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One Piece Chapter 686 – Ms. Badazz

To include humor, action, chaos, spiciness and sexy in one chapter, just astonishes me on how the hell Oda does it. He is like a falling Angel that writes the most bizarre yet bewilderment piece of work. It is no surprise to you guys on how much respect I have for Oda as writer and this chapter proves my found respect for Oda. This chapter makes what One Piece is, being one of the top manga. So enough of my sucking up to Oda, lets get on with this weeks chapter.

Ms. Badazz

We start of where we left off last week, Zoro holding back Monet. To my surprise Zoro is actually holding back his power, and it is a first for us because we have never seen Zoro pit against a woman. We know that Sanji will never lay a hand on a woman, even if it means his death. Like how he was almost killed by Kalif from CP9, and he stood by his word and not lay a finger on her. Luffy on the other hand, does not have the same chivalry as Sanji. He will raise his hand against a woman if she threatens him or his friends. Though we never seen him beat a lady badly like he beats his enemies. Zoro on the other hand, never had to go against a woman entirely. Zoro wont say it, but I believe that he has the same mentality as Sanji when it comes to fighting a woman. That he wont raise a hand against a woman, but that does not mean he will not protect his friends from evil woman like Monet.

Speaking of Monet, she is turning out to be a very promising character, like I said previously, she is becoming a favorite with us. She is as cunning as Robin, and as bizarre as Nami. But she differs in the sense that she thinks differently in right or wrong. What the norm of society considers kidnapping, she considers it parenting. In her thinking, she actually believes that those kidnapped kids are better of as test subjects for CC. She also differs from Robin and Nami when it comes to kids. You could see that Robin and Nami have a soft spot for kids since they both had traumatic childhoods, while Monet seems to have no sense of sympathy for the kids. Which brings me to my next topic,

Should CC and Monet be considered one of the worst people in One Piece history?

We have been introduced to messed up, sadistic, crazy characters in One Piece, but does Monet and CC take the title of the Worst of the Worst? We have seen Doflamingo being okay with slavery, Blackbeard is considered one of the most evil one, and etc, but Monet and CC have done something that we never seen before. Kidnapping, brainwashing and experimenting on children. To me that takes a whole new level of evil because children are not fully developed, they do not have the complexity of right or wrong. And to exploit that weakness to your advantage and use it against the kids. To make them believe that your helping them, but in fact your actually just experimenting on them, makes Monet and CC one of the worst of the worst.

Nami “The Invincible”

In my opinion there are two Strawhats that if they got Haki would be monsters, Nami and Ussop. Ussop is always on target and if he got Haki, his power level would sky rocket and like I said the Strawhats need more Haki or Logia fighters. They cannot simply survive with Luffy, Zoro and Sanji always coming to the rescue. If they keep up the way they are going right now, they will not make it that far in the New World. Look we are only in the beginning of the New World and so far only three people have been giving the Strawhats a hard time and these are not the strongest of people. But Nami showed some promising skills, and it would make sense since she is a weather lady. From her skills, she could be the worst enemy for a Logid Devil fruit user since a Logia Devil fruit is usually a power of elements and who knows more about the elements than Nami. That is why I am candidate Nami and Ussop to be the next Strawhat members to be able to use Haki or make a break through discovery of power.

Monet Vs Tagashi

I gave up along time ago on guessing who is going to fight who. Mangas are known to be predictable when a fight will happen and who will face who. For example, Bleach is notorious for this, almost all the fights are done between fighters with the same personality, not all the time though. But now One Piece is to hard to predict, one moment I am thinking that Virgo will fight Sanji than it turns out he’ll fight Law than Smoker, the fights are never set. It is almost like a war, where anyone can come at you. Now this predicament of Tagashi taking on Monet seems a promising fight because so far we have never seen Tagashi  on the winning side. I personally wanted Nami to fight Monet because it looked like she could take her on and Monet has being becoming to confident and making mistakes. One is highly underestimate Zoro, a mistake no one should make. It is one thing to underestimate Luffy but to also underestimate Zoro. Big mistakes on Monet side, I see that in the next few chapters, this story will get even far more complicated and when it looks like it will settle down. The reinforcement from Doflamingo will arrive and it’ll be chaos all over again.

Side Notes:

  • Those are becoming a bigger character than I thought, it seems that this arc will center around them.
  • Chopper reaction to snow monster Monet was hilarious and shame on Nami for trying to use him as a shield.
  • Zoro and Sanji never end out of jokes against each other. That little segment they had there was probably one of the funniest thing I have read this month.
  • This look like they are set now: Smoker vs Virgo, Luffy is trying to fight CC, Nami, Chopper, and Robin are trying to stop the kids, Zoro and Tagashi vs Monet, and Brook, Ussop and Kinemon are looking for Monosuke.
  • Robin calling a stab, a scratch, shes one strong lady.



10 Responses

  1. Great review as always J!
    I’ve always been a strong believer in Ussop gaining observation haki, that and his sniping skills would be ridiculously epic – im still hoping that at some point he gets ahold of some guns and starts letting off shots, as im not a massive fan of his pop green plants.
    In answer to your question about CC and Monet being the worst so far…..HELL YEAH THEY ARE! Kidnapping and Drugging kids is straight up sadistic and wrong on so many levels. Monet is probably just following orders for the sake of her life due to the threat of Doflamingo but CC is doing it just to best vegapunk – what a sicko!
    Doflamingo’s backup is on the way….what if they rush Franky?!!
    Tashigi needs to step her game up if she’s gonna fight Monet – so far her character seems way to soft and femine and Monet is blood thirsty and won’t hesitate to bite her head clean off! Suppose Zoro’s defence will prevent that but offensively i expect Tashigi to slice some ass if she even dreams of taking on Zoro again!

    P.S Zoro is stuck in a room wit 2 chic’s…….lucky marimo!

  2. The worst characters are defintely the World Nobles or at least most of them. Monet is doing these things because she doesn’t want to be killed by Doflamingo. CC does what he does because of inferiority issues. But the majority of World Nobles have shown to not have any mercy or care in themselves at all when they are involved with “commoners”. Yea, Doflamingo is an ass for selling slaves, but these guys buy them and treat them like shit afterwards. They actually believe they are a higher existence. They have absolutely no morals and their only justification in their actions is because they have a “birthright” to do whatever they want. Try to remember all the times when World Nobles appeared. Sabo’s family, the auction slave house where Hachi was shot, flashbacks when Hancock and etc were slaves, and even when Robin and all those people were forced to build that huge bridge (I believe it was before she was freed by the revolutionaries). Now remember all that and try to convince me that they aren’t worst characters in this manga….

  3. I think out of the big three one piece has the most interesting and powerful female characters.

  4. @Tensa Gizzla, I am happy to know that your a Ussop fan as well.

    @Badasschefman141, I am 100% with you on the world nobles. They are the reason for most of the suffering of the poor.

    @Darthuchuha, One Piece is by far the strongest in its female roles. There female characters are actually relevant. In some way they are almost the suprior gender, like how Nami and Robin can single handle order the Strawhats into fallowing them to do as the bid.

  5. Wow, wow, wow.

    Hey didn’t Zoro tell Luffy that it’s time to get serious….and here he is not getting serious. On well good stuff good stuff.

  6. @immortal

    Maybe he doesnt see her as a threat an just wants to hold her there until the kids are safe! Zoro hasnt been serious once since the timeskip – everything has just been a warm up to him! I get the feeling Oda is saving him for something, there’s a rumour that him an doflamingo have a sorta connection with Wano country. Cant wait to see doflamingo in a fight!

  7. haven’t noticed it until i got to the computer but zoro only been using 2 swords huh? i wonder how strong he’s really gotten. Strawhats really need a logia and a mystical zoan on their team though hope they get em

  8. Chapter’s out early guys!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Holy crap! Zoro has gotten some sick upgrades! I can’t imagine him fighting seriously and putting on the bandana…he is the legitimate 1st Mate! I know that the top 3 have been holding back and we will soon get a glimpse of their true power. I cant wait to see Luffy fight all out!

  10. It was a sick chapter!! Zoro didnt use Haki but “The Fear”……..fucking sick!! Imagine if “The Fear” was a form of king’s haki unique to Zoro where his intimidation freezes an opponent dead in their tracks….. and this was without his bandana….

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