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Naruto Chapter 499 – Defeated by Love

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

I came home late today, kind of tired, but remembered I had to put out a new chapter review this week so I sad down in front of the computer and went to Shannaro!!! As usual, one of the authors (kisu this week) has put up an early chapter discussion post… okay, pretty normal… 140+ comments in 24 hours…. that’s when I go “Holy crap!!!” Okay, so what I get from that, and this is only me guessing here, is that A LOT of people are really hyped about this chapter, and who can blame them. It makes me kind of nervous about putting out my weekly rant since probably everything I will say here has been said already in the comments. But at the same time, I’m really proud of you guys for such a huge surge of activity and participation this week — thanks to all you readers, writers and commenters. Now, maybe I should start talking more about the actual chapter before I get more teary-eyed.

Like most of you, I really enjoyed this week’s chapter, it flowed well and had tons of Naruto action and left just enough clues to make us readers to salivating over the crucial info that will be revealed next chapter. However, this wouldn’t be much of a chapter analysis if I didn’t criticize, so here I go. Truth be told, I didn’t expect Naruto’s battle against Kyuubi to end in this chapter. In my opinion, such a vital showdown should not have been brought to a conclusion in just three chapters. I hate to bring back Sasuke as an example again (lol) but compared to the length of some of his ‘major’ encounters, this fight seems like little more than a scuffle. Sometimes, I wish Kishi would borrow from Kubo (Bleach) and draw out the major battles into several chapters — especially if they’re battles the fans have been looking forward to since the first chapters of this manga. This is just my opinion, but I thought Kyuubi was defeated far too fast, and at no point did I feel even the slightest bit that Naruto would actually lose. My second criticism is kind of related to the first in that I thought Naruto’s resurgence of power and subsequent counterattack on Kyuubi was far too easy and convenient, not to mention the cheesiness of being triggered by the power of love ;p Naruto’s sudden power-up reminded me of how Sasuke (I know, but who else could I call out on?) pulled those Susanoo’s out of his during his back-to-back battles in the last arc. I mean, there must have been at least 40 or 50 Naruto clones with Rasengans at one point and then they got further boosted with Sage Mode — that’s an immense amount of chakra use. Plus, don’t forget Naruto pulled off two Rasen Shurikens in total as well; so where did our knuckle-headed ninja get all this energy all of a sudden? Kyuubi seems just as confused as me on page 9 just before he gets owned by Naruto’s final Rasen Shuriken. My only explanation is that since this is taking place in Naruto’s inner sanctum, it could be that he is allowed to pull out all the power he needs so long as he believes he can defeat Kyuubi. Remember that the Kyuubi preys on Naruto’s self-doubt and traces of hate in his heart, so although this battle manifested as a physical confrontation it was really more of a battle of wills, meaning actual physical strength and chakra levels may not have had as much impact on the outcome as we’d thought.

Now that I got my complaints out of the way, let’s talk about some of the new revelations and info found in this chapter.
– My first observation is about the chakra Naruto pulled out of Kyuubi and what remained behind. If I remembered correctly, Naruto’s original seal was meant to channel Kyuubi’s ‘light’ chakra (yang) for Naruto to use while keeping the ‘dark’ chakra (yin) at bay. So when Naruto pulled out Kyuubi’s chakra this chapter, it must have been the light portion, and he sealed away the dark portion. What I understand from this is that from now on, Naruto will be able to fully utilize Kyuubi’s chakra on demand without risking transformation. However, he is still missing half of that chakra, so unlike Killer Bee who has a full partnership with the Hachibi, Naruto cannot fully utilize Kyuubi’s full potential yet. Is this enough to overcome Sasuke and Madara? My guess is no; sealing away Kyuubi’s dark chakra was a temporary measure and Naruto will eventually have come to terms with that side of the fox to become complete.

– The second bit I want to comment on was the mention of the Sage of Six Paths and Naruto’s appearance on page 12. If you notice, Naruto has the six tomoes as well as the horns that are two of the defining characteristics of the Sage; all he is missing are Rinnegans. The Sage was the one who divided the chakra of the Ten-Tails into the form of the nine tailed beasts, but why did Naruto undergo a semi-transformation in the Sage and activate a mysterious sealing ability after absorbing the Kyuubi’s light chakra? Was this caused by Kyuubi’s chakra or was this a triggered latent ability of Naruto’s seal or maybe even something in Naruto’s bloodline? Now, that last bit may be a little controversial, but just think of the theory possibilities… I’ll leave the rest to you guys 🙂

– The last part worth mentioning is of course Kushina’s confession that she was the last host to the Kyuubi. I know theories about this very thing were fluttering throughout the Naruto community ever since the last chapter came out. Honestly, at the time I thought it was preposterous, but now I’m starting to see how the pieces are falling together and why and how Kushina died… but I think I’ll stop here this week since a lot of Kushina theories have already been covered in the comments… and I’m dead tired X_X Next chapter (500!) will be a juicy chapter indeed, but it’ll be a two week wait! Makes you want to pull out your hair, doesn’t it!