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Its Out! Naruto, One Piece and Bleach chapters!

Naruto: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/40753439/1 

One Piece: http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/99312992/1

Bleach: http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/82770576/1


32 Responses

  1. #Primero!!!

  2. Lmao @ the nipple ring chakra receivers!

  3. loved the half price scarf shout! lol priceless!!

  4. It’s all about the boobs..

  5. Nipple Ring Chakra receivers..Tobi is a necrophiliatic bastard

  6. i seriously hope jimbei accepts luffy’s invitation:D:D:D ginjo is B@usss:)) and naruto…just bee:P

  7. I liked this chapter a lot. It had all the comedic elements of part one with good combat and analyzation. I didnt like its length. Very short chapter this week.

  8. So, No Name restored his former Jinchuriki to their former glory. They also have the the combined powers of the of the Sharingan ad the Rinnegan. The Hachibi senses a change in his fellow bijuu. This is probably a given , but I will ask the question anyway.What if No Name is using the eyes to control the bijuu. I don’t know about the rinnegan, but we all know that the sharingan can subdue a tailed beast as powerful as the Ninetails.
    About Bleach
    Ichigo’s bankai looks slightly different, with barbed ridges. And did Ginjou actually Fullbring his own shinigami powers back?

  9. Bleach: Ichigo’s new bankai and Ginjo’s look sickkkkk!!! Thats one thing ive always liked about Tite, he knows how to make his characters look totally badass! Havent seen a bankai vs bankai battle for ages

    One piece: Im not sure how i feel about Jinbe being part of the strawhats, he seems kinda old but so is brook i suppose, plus he’s got tons of battle experience and was with luffy through his toughest time of losing his brother but it feels weird like he doesnt belong with them like he deserves his own little squad (if u know what i mean) – maybe i need to warm up to the idea coz i was sure through some weird twist that Caribou would end up joining them.

    Naruto: “Rat hairball jutsu!!!!!!!” lol Bee is a pervert lookin at that cat lady’s titties (Tsunade’s are better!!! lmao) Bee needs some ninja vagina and quick!

  10. Jimbei is a perfect fit! They need someone of his age and experience! They were also missing a fishman/merman as one of their crew!
    Zoro is still #2 and the 1st mate! I have a feeling Zoro killed Hawkeye during their training and received the eye injury in the process!! Zoro is the world’s strongest swordsman!

  11. I agree that they needed a new guy and a fishman would suit the overall craziness of the strawhats but im still not feeling it, not yet anyway. No wayyyyyyyyyyy did Zoro kill Mihawk! As he is right now Mihawk will still kick his arse! Hawk’s probably took that left out during training! I reckon he only taught him the basics of his power… the rest Zoro’s gonna have to figure out on his own.There fight will be one of the last fights to happen in one piece imo and thats a long way away! What’ll really be interesting though is a Zoro vs Diamond Jozu fight – lets see if our one eyed swordsman can cut Diamond!!!

  12. nagato’s six paths needed chakra rods because they are dead. why does tobi’s six paths need them, arent they resurected i.e. having life again=own chakra? im i missing something?

  13. @Madara Tobi probably wants independent control over them to keep Kabuto from interfering.Tobi is controlling. Kabuto is the only on his side that could challenge his authority. To manage the battle, he has to makesure that only he can move the jinchuuriki. My point is, Tobi might need the chakra rods to have full control of the battle.

  14. How is the will of the tailed beasts kept in check?

  15. Jinbe a straw hat sounds good to. So besides the giant Mermaid Roger and Luffy were the only humans to hear the sea kings. glad kishi had the humour in Naruto again. The Bankai’s was the only cool thing about Bleach.

  16. @madara

    the rods could also represent tobis ability to prevent kabuto from undoing the edo jutsu. I have to believe that tobi has a plan for if kabuto undoes the jutsu or turns his zombies on tobi.

    It could also be the way they have the sharingan and rinnegan. Remember those eyes are really tobis. There not transplanted or cloned.

  17. The rods are there for the purpose of controlling the rinnegan eyes remember even though they are dead the eyes needs batteries to work

  18. I bet Tobi put a chakra rod up Saucegay’s ass to control him too! Lmao Uchiha FTL!

  19. My prediction is that during this battle, Naruto and the nine tails will come to terms and Naruto will be able to go full beast mode like Killer Bee does with the eight

  20. Did the five-tail shoot molten rats at Naruto and Bee or was that just the name of the jutsu?

  21. @Naruto101, yea that makes sense i mean there gonna have to make some sort of union eventually to stop tobi or madara making the 9 tails there bitch!
    Yep she spat out rat balls, super hot rat balls!

  22. i wonder what sasuke has been doin its been long since we’ve seen him…:-?

  23. EMS Sasuke is going to either back up BIG MAGNUM, jump into the Tobi fight or go huntin for snake boy junior where he’ll see his brother again or he might just be headed to take out Kakashi an Guy!! Bring on the deaths!!

  24. I think jembi is a gd new addiction because the straw hats finally hav another power house member…i must admit the monster trio had a ring to it tho but they new more crazy strong people for the other crews out there

  25. itchigo new bankai looks hardbody!

  26. The new look for d bankai is totally lookn gud but I was expecting d more of d aizen battle that wud av look badass but remember d amount of reitsu he got now is more than wat he had b4 cas if he cud av broken out of d dimensional cube no that’s bad

    Naruto on the other hand is kinda lookn up I tink he n d fox shud team up n do d hybrid cloax now that wud look badass

  27. @legendarykid, yeah jinbei is a powerhouse member but instead of lettin him fill that role why not let usopp be regcognised as a heavyweight an snipe the crap out of anything that moves! Get rid of the slingshot an get that boy some guns!!!!! Jinbe’s an ex warlord its almost like he’d be lowering his status to join the strawhats although his experience an wisdom will be invaluable in the new world….and where da f*** is swampy dreadlocks Caribou??!!!

  28. do you think Naruto can now have some of his clones in sage mood and some in kyuubi mode, at the same time?? that’d be awesome!!

    right now he can do clones in each mode, but not a mixture of both.

  29. @shykss

    yes he can. If im not mistaken didnt naruto or one of his clones go into sage mode to defeat an edo while other clones were active still.

  30. This new Bainkai looks more or less the same as the ARF (aizen raping form) bankai. The sword here looks cooler, and he has some extra stuff on his costume. The only thing that really looked cool about the ARF was the chain wrapped around his arm and his longer hair.

    I miss the URF (Ulquiorra raping form)!

  31. well there all individuals the clones so i dont see why not. he could have some clones be used as batteries and stay in kyubimode then mix it in together! thing is though is that he would have to learn how to balance all 3 types of chakra very quickly or he would be petrified or it wouldnt work.

  32. if i was naruto i would have few of his clones go do some training whilst he kick some ass ha ha! it would be such a cool technique to have in real life though. Work clone, uni clone, training clone, learn a new language clone! so many possbilities!!

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