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Naruto Chapter 565 – Victory lies in the Breasts!

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Heya Narutards, sorry about missing last week’s review, a heavy work schedule has been making keeping a regular blogging schedule hard. Just as busy this week, so I’ll make this one short and sweet, and skip my usual long winded crazy theories and random rants.

– This chapter is the first one to really show off so many of the Jinchuuriki’s augmented abilities and fusion chakra techniques
– At this point, it is still not clear whether their abilities were inherited from their Bijuu or were already present from a bloodline limit (much like Gaara’s sand manipulation which was originally thought to be due to Shukaku’s presence)
– It seems that the zombie Jinchuuriki had their respective Bijuu re-implanted into them, but Hachibi senses that there is something odd about them now
– Killer Bee and the Hachibi observe that these undead Jinchuuriki display a level of speed and power their previously live counterparts did not have because of the boost they receive from the implanted Sharingan
– The Rinnegan has also been implanted into each Jinchuuriki, allowing them to share vision and essentially eliminate all blindspots much like Pein did with his six paths bodies. But does this mean that these Jinchuuriki also possess the powers of the Rinnegan much like Pein’s bodies did? Talk about over-powered
– Killer Bee would have made an excellent pupil of Jiraiya’s. Who knew that Killer Bee’s urge for boobies would lead to a potential way to victory for our heroes.
– It appears Tobi has the ability to transmit chakra via the black transmitters inside the Jinchuurikis to control them. And it’d even say he has surpassed Nagato’s abilities since he is able to use the Jinchuuriki/bloodline powers of each body as well
– But did Tobi seal the Bijuus into the zombie Jinchuurikis? If so, it seems counter-productive since it look all that time for Akatsuki to extract them out of the live Jinchuuriki. Also, can a Bijuu even be sealed into a dead body? Doesn’t it need a living host with a will in order to keep it from escaping?
– My best guess is that Tobi is channeling each Bijuu’s chakra somehow into the bodies via the chakra transmitters. The last known location of the Bijuu chakra was inside the sealing statue. And due to the limited range of the chakra transmitters, that means the source of that chakra must be fairly close by. I hope Naruto catches on to this or remember how he found Nagato’s real body before, or he’ll just waste more energy fighting these immortal Jinchuuriki


40 Responses

  1. Uno!
    Good review….but like Itachi said “all techniques have a weakness” and hopefully Naruto/Bee will find it!

  2. DOS

  3. naruto seems to be getting caught off guard allot in this chapter and having Bee san to get him out of hot water! seems naruto needs to step up his game next chapter. if i was him i would create some clones and set them aside for some sage mode chakra batteries. naruto has done well in certain ways though remembering that the 6 paths are going to work in the same way as Nagato’s. divide and conquer, wonder who will get put down first! also i wonder who or if they have been assigned idividual paths powers or because they have the real rinnengans implanted that they all have access to all the ocular abilities!!

  4. what bob needs to do is hand of this site to someone who can regularly post, like that British oke or something and become one of us, bcoz half assed, late posts have killed this forum’s discussions; which made the site. this isnt an attack, just a statement of fact, lets keep this site fired up!
    boring chapter this week by the way!

  5. While they may still posses the powers of the Rinnegan it doesn’t mean they know how to use them.

  6. I’m ready to see some more from BIG MAGNUM.

  7. @william
    It just depends on tobi. If he knows how to use them,(which most likely he does)then they will too.

  8. @Bob
    But did Tobi seal the Bijuus into the zombie Jinchuurikis? If so, it seems counter-productive since it look all that time for Akatsuki to extract them out of the live Jinchuuriki. Also, can a Bijuu even be sealed into a dead body? Doesn’t it need a living host with a will in order to keep it from escaping?

    Ans: No, the Bijuu cannot be sealed in a dead body. The Jinchuuriki’s are living sacrifices…unless I misunderstood Kabuto stated that Edo tensi requires a living sacrifice.

  9. @ Bob it may seem counter productive for Tobi to seal the bijuus in the jinchuurikis that was probably his only choice considering Kabuto pulled “Big Magnum” out on him.

  10. Tobi did plan all along to use the power of the seven tailed beasts in this war( as he made mention to them as he was declaring war),But he probably improvised to to put them into kabuto’s zombies. Pein used dead bodies to use for his paths, whereas kabuto is using living people(which are inhabited by souls of dead people), so they can still hold the beasts.

  11. I don’t think they will have the ability to go full beast mode. Just enough for a partial transformation.

  12. @bob or anyone else

    asuming tobi did seal the bijou into the edos does that mean kabuto has lost control over them? i find it hard to believe he would seal them in then risk kabuto unsummoning them. for that matter what happens to bijou sealed in an edo if the edo is unsummoned. does it get released and go on a rampage or does it disapear to be reincarnated at a later time.

    there is too many questions with these edo jinchuriki and i hope kishi starts explaining this stuff soon as the ability for plotholes is increasing exponentialy.

  13. all i truly want is the jinchuriki too all have story reveling endings, even the six tails who had his own arc

  14. It’s clear that Tobi was the one who put the chakra rods into the Jinchuuriki bodies due to his relationship with Pein/Nagato. I’m still confused why he would choose to use it on the Jinchuurikis though since it is Kabuto who ultimately controls them. Even if Tobi can control their movements through the rods, it is Kabuto who determines whether they remain on the field or be unsummoned. And if Kabuto is taken out by Itachi, well there goes the Edo summons.

  15. @madzi, I try my best but my job comes before blogging since this doesnt pay the bills. Instead of telling me what I need to do, why not just volunteer to write a post for me, I’ve been looking for ppl for a while now to step up to the plate but just get a lot of backseat drivers if u know what I mean. Walk the talk.

  16. @ Bringerofkaos,

    I think Tobi did the Edo summons and the Jinchuuriki sealing for his Bijuu team. Remeber Tobi forced Kabuto to tell him everything about how Edo works. Tobi even provided a dead body and a living sacrifice so Kabuto could show him.

  17. I think these Edo Jinchuurikis serves as last stand against Kabuto’s Edo Madara trump card.

  18. @RSVP4GOD
    It was Kabuto who summoned the juncuuriki:

  19. I think that the rods work like the cro´w on itachi. It´s taking full control over them

  20. This was a really great chapter. Humor, action… knockers… Also, the Hachibi let loose!!! I don’t know if anyone else is hoping for a hachibi vs. other Jinchurichi in a king of the monsters all out Godzilla battle leaving Naruto to take on Tobi and maybe the two tails because seeing her as the cat would just be a waist of panels.

    I disagree with the reimplantation suggested above for the former jinchurichi. When those kinjin brothers were ressurected they had the Kyuubi’s powers. I think they just have the powers from before they died.

    It would only make sense that Tobi would want to take control of Kabuto’s best cards and at the same time not have to face the most powerful card that would school him (ie the real madara).

  21. lol a godzilla battle would be too much but very likely to happen tbh!! i reckon once naruto an kyuubi shake hands an he enters the battle its game over for the other beasts.
    I think since we saw Muu, Mizukage jokey boy and BIG MAGNUM the overall war has improved alot but it still would be nice to see Guy sensei go full 8 gates on someone, Kakashi’s rampage oh an give Neji, Shino an lee some serious battle time (ino-shika-cho just dont cut it in my opinion)

  22. i think that Tobi has given the jinchikuri’s some of the tailed beast chakra to each of them similar to kinkaku and ginkaku. they can go tailed beast but not manigest as them. also if tobi uses his rinnengan they will use there powers as he controls them like puppets! just wondering whether each one has a part of the six paths or because they have rinnengan implants they have all six paths abilities each…!

  23. @seda, kabuto summoned them onces yes but it seems as though Tobi is controlling them now. reason why i think so is because he has the rinnengan and is using the chakra rods like nagato did. im not sure you can use the chakra rods unless you have the rinnengan as nagato used to create these rods out of his body.

  24. @mattmaru, the best the jinchuriki bodies could have in one path per body. The rinnegan they have aren’t actual rinnegan, but a shared power like Nagato’s paths had. There are only two real rinnegan eyes out there, so it’d be impossible for each jinchuriki to have a real eye.

  25. My goodness you all sound so dumb. SMH




  26. @itachiDaBaus
    although I dislike your lack of respect for the other members of our village hidden in the internet, I do agree with your eyes/sealed Jinchurichi. We are all entitled to our opinions.

    But in reading your comment I appreciate your shortened version of the Jinkurishci because who can really ever spell it right?

  27. nothing to do with the relativity of the discussion, but I love this pic and wanted to share with you guys. http://www.facebook.com/naruto.shippuden2.1unete?ref=nf#!/photo.php?fbid=328333470526307&set=a.102487593110897.5633.100000489697192&type=1&theater
    BTW..who is Sasuke supposed to be?

  28. @ Siskin … Village Hidden in the internet epic lol

    mebbe our biggest technique is the talk-no-Jutsu

  29. New one’s out on MangaStream.

  30. http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/65982646/1


  31. ahh man i also hoped we would see guy-sensei and kakashi figt…but this is much better:D

  32. Naruto, Bee, Kakashi, and Guy as a 4 man cell, epic!!!

  33. Naruto, Bee, Kakashi an Guy vs Tobi an the Jinjuriki’s…..sounds like some WWE Wrestlemania battle!! Anyway with them two joining this fight its definately gonna be epic! Those 4 are gonna have to go all out!! I’m expecting at least 7 gates to get opened by Guy an some heavy tactics from white fang jnr….

  34. Squad 1,2,3 and 5 as back-up….wtf…..but I guess it isn´t neccessary at all because Itachi will cancel it anyway

  35. @seda, Your right…thanks!

  36. @Siskin, Village hidden in the internet hahahaha talk no jutsu and research no justsu are our biggest moves!

    @ultimate by the time itachi gets there and has tries to make a fresh pair of snake skin boots for sasukes xmas present it’ll already be too late!!

  37. @Tensa

    I think it would be typical for Kishi if this fight goes on till Tobi almost win and just moments before that happen Itachi will cancel it…..just like in this chap with Kakashi and Gai…there´s no doubt for me in this case and you see how time can fastly skip….just moments before Kakashi and Gai were bussy with the swordsmen and the other moment they step in to rescue Naruto….but I wonder how helpless Naruto is in this fight, given the fact that his clones were easily handling with the other Edo´s….so you think the real deal would make a better impression

  38. @ultimate this is a whole diff monster though. The clones were facin off against former kages and such who in their own right were powerful. But now u have the real naruto vs 6 jinchurriki with a rinnengan and sharingan in each eye along with some of their tailed beast chakras, tobi sneaking around waiting for a moment to strike, and non stop let up against bee and naruto. This is a hell of alot harder than the opponents narutos clones faced off against not to mention he is probably a little fatigued from the clones sent out and the fact that right now he is not at 100% unlike tobi and his army of jinchurrikis. Naruto better be glad bee was there to pick up some slack.

  39. @token

    But with his speed and his sensor abilities you may think that he could at least avoid some hits…..even given his weaken status and he is lower on his chakra reserve but some clones might be helpful in his situation to balance the number account

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