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BLeach Chapter 626: Holy Newborn

Chapter 626: Holy Newborn
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So after a explanathon last week Ichigo’s squad is on the move in the cubical on rails on their way back to the Soul Palace.. or what is left of it at this point.


Ichigo shares a little banter with Grimmjow but nothing really interesting happens in the first part of the chapter.

The 2nd act however back in the soul Palace is more interesting. The Sternritter seemed to be quite relaxed as they were waiting on Ywach to finish absorbing the Soul King. Haschwalt has been quietly watching proceedings and announces that his Majesty is done. Furthermore telling that the Soul King does not exist anymore.

The Sternritter move to meet with the king. Nakk le Vaar the ‘Deathdealer’ doesnt feel at ease at all around the black substance that seems to be leaking from Ywach.


He looks quite disgusting the black substance all but cover his entire body. His eyes spread out over the black covering. Haschwalt is the only person who seems unfazed by the monstrous form of the Soul King.

Ywach tells the poor lad to calm down. Telling his subjects that there is nothing to fear.He seems quite infatuated with the sheer amount of power the King possesses. He destroys even more of the Soul palace.

Haschwalt kneels in front of the king. I am not sure what to think of this white-haired man. He is the only one who seem in every way unfazed by everything that is going on. He accurately notes that Ywach is not actually the one keeping the world alive.

Ywach calls him the first son. Before he start rebuilding the world in his image I suppose. He literally can because possesses the power of two Gods effectively now. He is the God of the quincy and now the Caretaker of Soul Society. He watches over all now.


I wonder if there is anything that can still be done to stop Ywach. Maybe Ichigo can be considered the only one who’s on all planes of existence. Human, Shinigami, Quincy and Hollow. He’s the main character after all.

It’ll take more than a simple fight to end this though. They were not even able to kill Aizen, remember.

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