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It is Finally Out!!!

Naruto Chapter 616


One Piece Chapter 695


Bleach Chapter 523



25 Responses

  1. Captain Unohana bitch!! Loving her man, neither of them better die though.

    But what the heck are the quincies waiting for? They should have finished the job the first time. Now the shinigamies are going to regroup and whoop their ads.

  2. Was anyone else disappointed by the lack of action in naruto this week? For being on a three week hiatus this chapter didnt reveal too much extra sides the fact naruto can now share chakra with others….

  3. not gonna lie, Unohana’s kind of a turn on right now lol. But why the hell are they fighting if Kyouraku told her to TEACH Kenpachi… not try to kill him…?

  4. btw, are any of the Kage still alive?? Tsunade said she was gonna revive them… but if they gotta die, eff it – except Gaara. Gaara can’t die. He’s too young to die! He’s like the Hitsugaya of Naruto….

  5. Naruto – Meh!!!! That chapter damn sure wasnt worth the wait an naruto giving out chakra like freakin’ hot chocolate….really?!!! Some cheesy writing going on here! The best bit was sasuke an his boyz walking in konoha soooooo maybe they going to see those 2 elders that are still left, the onez that chilled wit danzo.

    Bleach – Easily the best of the big 3 this week!!! FIRST KENPACHI YACHIRU UNOHAHA looking both SCARY an SEXY at the same freakin’ time – that double S, first in manga history son! Probs to kubo, he seems to really have some killer material for this arc, in 1 chapter he turned her from a caring sweet lady into a bitch who would eat babies an cut men’s dicks off for sport!

    One Piece – Go Usopp GOOOO!!! The sniper, went into Sogeking mode an sniped the fat boy an weapons chic mid air! Yup, he is not to be fucked wit an his weapon upgrade was sweeeeeeet!! Nami was ok but fighting wise she’s still the weakest imo. Now mystery man at the end…..Aokiji anyone? Maybe a Samurai or maybe another flamingo minion?!

  6. Wah? That Bleah shit is still going on? What’s the point?

  7. FINALLY!!! had to do that in The Rock’s voice. :P.

    naruto getting cheesy, tite going all out with final arc, and one piece still rocks!!


  9. If you think about it unohana never fought before maybe after she learned healing after that other guy left for the royal guard old man yama forbid her from fighting as it turns on her bloodlust n makes it uncontrollable

  10. Welcome Back everyone. It seems we are all in the spirit of Manga again. Just to give you guys a heads up, it is becoming very difficult for me to find the time to do these blogs. I will try my best to put them up as soon as I can. Just letting you know that in the future, I might be very late of posting the blogs. Nonetheless, welcome back and I hope every one had a nice holiday. Again I will do my absolute best to post up the blogs with effort. Keep the Discussion going. And by the way Naruto was not as bad as a lot of you are saying, I found it entertain, but I will leave my comments on the Naruto review.

  11. @Jdogg,

    For some reason reading ur post just made me feel like a kid in class again even tho im grown ass man haha welcome back son!! Now let’s forget about hot chocolate naruto for a minute….the real question is what was shikaku hiding in that wooden box that he doesnt want shikamaru’s mum finding out about??!!! Was it a secret porno collection, some hard drugs or that Patron tequila?! Shikaku was on that good shit, knew he was way too chilled out for no damn reason!

    Maybe Unohaha knows Santouryu…..

  12. Just when the reality of this war starts surfacing(despair,agony, major death,pain,naruto talk no jutsu getting pawned) kishi had to pull us into some cheessy crap again…

    bleach-unohana spooked the hell out of me this chap,the creepy cold blooded bitch.

  13. Ahhhh. It feels so good to get my weekly dose of manga again.

    One Piece was the top manga for me this week. The Straw Hats is a team to be rekon with. Three Straw Hats stand out this week. Iron Pirate Franky, the Sniper Usopp and Weather Witch Nami

    Iron Pirate Franky – Showed he can stand up to powerful attacks and hold his own against two elite pirates form the New World. Franky’s boss.

    The Sniper Usopp – “Shooting Star Rush” was awesome. I have to give it to Oda; to come up with these weird attacks and powers. I would never come up with stuff like this in my wildest dreams.

    The Weather Witch Nami – Her new weather powers are nice. “Weather Egg” and “Thunder Breed Tempo” Nami is now a pirate to be rekon with. You go girlfriend.

    Luffy looked very happy to see His team ready for the new World.

    As for the mysterious figure who overslept riding on the water, it’s no other then the sleepy/lazy ex- Marine Admirals, Aokiji, or what He goes by now Kuzan.
    Oda has already showed Aokiji in a drawing. He has a scar on his right shoulder that goes up his neck and down to his wrist. His entire right hand is also scarred almost up to his elbow. He also lost his left leg just above his knee and uses his Ice ability to create a limb made of ice.
    I wonder if Akainu got any wounds.

  14. Pic of Post timeskip aokiji if anyony didnt see it.

  15. @rock
    He has those wounds in film Z too….Akainu better have lost a limb too, Oda needs to make that shit fair! Really hope at some point we see that clash of Magma vs Ice. Oh btw Akainu has a decided to grow a bit of a beard in the 2 years lol check him out above jimbei an below flamingo on the right:


  16. @Tensa How In The Hell Did You See the One Piece Z Movie

  17. @Tensa I think Orochimaru brought Sasuke to Konoha because he has a plan to help Sasuke understand all of the secrets of that Secret Uchiha Tablet. First, his remark this chapter makes me almost certain that they are going to bust Karin out of captivity. Furthermore, her other ability might be of use to Orochimaru a little later.

    Anyway, this is how I imagine Oro’s plot working. First, Orochimaru might take Sasuke and the reunited Team Hawk down to the Tablet’s chamber, and he and Sasuke enter into a discussion about its significance. At the end of their little chat, Orochimaru launches a sneak attack, to which Sasuke immediately responds by activating his EMS. Of course, Sasuke manages to block that attack but tshockingly, fails to defend himself against a second one. The latter assault wounds Sasuke fatally, but Orochinaru does not celebrate what is his reasonable vindication against Sasuke .He just waits instead. Rather than a simple revenge play, Oro hopes that Sasuke will awaken his rinnegan some time before he croaks, and upon seeing that event, he tells Karin to let Sasuke bite her again because anyone who bites Karin will begin to heal. With his rinnegan now activated, Sasuke can read everything on theTablet.
    If Sasuke thinks that he understands the whole situation right then, he may also believe that he has a clear advantage over everyone fighting Obito and Madara at the moment. With this knowledge, he and his team prepare to enter that battlefield next.

  18. Good opening chapters of 2013!

    Naruto – was actually better on second reading. I love how the fact that Naruto’s chakra is resonating in everybody annoys Sasuke! I may be wrong but I think this will be the first time since he was resurrected that we’ve seen Big Magnum surprised (when Naruto did chakra distribution). Unprecedented. “Looks like the lil missus got a nice powerup thanks to Naruto” #BigMagnumOneLinersContinue. The whole “ENDURE” line was pretty cool too 🙂

    One Piece – SUUU–UUUPER! Funny as all hell how sparked all the guys were by Shogun Franky and the chicks were 😐 … On the “They’re Enemies” page did you notice how Usopp is trying to hide?! Lol. And who is the Caesar lookalike in background???

    Bleach – DEFINITELY the King Daddy of this weeks mangas! The Asauchi have mouths for eyes?! Page 16 pic of Unohana close-up has to go down in some hall of fame for manga pics! Zaraki had to have inflicted that wound on her when she had decided to walk the path of peace… “The one who invented the art of killing…” LET THE CARNAGE COMMENCE! This man is outdoing himself…

  19. @Warlord,
    It was on youtube for a couple days – i posted it on the previous one piece review! It was recorded in the movie theatre though so quality aint the best an there are no subs so its completely raw – it might still be on youtube but i doubt it – i wont spoil it but i will say it defo lives up to the hype!

    @Naruto tutor
    Hmmmmm very nice theory but i dont see Orochimaru being that helpful tbh unless he plans to take sasuke an his new rinnegan afterwards. I thought karin would have broke out of jail by now lol Here’s a theory though what if that scroll that can “change the war” is something that can reverse the reaper death seal an bring those souls back to the world for a period of time………………………………….queue 1st hokage vs BIG MAGNUM part 2, 3rd hokage vs Orochimaru part 2, 2nd and 4th hokage (with kyubbi hot chocolate chakra) + ninja alliance vs Juubi and the finale Naruto vs Sasuke – shittttttttttt i might aswell write naruto myself that’s some epicness right there! Can anyone draw?? me, warlord an UTI will provide the one liners, you draw the sexy epicness!!!

  20. @Tawuya

    At the moment Kubo greater than Kishi but Oda is edging it as always lol That pic of Unohana is defo top 5 all time greatest bleach pics alongside with Ichigo final getsuga tencho form, Condom Aizen form an Yammamotto activating his bankai

  21. @Tensa – in no particular order:

    1) Unohana crazy eyes pic
    2) Yamamoto bankai
    3) Final getsuga
    4) Ichimaru gin bankai slicing city in half
    5) Fully transformed Stark

  22. Oh shit forgot about my boy Stark!! Defeated by a damn shikai by Kyouraku. I would swap Gin slicing a city in half for Byakuya’s bankai tho

  23. @tawuya I was just about to comment on the re-commencing of the one liners.

    @tensa I think we can pull off writing the manga, lol. Especially BIG MAGNUM’s part, lol.

  24. I hope Kinemon of Foxfire joins the StrawHats

  25. @lee
    There’s too many men on the ship as it is, Sh’s need a chic!

    Im playin the one piece game an u know in enie lobby luffy got gear 2nd an 3rd….do u reckon in the new world he’ll get 4th an 5th?? Maybe Doflamingo will push him to that limit…

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