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Naruto Chapter 506 – Invincible Smile

The sun rises in the East and sets in the West, the birds chirp in the morning and slumber at nights, the mailman delivers the mail and goes home happy. Our lives Ladies and Gentlemen goes own and with it we get another read of Naruto. A chapter that reveals all and nothing at the same time, mysteries and myths are confirmed at the same time other myths and theories are born anew. So without further or do, its Naruto Blogging Time.

Uchiha Obito aka Tobi aka Uchiha Madara 

I, for one have a love/hate relationship with this character, we know as Obito. I have been saying it for weeks, and I am finally burying this issue, Tobi is Obito, so with that being said, I will no longer B!t@h at this any more. I have finally considered and in actuality like it, because it brings somewhat of a stronger Villain character to the series. If you think about it, if Madara was to be the main villain, it would not be as much of an impact as Obito, being added into the picture. For those who are wrestling fans, Obito is like CM Punk, at first the WWE did not think CM Punk would be a big star, look at him now. In Obito’s case, we, the fans have been wondering, writing and theorizing on the identity of Tobi ever since his introduction, but once we found out it was Obito. Some of us went nuts over this idea, saying “Obito as Tobi is the worst thing that has happened to this manga!” (Me including) But let me tell you something, ever since the identity of Tobi was revealed, I have seen more people visit and comment on this site.(And I have the figures to prove it) So I tip my hat to Obito, “You little punk who went Darth Vadar on us!”

Nagato is Pain

Do you remember the good all days, when Pain, the one who claimed to be God had a good run as the primary villain. In my opinion Pain/Nageto is one of the most perfect characters Kishi created, but Kishi has another talent; killing his best characters in the worst way. I wont ramble on, but my point is this; it is good to see Nagato again and the start of his and Obito’s alliance. I think that Nagato was so easily influenced by Obito because at the time Nagato had a good innocent heart and it is sometimes those type of people that are the easiest to manipulate. The only issue I found in this chapter is that Madara stated that both Uchiha and Senju bloodline is needed to activate the Rinnegan, but Nagato was able to wield the Rinnegan almost to perfection. So my theory is that both a Uchiha and Senju bloodline is needed to ‘activate’ the Rinnegan, but a Senju bloodline can also wield it, if transplanted. It also seems that only one eye is needed for the transfer, since Madara transplanted the Rinnegan into Nagato by only sacrificing one eye.

Invincible Smile

To me that one however small of smile Madara made after Obito came back, tells me that the relationship between Madara and Obito will not be as we thought it would be. That one smile tells me that the story will get a sudden twist that will have our heads going in circles. I think that the most influential thing about this chapter is that slick invincible smile Madara made. It tells us many things, for one it proves that Madara had a hand in the events that led to Rin’s demise, because of the convence of Obito coming back to to much of a chance(Yet again what are the chances of Obito being crushed is the same place as being Madara’s lair?). Secondly, I believe that there is no love between Madara and Obito and this has been apparent ever since Madara’s revival. Kabuto once stated while he was talking to Madara that Obito (calling himself Madara at the time) is not going by the original plan. Thirdly, I think that Madara and Obito have different ultimate goals. Finally, I think that Obito has become to believe that he is actually of the status of Uchiha Madara. That he no longer needs to revive Madara since he has become as powerful if not more. Ultimately, I see a confrontation between Madara and Obito in the near future, and only time will tell of this event.

Side Notes:

  • And another ‘Forbidden’ Jutsu is mentioned. It should no longer be called Jutsus but Forbidden Jutsus because every Jutsu is forbidden.
  • It is good known that Sasuke will not get a Rinnegan, because if he does, the Sasuke haters will go crazy.
  • Is this the Last of the Flashbacks?


20 Responses

  1. pein was the best villain ever, its really sad that he had such a short run n that he was a pawn before he knew it. its obvious he wanted to do the same thing to obito, that obito is doing to BIG MAGNUM now; as far as having his own plan and its success being his ultimate escape from being the pawn of their situation. i mean no matter how in control obito is, im sure he knew that BIG MAGNUM was still in control

  2. Bah, the title of main villian is still with BIG MAGNUM. Obitos basically an ambassador, his towel boy, his BITCH. Btw jdogg he implanted both them eyeballs in nagato. The one sharingan he has, he said was a spare he picked up afterwards.

  3. I think only time will tell if Obito is BIG Magnum’s BITCH. I mean I think big magnum is obviously the strongest villain, but it seems that obito is not following the plan originally set in place, we shall see if this is because of some complication, or because he believes his is superior’s to big magnum.

  4. @darth – agree on point about both eyes being transplanted…

  5. nice review Jdogg well done
    i wrote this before the review on it’s out so it dont touch a lot of points on this chapter and the review

    to everyone saying obito has no reason to be doing this cuz he hadn’t had enough trauma like sasuke had you’re getting it wrong cuz it depends from person to person you cant compare their reaction cuz they have different personalities and even if you compare it IMO i find obito’s reaction to his trauma is better lets look at what each of them did after what happened to them:
    1. he wanted to get stronger so that he get revenge on itachi (strictly personal in other word its only effects him and itach which is understandable)
    2. he kills itachi, knows the truth and wants revenge on the elders of the leaf (little understandable)
    3. follows the person who helped killing his family and his clan by his own admission which is obito/madara at the time without trying to blame him even a little for what happened (shows the Stupidity of him)
    4. tries to crush all the ninja world for what happened to itachi (i dont know were that came from)

    1. after the death of rin he leaves kakashi alive (cuz he wants him to live in his world)
    2. approves of madara plan that the world is all suffering and sadness and it should happiness for everybody.
    3. carries the plan that madara inherited to him and he carries it 100 percent as if he’s madara himself (cuz he see’s it as the answer to all his problems)

    now if you compare the two you’ll see different approaches in their perspective to what happend at sasuke side he wants only revenge which begun with itachi,leaf elders,all konaha then all the ninja world and he doesn’t give a f@ck how it will end or if it kills innocent people or one of his friends like karin for example as long as he gets his revenge.
    on the other hand their is obito who doesn’t want revenge (if he wanted revenge it will be the easiest revenge in history with killing kakashi right on the sopt) but he wants to make the whole world a better place (which everybody want lol) but in his sick way of course and he see’s it as the only solution.

    sasuke way of thinking= i dont care how i get’s it who it will effect and what outcome it may lead to as long as it pleases me and i get’s my revenge

    obito way of thinking= i dont care who it will effect and how i gets it but hey its a genjutsu i can bring everyone if i want and everyone will be happy (he believes thats he’s doing the right thing)

    i have a feeling that the final villain will be either sasuke or madara and not obito if that happen i hope he doesn’t die on a lame way or by coming to the good guys side but by dying while still believing that he can change the world cuz i have to say that unlick many people i actually like this character more now.

    p.s: you got to think about the madara factor here if he hadn’t gave that idea to obito he may had different approach (revenge, suicide) if you think about it madara had impact on all the big events of the ninja history that we know about (war vs senju, foundation of konaha, naruto getting the kyuubi, the uchiha massacre and the last war to name a few )
    thats it sorry about the long rant

  6. Mistake in the review. Madara gave both of his eyes to Nagato as a child. He specifically stated that the sharingan he was wielding was a spare.

  7. I know this was asked several times in the past, but obito did say kakashi let rin die, but from his point of view kakashi straight up assassinated her chidori style, so what the hell he meant by that? Is it possible he already knows that madara may had a hand in her death? Maybe he already taken steps to exact revenge and biting his time( another that he an vader would have in common.) Or hes, like I said, BIG MAGNUM ‘S BITCH through an through.

  8. cant BIG MAGNUM Just be warped in another dimension and that be the end of it? I mean if you think about it, the only time that hasn’t worked is agianst people who are extremely fast and those with space time ninjutsu.

  9. Jdogg you’re awesome…

    For those asking why didn’t obito get nagato to ressurect rin…
    I guess this proves the point…obito doesn’t want to control the world because of rin..,he wants true peace not just rin.

    So all ya sayin your villians is bad because ofa girl, hope you could shut your indecisive pie-hole now

  10. Truth bomb from Sanins! #boom lol

  11. Sannin what exactly pushed obito over the edge? Was it watching his friends being attacked or was it rin dying? Rin is the reason he went bad. Up to this point even with madara blabbering about a world without war etc he still didnt want a thing to do with it until he saw rin killed. Say what u want he wante world peace blah blah but fact is nothing change in this chapter from what obito witnessed about life; that is nothing but rin dying and that was the one thing that pushed him.

  12. And btw ur point diverges into two different objectives, u say he wants a world of peace NOT JUST RIN (whch he says is what he wants but so far he hasnt mentioned much abouy peace except when reciting madaras lines to enemies)and than u say he didnt go bad because of rin….. Umm yea he kind of did lol

  13. Well Jdogg you have come into your own style with the Naruto review. Good job.

    As for the chapter this week, it felt a bit rushed. The Obito back story was not convincing at all to me. I thought it was a great move for Obito to be the final villian, but the series of events making him a “villian” is a bit of a lackluster. Honestly their really wasn’t that much of a emotion connection between Obito and Rin in order for him to go along with Madara’s plan just like that.

    For example the Darth Vader story was more believable because their was more of a build up since their was many events that led him to the “dark side of the force”. Obito just went from goofy ninja to Tobi is a bad boy with just one traumatic experience.

    Another thing is Kakashi. Did he even question Kakashi why he did it? Did he not get angry at his teammate for killing Rin? All he did was saw Rin die, then just accept Madara’s plan just like that. If he had that much love for Rin, like someone mentioned, why not just bring her back instead. I don’t know but personally this part of the story just didn’t do it for me. I understand Kish is tying eveything together but right now I’m looking forward to other things in the manga. The Obito/Madara story isn’t that interesting.

    Oh well it’s still a great manga. Kish is still awesome and I still can’t wait for the next chapter.

    By the way…..does the moon eye plan remind anyone else of the Matrix?

  14. @immortal I completely agree. In fact the only reason I cared about Tobi was who was behind the mask. After I found out it was obito I lost interest pretty quickly. Madara seems more like a villain than obito… Obito just doesn’t feel like a villain and his about face was pretty quick. I expected a more detailed version or at least a better reason behind his change. Kishi dropped the ball on this storyline sadly

  15. Like I said, obito ain’t nothing but a loose end that naruto needs to tie up on the path to greatness. He doesn’t have that influence on naruto that all great villains have on thier enemy/hero. If the show was called kakashi I would’ve appreaciate him more.

  16. I’ll say it again. I think ichigo is a hollow, human, and quincy hybrid.

  17. 100% agree… Will wait for “It’s Out” or review to expand on salient points

  18. And shinnigami. He has all 4 traits.

  19. Thank God we’re back to the fighting. We can pretty much fill in the main blanks as to what happened next and in between, yakikkos (excuse the possible misspelling) death swaying nagatos mind, paying kisame a visit(although he didn’t joined akatsuki until much later because he joined after itachi and he didn’t notice goofy Tobi was him at first),but there three things i wondered.

    1) why did kakashi kill rin, after all this backstory was from obitos point of view and it looked like he never bothered to find out why.

    2) ima do some research on the circumstances on orochumaru leaving the village, joined the akatsuki and leaving the group, because if you factor in when minato became hokage(cause he wasn’t the old mans first choice) obito /nagato recruiting akatsuki members, when itachi joined, and orochimaru leaving after failing to get his eyes, it just feels like abunch of king plotholes banding together to make a huge one.

    3) I figured you had to be up madara and the first hokages skill level to easily control a beast as powerful as the nine tails while still actively fighting. I mean minato gave his life up just to seal him and one of nagatos strongest techniques didn’t do jack shit against its power even though it never went beyond half its strength the whole time naruto transforming cause that’s only the amount that his body had access to Max at the time.

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