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Naruto Chapter 607 – Acceptance

To my surprise this chapter went from  promising to a total let down. The conversation between Obito and Yahiko was for the first time seemed like the original Naruto. The struggle of acceptance and forgiveness was discussed in this chapter. Both Obito and Yahiko have their own philosophy on perfecting the world and they both contradict their arguments. Nonetheless lets get on with this week’s chapter.

Yahiko “The Smart One”

In all of the Naruto universe Yahiko seems like a realistic character. He actually thinks on the things people say and does not simply accept what they are saying. Lets take Sasuke for example, now some of you hate or love this guy, but stay with me now. When Sasuke finally ‘killed’ his own brother, he was taking by Obito disguised as Madara at the time, and tells him that the person he just killed was not the true enemy. That the elders of the leaf village are the true enemy. Now think about it, he just fought his own brother to death whom he hated with extreme passion his whole life, a person who killed not only his mother and father but his entire clansman. And all of a sudden a man wearing a mask claiming to be Madara, a person thought to be dead for a 100 years tells him a completely different story and what does Sasuke do? simply accept everything he tells him. If that is not the biggest bologna, than I do not know what is.

It is for that reason that I give the title to Yahiko of being ‘The Smart One’ because he is not a simple minded idiot who accepts everyone that tells him some idiotic stories. And not certainly a man wearing a mask claiming to be Uchiha Madara. Yahiko actually took things into consideration, the mask, the claim to be Madara, a man thought long dead and most of all, is the fact that Obito literally came  out of nowhere and said this to him. The only thing I find disappointing about Yahiko’s character is how he died. There a lot of characters in this manga that their story can turn into a spin-off. The First and Fourth Hokage, Itachi, and now Yahiko because these characters have something in common. They are realistic in the sense that they actually think things through.

The Let Down

I really liked the way this chapter started, the conversation between Obito and Yahiko was in my opinion what the Naruto series stands for. One guy saying the world is done for and all of humanity is corrupted; while the other guy says the world is not done for and humanity is not corrupted as long as there are people willing to work things out. This is the foundation of this story, this is one of the themes of this story, it is in my opinion one of the strongest messages an author paints out in his story, but I feel that Kishi has been lacking of this fantastic side of his work. So that is why I really liked the beginning of the chapter because it looked to be promising, but than Kishi does this again move on to the fight. It is almost as if once one thing happens in the story that is impacting the audience, Kishi all of a sudden changes the pace to a more lame and predictable story. Like when Kakashi was fighting the 7 Mist Swordmans and said “I will go on a Rampage” than we switch to something lesser than the previous action. For those who watch ESPN, Come On Kishi.

Overall I enjoyed this chapter, it made me feel that there is still hope to fix this mess Kishi has created for himself. The first thing Kishi should do is take a break and collect his thought on how to fix this mess. And what do you know, he is taking a break next week, so there will not be a Naruto chapter next week, but I feel that Kishi should of done this along time ago. I would rather wait a week or two or even a whole year, to read a more enjoyable and thought out story, than the mess we have been handed each week. Do not get me wrong I still love the series, but lets be honest, Kishi has been slipping and has not been able to pick himself up. I personally feel that there should of been more detail on Obito’s story, that more thought should of been added to his back story, because  this is the main villain. Either way I like what we have so far and to me the conversation between Obito and Yahiko made this chapter, so I accept the back story of Obito.

Side Notes:

  • There will be a lot of ‘Come on Kishi’ this week.
  • Naruto has been fighting for almost a 100 chapters and not once did he get a break, I understand that stamina is his strongest attribute, but come one Kishi.
  • Last time we saw Kakashi he was bleeding and almost at the brink of death. Now he looks as healthy as a horse, Come on Kishi.
  • What the hell happened to Guy, last time we saw him, he was going toe-to-toe with Obito, Come on Kishi.
  • What ever happened to only the First Hokage can do ‘Wood Release’, Come on Kishi.
  • Nageto looked like an idiot this chapter, “You know about these eyes?” with surprised face, Come on Kishi.
  • A lot of you might think that I am going on to much of a ramble, but I am just having fun this week, so Come on people!!!


32 Responses

  1. I think Obito killed Yahiko just to convince Pein to join the Akatsuki….IDK

  2. No yahiko stabbed himself with a dagger that nagato was holding when they were facing danzo and hanzo. Obito had nothing to do with yahiko’s death

  3. great review jdogg but i disagree with what u said about sasuke; Sasuke didnt just accept it all willy nilly. once he sat down and thought about it he remembered events that he previously didnt remember and he pieced it all together and he realized what he said was right

  4. @Token, ahhh, but think about it, is it not possible that Obito cast a genjustu on Sasuke into believing he had those memories. Hmmm no that makes you think. But my main point is that Sasuke did not think like Yahiko, he actually gave Obito a moment to explain himself. While Yahiko knew from the beginning that whatever Obito had to say was only meant so that he can use them like disposable pets. While Sasuke never gave into consideration that Obito is just trying to use him. He might play that “I do what I want role”, but in reality he is doing exactly what Obito wanted him to do.

  5. THere has been no case of someone giving another person false memories in naruto. Is it possible? sure if kishi wants to make the sharingan even more hack but up to this point there has never been a example of someone having memories that was not theirs. AS for sasuke u forget who their mentors were as well. yahiko was trained for a long tmie by jiryia who taught them some of his ways while sasuke spent alot of his time with a pyschopath in oro. Yahiko is bound to be more logical than sasuke if only cause of who they were trained and influenced by.

  6. Remember Shisui who can make people thinking into things without them known. All I am saying is that Sasuke is not as realistically thoughtful as Yahiko. Also it was Sasuke who chose Orochi, because he himself is a Psycho.

  7. Obito backstory still doesn’t make sense and is still pointless. Obito is possibly the worst and most boring character. He somehow ruin Tobi’s character.

    Sasuke is a logical thinker. He didn’t fully accept Tobi and still doesn’t. He only follows Tobi’s order when he gets what he wants. Sasuke didn’t want to destroy the village until he discovers the truth. That’s why he met up with Danzou to confirm If Tobi was telling the truth or not. The same relationship he had with Orochimaru. The more knowledge and Jutsus Oro taught, the more Sasuke was willing to stay. Once Sasuke realizes that Oro had nothing left to teach, he decided to kill him. Making his own decision of not giving his body up, but to kill Oro and carry on with his goal instead. Even before joining Oro or Tobi, Sasuke did question them both. For Oro, he had to try to persuade Sasuke multiple times. It took about a year and a half before Sasuke made up his mind to join Oro. Same with Tobi. Sasuke Kept on denying the truth that Tobi was telling him truth. When he thought about it, he started to set out on a journey to uncover the truth. Even now he still questions life, creating a clan and building a village before making his final decision if he wants to destroy the leaf village or not. That’s why he set off in the last few chapter with Oro to speak to “the man who knows everything.” It shows that Sasuke does think about the future and why he pick Oro over Tobi to reveal more knowledge in life.

  8. @token – Ah, forgot that part….my bad on that one, haha

  9. nice review… lol I think you’ve used the term “Come on” too much. 🙂

  10. WIth the First hokages cells, and the rinnengan why should he not be able to use wood release?

  11. @nss7 I completely agree. Obitos backstory made me lose complete interest in Tobi. I mean think about these villains and compare obito; oro we all know was a baddddddd man and was content with wrecking havoc and pain and learning every jutsu in the world by whatever means necessary and was driven to do this not by loss or whatever but just cause he wanted to and he liked it; A+ villain; Nagato was a peaceful ninja who struggled with war and loss. He lost his closest friend and saw him die right in front of him with the Kunai he held in his hand with his other close friend Konan in danger on top of the comrades they lost against Hanzo, Danzo etc. he wanted peace because he knew what war could bring. Misguided but at the same time he wanted a world where ppl would not feel the lose and pain he had to deal with and decided the best way was to rule as a god: A villain. Danzo was not necessarily considered a villain however his methods were shrewd and a tad extreme. He wanted the death of a entire clan o be safe and protect konoha. While his methods were extreme and harsh he did have his reasons and legitimate ones at that given what he was trying to do and that was protect konoha from anyone that wanted to harm it. Villain B (although he’s not really a villain like the others).madara was ur typical villain. Strong, cunning, wanted to rule everyone with a iron fist and wanted to be second to no body. Everyone knows his story by now lol. Villain A. Than we have obito; he saw a guy who he barely got along with till near his death kill his crush. That’s it. No other reason, no war drama like itachi, Danzo probably and pein, no pure evil intentions like oro and madara, no he lost his crush. And that was all it took to get him over the edge. Obito as a villain; D

  12. I dont know why but i have a feeling obito is Mardara child.

  13. @team I think obito is of some kind of relation to madara; whether its his son though madara seems too old given the time lines but who knows

  14. @Token,

    Love the way you just broke down the villains in Naruto! Fully agree!

  15. There’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for the good guys stamina throughout this war: drugs. Full shot of steriods and heroin, protien shake mixer with sprinkle of cociane for flavor. Take enough roids an even ramen guy will shoot amaterasu out his Ass.

  16. @Quazar
    I don’t think any one convince or force Yahiko into death. I think it just happens spontaneously and Tobi just took advantage of the situation. Same with Itachi’s death. Tobi didn’t have any influence over making Itachi face Sasuke to die. Tobi just simply sat back and waited until something traumatic happen to people like Nagato and Sasuke. Taking full advantage of them when they’re at their lowest. That’s how Tobi is able to manipulate people into joining his organization without physically forcing them to.

    That’s the problem I have with Obito being Tobi. Obito have no reason or justification for becoming evil and to why he went back to Madara. The first reason we all thought that might’ve drove Obito crazy was Kakashi killing his crush. However, that idea is thrown out the window when Obito revealed that he wasn’t angry at Kakashi at all and he let him live. The other reason we all thought made him evil could possibly be Rin’s death, but that idea also doesn’t hold up. Obito doesn’t show much emotional attachment towards Rin when she died. He wasn’t angry or sad about her death. His reaction to Rin’s death was more like “eh Rin died. Kakashi killed her… Okay let’s just go back to Madara’s place.” It was emotionless. It can’t be a traumatizing event when he didn’t feel anything towards her death. Even in this chapter, when he went to her grave. He didn’t say anything. If he really LOVES her so much, why didn’t he pray or say something wishful at her grave? Who doesn’t say something to the one they cared most about at their grave? Clearly he doesn’t care about her or think about her. If Obito isn’t mad at Kakashi or care much about Rin or if her death was not even traumatizing, then what possibly could have drove Obito back to Madara’s hideout?

    What makes Obito character even more less convincing is that Obito did not question Madara’s plan. He just went along and believe everything Madara told him. He didn’t even question Kakashi who was laying a few feet away from him. He could’ve just grab Kakashi and ran to a secret location and ask him for the truth behind Rin’s death before making the decision to join Madara. Kakashi was RIGHT THERE next to him. It doesn’t make sense.

    The last reason why it doesn’t make sense is his encounter with the 4th hokage. If he let Kakashi live because he wants Kakashi to live in the world that he’s going to create. Then why didn’t he convince the 4th to join him or let him live in his dreamlike world to? He was just as close or even closer to the 4th than he was with Kakashi. It also doesn’t explain in this chapter how Obito sharingan was able to control the Kyuubi. It was said that ONLY Madara was the only Uchiha in history to control tailed beast. Not even Itachi and Sasuke who was more brilliant and talented than Obito can do that, so how does Obito learn how to control the tail beast with the sharingan in such a short time frame?

    Kishi is inconsistent and the Obito theory still doesn’t make sense at all. Token, I do agree with you that there are way better villains out there than Obito. Even Kabuto is now a better villain than Obito. At least he got a better reason to justify becoming one than Obito does. I can’t stand Obito’s character anymore. The lamest plot twist Kishi could ever pull.

  17. the chapter is 607 and not 507.
    you made the same error also for the last one

  18. kishi is doing a tite kubo right now… though tite-san has done a turnaround and made bleach more interesting and gripping for his final arc.

  19. Unlike most of the whining here, im enjoying the obito=tobi story, but i hope kishi goes into the the significance of the two masks, also the meeting between tobi and itachi, also what happened to the zetsu suit, didnt that dragon look weird???, but i cant for the next chapter, should be some good fighting

    @darth that sounds like a fun saturday night

    @batboy i believe jdogg was going off from the espn segment on monday night football “c’mon man!” its actually pretty funny, you should watch it

  20. First of all, Sasuke did not believe Madara dead. You completely gloss over the fact that Sasuke had already put together that Itachi was not working alone during the Uchiha Massacre and itachi revealed he was alive. Also Sasuke DID try to keep him from talking. He was tied up remember??

  21. @ Token

    Now normally we agree on most things but i have to disagree with you on one point. Orochimaru did have a loss. He became who he is because he lost his family at an early age. That’s why he is so focused on living forever and reanimating people. He wants to bring his family back. And after all these years of study he has found out he can do so through uchiha and senju blood using the rinnegan. Which is outstanding and shows you just how smart he is. Because he does not have the bloodlines if either clan, but he figured out the deepest secret between the two. He still my second fav character, lol. He pretty awesome.

  22. @uchiha good point. I forgot about his parents death; my bad. Course that makes him even better of a villain than obito cause well now I know he had a significant reason to go sadistic seeing as how he lost family. The point in many of these cases is that each villain has lost people that were closest to them and in most cases was family as well. That is alot more heartbreaking than losing a girl u had a crush on.

  23. @ Token and Jdogg

    To add to the whole spinoff plot. I would love to know Orochimaru’s lineage. I bet he comes from an awesome clan of ninja. I would love to see a spinoff of him from his childhood all the way to his fight with Sasuke. Also what happened to his clan? Were they wiped out, or were they treated like the Uchiha and forced into Konoha so the Senju could keep an eye on them, because i would imagine they would be a pretty powerful clan.

  24. @Mauro, Sorry about that. The good thing about mistakes is that I have you guys to correct it for me. That’s a Come On, on my part.

    @UchihaTheInfamous, Orochimaru is in my top ten best villain to ever be created in manga. And I am assuming his family died in the war, I think it was the second great war that was going on at the time of his childhood. I am just guessing but yeah Orochimaru will always be my favorite villain in Naruto proceeded by Pain.

  25. @nss7:

    About questioning Madara’s plan. Obito may not have overtly, but yes he did. Firstly, he had no reason to revive Madara – he wanted Nagato to use the Outer Path for “His own purposes”, not specifically for reviving Madara. There’s a lot more to the story that hasn’t been revealed, and I think Obito was taking advantage of Madara’s plan to use it for himself, and DID NOT want Madara revived because he is the only one who could interfere with his plans. I suspect Obito will eventually betray Madara himself after the fight…maybe cast him into Kamui.

  26. @?????

    I seriously doubt BIG MAGNUM would fall for Kamui. Better yet i doubt it would work on him. Like when Kakashi was going to use it against Obito, and Obito told him it wouldn’t work against me. Obito just seems to timid to go up against BIG MAGNUM. BIG MAGNUM is from an era where battling took on a whole different meaning. Battling was an everyday part of life. Obito only battles when he has to, and it’s still primarily just defense. Just think of the amount of jutsu he’s copied with his sharingan compared to Obito. Not to mention experience as well. Plus the opponents were better then.

  27. Thank you Jdogg for a entertaining review sir.

    I only have one thing to say about this chapter; didn’t Obito tell Konan that he told Yahiko to start the Akatsuki? It actually happen here:


    That would mean that Yahiko must have met up with Obito in secret and accepted his plan in some way shape or form.

  28. idk if its been revealed in this story and i missed it or if its just another plothole. What was the purpose of obito manipulating sasuke?

  29. @fast

    Sasuke is the only uchiha alive to keep the clan going plus he would be strong enough to fend off his main threat to his plot….Naruto. also just for old times sake of senju versus Uchiha.

  30. @Immortal
    It’s another plot hole by Kishi.

    Tobi didn’t want Naruto and Sasuke to reunite. It would make it much more difficult to capture Naruto.

  31. @nss7
    I don’t think its necessarily another plot hole.
    Notice they aren’t wearing the cloud coats in the current chapter.
    Perhaps they had not formed an organization as of yet, and if they had perhaps Obito inspired the specifics that made them Akatsuki.

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