys to the real ‘palace’

A small shack on the edge of a cliff. It soon turns out this place is a little bit bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.

Then the interesting part starts.

Apparently all the women that were part of the introduction show were all Zanpaktou. The man who gave birth to the Zanpaktou is most displeased that two Shinigami who have acquired Bankai couldn’t tell the difference. My guess is, their minds were pre-occupied earlier thinking more with their lower brain than anything else.

Regardless, with a simple flick of the wrists he completely shatters both Zanpaktou down to the hilt. The Blade God noticed the zanpaktou are not very happy. What is in this place with Ichigo and Renji is Ouetsu describes as the Zanpaktou’s Rage.

This fight will be interesting. Ichigo hasn’t seen Tensa Zangetsu since he learned Mugetsu. High time to get reacquainted. What form will it have. Will the hollow that lurked inside him take form? I really have no idea but I can’t wait for next week.

As far as Renji as is concerned. I thought they had a pretty good relationship after the whole Ryoka incident. Guess time has taken a toll on that pair aswell. I hope we get a bit of action and talk between the the Shinigami and their Zanpaktou’s


14 Responses

  1. I wager that the girl who came and retrieved Namaiya is his Zanpaktou.

  2. FINALLY we get to see what is going on with Zangestu lol. I knew something was wrong with it, because Ichigo is weaker than he was before. I bet it has something to do with Ichigo performing the Final Gestsuga and Zangestu is pissed because he was sacrificed for Ichigo’s friends…or something like that…

  3. Great review pretend3r.

    You know, maybe if Renji and Ichigo had women Zanpaktou, then they would show them more love. It seems like the “blade god” has nothing but the ladies representing as swords. I wonder how he made them?

    One other thing I wanted to say. The zero squad member with the mechanical arms said that Aizen was evil for trying to create life. But here it seems like the contributions the zero squad has made is borderline close to what he was trying to do. (Zanpaktou, artifical soul.)

    Not to mention Mayrui creating Nemu.

    Oh well bring on the insanity!

  4. @Immortal

    I think she meant the manner in which Aizen tried to create the Ouken… All of the people he killed to attain his goal. When the zanpakuto or the modsoul are created does anyone die as part of the process? I understand the similarity, but in my opinion, Zero Squad and Aizen have nothing in common… Not yet, anyway.

  5. @ Superman no here: Oh that’s right; I forgot all about the destruction of Karakura town. I don’t know….maybe they could have overlooked that detail. I mean what is a million or so souls to see the king. J/K.

    But that does make me wonder how in the world did Aizen get to see the SK? I can understand Kisuke but when did Aizen get the chance. Unless somebody let him visit. Oh well I guess it’s not relevant right now. I’m just ready to see the other zero squad members contributions to SS and Kenny when he goes Banki and destory everything.

  6. I don’t think Aizen has ever seen SK. Everyone in SS has heard of him, kind of like God.

  7. @Superman no here. Here’s the chapter/page where it was mentioned:


    Aizen called it SK a thing.

  8. @Immortal – that link brought back some good memories 🙂 Aizen saw “something”, maybe the greater construct of how everything is connected but not necessarily The King himself…

  9. I think Aizen started his research so that he could gain the Soul King’s favor, but ,when that did not seem to happen, he tried to create an ouken himself to spite the King with his bitterness. I guess breaking the barriers between shinigami and hollows is not a historic achievement by the Soul King’s standards. The Soul King probably has a lot of pride in his family’s heritage as Soul reapers and just cannot bear the thought of Hollows tainting his race in any way. Either that or someone thought of something better than Aizen that caught his eye first.

  10. @Tawuya-sama and Naruto Tutor: Interesting possibilities. I just hope it all comes out before the arc is over in the same interesting way in which you present it.

    General question; do you think “Mr Hat and Clogs saw the SK?

  11. By the way…..Happy New Years to all!

  12. Where is the next chapter?!? It’s crazy how long we all wait for a 3 minute read lol.

  13. Captain Unohana BITCH!!! Shit’s getting real!!

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