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Who is Danzo?

I’m Sorry, I had to write this because this arguement is getting out of control. Everyone is fussing and fighting about, who is Danzo? In my opinion which could be wrong is that I think Danzo is just Danzo. Maybe he is just a warmonger who apposed the Third Hokage and is doing everything he can to get control of Konoha.

I believe that Danzo, just like Orochimaru who he secretly worked with were hungry for power. Danzo and Orochimaru wanted power and they thought they could get power by obtaining one thing, the Sharingan. The sharingan would give Danzo enough power to become strong enough to lead Konoha but everyone instead saw his ambition and cruel ways that so call protected the Leaf.

He could have obtained the Sharingan in many different ways:

1. Kill and Uchiha and take the eye

2. He could be Madara, Obito, or Madara’s brother

3. Or he could be another Uchiha ( Which I highly doubt)!

Now I would say that he took an Uchiha’s body and took the eyes after the massacre but after seeing him in the Manga during Nagato’s story how Danzo worked with Hanzo, we all see him still wearing the bandages on his eye so it’s possible he had the Sharingan before the massacre. He could also be Madara or is being controlled by Madara, he could even be controlled by Orochimaru and Kabuto. Maybe even Danzo worked with Madara and helped him take out the Uchiha clan and in return get a sharingan.

I’m not sure about him being Madara because as seen in the Manga Madara and Danzo can’t possibly be two places at the same time. I thought Danzo could be a clone but clones are complete replicas of the original so they are both different in many ways such as clothing. Danzo also said something about not fighting in a long time in the last chapter but we all know Madara/Tobi fought against the 8 Man Konoha team and Sasuke and the three tails, unless he has another personality.


Okay I hope you are still with me, now these two I absolutely don’t think Danzo could be because of who they are and the state of their bodies when they died. Danzo can’t be Obito because first of all he is way too old and Obito would be around Kakashi’s age. The right side of Obito’s body was completely smashes but looking at the picture of Obito under the rock you could say his Sharingan is also smashed but if you wanna get technical if his right side of his head was smashed then he couldn’t have been able to talk to Rin and Kakashi before he died, because come on, his head is smashed! So Danzo can’t be Obito because his right side of his body seems okay except his arm and eye and it is possible he dug Obito’s body up and took his remaining eye.

Last but not least I heard he could be Madara’s brother which is totally crazy I mean, Danzo is too young to be Madara’s brother and we all know Madara took both his brothers eyes and implanted them and he die 100 years ago, so please explain how did he get the Sharingan. Alright let me see, if somehow Danzo is Madara’s brother then he somehow came back to life and let’s see dug up Obito’s body and took his right eye and maybe he still looks young enough to be Danzo  then I might believe you.


Oh and I highly doubt he is an Uchiha, he just can’t be!


51 Responses

  1. On Danzo being madara, they’re similar but I’m not going to force that issue. You also can’t say their scares/wrinkles don’t line up because the one portion that was shown of tobi’s face lines up with the unshown part of Danzo’s and while their sharingan look different, it’s mild considering the lighting (caves could hide the “red eye”)/useage level (Kakashi’s permenant eye could be one of many possible side effects of having an improper eye [not neccesarily stolen as Madara’s is also damaged from EMS leevel to some extent]) it COULD be that, this is of course reverse logic, I’m not saying I have proof that they ARE the same, but there’s no proof that they’re NOT

    I also don’t see how if Madara can survive being impaled because of EMS why His brother couldn’t do a “kill bill” and punch his way out of a box.

    Thirdly, the Obito being Danzo is more about who Danzo got the eye from if he was JUST danzo, this is UNLIKELY because Minato PROBABLY used crows (ANBU tech.) to dispose of the body properly, BUT it’s still Possible. Again for Obito being Danzo in full, I again don’t see how he can’t come back to life as so many others have. He doesn’t have the EMS from just awakening, but that’s not the only form of revival out there, there could be others…

    SO basically I fail to see how this blog eliminates any of the theories about Danzo/his Sharingan.

  2. Yeah, first of these aren’t my predictions, I just wrote what some of you, including you Mart1 has written about this debate and I clearly wrote in the beginning of the post that I believe Danzo is just Danzo.

    I agree with you that Madara and Danzo have similar characteristics but It’s still hard to believe they are the same. Just look at what Madara’s reaction to Danzo being named Hokage after Naruto and Nagatos battle. And their faces aren’t all that similar from what I have seen of Madaras and Danzo’s faces, their eyes aren’t similar at all if you ask me even the lines on their faces. And most of your thoughts are all hypothetical guesses nothing that Kishi has revealed they are all just predictions.

    Like when you said he’s damaged from the EMS, tell me specifically where it says that in the manga. I really don’t know where you got this Madara’s brother thing from because from the Manga, his brother never even gotten the EMS he only had the MS and he wasn’t immortal and both of his eyes were stolen by Madara so unless he had four eyes I don’t see that happening.

    I also never said that Danzo was Obito but thats again something totally stupid that I heard on this website and again you are just guessing and adding false things like Minato disposing of Obito’s body maybe he did and maybe he didn’t, all I’m saying let the manga tell us instead of making up stories and hoping you are right to feed your own ego. I just think it’s getting less exciting every time you guess and predict what you think it’s going to happen, it’s Kishi’s story so let him tell it!

    I also want to say this post isn’t meaningless, I wrote this post to show how crazy some of these theories are, because maybe if people stop reading between the lines and making up stories, maybe they might see the truth is right in front of you and DANZO IS JUST DANZO!!!!

  3. Let’s not forget that Tobi/Madara can teleport i.e. move between dimensions instantaneously thus attacks pass through him. It seems that Danzo can do the same thing as seen in a previous issue where he’s being followed by Konoha ninja and then “disappears”…
    Could Tobi not use a combination of teleportation and cloning to maintain the Danzo ruse???

  4. @ Tawuya – Maybe… I have said this before and I will say it again Donzou says he has control over BOTH the Public World (Kage) and the Shadows (Akatsuki)… Now how does that not make sense, to be Tobi….

    Problem is if he does use Clones and Teleportation as this ruse how did he become both Muzikage and Hokage?? He must of come from somewhere to become a Leaf and Mist Ninja… People don’t just walk into a Village like, “Hey, let me be a ninja”

    I would like to know how Donzo started out his life,
    Why would Tobi make Sasuke deliberately Target Donzo! First he makes him Angry to attack Donzo (Elders) and Konoha but then he sends Pein to Destroy Konoha and he tells Sasuke go find the Kage’s and kill guess who. Donzo, If he was Donzo would he not of said Donzo wasn’t involved and blame the 3rd Hokage…

    My Opinion is:

    Donzo is Donzo he has been over looked for Hokage Position just like Oro with the 4th, he didn’t leave he just waited and waited and used any opportunity to take power.

    Tobi/Madara has something to do with Oro, I have a feeling he walked into the Blood Mist Village during the chaos and had a Coup de Tat and took power,but what I wonder is what did Tobi do before starting the Akatsuki, the Blood Mist Village was stopped about 15 years ago and the Akatsuki members besides Kazuka, Sasori and Zetsu had only joined within the past 10-12 years…. Oro, Itachi, Diedara etc plus they where all under the impression Pein started it….

  5. @ tawuya, Sasuke and Kakashi teleported to Sasuke’s battle in Chunin exams, Haku teleported himself and Zabuza’s comatose body to their hideout, Gaara could teleport using his sand, and technically anybody who uses replacement technique teleports out of the way as something else teleports to where they were. so the teleporting doesn’t mean anything, the “Body Flicker Jutsu” is a common way 4 ninjas to get SHORT distances in a fast speed (usually w/ something distorting the movement, ie: Haku=mist, Sasuke and Kakashi=leaves, Gaara=sand) so Danzo either used that,or he just moved freakin’ fast (ninjas do that alot to, even Batman and the TMNT do something to that effect)
    @ yellowflash, 1 possiblility u forgot, about y, if Danzo got his Sharingan from the massacred Uchiha, did he still have bandages b4 the massacre, so far b4 that it was when Yahiko died, is he could’ve lost his right eye in battle a really long time ago and he never got it replaced until after the massacre

  6. @ Jet Prime- I agree with Tawuya about the teleportation theory. what those guys did wasnt teleportation, but was simply using a smokescreen to hide their quick movements, for instance in batman begins when Neeson is training bruce wayne and uses the smoke bomb to demonstrate how ninjas can escape frm tricky situations using such diversions. Another plus point in the danzo is tobi/madara theory is actually contained in tobi’s telling sasuke about the elders’ plot to masacre the uchiha: he told sasuke abt the elders’ role in that plot because he knew that it would be much easier to get rid of the elders (those who had stood in his way firstly when he wanted to become the first hokage and secondly when he wanted to become the third. He knew that telling someone as powerful as sasuke, and as driven by blood lust as sasuke, that the elders had plotted against the uchiha would mean that he would want to take out his revenge on those elders. it would be a lot less suspicious on his part if a missing nin who had knowingly operated with orochimaru had been the one who killed the elders. These elders have, for a long time, blocked his way to power. Getting sasuke to kill them would clearly pave the way for him to get into power. On a second note, sending sasuke to the kage meeting may well be a new ploy to get sasuke out of the way: danzo/tobi/madara may have realised that sasuke isn’t gonna go along smoothly with his plans and thus may feel that the best way to achieve his goal is for sasuke to go to the kage meeting, try stir up some shit and get taken out by the plethora of powerful ninja and samurai there. Another thing is this: after the formation of the konoha through the pact between the uchiha and the senju (i think it is) madara was disgruntled. However, he still did feel that an uchiha should be the leader of this newly formed alliance, the most logical choice being him, the leader of the uchiha and the most powerful of the uchiha. Thus, madara and danzo both want the same thing: power….

  7. @ Jabulani well put! If Madara is a devious and scheming as we’ve been led to believe this sort of complex stabbing and backstabbing seems to make sense. He’ll play all sides against each other if he has to! He sends Sasuke, knowing he can’t hurt him, even if he tried, to get the elders because he wants to emerge from the ashes victorious.

    In retrospect I reckon Danzou just walked through the wall ala-Tobi-Style. I doubt you would send ninja’s of such a low calibre that they’d be duped by Danzou running down a hallway really, really fast, lol!

    But as much as I think Danzou being Tobi is (it’s probably a bit of misdirection) it would probably be more interesting to see the two of them come face to face (sharingan to sharingan) and have Danzou see his ass against a true Sharingan holder! he’ll probably end up getting saved by ole Kyuubi!

  8. @ jabulani and tawuya, okay, i got body flicker and telportation confused since Minato’s jutsu was related to body flicker, but that technique looks just like teleporting and therefore what Danzo did was most likly just that, not teleporting. so that can not b accepted as “proof” cuz it still doesn’t make any connection between the 2

  9. yeah but jet prime, we actually don’t know what danzo did though? he could have done the same thing as minato’s jutsu (i.e the yellow flash) or he could have done wat tobi did to both naruto and sasuke.

    on a seperate note regarding tobi’s powers of teleporation/transportation: what someone once said abt tobi’s technique was that it could just be a form of kakashi’s ms in that he can transport certain things to another dimension. as shown by haku hand techniques arent always a pre-requisite for a jutsu if the user is skilled enough which, bearing in mind his ability to control the kyuubi, madara would be skilled at. so maybe tobi’s technique isnt really this teleportation but simply a stronger variation of kakashi’s ms.

  10. however, on the whole I must agree that its unlikely that tobi is danzo, but its always good to speculate right? I think kishi is just trying to throw in a few guessing games for us and then reveal something out of this world. @ Jet Prime I would be very interested to know what your opinion is regarding the sealing of the kyuubi in naruto??? I’m still confused as to which half of the kyuubi’s chakra is sealed in naruto, is it the dark or the light?

  11. @Yellowflash:”And most of your thoughts are all hypothetical guesses nothing that Kishi has revealed they are all just predictions”- This is what annoys me as much as the Danzo theories annoy you, THEY ARE GUESSES, SO WHAT? I freely admit they are guesses, Kishi HASN”T revealed anything, either to support or deny.

    “his brother never even gotten the EMS he only had the MS and he wasn’t immortal and both of his eyes were stolen by Madara so unless he had four eyes I don’t see that happening.” Right it’s a POSSIBLE situation, where does it say he took BOTH the eye’s? Madara only has one eye shown, so until he shows the other, how do you prove it wasn’t stolen/given?

    “and again you are just guessing and adding false things” where does it say what happened to Obito’s body? How can you know whether or not it was destroyed, where is this FALSE information? guesses yes, but nothing stated otherwise in the manga.

    Currently I don’t like any of these theories, BUT I like theories in general, I’m not FORCING you to read the theories, feel free to skip my comments about Oro. being a bijju, Tobi being Minato, Sasuke being a Bijju, or any of the other crackpot theories I’ve had since I’ve been here. However, I’m still going to discuss my theories (even if they are REALLY weird) and the only thing I really care about is if you can point to a theory and say this can’t happen because of this (which is VERY hard to do in Naruto considering people can 1. come back from the deadl 2. be in two places at once and 3. change their apperance at will.)

    “Danzo is JUST Danzo” is a theory, but it’s not the ONLY possibility (I will fully admit it IS the MOST LIKELY THEORY)

    Oh and there is a difference between Body flicker and True teleportation (what Madara/Minato do), MOST ninja call Body flicker teleportation which is really confusing so we need to come up with a name for Madara’s jutsu…

    Oh and I checked the timeline Pein is about the same age as Kakashi based on the 1st book Jariya wrote being given to Minato so it’s possible his other eye was stolen but more likely that it was obtained other ways.

  12. I like the Tobi being Minato “theory”…

  13. @ jabulani, i think it was the light half, but it might b just that only the light half can b used under normal conditions and that both halfs r sealed, the dark half having a stronger seal. i’m not very sure, i’m not much of a theorist-type, i’m more interested into the emotional and action-based aspects of the series.

  14. so minato warned naruto about himself? rofl

  15. This is apparently causing some confusion, so i’ll make it clear. When Danzo says he has control of the shadows, he means Root, because they do Konoha’s darker deeds while still remaining a mystery. The public means he’s coming into the light as a Kage. Yellowflash, this was a good post, and you did state all the crackpot theories out there. But I’m sticking to my theory, DANZO IS DANZO!

  16. @Jabulani, i found some holes in ur little explanation above. Madara wasn’t stopped by the elders from becoming Hokage (plus the village was just formed at that time, so how could there be elders?), he was stopped by his own clan, in a sense. They started to lose trust in him after he took his brother’s eyes, because they thought he was too power-hungry. Then he fought Hashirama and lost, so that’s why he didnt become the first Hokage. As for Danzo, the Elders mostly agree with everything Danzo says/does, and they usually disagree with Tsunade. More likely, The Second chose Sarutobi because he was trained by both Tobirama and Hashirama and thus gained their morals. Less likely, Sarutobi was just better for the position and the Fire Feudal Lord made him Hokage (Danzo said that he is quite unknown in the Shinobi World, so why would he be chosen by the Fire Lord?) Why would he want to kill powerful people that are on his side?

  17. @the Kyubi chakra thing, Minato used two seals on Naruto. The Reaper Death Seal contains the Kyubi’s dark chakra, while the Eight Trigrams Sealing Style contains the light half, i.e the half Naruto uses.
    @mart, Nagato is way older than Kakashi. Jiraiya trained Nagato, Yahiko and Konan, before he trained a young Minato. Minato then grew up and trained a young Kakashi, who then grew up and trained Naruto. So Nagato would be like 40-45 years old, sice Kakashi is 30.

  18. @ Mart1, Actually not on of the things that I have said throughout this post was my guess the only think that I have said that was truly my opinion was Danzo is Just Danzo, the other things are hypothetical guesses in which you and many others have stated on this site and I told you my opinion of them and I want to know everyone else.

    What I have noticed about you Mart1 is that if anyone doesn’t agree with what you have to say or think you belittle them and call them idiots the way you have done so many others. And all the things I have stated in this post are facts from the manga, not things I just made up to make it seem like Im telling the truth the way you are doing! Like in you first comment on this page!

    And he took both of his brothers eyes, just read the manga and find out because it has pictures and everything, maybe that will help your slow learning. And the mask thing doesn’t matter maybe he just wants to show one eye!

    I absolutely agree with you that you could make any theory that you want, even if they are completely insane, All I am just saying spare everyone the pain of reading them, you are taking the fun out of the manga! And the Tobi being Minato story is just stupid, sorry!

  19. Thanks, Kizuzachi, I agree with you that Danzo is just Danzo.

  20. still going to hang on to my thought because right about jnow out of all the possibilities u just gave us it seems to still be the most logical. he said he hasnt fought in a while but who says that couldnt be a lie. he is a snake to konoha and has worked with itz enemies and even possibly helped in the massacre of one of its greatest and most powerful ninja families. when you’ve done all that what a simple lie on a stroll to a meeting? nothing at all. so again i will hold on to my notion.

  21. Yeah, same here. We’ll see who Danzo is in due time. I don’t think he’s an Uchiha, maybe just got a hold of an eye in all the battles that were fought.

  22. Oh yeah, and where does it say see Danzo teleporting like Minato, please show me! And I wanted to say that i think its an interesting theory about Madara sending Sasuke after Danzo, I don’t know who made that theory but it’s interesting.

    I mean “Why would he be hell bent on getting Danzo killed?” So maybe there is some history between them but I still don’t think that they are the same or it’s his brother!

  23. @mart-

    in the manga is DOES say that Maddara took BOTH his brothers eyes…in fact maddara says it HIMSELF..right after the fight with Itachi, maddara brought saskue back to his “Bat-cave” (lol) and said that his brother gave him his “EYE’S” and it says it SPECIFICALY, that he has BOTH eyes of his brothers….just wanted to point that out >.>

    so i agree with yellowflash here, i dont see that danzo is maddara’s brother unless he had another set of eyes, and another brother to take eyes from 🙂 (yes sarcasm)


    in the manga Jirayyia stated RIGHT before his battle with pain, that Minato seperated the DARK half, and the LIGHT half of kyuubi’s chakra into two seperate peices……naruto has BOTH of the chakra sources Sealed inside him, but the only thing is minato only gave naruto access to the Light half…..it never said that the dark half was sealed inside the Reaper, Jiriayia only said that the Minato just SEPERATED the two…so my guess is that if Naruto ever finally broke the seal, the FULL might and power of the kyuubi would destroy the seal, and Both the Light and Dark halves would come together again, and then basicaly naruto would be screwed 😀 lmao

  24. “Nagato is way older than Kakashi. Jiraiya trained Nagato, Yahiko and Konan, before he trained a young Minato. Minato then grew up and trained a young Kakashi, who then grew up and trained Naruto. So Nagato would be like 40-45 years old, sice Kakashi is 30.” Where’s the proof of this? I was looking for timeline information but Pein’s age is an unknown and Minato was an adult when he received Jariya’s first book, whom he named Naruto after. There are few indicators however, their (Kakashi/Obito and Pein) timelines are CLOSE if Minato read the book just before death…

    On Madara’s brother: That’s one theory PARTIALLY down (He could have come back somehow without an EMS, we don’t know exactly how Madara survived, just that he did) though there is ALWAYS the possibility of exceptions and being so close to an exception in the same situation makes it more likely (I want to take the time to say that is a good thing to disprove theories) AND even IF Madara took BOTH eye’s, he has only SHOWN one, SOMETHING is obviously weird if he’s not using his natural gift to it’s fullest by hiding one eye. “Madara is a shell of his former self” to quote Itachi, but HOW did he get there? I’m not a supporter of this theory except in that I like to think about all theories, on that note…

    The Theories DON’T even have to be exactly RIGHT, they just have to be CLOSE. There is OBVIOUSLY SOME HISTORY between Danzo and the Uchiha’s because he seems to hate them (he ordered the hit on them) and has a Sharingan that seems abnormal. I’m sorry if you get some sort of spoiler effect from reading theories (especially those that are close to the truth like the Danzo = Madara theories being vindicated by Danzo having a Sharingan)

    On theories: Like I said above, you don’t have to read them, BUT if you remove all of the theories from this site, it’s got nothing… Pairing discusions such as “I think Naruto and Hinata are going to end up together” are theories, FanFic.s are examples of the realization of theories (we say, if this happened this is how it could/would play out). Without Theories it’s just dry fact over and over again, there wouldn’t need to be a Shannaro because the info in the manga would be the only thing that’s relevant, and it would be better to take it from the source, SHANNARO exists FOR discussion, FOR theories, do you read Shannaro for some other purpose than to see what others think of the latest chapter? or to give your oppinion?

  25. @smartass, ur right, the manga doesnt say that. But logic dictates that if half of the Kyubi was sealed via the 8 Trigrams Sealing Style, and it was said that the Reaper Death Seal was used to seal the Kyubi, then LOGICALLY, the other half would be in the Reaper Death Seal on Naruto’s stomach. Though i may be wrong because many times, logic doesn’t apply to Naruto lol.

  26. It’s said in a databook somewhere that the Dark/”Yang” side is seal in Naruto and that the other (Light/”Yin”) side is sealed within the Reaper Death Seal along with Naruto (Minato is in constant battle with the Kyubbi in the reaper’s stomach.

    Oh and yellowflash what they are refering to is his escape during the Sora filler arc but I don’t see this as neccesarily Madara’s tech. though he did lose ANBU tails while using it

  27. @mart, Jiraiya gave him the book before the Kyubi attack, and by how Kushina looked (http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/382/10/), Naruto was close to being born, which means that at the time, Jiraiya was 38. He started training Minato when he just became a Jonin, which was when he wore a traditional Jonin uniform (http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/445/15/). Apparently this war was the Second Great Shinobi War because Minato was still a child at this time (The third war was in the Kakashi Gaiden http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/445/15/). If this doesnt convince you, then read here http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Jiraiya (Background Section).

  28. @mart1-

    then find this, if your right and the databook states that, and if it was KISHI who said that, then il put the subject down and agree. unitl then, i say both halves are within naruto


    how can Logic dictate that ONLY half was sealed inside naruto?? it was only stated that mintato went to the trouble of seperating the Yin and Yang chakra??

    the death reaper seal doesnt have to have the chakra sealed INSIDE of the Reaper, this was shown when saratobi and Oro fought each other, Sarutobi sealed Oro’s ARMS inside his body, you can use the death reaper seal to seal ANYTHING inside of a solid object, but my guess is that a Living body is much more suitable

  29. @smartass, The Reaper Death Seal always seals away the soul (the Kyubi is made purely of chakra, so its entire form could be sealed). Sarutobi used it to seal Orochimaru’s Soul’s arms, thus he could no longer use jutsus. And it is stated more than once, that HALF of the Kyubi’s chakra is sealed inside of Naruto (while, presumably, the other half is sealed in the Reaper Death Seal).

  30. http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/370/12/


    Those two links say specifically that the Yin side was sealed within the Death Reaper and that the Yang was sealed in Naruto (thanks S_U who showed me this a while ago)

  31. @kisu-

    yes the death reaper seals away souls, but it DIDNT seal away orochimaru’s “SOUL” so your point with the reaper seal is USELESS.

    yes i agree now that only half of the kyuubi’s power is sealed in naruto, thanks to mart1 for showing me a page from the manga

  32. however i still believe that naruto can access the dark half when he utilizes the foxes true power

  33. Okay sorry for being late.
    @mart/smartass- that WAS true but ever since the chap with Minato and naruto meeting they said in there that minato was going to give Naruto the rest of the kyuubi chakra which is why there is no longer any seal. He is finally a full jinchuriiki and with the light side of chakra in him jnow he may be able to control the fox.

  34. @suna-

    ok first of all, minato sealed the light half in naruto in the first place, not the Dark half….

    and second of all, where does it say that minato is giving naruto the rest of the kyuubi’s chakra??

    3rd of all, naruto DOES have his seal, minato FIXED IT remember?

  35. @smartass, the Death Seal did take Oro’s soul, or rather, a part of his soul, in this case, his soul’s hands because Sarutobi didnt have the strength to completely seal his soul. Thus Orochimaru got necrosis (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Necrosis), where his arms were becoming useless to him.

  36. @everyone-

    ok to settle this about WHO danzo really is, its OBVIOUS, maddara is DANZO…yes shocking BUT EVEN MORE SHOCKING, maddara MUST be naruto, becaus NARUTO HAS HIS EYE COVERED AS WELL!!! OMG, KAKASHI must be MADDARA TOO, he has HIS eye covered and HIS hairstyle is THE SAME!!!!! and why stop there, nagato had HIS right eye covered as well, so HE JUST HAS TO BE MADDARA it all fits everyone is MADDARA!!!!! kishi is pullling a huge one over us, so maddar is every one in the manga…….there settled…..LMFAO 😀

    -_- yes that was heavy sarcasm, the crackpot theories about danzo is getting really out of hand, and weird

    @-“i like the theory that maddara is actually Minato”,

    this is a perfect example of how for out of hand these theories have gone LOL

  37. @smartass, yeah it all makes sense now. Nagato covered his eye right eye to hide the sharinagan, so when he died Danzo attacked Konan and stole Nagato’s corpse, then he took Nagato’s sharingan eye. It was so obvious……..LMAO (if u guys dont realize by now, we’re making fun of these crackpot theories)

  38. @kisuzachi-

    of course it makes sense, omg i just realized somethig the samurai have THEIR faces hidden, they must ALL be maddara clones in disguise, problably all have their right eye hidden, they must be maddara, cause according to everyone, people who have their face hidden and have the “same hairstyle” are just MADDARA!! it makes sense now

  39. @ Smartass – Yeah I was laughing when Naruto’s eyes where bandaged up, I was thinking now they gonna say Donzo is Naruto in the Future but then he found a jutsu to go back in time and etc etc 😛

  40. I have a feeling that Kishimoto will surprise everyone. Like when he tricked everyone by naming Madara Tobi just to lead everyone to think that he was Obito.

  41. Time traveling jutsu would be sweet, it’s the only power we really haven’t seen and kakashi did call madara’s jutsu a space/TIME jutsu… Though I don’t see how a time traveling ninja could be stoped (though it would explain madara’s longevity.

  42. @PA-

    oh get this, people think that SASKUE is going to mistake Danzo for Naruto 🙂

    LMAO its so stupid, its bandage

    however someone said that the meeting will mistake NARUTO for hokage, and i think that might actually happen..it would be cool and sweet to see

  43. Oh and Mart1, I think according to the manga Nagato had something to do with Madara coming back to life because when Sasuke is on his way to konoha Madara appears and when they leave to kill the Kages Madara clearly states that Nagato betrayed him because Renne Tensei jutsu was intended for him, thats the jutsu to bring people back to life so Nagato probably used that jutsu to keep him alive.

    And Madara never died in the battle with the first!

    That’s why he probably wants to earn Sasuke’s trust and fuse him with the Gedo Mazo or whatever so Sasuke can keep him alive but I just don’t know why it has to be Sasuke.

  44. @ Mart1 come on you are just miss reading everything,

    This is everyone also, THE ENTIRE KYUUBI IS SEALED IN NARUTO! Jiraiya said that Minato sealed the yang (evil) chakra away deep inside his body but the yin (Good) chakra and Narutos chakra are mixed together thats why Narutos chakra is so huge, People always get that mixed up. The Reaper of death seal is just a jutsu it doesn’t devour chakra it devours souls, thats why Orochimaru couldn’t uses his arms, because it ate his soul, and thats why he can still use jutsu because if it would have ate his chakra he would be able to use ninja tech!

    Just look at the name Reaper Death, Now let’s think Mart1 Reaper of Death is supposedly the spirit that actually takes someones spirit when they die, spirit aka soul.

  45. http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/453/18/

    It doesn’t say he used it ON Madara to bring him back to life, Pein wasn’t alive back when Madara needed saving and there is a clear time limit on Pein’s jutsu because he didn’t bring back Jariya. IT was supposed to be use “FOR” Madara, as in to serve his purposes. It also brought back more than one person.

    I THINK what Madara was going to do was SOMEHOW (again the time limit is troublesome) bring back the dead uchiha now that he is in a position to use them (he wasn’t when he helped Itachi and we don’t really know exactly what his role in “helping” was) OR bring back Itachi (He had Zetsu take the body and could be keeping it safe/ready for revival).

    He was impaled multiple times and was bleeding (the blood means they didn’t just phase through him), He could easily have faked his death by throwing in blood capsules and such, but that’s my point, so could ANYONE.

    As far as the Reaper Death Seal, your refering to Kisu.’s claims not mine, I simply posted links that, state to quote directly:

    Page 12 Chapter 370: “Minato only sealed the Yin Chakra using Shiki Fuujin” Shiki Fuujin is the japanese name for Reaper Death Seal, OneManga didn’t translate it because it’s a name but here is a link that has it translates it:


    And Page 13 Chapter 370: “Only Sealing the Yang Chakra into Naruto, was so that he could leave it for Naruto”

    I think it’s you that are mis-reading, because 1. Your attacking me for things I haven’t said 2. The Yang chakra is what Naruto has to use NOT the Yin 3. While the Yang Chakra is sealed in Naruto the Yin chakra COULD possibly be sealed in other locations, namely Minato’s unseen dead body, or a second host, but regardless of where, Naruto doesn’t have access to it and while some theorize the Kyubbi’s Nine-tailed state might break both seals (Death Reaper and Eight Trigrams) this can’t be confirmed or denied until one (eight trigrams) breaks.

  46. Oh Kisu, your comment on Nagato’s age just came through, here is my logic (and Jariya’s page realy helped me solidify this)

    Jariya taught Pein at the second war (while he was a kid) THEN Pein later met with Danzo (attempting to STOP war) after becoming an adult, Obito died during the third war, probably the same war Nagato was trying to prevent, I’m not quite sure on the EXACT way these events played out (it’s logical that Nagato met Danzo before Obito died given this set up, but the war with the rock ninja could have been going on with the Rain as a neutral) SO the events ARE close enough for it to be POSSIBLE, though UNLIKELY.

  47. Great job yellowflash2 !!!! keep up

    Honestly I think Danzou is Danzou and have the sharigan tranplanted from one of masacred Uchiha, thanks to Ororoshimaru experiment.

    But I have to admit that there is chance that Danzou could be Madara, or his ally or former ally
    anyway I guess Kishi will tell us soon

  48. @yellowflash, the Reaper Death Seal PROBABLY contains the Kyubi’s yin (dark) chakra, but the seal itself is on Naruto’s body, its just that he cant access it. The other seal on his body contains the yang (light), which he can use. Note the differences between Naruto’s seal ( http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/370/13/ )( http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/91/12/ )( http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/91/13/ ) and Sarutobi’s seal ( http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/123/13/ ). People just mean that half the chakra is in the Reaper Death Seal BECAUSE he cant access it, and its on his body.

  49. it is sooo!! ridiculous!!!

  50. i think the dark chakra from the 9 tails was sealed in jiraya’s scroll he carries on his back. similar to how he sealed Itachi’s black flames. Minato had the scroll when he sealed the 9 tails. just a thought

  51. […] dont have sharingan even one like kakashi? i read some research in google. and i found this here but still hanging… Danzo died already but kishi not revealed why Danzo have too many […]

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