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Naruto Chapter 498 is out!

Hey I’ve been on watch all week to bring this to you guys and it just came out. ENJOY!


There will be no little picture this time, I dont feel like it. SUNA OUT!

52 Responses

    Watch out kyuubi, mama’s gonna get ya!

  2. great chapter wonder what makes her chakra special and how those chains came out naruto

  3. Okay just finished reading it, this was a nice chapter but the ending was way too cheesy! like, WAY TOO CHEESY! I thought I was in a opizza joint for a second.

  4. Nice chapter, funny how Naruto’s mom had that tomato head and bad temper and all of a sudden is a Habanero. It almost seems inevitable that Naruto will end up with Sakura. 😦

  5. This chapter had my eyes watering lol. What if Kushina’s the strongest female, stronger then what”s her face Tsunade. THis chapter was great,

  6. yea the whole her chakra was special was interesting…. i think it has something to do with her kekkei genkai and hopefully naruto can learn to harness whatever is special about it and use it. personally he needs a kick ass new technique or something. also it seemed a little bland that the chains came out and held down kyuubi while naruto and his mom talked… just took away from the seriousness of what naruto was doing. Also i wanna know how exactly the kyuubi knows who narutos mom is and her chakra must have been intense if he felt her like that.

  7. Great chapter. When this war starts I wouldn’t trust the cloud nin the seem to have a thing for kidnapping konoha women

  8. The Leafs Orange Hokage???????? I hope the Habanero slaps him for that one

    but overall a nice chapter that makes the characters more complete by knowing these things

  9. I loved this chapter, it may not have had much or no action but it was great to read, it made me smile. I loved the Kushina/Minato story and it was cool to see their younger selves!

    I also think it was good to hear they didn’t just leave Naruto without so much as a letter. They knew the day would come when he would have to control the Kyuubi and they planned ahead for it. I wonder what techniques Kushina had, was it those chains that came out of Naruto! Minato used those same chains when he fought the Kyuubi but they came out of a scroll could it be that Kushina let him use her chakra!

    Naruto seemed extra excited, it’s nice to see him like this and not so obsessed with Sasuke!

  10. I bet Kushina could use her chakra as weapons, should form weapons or something out of them and attack people with them. Like she forms it into chains, she probably could for it into a sword or a spear or hammer! Not just weapons but other stuff to like rope!

  11. @Token
    I think Naruto other element is water, it makes sense because he’ll be going up a against a fire user that being Sasuke. I’m convince the Kushina was the last host before Naruto but who knows

    @A Lost shonobi
    yeah I don’t trust them either, always kidnapping kids from other villages.

  12. I also wonder why the Kyuubi looked scared of Kushina and not so surprised she was there but when Minato appeared he seemed surprise!

  13. yea little cheesy, but can you say….kekkei genkai??! Naruto better have that bloodline secreted inside him so we can finally see some non-rasengan battles!

  14. I agree, we were told Naruto had a kekkei genkai, so when is he gonna get to use it?

  15. If naruto has a kekkei genkai he’ll be unstopable. Think about it huge chakra reserve, itachi’s gift, sage mode, kyuubi, and then a kekkei genkai. He’s gonna wipe the floor with sasuke.

  16. @bi yea water makes sense cause wind eats earth but loses to flame and water would beat fire but lose to electricity… adds up equal for both sides so seems like a kishi move. Also lost doesn’t make naruto unstoppable. Sasuke still had those eyes to combat the kyuubi inside naruto and susanno so I think the fight would be equal if and when naruto gets a kekkei genkai

  17. An old Kumogakure saying goes “You’re still a virgin until you lay with a Konoha woman”

    Man I hate Kushina, she infuriates me

  18. This is an awesome chapter and makes you smile and happy. Some of you guys mention this allready but..Yah I was really suprise when the fox notice kushina’s chakra and knows her name.
    But, what bob says on the previous chapter was a really good theory about minato and kushina plan this out.

  19. And I cant wait for PAin V naruto video 2morrow

  20. i still cant believe that kushina was the last host. that would be she somehow gave birth to naruto and then the kyubi would have had to apear (she dies) to seal it into naruto. the math doesnt add up quite right.

    and judging by the chains if her chakra isnt quite right it very well may be some added key to controlling the kyubi. minato had virtually no time with naruto when the kyubi was still locke din the cage, kushina seems like she hasnt a care in the world when it comes to him and on her apearance he ended up chained to the ground, and whats more he knew her, so she probaly managed to subdue the kyubi enough for minato to seal it in naruto, but after just giving birth it took everything out of her so minato used some of her chakra to form a lock of sorts for when her time would come to apear.

  21. @Token…….ur wrong. In this series, Wind beats Lightning, Lightning beats Earth, Earth beats Water, Water beats Fire and Fire beats wind.

    When was it ever stated that Naruto has a Kekkei Genkai?

  22. Kisu hates any character that resembles Sakura. 🙂 hahaha

  23. “Minato used those same chains” Where was this? the only time I remember seeing similar chains is when Sasuke, Madara, and the Kyubbi appeared on a cover.

    “the math doesnt add up quite right”: The Math is easy… Kushina (as a Jinkuri) has Naruto, Kushina dies/Madara release the Kyubbi by killing her, Minato fights the Kyubbi and seals it in the 1-6 month old Naruto.

    “a Kekkei Genkai?”: Their talking about Naruto inheriting Kushina’s special chakra, which I for one hope is only chains in the mind of the fox and not “should form weapons or something out of them and attack people with them. Like she forms it into chains”, because otherwise Kushina would be like Tenten but with the power to surpress bijju.

  24. I’m assuming the chains are made of some special metal that has the special property of not breaking despite whatever physical power the opponent has. Kushina’s kekkei genkai might be that she’s able to create such metal and form it into whatever shapes she wants to. In this case, she forms it into a chain to trap the kyuubi. since the metal does not break, the kyuubi is trapped.

  25. Oh Kisu, I think you are not fair. If Kishi had made Kushina like Hinata and not so much like Sakura (although, as a child, Sakura was teased too for her forehead, but was only crying, not lashing out at these children), you would again complain for her mild character, just like you do for Hinata!

    But if you think about it, almost all female characters in Naruverse are made by Kishi quite bossy (or just outgoing and breezy) and scare the men in their environment: Tsunade, Mei, Temari, Sakura, Ino, Tenten, Chiyo, Tsume Inuzuka, Yoshino Nara etc etc. The few exceptions are Hinata, Hanabi, Kurenai, Mikoto Uchiha and Rin.

    It’s, once again, one of Kishi’s perceptions of his female characters!

  26. @ mart1

    when does it say madara attacked back when the kyubi was rampaging? i mean we know he was behind the attack controlling the kyubi, but as far as we know he never actually attacked him self right? im curious cause i may be wrong on that. but shouldnt this mean there were other kyubi jinchuriki as well, since that would mean the 1st hokage would have had to capture the nine tails when he fought madara.

    either way the fox knows kushina from somewhere, perhaps she participated in the fight during the attack, which would sound reasonable givin her chakra was also used in the sealing of the kyubi.

  27. Wow. Naruto’s parents both wanted to become hokage, and somewhere down the line, they fell in in love. That’s cool!

  28. also, why would konoha make her, a non native a jinchuriki? she would have all ready had to have the 9 tails in side her when they moved, or made into a jinchuriki later on in life while in konoha, so does that mean a previous jinchuriki would have had to die to seal it in her, or the fox would have had to attack previously in the past, before the incident we know about. either way that leaves a whole host of new questions,
    -who was the previous jinchuriki before her
    -why would they put it in her, who is not a konoha native
    -if they did seal it in her after she moved when was it? they wouldn’t do that as soon as she moved there, so it would have to be later in life
    -and if so how is it know one else has ever known this, or hinted at it.

    side note, that looks like a young anko in the imiages in the academy, even though im sure it is just coincidence.

  29. Hey check this out, I think its fan Made but I think it is the best fan made Minato Gaiden out there it is so good it could be the real thing check each part if you care to, theres more on the side. Might be fan made but it could provide some new theories on what happened.

  30. @Woi Ai Ni, i only like powerful characters. I hate on every weakling, boys and girls lol

  31. Wait a minute! NOW we have evidence that kushina might just be a former jinchuriki! I guess that is one way to view kushina’s special chakra”. Could also call it a bloodline limit or something.
    Anyways,at least we know one way to control or at least restrain the Nine-Tails: about 7 miles of chakra-based chains! Man naruto and his family can sure keep a fox demon down when they want to! Between Naruto and his mother, I am getting hungry for a fox stew. Hey,Naruto skinned the fox with the rasen-shuriken Kushina basically laid him flat. I’m just saying, “what’s for dinner”?

  32. Check it out guys, its Minato’s teammate. That kid’s a pretty cool guy. He stays in the background and doesnt afraid of anything.

    http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/31018515/12 (he’s the kid behind Minato)

  33. cool… i tink thr is more… will wait till everything is over

  34. gotta love kushina. :]

  35. the orange hokage? orange sage would’ve been cooler >.>

    still an awesome chapter though

    also LOL!!! at the bloody habanero XD

  36. @suna: Cool Chapter, some very cheesy moments I must agree, but overall it was a necessary chapter to have.
    I think this latest development will put to rest the omnipotence that people attach to Minato. I mean:
    1. He needed Kushina’s chakra to make the seal.
    2. She probably chained the kyuubi down (like she did in this chapter) to allow Minato to perform the DDCS.
    Pein FTW!

  37. great chapter but a bit cheesy

  38. i liked the chapter. i hope we find out more about her special chakra in the next chapter and then for the 500th episode, naruto can whoop the kyuubis charred butt!!!

  39. I dunno if Kushina was the last host, seems like she would of died the instant kyubi was released! bit of a mystery though! since she came from another village

  40. I dunno why people are still making a fuss about Kushina being a former Jinchuuriki, obviously this chapter puts an end to that. Kushina SAYS that Minato used her chakra to make a part of the seal for the Kyuubi which means she must have been alive for that to have happened, and if the Kyuubi was taken out of her by madara, she would have been dead, but obviously thats not the case so the only way for the Kyuubi to be put inside Naruto with her chakra must mean she was ALIVE and she WASN’T the previous jinchuuriki

  41. @kisu

    thats a pretty cool you noticed that hahaha

  42. don’t have much to say right now, but i noticed that john said this “It almost seems inevitable that Naruto will end up with Sakura.”, i wouldn’t say that, Kushina acts alot like buth Naruto and Suckura, but Minato acts absolutly nothing like either one of them. infact, Minato’s one of the few characters who’s not made from some cookie-cutter mold (others in this category include: Hinata, Kurenai, Hokages 1-3), most other characters seem to just b clones of each other put in different character models

  43. @Nemo Prime
    Naruto acts like Jiraiya, but thats to show the master student relaionship.

  44. i still think kushina and minato were genjutsu given to naruto from itachi as his gift, so that naruto could gain control on the nine tails, itachi would know all of this about minato and kushia he was a top ninja in konoha. he fought naruto when he was younger and witnessed first hand that naruto is an emotion based fighter, so i really makes sense that the gift he gives naruto would be a form of genjutsu to help him gain control of the nine tails so he wouldn’t be effected by sasuke’s genjustus.

  45. this chapter had me crying
    it was so emotional
    cloud is dead to me now they not only tried to get hina chan but kushina too! the only one i will still like is killer bee causes he is one of the awesomest naruto characters out there.
    i i finally see a justified reason for the orange!

    but how the hell does kyuubi know kushina and her chakra…what is it!?

  46. @cfho83-

    No….wow…..Itachi wouldnt have known about kushina, her special chakra, nor would he have been able to imitate a kenkei genkai to hold down the kyuubi, Also it shows the Kyuubi clearly saying Kushina to himself, not to naruto. He recognized it, and its impossible to fake and or Immitate a kenkei genkai ability.

    The gift itachi gave him will show itself when Naruto and Saskue fight, we dont know what it is, but a genjutsu isnt kishi’s style, or possible.

  47. @cfho83 I think thats a good theory, but I just have alot of doubts like power he gave naruto I dont think it would be so complex to have minato and kushina both, but I think its possible, i rather believe minato and kushina both just put some of the chakra in naruto but guess will see soon enough.

    Is it me or was Minato just a perfect guy, we dont know enough on the 1st hokage and 2nd to know if they was perverted or nething like the 3rd but minato just seems to perfect.

  48. @token water only puts out fire if there enough of it, fire will evaporate the water if its hot enough, the key factor for naruto if he is a water type is combining with his wind to over power sasuke fire, and wind is strong against lightening

  49. I am back pplz I was a great chap

  50. waiting til bob do his thing

  51. @Byakugan Invasion I think you’re wrong about the fact that you stated that you were sure that Kushina was the last host. Because if you remember the conversation between Sasuke and Tobi/Madara the Nine Tails appeared as a natural disaster. There was NO host before Naruto that we know of I’m pretty sure. But I do KNOW that Kushina couldn’t have been the host at the time between meeting Minato and having Naruto.

  52. @PurePwnageNaruto
    Yeah but I said “who knows”. Kushina being the last host was just a theory I picked up on. To me it makes since. Tobi/Madara being a Uchiha and self proclaiming to have the EMS, I myself could see he could of manipulated Kushina. Uchiha’s are very good manipulators. If you think about it Konoha has never had a host before, and Kushina was a outsider from a different village, but yes I do remeber the conversation Sasuke and Madara had, but were talking about Madara, The same person who manipulated Pein. Minato also told Naruto that he thinks Madara who also controlled the 9 tails just as he done Pein.

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