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Even if he came back…


Even if he came back, what would happen next? How could he face everyone?, how could he explain what he’s done?, how would they treat him? I’m talking of course about Sasuke Uchiha, and if he ever really did return to Konoha. It is a future most Sasuke fans hoped to see for him, and most Naruto fans hope to see for Naruto, a dream, a happiness that would finally bring back a little light-heartedness to this cold, war-torn story we’ve been reading for some time now.

As of right now, the chance of Sasuke ever returning to Konoha is extremely slim to none. He has dug himself quite the hole, and made some very powerful enemies; Kabuto, the Kages (and in turn the 5 great nations), and his former classmates. I also have a feeling that he will turn on Madara in the future. The crimes held against him are first joining with Akatsuki, which nobody knows yet that he doesn’t have any intention of remaining with them, and also capturing Killerbee, which, again, nobody knows that he actually didn’t. He is also a missing-nin which immediately makes him a criminal in his home country.


Now the way I see it, there are two ways that Sasuke could end up in Konoha. (Remember this blog is based on the slight chance that he does.) He is either forced back, or returns on his own free will. The other options would be that he dies in battle, returned to attack Konoha, or just never came back in the course of his life, but I’m ignoring those options for this blog. The more likely of my two ways is that Sasuke is captured and taken back against his will. He would probably be taken to be interrogated about Akatsuki, Orochimaru, and any other possible information he has acquired in his time away, most likely by Ibiki. However, I don’t see Sasuke as the type to be easily interrogated, hell, with his sharingan he could probably turn the tables on the interrogator. The simple fact is that Sasuke may be too strong of a ninja to be kept against his will somewhere in normal circumstances. He could either use Amaterasu to burn the place down, use genjutsu to persuade the guards to let him out, summon a snake to free him, use chidori nagashi to break his prison like he broke Yamato’s wood prison, or something else. I’m fairly confiden that Kishimoto has thought of all this too, and probably wouldn’t go through with leading up to the events of Sasuke’s capture just to have him espace. Thus, I highly doubt that is a possible destination for Sasuke in this manga.


The other way Sasuke could end up in Konoha is to return on his own free will. For this to happen, he would need a severe change in heart, or to reveal his true intentions? Let me explain the latter. There has been a theory floating around ever since the chapter 402, that Sasuke has been privately plotting in that little brain of his. That maybe he is following in Itachi’s footprints, and is putting on the greatest illusion displayed yet, one not even Madara can see behind. Afterall, he has been noted to have higher potential then Itachi. Anyways, if he is, and in some  oppurtunity down the road he reveals his true just intentions, then he can be forgiven. That is highly doubtful though.

If his return was just due to a change in heart, perhaps after seeing something horrible happen to someone he cares for, like seeing Sakura or Kakashi die, or if he finds out Madara was lying to him this whole time. However, just a change in heart wouldn’t settle with the politcal monsters he has pissed off. He would have to redeem himself before being permitted to return to a normal Konoha life. One thing that would help his case is for the Raikage to find out that Killerbee wasn’t truly captured by Akatsuki. Also, if he abandons Akatsuki, he won’t be hated as much. But finally, he must still do something to aid all those he has hurt in the past before he can be pardoned, like help Naruto kill Madara.

So we’ve covered how he could come back, now hypothetically, what happens when he does. He has already proven himself to be and elite ninja. I doubt he would belittle himself to take the chuunin exams and officially move up in rank. Like Naruto he would probably just ignore the rank and receive Jonin level missions. Whoever the Kage is at that time would most definitely have trust issues, so I don’t know how big of a responsibility would be bestowed upon him. (Unless Naruto was the Kage.) As for friends, well if the events I listed actually did take place, I would think him and Naruto would be “friends” again; more like brothers, and rivals in most everyday events. After seeing the error in his previous ways, maybe he would learn not to reject his feelings of love, and finally accept Sakura. I think his relationship with Kakashi would be interesting. On one hand, Kakashi is very cautious and might not trust Sasuke ever again, on the other hand, he knows what it is like to lose those he loved, like Obito, and might appreciate the second chance with Sasuke. All the girls but Hinata would probably fall head over heels for him again. As for his male classmates, well I don’t think they like him, Shikimaru has already stated he doesn’t.


It would definitely be an awkward existance for Sasuke. Like I said before, the chances of him actually returning would be slim to none. And if he ever did, it would probably be near the end of the series. More likely fates are: him dying in combat, him finding a peaceful resolution, then going to a foreign land to revive his clan, or him just wandering the earth much like Jiraiya use to. The only thing that makes me think Sasuke might come back to Konoha is Naruto’s promise. Like I said in my last post, Naruto always sticks to his word, and is so determined to fulfill his promise. I think it would be kind of pessimistic for Kishimoto to have the main character let down on one of his biggest moral efforts ever. Whatever the answer to this blog is, I’m sure we won’t find out for quite some time, but until then, just chew on what I’ve had to say…


Bleach 371: Kingdom of Hollows

Shameless plug for the Bleached Ichigo blog. Comments are closed here, please visit the original post to discuss this chapter.

Like the previous hollows (or at least the important ones) we see a bit of their past upon their death.

Barragan was apparently a King of Hollows before his death, which leads me to wonder what Hailibell and Stark were before their Shinigamification.

The story starts with Barragan complaining about the complacency of the other Hollows. He thinks he wants a battle, how wrong he was… Then Aizen and crew arivie, after some short comments about Barragan’s crib from Tousen, Barragan gives Aizen the typical “Killing you will be entertaining” speach, calling them insects as usual, probably thinking Aizen in his Shinigami was a good guy… How wrong he was…

Aizen does his usual Shikai ruteine and traps Barragan while Tousen and Gin kill all of Barragan’s minion Hollows.

In Aizen’s illusion, Aizen offered Barragan a chance at more power, but Barragan just scoffs.

Aizen then releases him, giving Barragan little choice to join him, but Barragan promises to use the power Aizen gives him to destroy him.

The chapter ends with Stark commenting on how little Aizen cares

There are two things I noticed about this chapter: 1. Hueco Mundo obviously underwent some renovations to become the Domed Citadel it is now, which makes me wonder when all of it happened. Pre-Rukia’s Execution, Post? 2. Stark said the hollows weren’t the type to avenge Barragan’s death, but all the other Hollows so far seem to contradict this. But I guess his theme being lonelyness means he doesn’t care as much…


Hey guys, its been a while since I’ve wrote a blog over here on shannaro!!! I figured I’d try to get back into it, so today’s topic of discussion is something I find very interesting about some of the characters in Naruto. Not all, but the ones with strong enough personalities and wills tend to have an effect on the other characters in Naruto. These impressions, they leave on people often shape the actions and attitudes of those around them, either forming lasting bonds of friendship or spite. These people often make the best leaders. I’m here to talk about some of those characters, and hopefully hear what you guys have to say.


The first and most obvious person is Naruto. Naruto has a very blatant skill for bringing out the best in almost anybody. From Neji, to Gaara, Pein, and almost Sasuke for a little bit, given a little time with Naruto, and after witnessing his iron will, people begin to second guess themselves. It is the reason Naruto is the only one capable of fulfilling Jiraiya’s goal. There is however one giant obstacle to put Naruto’s will to the test, and his name is Sasuke. The one person so far that Naruto has tried to bring back from the darkness, and until now has failed. Will Naruto’s knack to bring out the good in people prevail?, or will he have to end Sasuke’s darkness in a fight to the death?, only time will tell…

There is one character who we didn’t learn about until recently, with unmeasurable amounts of potential. I think his death was one of the most disappointing to me, but his accomplishments in life are still noteworthy. I’m talking about none other than Yahiko ladies and gentlemen, a leader in every aspect of the word. Yahiko had a very inspiring persona, lifting Negato and Konan out of the darkness of the slums, and, with a little help from Jiraiya, into thriving activists in their war-torn country. Its ashame he had to end his own life, I think Yahiko was one of those ninja that could inspire a movement world-wide, had he had the chance.


Naruto and Yahiko are both arguably good influences on people… while the next candidate is absolutely not. Orochimaru might as well be the cigarette industry of the Naruverse. He is responsible for infecting, killing, and ruining so many people that they should name a plague after him. Orochimaru tries to find the weakness in people and exploit it. Like with Kabuto and Kimimaro, he tells them what they want to hear, making them think he truly cares about them, and using them for personal gain. Just as with Naruto, Sasuke is the exception to Orochimaru’s taking advantage of. It is true that he successfully pried Sasuke away from Konoha, but Sasuke was never fooled into believing Orochimaru cared about him, and in the end was Orochimaru’s demise.


Which brings me to the final subject of discussion; none other than Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke leaves an imprint on those he comes in contact with; that is for sure. The ladies are too obsessed with him to be an unbiased example, but even rebellious spirits like Naruto and Suigetsu can’t seem to turn away from him either. Something about him makes people want to follow him, or at the very least walk beside him. Most people couldn’t randomly approach such strong people as the members of Team Hawk and convince them to follow so blindly. There is a reason Naruto and Sakura are going to such great lengths to restore their bond with Sasuke, now if only he could realise this. Sasuke is however, a double-edged sword. He is just as easily influenced negatively as he is influential positively, and only time will tell which force will reign supreme in the end…

Naruto chapter 461: A Battle of Words, a Battle of Swords

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob
Now this was quite a sweet chapter. It had a good balance in both action and dialogue. Two battles were actually going on in Naruto chapter 461, one physical between Raikage and Sasuke’s team, and the other between Gaara and the other kages back in the meeting room. In both cases, it was the new generation taking on the old, which always make for great battles in the Naruverse.
This chapter wastes no time in getting right to the fighting, and to my surprise it is Sasuke who makes the first move by charging at the Raikage. This seems uncharacteristic of Sasuke because he has up to know been a fairly cool headed and cautious fighter. If this was Sasuke fighting Itachi or back when he was a genin, I could understand since he was cocky and had a hard time controlling his hatred inside – but the new Sasuke wouldn’t charge straight in without testing his opponents or at least using genjutsu first. For some reason Sasuke has been losing his composure, and of his entire team all but Sasuke himself recognizes this. Even during tough fights such as the one Sasuke fought against Itachi, Sasuke was more cautious than this. So why is Sasuke being so rash? The Raikage is not his target nor does Sasuke have a grudge against Kumogakure. If Sasuke is pissed because Zetsu spilled the beans on him, then a more prudent plan would be to attempt to retreat and try to get Danzo at another time… not charge straight in when the whole compound is on alert. Something else must be influencing Sasuke, and it smells of Madara.
Onto the battle itself. The Raikage’s bodyguards, Shi and Durai, are no pushovers. Durai specializes in ninjustu and can even use Water element techniques to enhance the power of his Lightning ones. He also is quite fast because he was able to perform his hand seals and activate his jutsu well before Sasuke could even touch the Raikage. As well, he kept up with the Raikage when they closed in on Sasuke while he was under genjutsu. Shi, on the other hand, is a support fighter who seems to specialize in detection as well as genjutsu. Shi’s genjutsu are especially powerful too as Sasuke could not dispel the effect fast enough to react in time when Raikage and Durai attacked. If Suigetsu and Jugo didn’t come to back him up, Sasuke’s battle with the Raikage would have been one of the shortest in the series. This is the second time since the fight with Killerbee, that Sasuke had to be saved by his team, but I can’t believe how cocky Sasuke still is when he clearly owe them his life. I don’t know why Suigetsu, Karin or Jugo continue to follow Sasuke, he has very little regard for his own safety and probably even less for theirs – he may be intelligent but unlike a shinobi such as Shikamaru, Sasuke puts his own agenda first and is the worst type of team leader. If this goes one, I can see only one outcome for Team Hawk: everyone dies except for Sasuke since he is a main character.
Sasuke’s situation looks bad, we’ve just started the battle and Suigetsu’s broken his sword, Karin is forced to suppress her chakra to keep hidden and Jugo is forced to use his full transformation which is risky as he will have a hard time telling friend from foe. Not only that, Kurotsuchi, one of the Tsuchikage’s guards is coming down to help and supposedly he was a junior under Deidara. One of the last surviving samurai is also calling in for more reinforcements, though I think we all know who useful they’ll be ;P
Back in the meeting room, a battle of words is also taking place. Danzo’s being carefully watched by eye-patch dude, but he admits that his Sharingan can’t be activated as he pleases. Danzo admits that he used his Sharing an (or rather Shisui’s) to influence Mifune. Ironically, Mifune says that he probably would have nominated Danzo regardless. Danzo’s personality is that of a total control freak, he’s the type of guy who’d have his subordinates jailed if they’d forgot to say “sir” when addressing him. Konoha would become a total police state is he is officially made Hokage – thankfully he was not made leader of the alliance of all the villages. Despite his treachery, you have to respect him for being a man who doesn’t waver from his principles, however twisted they are. Danzo believes all his deceitful actions are justified so long as the goal is achieved. Simply put, Danzo believes that the ends justify the means. Gaara, however, does not buy this. The Tschikage calls Gaara naïve due to his youth and inexperience as a kage, but Gaara challenges him by asking when did the older kages become complacent with the evils of the world and threw out their morals and ethics. That line alone just boosted Gaara’s coolness factor by 200%. I can’t wait to see what kind of kage he’ll turn out to be ten years down the road. If Naruto ever becomes Hokage and the two of them worked together, I can really believe that real change will happen to the world of the shinobi.

New Naruto Artbook

As a bonus this week, here’s the new Naruto art book scans taken from the mangahelpers forums.  Thanks to paintheclown from making me aware of this after posting the Bijuu picture from the book in his last post.  I’m always a couple of weeks late to the scene when it come to stuff like this ;p  There’s some nice colored art in here from the manga both new and old, as well as some never before seen Kishi art work.  Grab it here.

Naruto 461 is out!!!

Naruto 461 is out!!!  The battle between Sasuke and the Raikage begins!!!


Hope you enjoy ;)!

Getting To Know The Jinchuriki

Sorry if this sucks, I’ve never done a Shannaro!!! Info Post. So, don’t kill me. I need feedback on it though. So, write comments.

I wrote this post to about the Jinchuriki and their Biju for everybody that isn’t up to date with the Naruto Series. So, here it goes.

As most of you may know, a picture of the Biju and their Jinchuriki recently came out. For the people that don’t know, here is the pic…

Biju and their Jinchuriki

Basic Info:

Ok, everyone knows that seven of the nine Jinchuriki have been captured, had there Biju (Tailed Beasts) exactracted and sealed. This of course, results in their death (But, Gaara was revived.) I feel bad for them, and this is for two reasons. 1) Most of them died young. 2) They were all hated by their own village. Only a few have changed this view. Those being, Killer Bee, Gaara, Yagura, and Naruto. Killer Bee did by having a Raikage brother. Gaara did by becoming Fifth Kazekage. Yagura did by became the Fourth Mizukage. And Naruto did by saving the village from Nagato, but the attacker of the village was The Six Realms of Pain. Coincidently, all these Jinchuriki have some relations to a Kage. Killer Bee is the brother of the Raikage. Gaara is the son of the Fourth Kazekage, and is the Fifth Kazekage. Yagura was the Fourth Mizukage. And Naruto is the son of the Fourth Hokage. Yugito Nii is also respected for unknown reasons, but has no known relation to a Kage.

Interestingly, Konoha and Suna are the only ones of the Five Great Countries with only one Jinchuriki. But, they have the strongest and weakest Biju, the Nine-Tailed Fox and the One-Tailed Shukaku, respectively. While Takigakure is the only regular country with a Jinchuriki. And, they have the third strongest Biju, the Seven-Tailed Horned Beetle.


Some Jinchuriki have some clues to them being Jinchuriki. Gaara has the Tanuki Eye Rings. Yugito has cat slits in her eyes. Yagura has a cut down the left side of his face. If this is something to do with the Three-Tailed Giant Turtle is unknown. Fu, the Seven-Tails Jinchuriki, has pupil less eyes. This is unknown if this has something to do with the Seven-Tails. Killer Bee has a tattoo of bull horns on his left cheek. And Naruto has whisker like lines on his cheeks. His teeth also sometimes become sharp and pointed.

Jinchuriki Forms:

In there Jinchuriki Forms, they take on changes, physically and mentally. Gaara, in his Partial Transformation, goes insane with killer intent. He also is granted sand body parts and armor. His eyes change to the Shukaku’s eyes in this change. In his True Transformation, he makes a Shukaku replica and uses it as a shell. To unlock the Shukaku’s full power. Gaara must go to sleep to let the Shukaku go wild. The only way to stop this is to wake Gaara up.

In Yugito’s transformation, she turns into a smaller form of the Two-Tailed Demon Cat without losing much control. She becomes a cat made of fire. She also can shoot fireballs from its mouth. There isn’t much more known about it.
Yagura has been known to have complete control of his Biju. But, his Biju was unsealed before we could see him in action. So, he has no known Jinchuriki Form.

Roshi’s fight with Kisame was never really seen.  So, his Jinchuriki Form was never revealed.

Han was never shown period.  His Jinchuriki Form is unknown.

Utakata was never shown.  His Jinchuriki Form is unknown.

Fu was never shown either.  Their Jinchuriki Form is unknown as well.  (I say “Their” because Fu’s gender is contriversal.)

Killer Bee’s Transformations are much like Naruto’s, but with more control.  His first transformation is the Three-Tails Transformation.  It looks like Naruto, besides the horns, and he doesn’t crouch down.  In his True Transformation, he becomes the full Eight-Tailed Giant Ox.  In this transformation, he can shoot Chakra Blasts from his mouth like the Nine-Tailed Fox.  There isn’t much more known about this transformation at the moment.

Finally, Naruto.  Naruto’s First Transformation is just a cloak of Nine-Tailed Chakra.  He couldn’t control it early on in the series, but now, he can use it efficiently.  His One-Tailed Transformation makes him grow a chakra tail.  He can finally use a Rasengan with one hand.


His next transformation is the Two-Tails Transformation.  In this transformation, Naruto gains another tail.  He also becomes more voilent, but, still retains control.  He has the same attacks in this form.  His speed, strength, and endurance increase.

The Three-Tails Transformation does that same as the Two-Tails Transformation.

The Four-Tails Transformation however, turns Naruto into a beast that doesn’t know friend or foe.  He attacks anything in sight.  He can use the Chakra Blast in this form.


The Six and Eight-Tails Transformations do that same as the Four-Tails.  Except, in the the Six and Eight-Tails, he gains the skeletal structure and the flesh, respectively.

Special Abilities:

Gaara is granted a Shield of Sand to protect him from any harm, even from himself.  He also can control any sand around him.  He has a special gourd with special sand in it.  It is much faster than regular sand.  He cannot sleep, for the Shukaku would take control and eat away at his personality.  That is where he gets his rings around his eyes.

Yugito gets to ability to control fire.  She gets nothing else ability wise.

Yagura was said to be one of only four people to be able to control a Biju.  Those being, Madara Uchiha (Through the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan), Hashirama Senju (His Secret Wood Style Jutsu), Yagura, and Killer Bee.  So, he must have the ability to control his Biju.  Well done!!

Roshi was granted the Lava Release (Corrosion Style) to melt earth and make it flow.

Han used Steam-Type Ninjutsu.  It is unknown if this is a special ability from the Five-Tailed Dolphin Horse.

Utakata uses Bubble-Type Ninjutsu.  It is unknown if this is a special ability from the Six-Tailed Slug.

Fu has nothing special.  Sadly. 😦

Killer Bee, like Yagura, had the ability to control his Biju.  Bravo!!  He also mentioned having the ability to cancel Genjutsu.

Naruto gets a near unlimited supply of chakra.  He also is granted a instantaneous healing ability after being injuried.

And, that is the end of my post.

Sorry if it sucked.  Remember, it was my first Info Post.  But, please rate it from 1/10.  I’d really appreciate it.  Thank you.