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Its out!Naruto, One Piece and Bleach Chapters!

Naruto: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/65982646/1

One Piece: http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/26812784/1

Bleach: http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/67588809/1


18 Responses

  1. sooo, this is it

  2. Hm… I suppose I saw Jinbei saying no (its too early for already famous people to join the crew).

    I didn’t see Kakashi and Guy coming into Naruto’s fight. I thought they were busy.

    I wonder if Bleach is gonna end. It almost seems like there is some finality to this.However, I suppose its too popular for that.

    Just my thoughts until the reviews come out.

    -pcgnome out

  3. Simple Naruto breakdown

    27 tails with sharrigan and rinnengan + masked man>17 tails +kakashi and guy….

    if naruto somehow wins this fight then the manga is well,bullshit”/

  4. Awesome chapter… Naruto only has a chance if the rest of the Alliance comes to the rescue.

    KIRA BEEEEEEEEE BOY (rap summer by the Hachibi host himself)
    Eight tails Unleashed
    It takes a beast…
    To make a maki roll out of this forest to say the least
    Trying to stomp out the will of fire right here
    Look no-name thinks he’s smokey the bear

    “only you can prevent forest fires”

    WHAT!?!??! YOu say you’re Iron Eyes Cody?!?!??!
    SHIT son we’re bout to smoke yah, here we go B

    Popping the cap to my pen
    ’bout to begin
    Sealing these zombie fools in a moment of ZEN
    No-name at the last second let’s the Jinks out
    With a cheap shot this jink thinks I’m down count
    you need a beast bomb to the face
    Cause jink you better know your place

    You’re three tails behind me
    Neva get a leg up on Killer Bee

    Naruto, quit taken it from behind and put these fools in their place
    ugh.. and now a hand through you’re face?

    at least we got Kakashi and Guy from Konoha
    This is ’bout to get sweet like Baklava

  5. other comment
    I wish they’d make Bee rhyme. Looks like when the going get’s tough the guy drops the verses…. FOR THE REAL VS… HA…

  6. What happened to the will of the tailed beasts?

    First of all, without a sentient host to resist them, they should’ve completely taken over the Edo Tensei zombies. They can go full beast mode and still are under the influence of Tobi. My guess is a contract similar to the one he had with the Kyuubi during Naruto’s birth is allowing him to control them. I doubt Naruto even can do a Contract Seal to stop them. But if they are undone, I can see Tobi actually losing.

    I guess Tobi’s mojo is that boss.

  7. question: Was it said that each beast is as powerful as all the previous beast combined?
    I think not because then the 9 tails would be insanely more powerful than in the 8 let alone the others. and we just saw bee get owned by the 5-tails.

    On bleach, this is not the end, it is a new beginning. And yes! it seems hollow ichi will be making a comeback. However it is still not clear if ichi is as powerful as he was when he fought aizen.

  8. @Itachidabaus

    you forgot that Naruto just got the half of the tailed beast power since the other half is sealed in Minato and for my taste Naruto was more powerful when he was in 6tailed modus…..just speaking of raw power since he couldn´t control was he was doing

  9. Naruto – Even with Kakashi and Guy helping out Naruto and Bee will still lose this battle (in theory) the tailed beast powers plus the rinnegan and sharingan = 8 tailed kebabs for dinner!! Still should be epic though, Guy sensei’s gonna explode with the power of youth!

    Bleach – will be interesting to see what Ginjo’s inner hollow looks like but cant wait to see Zangetsu and ichigo’s inner hollow again, I wonder what there reaction to Ichigo gaining full bring will be…

  10. I can’t remember. Which page was it but I tink I saw I saw ichigo actually stop an attack with his hands now that has to say someting on how strong he is I tink his hollow mask mite change aswell but those captains are quiet sadistic to use ichigo as bait to lure out ginjo n then to even kill both of them afterwards now I would like to see ichigo to go to where the soul king is now that would be very interesting to see how strong d royal court guards are since we only heard and not see any of them

  11. its hard to tell the power levels of the Jinchikuris! they all possess the full beasts inside them where as naruto only has half of the kyubi. Kyubi’s chakra is very powerful and dense though so its hard to gauge that as a factor. naruto has also been fighting in the war full steam ahead! he isnt fresh like the edo tensei’s! Bee is at full strength. Kyubi will have to work with naruto if he is to over come them. naruto has the speed of Minato but he doesnt have the awareness too dodge what he cant see or sense coming. he is at a disadvantage big time even in kyubi mode. the rinnengan and sharingan will give the edo’s a big tactical advantage.

  12. Tobis undoing is gona be he´s overconfidence.. I mean just the way he react when Kakashi and Guy comes in http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/65982646/14… like it changes nothing.. Shure he´s got the tailed beast and the rinnegan and sharingan.. But the fully powerd 8tailed and something powerd 9taild Naruto and Kakashi and Guy fighting togheter isn´t some thing you just take like nothing. Kakashi and Guy can probably go toe 2 toe against one of thoose tailed beast.. The fourth did it againts the 9tailed (with some hellp from Kushina) while saving Naruto blablabla ( you know the story) Then Kakashi and Guy have to be able to go against on of thoose tailed beast.. Naruto beat the 1tailed when he was “genin” so they should be able to take the more powerfull tailed beast… So to my point Tobi is arrogant acking like it´s no problem, you should allways respect you opponent even the smallest one ☺

  13. And whats the diffrens between Guys kick?? allways look the same but still diffrent name 😛

  14. Normally I think he uses the right time, this time it was the left, lol.

  15. right leg*

  16. I have to agree with Seda’s remark. Tobi is just too cocky.

    Putting his most valuable chips out there (the Tailed Beasts) as mere pawns will cost him. As we can see, Naruto was able to almost remove Roshi’s chakra rod. If Killer Bee stopped Han from attacking Naruto, that would be one pawn down already. Also, Naruto, Kakashi, Guy, and Bee only need to defeat ONE Tailed Beast to prevent Tobi from having the full power to complete his plan. Naruto was able to beat the One Tailed Beast in Part One as a genin (granted with Gamabunta’s help, but he has that now too).

    Also, where is the One Tailed beast? Two previous Jinchurikis (sp?) were mentioned back during the Gaara arc, if I remember. I wanna see it back in action.

  17. Good chapter this week, too short also. Well, well… 2 sensei arriving to save the day, I didn’t see that coming. This time Kishi was too mean to us not showing us Kakashi on rampage. I see more characters arriving at the battle field. I hope to see and learn more about Kakashi’s MS and also about Guy’s eight gates. Perhaps this will clear the theories about Tobi being Obito. Edo jinjurikis will have access to the level 3? that would be BEAST!

    Naruto looked very strong in the last 10 chapters, everyone put all over his shoulder and in this opportunity looked weak, Tobi owned Naruto. I think Kishi is trying to show us how tough this situation is but it’s sad too see that the sacrifice of Minato was not worth it, he died and did everything possible to prepare Naruto to face Tobi/Madara and Naruto is still too weak. He don’t have the skills and abilities of a good ninja just huge amount of chakra…

    I see Gai and Kakashi looking stronger next week, maybe at the same level of the edos but it won’t be enoght. Fortunately, Naruto will be making some kind of treat with the Kyuubi.

    I’m out!

  18. i wonder if the reason this naruto thats fighting is weak is because he is a clone while the real one recharges and makes a strategy

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