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Bleach Chapter 513: The Dark Moon Stroke

Chapter 513: The Dark Moon Stroke
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Byakuya is still breathing avoiding death for a few moments longer. He voices his trust on Ichigo’s strength before he cannot hold onto zenbonsakura anymore the blade withers away

The scene switches back to Ichigo. Ichigo takes hold of his sword. Haschwald steps forward but is stopped by Juha. The King wishes to talk instead to the young boy standing ready to oppose him. He seems to get a big of douch again as he talks to Ichigo. First applauding his escape from the jail. I actually think now that it wasnt Akon who broke him out of the jail. Akon probably just opened the door for Ichigo to enter SS.

The King has a point with his question. Ichigo’s body looks quite beaten. Ichigo ignores his question and asks his own as well.

Juha gets cryptic and answers with a yes and no answer. He is an enemy to SS but probably sees himself the savior of humanity. Ichigo has not ear for Juha and gets a bit more vocal as the rage builds inside him.

Ichigo asks if Juha is the one who turned SS into a pile of rubble. Juha seems somewhat intriqued by Ichigo rather than being impressed by Ichigo’s display of strength.

Juha gets even more exited as he seems eager to see how strong this young boy actually Ichigo is.

Ichigo jumps forwards sporting his rage face blasting out a Getsuga Tenshou. The attack does very little as Juha is protects himself with “Blut Vene”(Blood armor) much to Ichigo’s surprise. Juha grabs him by the wrist and smashes him into the ground. Ichigo tries to strike him with his off-hand but Juha block it pulling out his sword along with it.

His sword hits Ichigo straight in the neck ending this fight quickly. Condifent with Juha stands himself up and orders Haschwald to take him back the castle and resurrect him. The way Juha says make this resurrection look quite a bit like the revival technique used in Naruto where the ‘resurrected’ is forced to follow the master’s orders. Haschwald does not seem to like this technique but obviously intends to follow the King’s orders.

Ichigo is still alive and well. Juha’s blade never damaged his skin because Ichigo has learned a new technique whilst stuck in the Precipy world. “Blut Vene” Blood armor. The Quincy armor. Ichigi uses this moment of surprise blasting Juha with a wave of flames.

The fight is just getting started…

The big question of this week of course is, who taught Ichigo that technique. Probably the unknown man Kisuke saw earlier. The most likely answer is that it would be an Ishida. But has uryu come to help out his friends. Or is his father coming along to share a few words with Juha?

Exiting stuff.


13 Responses

  1. Lol, dude, did you write this review smashed!?

  2. @Tawuya
    loooooool, its almost the week – a cheeky beer an review go hand in hand lol
    I wonder how long time wise was ichigo in there? a couple of hours maybe? hardly enough time to learn quincy moves!

  3. Haha, a cheeky beer goes down well with a review! Yeah the battering indicates that he was in there for a while but I have a feeling it was more reflex than anything else… I wanna see who saved Urahara’s ass in Hueco Mondo!

  4. I find it interesting that first ichigo fights the shinigami with his new shinigami powers, then the espada with his developed vizard powers, then fullbringers with his fullbring powers, now possibly hes using Quincy powers against quincies? He sure love using his enemies powers against them.

  5. @tawuya
    i wasnt smashed. but did have a nice little headache.

    Remember though. time is different in the precipy world.

  6. “Impossible! A technique I know exists was just used!”
    -So many manga characters.

  7. Thanks for the review pretend3r. Sorry you had a headache and all.

    This was a cool chapter. When I saw Byakuya still alive I was saying; “what is the 4th division doing.?” In fact alot of people are MIA. I said it before and again I will say that I am still just waiting on the “state of affairs” of SS. Who has died? Where are the others? (Shinji, Mayuri, Jushiro, etc…) Can’t wait for the next chapter.

    Oh and Ichigo with Quincy powers. The only problem I have with this is despite ALLLLL of the powers Ichigo has, he seems to only stick with
    Getsuga Tenshou. No hollow mask, no fullbring…..just good old Getsuga….oh well bring on the next chapter!!!

    Wow, wow, wow!!!

  8. Chapter is out early guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Looks like Juha knows about Ichigo’s momma! Oh and Aizen is a freakin boss even when he’s locked up!!

  9. @Tensa – 100% agree, Aizen is a gaddamn bwoss! Also uhh… Did Juha pop Ichigo’s Mom!? “Son”… Maybe his grandaddy?

  10. @ Tawuya

    Juha being ichigo’s grandpappy……could be possibly, heck at one point i thought Aizen was Ichigo’s jealous uncle lol
    Isshin kurosaki really is the key to all of this though – his backstory is so important right now! It’s weird though that none of the soul society captains know about Isshin apart from Urahara…..maybe isshin is originally from the 0 squad, used mugetsu on some bastard, lost his powers and fled to the world of the living, fell in love with a quincy chick and they made rampant love an popped out a couple kiddies before she got attacked an died..

  11. I knew it! The scientist guy didnt release Ichigo or let him into SS…I bet the guy he went to release was Aizen! Hmmmm

  12. @Mexican – mmm… No. If anything it was a “pull on the door handle from outside while I push from the inside”. Scientist was attempting to release Ichigo, not Aizen.

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