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Bleach Chapter 409 – Deicide 11

An early Tensa?
It would seem J has lost the battle for hygiene for now. So in the name of a (somewhat) timely release I’ll fill in for this week. I liked this chapter quite a bit, we learned a little bit more about Ishinn’s and Ichigo’s zanpaktou’s. Also. Deicide has caught up with the pendulum arch at 11 chapters.

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The chapter starts off with an awesome coloured opening. A two headed bird arching over Ichigo and his closest friends surrounding it. The second coloured page shows Aizen smug smile again and a bit of a better look at his final(?) form as he steps into the transferred Karakura town. After that we see Ichigo leap into his Zanpaktou world. However this time its slightly different. It’s still an upside down world of building however the world is underwater. Understandably ichigo has trouble breathing. As he is struggling to swim to the surface something throws into a building.

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