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Naruto Chapter 504 – Sacrifices

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Naruto chapter 504 was.. *sniff* sorry, I think I have something in my eyes… a very heartwarming chapter. Yeah, it was a bit sappy and I’m still not all that convinced by Minato’s justifications for his actions, but be honest, most of you probably got a little teary eyed by the end of the chapter. Anyways, this chapter was one of the least info-heavy ones we’ve had for a while (despite being almost all dialogue), so I’ll (try) to keep my rant brief.

We all knew Minato was going to pull the Dead Demon Seal, but as I berated on last chapter, I’m still not convinced it was the most logical of choices given the circumstances. The shocked/bewildered look on Kushina’s face in the first few pages pretty much sums up what I would feel too if I were in a similar situation. Here she was on her last breaths and struggling for a few extra moments to hold back the fox to help her husband and son, and her husband comes along and willingly signs a death contract for himself without a second thought. Regardless of the arguments of doing it for the greater good, deliberately orphaning a child while there are clearly other options to consider is just bad parenting, period. And Minato’s argument about how he could never be a substitute for Kushina to Naruto is also pretty weak too: having at least one parent is a lot better option than having no parents at all to raise a kid. It‘s obvious in my view that Naruto would have benefited a lot more from Minato surviving, raising him, teaching about techniques, his mother, the Kyuubi, and Madara than just having Naruto grow up as an orphan without any clue who his parents were and why he was most a Jinchuuriki. Couldn’t Minato have waited a little longer and consult his options before performing the seal? It was a dangerous situations, sure, but the Third Hokage and more backup was just around the corner and could of definitely offered more options to dealing with the fox. A Hokage’s duty is to protect his village, but no great leader does his flock any favors by throwing his life away, especially when he has no hard facts or evidence to justify such a sacrifice.

I don’t have as many observations to list this week, but here’s what I have:
– Being able to complete the Dead Demon Seal and the Eight Trigrams Seal while having a giant Kyuubi nail poking out of your chest is quite a feat. Most people would have died from shock in seconds. Bonus points for both parents jumping in at the same time to coordinate a double-impale on the spot. Everyone who already is or is going to be a parent someday: take notes.
– I clearly remember a scene from the manga and anime showing Minato performing some jutsu from the top of Gamabunta’s head while having a showdown with the Fox — yet Gamabunta played only a miniscule role overall in dealing with Kyuubi… plot hole?
– Kyuubi literally shrunk by half after Minato sucked away half his chakra with the Dead Demon seal; this means that all versions of the Kyuubi Naruto has faced off against so far are only at half strength… and he barely survived his last battle with it. Does this mean if Minato didn’t seal away half of the fox’s chakra, Naruto would never have had a chance against the beast?
– If there were any doubts about where the other half of Kyuubi’s chakra went, there shouldn’t be after this chapter. The question now though is: can the Dead Demon Seal be reversed to allow Naruto access to that other half of Kyuubi’s power?
– Kushina to Minato: “You win. First argument you’ve ever won.” Ha! Knew it, she was the one wearing the pants in that relationship.
– Kushina to baby Naruto: “I was never good at ninjutsu.” I guess that means she was really a sealing technique expert. It’s good that Naruto became skilled with ninjutsu in the end, but having you have to wonder what kind of ninja he could’ve become if he had inherited his mother’s specialty.
– Kushina to Naruto: “Try not to pick out a weird girlfriend, try to find someone like your mother.” I lol’d; whatever your pairings argument, here’s the facts: Kushina = weird, Sakura = weird, Hinata = weird.
– Kushina to Naruto: “And watch out for Jiraiya-sensei!” I lol’d again. Sagely advice. But it is too late, the damage has been done. RIP Jiraiya.

And that’s all I have to say about that. Now hand me a tissue.


Naruto 504 is out!

HEre it is people! The newest chapter and the stunning conclusion (i think) to the past arc of Naruto’s origin! Enjoy!


Chapter 503 – His Life for a Better Tomorrow

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Naruto chapter 503: another epic chapter in this excellent flashback series. The only disappointment I can think of is that we’re reaching the end of this tale. I really would like to see more of Minato and Kushina’s back stories, here’s hoping for a spin-off series in the future. This chapter offered a bundle of answers to long-awaited questions about Kyuubi and Naruto’s past, but some of the most important questions such as Madara’s true identity are still hidden from us. Kishi is still waiting for the perfect time to reveal the big secrets I guess, but the epicness of this flashback story arc more than makes up for having to wait furthermore.

Like last chapter, I thought the story telling was superbly done and the transition from fast action sequences to long dialogue scenes was handled very smoothly. There’s quite a lot of points I wanted to mention about the info revealed in this chapter, some obvious, some not so obvious; but first I guess I’ll start off by commenting on the awesome color pages we got this week. Shonoen Jump’s cover this week featured Naruto and a promo for the newest movie. I’ve found the quality of these movies, in terms of plot, to be lacking but since Minato does make his first appearance in animated form in this movie, I suggest everyone at least check it out when it becomes available in fan subs. The red haired girl also looks like a young Kushina, so we might be seeing both of Naruto’s parents in this latest film. The other colored pages was of course the 2-page spread to chapter 503. I bet a lot of people went “awwwwww” at that homely scene as the Uzumakis enjoy their breakfast. It’s a touching picture of what could have been if Minato lived on to be the Fourth and Kushina continued to be the Nine Tails Jinchuuriki (notice her hair). I also found it cute that in the picture it appears like Kushina was more the disciplinary figure in the family while Minato, despite being a Hokage, is more like a doting father who lets Naruto gets away with some of his rambunctiousness.

Once again, Minato demonstrated his absolute tactical combat genius in this chapter. If anyone still doubts the combat proficiency of the Fourth, I think his actions against Madara should speak for themselves. Even though he was initially taken by surprise against an unknown foe who had knowledge of his abilities and powers that trumped his own, Minato still manage to etch out some manoeuvring space for himself to stay just a short step ahead of Madara. Minato’s quick thinking and efficient use of what little info available to him of his enemy were what prevented the complete destruction of Konoha and Madara’s domination of the world those 15 years ago. In just one move, Minato was able to break Madara’s control over the Kyuubi but also injure him to the point where he is forced to retreat. To never give up and prevail even when disaster appears to be staring you in the face, that is what it takes to become a truly great Hokage — and like father like son, it’s the same path our Naruto has walked all his life despite not having his father around to guide him.

I’ll list my other observations in point form since they’re mostly short ones:

– some people might have missed this: on the first page where Minato has slammed his Rasengan into Madara’s body, notice that Minato carved his teleportation symbol into Madara’s skin. This is what allowed Minato to teleport in immediately on the next page and finish Madara off.
– notice that after Madara is injured, his left hand falls off as if it was dissolved off. We saw a similar inference to Madara’s body being abnormal when he fought against Danzo’s bodyguards and easily pinched off his infected arm.
– I’m glad Kishi didn’t forget about Iruka and showed what happened to his parents in the attack.
– the scene with young Kakashi, Guy, Kurenai, etc was interesting. Kurenai’s father makes an appearance making a speech to the young‘uns, but because he has not made an appearance in the Naruverse in the present time, I wonder if he was also amongst one of those who were killed during Kyuubi’s attack.
– Kushina was sure a tough girl in her final moments – using the last of her chakra to drag the Kyuubi back into herself so he is trapped when she dies in order to save Minato and their son. But notice how she says it’ll only prevent it from coming back… for a while. Is the Kyuubi so powerful that even death cannot keep it down forever?
– Minato also mentions that it is physically and conceptually impossible to seal away all of Kyuubi’s power and that is why he split into two parts: half permanently with himself through the Dead Demon seal and the rest into Naruto with the Eight Trigrams seal. Even though Minato says “permanently”, I have my doubts whether it is actually reversible because of what Kushina said earlier about sealing the Kyuubi through her own death. My guess and preference is for the half of the Kyuubi chakra Minato sealed with himself to be returned to Naruto in the future so he could command the full power of the fox in the final battle against Madara.
– Minato also says that only a non-Jinchuuriki like himself may use the Dead Demon seal; this effectively means Naruto may never perform this particular jutsu, I’m sure this will make some Naruto-Sasuke double suicide theorist very disappointed.
– Minato mentions that he wanted the Kyuubi contained at all cost in order to not upset the balance of the tailed beasts spread across the other villages. This statement alone is evidence just how much more powerful the Kyuubi is compared to the other Bijuu and why the identity of the Kyuubi’s host had to remain top secret in both Kushina’s and Naruto’s cases.
– I know it was a tense moment, but I thought Minato’s quick decision to perform the seals that will kill him and seal a monster into his son without even hearing his wife out or consulting with the Third (who was probably moments away from the scene) was a bit rash even for him. I was half expecting Kushina to go nuts on Minato, despite her condition, for suggesting that he seal a horribly evil demon into their newborn son and then killing himself so he’d grow up without any guidance or love from his parents; and all of it just based on the words of one man they encountered not even 24 hours ago.
That’s it for my ramblings for this week, boys and girls. Look forward to what I expect to be the conclusion of this flashback arc next week in chapter 504!

Naruto Chapter 503 is Out!


Gedo Mazo + 9 Biju = Juubi

Hey Folks, I was on Naruto Wiki and I was looking at Ten Tails discussions and something really caught my attention. Someone said it was strange how the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path or for does that love the japanese name Gedō Mazō’s shape resembles Juubi. I don’t know or remember if this was done before but hey what the hell. Now this had me investigate and check something so I went back to Nagato’s flashback in Chapter 447 when he summoned the beast not the statue. I really sat down and weight this theory and it is highly likely this theory can be true. Yeah I may get some negative feedback but this holds some merit.




1: Because Juubi is seen in a shadow silhouette we do not know the actual figure of the beast except its tails resemble Kyubi’s. Both GM and Kyubi’s upper bodies and arms resemble Juubi’s . Many think Kyubi’s body is the main body type for Juubi but you have to remember Kyubi is a physical manifestation of Juubi’s split chakra not its actual body. It’s actual body is not on the Earth , or is it? Keep reading.

2: When you look at Gedō Mazō he has ten stubs on his back and shoulders were the tails could have been but removed when SotSP split the beast. (You have to look at page 8 and page 10 of chapter 447 to get a good count). But the stubs may not mean tails. If look back at the pic of Juubi in Chapter 467 (How ironic 20 chapter after 447..20 divided by 2 equals 10…yeah yeah bad joke..lol) and you will notices spike like figures behind the body but in front of the tails of Juubi in what seems to be the same places the stub are on GM. Look as close as you can and you will see the spikes like figures. The spike theory is more plausible but do not rule out the tails.

3: Now though when we see the statue it has 9 indivdual eyes but the actual beast Nagato summons has its eye or eyes covered suggesting to me that SotSP when he split Juubi of course its eyes were transferred to his Uchiha son leaving a blinded beast explaining the covered eye. It can also be implied that because the 9 eyes on the statue are on the outside of the actual covered eye or eyes of GM then it can be said (But is true) that the 9 eyes are only there to tell the number of beast within the statue. Once all beast are collected the statue could come alive again shed the cover and 9 eyes to reveal the original eye of sorts since the Dojutsus are still with their clan members except Nagato’s Rinningan which Konoha and Konan who have each of Pain and Nagato’s bodies. However we do know at less one of the dojutsus is comformed to be part of the Juubi. The “All Powerful” Sharingan.


4: Yeah Juubi’s body is in the moon but it is weak and all it chakra is missing so a Rinningan user probably could summon the beast without worry of it attacking. I know that it was said that it’s body became the moon by Madara but remember Nagato said that the SotSP using a jutsu similar to Chibaku Tensei was used to create the moon suggesting that its body is somewhere within the moon, most likely the core of it. Give its appearance, Gedō Mazō a good chance to be the beast summoned back by a Rinningan user. Also remember people were wondering the sheer size of the Juubi compare to the moon’s size. The picture the link above leads to shows the sheer size of GM in statue mode (that’s is only its upper body mind you)and if GM is Juubi depowered then Juubi is a big son of a bitch. Much bigger than Kyubi.

Now think about this. Why not use the one thing that was originally the beast body and use it chakra absorbing abilities (which we seen from the GM statue and the GM beast itself) to suck out the beast chakra and soul from the jinchūriki and put it back into its own body? Last but not less because Juubi has no powers left it would explain why GM as an old, wrinkly, decrypted look to it and the reason it can only absorb chakra it because it wants it chakra back and it need to suck its chakra back into itself.

Before I go I checked and compared the Juubi’s raw picture on Naruto Wiki Ten Tailed page, the One Manga scanalation version and Stoptazmo scanalation version and it shows someone tampered with both the scanalation versions that hides the spikes. For what reason I do not know. So if you looking and really can’t see the spike lines is because you maybe looking at translation scaned version. One Manga looks like lower scan quality compare to Stoptazmo but Stoptazmo changed the shade of the beast. Both hide the spike like figure lines.




The Raw version of course is the true version. If you are non believers. Check Shonen Jump May 2010 Volume 8 issue 5 page 221 or US Volume 50, Chapter (of course) 467. The lower link is the same picture used by Viz if you need a up close look. Once you see, you will see this theory is sound.

Something I wanted to put out there.

Sorry guys i couldn’t add the pictures myself to help explain better. So I hope the links will work for you guys. sorry for the inconvenience.

Chapter 502 – Don’t Mess With the Yellow Flash

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Wow, what an awesome chapter we have this week. Continuing off of the cliffhanger of last chapter, Minato faces off against the fox and Madara in the epic showdown we’ve been dying to see since the very beginning of this series. Now this is the type of storytelling and action sequence which had me hooked on Naruto from the early chapters. Kishi has really brought in his A-game in this flashback story arc. If this chapter doesn’t convince people that Minato should deserves his own spin-off series, I don’t know what will.

What made Minato such an awe-inspiring character in this and the previous chapter were not his combat skills or unique use of teleport techniques, but his ability to stay calm and rationally analyze his opponent and think through his every move in a situation that would make most men to panic like a headless chicken. I mean to be able to trade blows with the most powerful villain currently know in the Naruverse while managing to save his son and rescue his wife (albeit a tad late) takes an amazing amount of balls. Minato is facing off against someone who just tried to murder his newborn son and pretty much doomed his wife, yet he shows no signs of agitation or blinding hate coming into this battle. And all the while Minato also has to place his responsibilities as a Hokage at the forefront and put his life on the line to protect the village. Some might argue that Minato had his priorities wrong and placed the lives of his wife and son before the wellbeing of Konoha. After all, if Minato had simply allowed Madara to take his son and escaped with his wife or simply killed his wife to prevent the Kyuubi from escaping, the entire mess afterwards wouldn’t have happened. But knowing how much of an analytical fighter Minato is, I’m betting he ran through all the scenarios in his head already and believed he did have a good chance to save Kushina and Naruto, as well as protect the village. There’s no doubt his paternal instincts had a strong influence over his decision, but what father wouldn’t put everything on the line if he knew he had a chance to save his family? For a young kage like Minato, the split second life or death decisions he had to make would drive even a seasoned kage to the brink. But Minato remained collected and made smart and precise decisions throughout this encounter with Madara. Minato was picked to be the Fourth for more than just his ninja abilities alone, and I think these few chapters will demonstrate what the definition of a great leader really is.

Although this chapter was mostly filled with high flying-space/time phasing-teleport spamming-action sequences, there were quite a few tidbits of information thrown around to warrant some interesting discussions.
– At the beginning in the scene where Itachi is holding Sasuke: notice that both Itachi and Sasuke sense a change in the chakra around them even before the Kyuubi is summoned into Konoha; Kakashi notices this too but likely not to the same degree. This chakra sensitivity is obviously the first sign of a future powerful shinobi.
– Itachi’s parents both went somewhere prior to the appearance of the Kyuubi. This could be pure coincidence but the fact that Kishi went out of his way to point this out likely means it is significant. Could it be that the theory that the Uchiha were actually collaborating with Madara is actually true?
– I was sure Madara would need at least a Mangekyou Sharigan to control something as powerful as the Kyuubi, but this chapter and last clearly show he is using only a normal Sharingan. Is the Kyuubi that susceptible to genjutsu / dojutsu or is something more happening here?
– Minato’s space/time barrier technique teleporting away a chakra cannon shot = AWESOME. He needs to come back from the dead and teach this to Naruto as soon as this flashback is over.
– this chapter demonstrated how Minato’s teleport technique has pretty much limitless range. What we know is that he can pretty much go wherever his seal is placed and the distances he traveled in an instant in this chapter must have been at least a couple of miles. Not only that, Minato is able to selectively choose his destination at will and initiate teleport with just a single hand seal — I would call it pure hacks in a normal situation but when you compare it to Madara’s abilities, Minato’s teleportation looks kind of tame doesn’t it?
– Minato speaking to Madara on page 11: “On second thought, it doesn’t matter who you are.” LOL, the Truth has been spoken! Finally we can stop all this cyclical debate of who Madara/Tobi/Obito/Danzo/Sage/Shisui/YourMama really is…. Hehe, yeah right.

That’s it for Bob today. Great job by J-sama last week with the ch.501 summary and kudos to the Shannaro community for making a new record for comments on a chapter discussion: 258! And all of it packed full of heated discussions and informed theories! I dare any Naruto blog out there to top that! See everyone next week.


Finally I can post a new chapter again! Okay, so heres the newest chapter of Naruto, Chapter 502! Let’s see what mahem will incur. I hope that everyone enjoys!


And heres a little extra for u guys

Let the theories begin!