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Bleach Chapter 638: Crazy vs. Crazy?

Chapter 638: Seething Malice is the Height of Comedy
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A direct continuation of last week, and we get so a little bit more what a mad-man genius and thus entertaining character this guy is. Freak vs. freak.

I love the fact that he doesn’t see this creature not even as an enemy, but simply as a specimen waiting to be captured for further examination.


Pernida Parnkgjas is limited with the use of words and it seems he doesn’t understand a whole lot but its clear to it that Mayuri is speaking ill about the Quincy. He goes on the attack using his nerves to take ‘command’ of non-organic materials to fight with. It only amuses Mayuri to find out more about his new research project.

Pernida successfully manage to land a hit blowing off his little light-suit, Mayuri losing his care-bear look.. Mayuri is wise to stay off the ground using a Quincy technique.


He then uses another strange tool to blow off the pinky-finger of Pernida. However Mayuri gets off guard as one of Pernida’s eyes reappears on the detached finger and allows Pernida to attack Mayuri. He breaks a finger before Mayuri can ward him off.

Now Mayuri looks a little mad at this point, but as we already know, Mayuri is not above himself to alter his own body in the same way he does his own Zanpaktou. He is really as strange a being that the enemy he is facing.

What a truly strange man. Right, Pernida?638c

4 Responses

  1. Wow, I’m actually getting excited for bleach again, this Mayuri vs Pernida has been the most enjoyable fight I’ve seen in bleach since the timeskip.

  2. indeed… It’s a bit hit and miss lately..

  3. Hmm….I wonder if after this battle is over, will Mayuri stay to examine his specimen or will he just wait and move on to the next fray? Speaking of moving on, I hope Kenny is down for the count.

  4. Yeah, I feel like there’s been a lot more misses than hits lately though, I hope it’s back on the up and up again but I feel like Bleach peaked way too early.

    I doubt Ken-chan is down, he got injured a bit by Pernida and paralyzed by Mayuri, once the paralisis wears off he’ll be back to the juggernaut we know, the more damage you do to him the stronger he’ll get lol That is if Mayuri wins, if Pernida wins we might see some infighting between our heroes if he can control their nerves.

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